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I have NEVER thought Austin Steinbart has anything to do with Q but today he proved me right. When someone floated a very poor "proof" all I said was "No." Then BLOCKED.

Now I ask you, would Q do that? #WWG1WGA #Fraud #Sheister #DumbAss
That seriously made my day. Hate phonies!!
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The other day, I tweeted about how the Blue Collar Boom that #DonnyDollhands touted in his low-rated SOTU address was almost entirely due to Democrats at the state and local level passing minimum wage hikes. Thank you Democrats.…
But, there is more… 1/8
We have been in a manufacturing recession for the last several months , with the PMI now at 47.2, the lowest level since 2009 in the Great Bush Recession. 2019 saw Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania LOSE manufacturing jobs.

But, there is more… 2/8
Iconic Dow Jones staple US Steel has lost 80% of its value in 2 years due to #TrumpTariffs. They were $46 when the tariffs were announced and now is a little over $9.Trump is killing American steel while lifting sanctions on Russian steel. #TrumpRussia

But, there is more… 3/8
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If you’re sad & you know it, cry on your couch.
If you’re sad & you know it, cry on your couch.
If you’re sad & you know it, bitch your face will surely show it.
If you’re sad & you know it, cry on your couch.
Expressing your emotions is healthy. I found this in my drafts bc sometimes when I’m in a weird headspace I write tweets I don’t send bc I can’t tell if they’re inappropriate. Given that I’m finally emerging from another seasonal depression episode, it feels ok to tweet this now.
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Child Protective Services (Sep 22, 1995) - William Cooper talks about what we now call #pizzagate
Mary Schipke is a #Mom who had been targeted by the #Arizona #ChildProtectionServices Back in 1993 Mary established an organization called "The #Parents Council for Parents Rights"
in order to prevent ANYONE from going through what she went through. What she discovered through her organization is very disturbing. Thousands of children have been stolen from the legal custody of their natural parents under fraudulent and deceptive CPS practices.
Thousands of Arizona families have been systematically destroyed by the corrupt Arizona Child Protective Services. There have been irrefutable findings from a 4.5 YEAR PRIVATE INVESTIGATION that concluded CPS is in #Fact
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On Sunday, group of Mainland Chinese took down Hong Kong-style Lennon walls on the original Prague Lennon Wall and repainted with "China" and no. 70 with in PRC flag style. All this while taking pics and vids of their conduct yelling "We love China". Hard to get more distasteful.

Turns out it was a group of local Overseas Chinese (…) that took down the HK Lennon walls off the Prague Lennon Wall and then repainted anything related to #antiELABhk . Graphic designer Liao who authored the 70 with wrong PRC flag comments:
"Lennon Wall is a wall that expresses the feelings of people who like art and it brings real aesthetic value. It's not a place for political bickering."

Chinese tourist and 华侨 immediately started pictures with the Chinese posts.
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1. Here's the docket in Trump's new SDNY suit trying to get a federal judge to interfere in a NY state grand jury. District judge assigned is Victor Marrro, Clintion appointed senior status judge from #PuertoRico. Anti-Injunction Act should resolve it in short order as I recall.
3. Electronic copy of the complaint is not available on line. Yet.
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@Sumukh94 @SinghNavdeep I have not experienced any stigma re: #mentalillness while serving with #SZA (or #SAD) for over thirteen years under such classification. People have been supportive and willing to entrust serious responsibility. Yes, I was willing to be challenged and sought to perform. +
@Sumukh94 @SinghNavdeep And I find the same applied to other Psych LMCs as well. As long as they demoed a willingness to carry themselves, the unit personnel made no distinction. None that is apparent, in any case.

As regards support systems, there is some truth to what the senior officers say ... +
@Sumukh94 @SinghNavdeep And that is largely due to the regimented living/working conditions. Deterioration occurs when there is an opportunity for the #mentalllyill to isolate themselves. Well-managed ests (which is most of them) do not allow this to happen ~ living/sharing and working conditions. +
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Being a modern-day academic feels like being a stockbroker at times. I was browsing a journal rankings website (SJR): it has all the info and visuals you need to make a good 'investment' (aka journal submission) in our metrics obsessed miasma of stupidity #AcademicChatter
Cos it's really important to know the difference between 1st and 6th place for any given journal in a given year. THAT ALMOST CERTAINLY REFLECTS THE QUALITY OF YOUR SCHOLARSHIP AND THOSE OF OTHERS.
Also which sadist came up with this section, 'cited versus uncited documents'?? This is the journal equivalent to the 'gallery of shame'. How dare you tarnish their good name & soil our H Index. AND YE WHO IS NOT CITED SHALL BE CAST OUT OF THE ACADEMY AND SMITED. #SmiteTheUncited
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***A little history lesson for you all***

On the first anniversary of the April 1940 German invasion of Denmark, American Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Danish Ambassador Henrik Kauffmann...
(2).. signed the Denmark–United States Agreement for the Defense of Greenland. The controversial act signaled a major shift in American foreign policy relating to the island, which until as late as May of 1939 had been dismissed by military planners as..
(3).. having limited strategic value to the United States. Following the outbreak of hostilities in Europe, however, technological developments in aviation and increased global demand for Greenland’s natural resources led American policymakers to reconsider the island’s place..
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Ik doe graag even mee aan het kritisch lezen van de startnota, en wel over het M-decreet. Ik zie hier twee rode vlaggen: 👇
1/ ‘pragmatisch’ klinkt rationeel, maar als het over onderwijs gaat, zie ik graag een iets ambitieuzere houding. Iets met ‘wereldreferentie’ bvb.
2/ De volgorde in de zin over beslissen waar lln naartoe mogen is vrij duidelijk: scholen beslissen, ‘in samenspraak’ met de ouders. En dit na een paragraaf over ‘gewoon’ onderwijs waarin letterlijk staat:
Dus iedereen mag weer beslissen waar ie kleine Louis naartoe stuurt, behalve wanneer kleine Louis een beperking heeft. Dan moeten we pragmatisch zijn en hopen dat de school waar Louis’ zusjes en vriendjes zitten genoeg goodwill en motivatie heeft om Louis toe te laten.
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1. Why does the 2020 census matter so much? I think it matters in a lot of states but few like it does Texas. If the GOP loses its grip on Texas, IMO, it's finished as an effective political party. Here's why. 36 House seats. 23 @GOP and 13 Dems.…
2. My read of Texas' house and senate says 2020 may see the Dem's take one house. So the map is going to be difficult to gerrymander. Let's take a look at my new BFF & apparent #GRU troll farmer @DanCrenshawTX's TX 2nd. A classic gerrymander.
3. Now that political gerrymanders are okay with #SCOTUS, @TheDemCoalition's goal must be to take the Texas House and/or Senate. 16 of the 31 Senate seats are up in 2020 plus all the House seats. Both houses are close enough to be doable but I defer to Texas folks who know better 2019 Texas House 2019 Texas Senate
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"Perjalanan mengelilingi Kalbar 4 hari 3 malam saat KKN"

#traveling #sad #happy #horor #bacahorror

A thread
Sorry ya guys menunggu lama , baru kelar urusan dunia nyata nih wkk
maapkeun juga kalo thread nya acak2an, newbie gua hha hanya pengen share aja pengalaman waktu KKN.
yuk check this out
Gua dulu KKN di daerah 3T, daerah pedalaman. jadi kampus kerjasama sama Pemda Bengkayang ada program KKN+PPL di Bengkayang. yaps, khusus anak ber-"Pendidikan" nih wkk. total ada 19 org yg lolos seleksi, termasuk gua yak wkk
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Such a shame that @SHO_Billions, once great, is now just a typical and predictable garbage TV show in Season 3. There used to be real tension and drama and surprise on Billions. It's clear there was never a plan for what to do after Season 2. @HollywoodInToto 1/
@SHO_Billions @HollywoodInToto Season 1 of Billions was great (except for the character of Bobby’s wife, who should have been written out of the show by at least mid-way through Season 2). Despite that, Season 2 was very good, as it continued the great conflict between Bobby and Chuck. 2/
@SHO_Billions @HollywoodInToto Season 3 has Bobby and Chuck working together. While that concept had a bit of promise - *What happens when these two brilliant minds are in synch and not in conflict?!* - it just sucked all the all the drama and tension out of the show. 3/
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Looks like some QAnon acolytes are going to crash Trump's rally in Grand Rapids. Q already shouted one out, and I'd imagine more head-pats are coming. Let's all hear it for the mass executions!
The faithful are very excited about the rally in Grand Rapids. Q has them thinking "the gloves are coming off" and that Trump is going to make some big announcement or acknowledgement of QAnon.

Are we on the verge of a breakthrough? Or more crushing disappointment?
More shoutouts from QAnon to "VIP's" at the Trump rally in Grand Rapids tonight. Feels like we could be in for a repeat of the Tampa rally where Q went mainstream. Let's hope not.
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The brainwashed ignorant morons of the #FoulardsRouges march for their own enslavement to the bankers, while the Corporate and Oligarch owned media laugh at them and cheer them on, and way over estimate their numbers.

Support Les #GiletsJaunes for France.
The #FoulardsRouges march for their own enslavement, impoverishment & massively high unemployment with continued disastrous & extreme Neoliberal Globalist policies they've had for over 20 years…
The brainwashed & massively ignorant #FoulardsRouges march for Neoliberal Fascist Macron and their own enslavement.

MSM TV Hack "Is Macron the President for the rich?"
Hollande: "Non, its not true...... He is the President for the VERY rich"

Look on TV Hack's face - priceless!
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The #mind is always ready to go on a trip because it is only in trips that it feels alive. #Meditation simply means sitting silently, doing nothing, not even #thinking and the mind disappears. Because you are not on any trip, the mind is no longer needed.
The #mind is a guide for great journeys. If you are going somewhere, the mind is very happy; in your going somewhere the mind can feel enhanced. But if you are not going anywhere, just sitting #silently, doing nothing, the mind feels very #sad.
It will happen almost always to meditators that when the mind feels sad, it starts creating #boredom for you; that is a strategy of the mind. The mind is saying, "Come on! Let us go somewhere, let us do something. Why are you sitting? Just sitting doing nothing brings boredom!"
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Story of a #Sad @dsmaxbuilders property owner.

I booked an apartment with DS Max back in Nov '16.
Made an agreement and started paying FULL emi on my home loan since Aug '17.
Did BBMP registration in Sep '18.
In Dec '18, after chasing with varies people ON MY OWN, they encashed maintenance + carpus fund + Khata transfer checks, before even giving ANY of the promised amenities. Well, they haven't started the maintenance for agreed time of 3 years yet.
Fine, I agreed to that. And I FINALLY got the possession with the keys on 15th Dec '18.
Now, after so much of a hassle, these guys WONT even allow things I want to do with MY OWN apartment. Citing the reason of "SAFETY" of structure and hence it needs to be get done SOLELY ...
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BREAKING: Sources say Trudeau's fiscal update today will include a $50,000,000 media slush fund, to be doled out to sympathetic journalists who meet Trudeau's test for "quality". Translation: are you politically aligned? ...2
2. I'm told that this slush fund will be ladled out by three Media Party insiders appointed by @gmbutts to be political gatekeepers. Their social status just shot up: they are about to be lobbied & wooed with Bombardier-level ferocity -- but all of that will be secret.
3. There is no objective standard by which pro-Trudeau media & independent media could be sorted. By every measure, for example, The Rebel exceeds any given local newspaper. The @gmbutts pursers will ensure no critics get funding -- on the right or the anti-Trudeau far-left.
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#NXIVM Unlocks Worlds
"#ArizonaMafia Goes to #Mexico" PART 2
(I was no longer able to "add a tweet" to Part 1 - so continuing here)
It's bigger than we imagine
#EmilianoSalinas #CarlosSalinas #CarlosSlim
2. Source for additional college roommates:…
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Arthur. I had hoped you would have read my open letter to you about how @nytimes could #BeBest, ie stop sucking mob dick.
Looks like you’ve decided to go the way of your predecessors.
#SAD. Is it receipt time, Arthur? I think it is.
Here’s my letter:…
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I want these flying from every McDonald’s in America.

They could even double as happy meal toys ffs

come on America

let’s do this
Or in Trump’s honor

The #SAD meal
Yes, it’s the perfect shape for a McDonald’s happy meal wind-up toy

Turn the knob and watch HIM crawl for a change

They probably end up re-calling it tho... choking hazard.
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HEADS UP: there's prob kompromat on Rudy Giuliani from his activities in Ukraine over the past year. You don't met w/ President Poroshenko, Pavel Fuchs, Victor Pinchuk, and Alexander Rovt w/out them attempting to gain kompromat @MichaelAvenatti - see thread for dates/locations.
Fun fact from googling Руди Джулиани (Rudy Giuliani). His son, Andrew Giuliani, works in the Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs. Is this who is getting Vampire Rudy all these crazy bookings and interviews?…
Wow, Andrew Giuliani seems nice and not at all a mini-tyrant. He got expelled from Duke for being a dickhead. Lost his dream of becoming a professional golfer....#sad.…
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I feel like this is an episode of #RickandMorty, but we have to do a sequel to first #TwitterStorm now with 280 characters. I will be going through this #GOPRiot where they loot middle-America. So the thread begins here. 1/?
Not that the #GOP cares about #DACA or #undocumented families. But they use #SEC11022 to not allow undocumented parents to receive a tax credit for their children. These is cruel unjust and unAmerican. 2/?
#Sec11023 With the language to repeal the #JohnsonAmendment contained in the house amendment they have allowed an increase of cash contributions to #Charity as a means to funnel the money to #GOP candidates in a tax free fashion. This is not what Jesus would do or want. 3/\?
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1/Dinah Washington sang it SO BEAUTIFULLY!

What a difference...…
2/Your grasp is slipping ever so quickly.
3/Trying harder by the minute to convince all of what again?
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