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5 years ago I was between jobs and questioning how much longer I was going to last in the entertainment industry. Then as fate would have it I learned that Naren Shankar (whom I had known from a previous show) was hiring a new assistant for the writers room on #TheExpanse. /1
I told Naren and @liberalhamlet I was interested in the job and was hired on the spot. Since then our show had been canceled on one network, renewed on another, and been given an additional 3 seasons to tell a beautiful and inspiring space epic. Due to those additional seasons /2
I’ve been promoted to a staff writer, co-developed an Expanse web series (#TheExpanseOneShip) and just this week(!) was nominated for a Writers Guild Award for said series. I’ve also made some great friends from the show and look forward to working with them again soon. /3
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In #TheExpanse novels, each chapter has exactly one POV character. Because I'm strange, I went through them all last night and tallied how many each character has. Here is a thread of some things I learned.
There are a total of 34 characters with at least one POV chapter. 23 of these have more than one. As of the end of "Tiamat's Wrath", at least 14 of these characters have died. (I won't spoil which ones.)
Breaking it down by gender, we have 13 women and 20 men, or 21 men if we consider "The Investigator" to be male. A few non-binary characters have appeared in the books, but none has had a POV chapter so far. Women have 179 chapters while men have 268.
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📄 Introducing Deadline’s It Starts On the Page, a series that highlights the scripts that will serve as the creative backbones of the now-underway TV awards season

(THREAD) Keep checking for updates! Image
Read the full Season 3-premiere script for ‘The Kominsky Method’ (#TheKominskyMethod) here: Image
Read the pilot script for HBO’s limited series ‘Mare Of Easttown’ (#MareOfEasttown) here: Image
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Saving a Cancelled Show! A #TVWriting spew. 1/?
So your favorite show just got cancelled! Can you save it? Maybe. But it's complicated. Fan support has absolutely helped save shows like #StarTrek #Lucifer and #TheExpanse, for example. But it's really really hard. I'll try to explain why. 2/?
First and foremost, the studio, the people actually paying for the show, must also WANT to save it. Fan support can bolster this, but ultimately, its all up to the studio. 3/?
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Ok... I sat through the "Absolute Proof" video, so you don't have to.

Here are the main claims: (And the Truth)

* Dead People Voted in Michigan *

Epoc times based their report on voters w/similar names or typo'd birthdates.…
* PA illegally counted Biden ballots three days after the Election

B/C of issues with USPS service (crippled by the Trump-appointed head of USPS), the PA Supreme Court allowed ballots for ALL candidates to be counted up to 3 days later.…
* Col. Phil Waldron clamed 26% of votes were flipped from Trump to Biden during a "Test Run" of sequestered machines

* There were no sequestered machines, & therefore no "test run." The original poster later attributed the rumor to a "friend of a friend" of the source.
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alrighty I'm doing #TheExpanse valentine's cards fuckit Image
everyone asks what's robbery mech
not how is robbery mech
#TheExpanse Image
jim please
this a wendys
#TheExpanse valentines Image
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I'm imagining a sci-fi world that incorporates several fully-realized AI implementations while preparing this week's #PapersThatMakeYouGoHmmm list.

Several are potential #WritingPrompt(s) for #screenwriters.

There is so much potential to build a better world. #BuildBackBetter
This one, for example, brings to mind a doctor searching a Google-like engine based on caption similarity. The results include a summary of patient outcomes, pro and con.

This one a #BostonLegal-like episode with William Shatner finding a loophole in an AI's legal argument.

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Watching the first 3 episodes of Season 5 and it’s really like season 5 really just explained the rise of Marco Inaros. To be it’s very clear Dawes and Johnson failed in their diplomatic resistance #TheExpanse
I saw a tweet saying what is Marco doing if there are now 1300 new planets the Belter can go live on and I’m like ermmmmmm season 4 is right there. Earth wouldn’t let the Belter go through the ring, literally killing them when they tried #TheExpanse
Then when Belters finally do reach a new planet, here comes the UN to kick them off the planet and claim it for themselves. That’s like the whole plot of season 4. Even when the system is given ample resources , enough for everyone #TheExpanse
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STILL waiting for operation... how to survive The Worst Image
Somehow my Belter cut got glam, baby
There is still beauty here
Knuffle Bunnies
Mme Avasarala
Cousin Kristen Flowers
Love from my loves ImageImageImageImage
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I'm still in a #TheExpanse mood, so I'm going to continue #SomeThingsINoticed with season 2, episode 2, "Doors & Corners".

I don't usually talk about the recaps at the beginning of episodes, but this one merits some attention because it includes clips from a scene that appears to have been cut from the previous episode and never actually shown. #TheExpanse #SomeThingsINoticed
This is particularly weird because it introduces a new important character, Cotyar Ghazi, a freelance intelligence operative Avasarala hires after the assassination attempt in the last episode. #TheExpanse #SomeThingsINoticed
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Since I can't watch Wynonna Earp live, I'm gonna continue my analysis of #TheExpanse with season 1, episode 4, "CQB". #SomeThingsINoticed

The dead guy Miller found after the riot in the last episode. Note confirmation from Julie's files that she matched with him on the space dating site. His profile says "I'll be your Sherpa". #TheExpanse #SomeThingsINoticed
Another reference here to how technology on Mars is outstripping Earth's in various areas, and how the impoverished Belt lags behind. #TheExpanse #SomeThingsINoticed
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I know some of y'all liked my threads analyzing all the little visual details in #TheExpanse this last season. I had a sudden urge to rewatch the first season so I'm going to do the same for those. Let's call this #SomeThingsINoticed.
In this image of Earth in the title sequence, there are a lot of lights in an area of Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan that is mostly unpopulated desert in the real world. I'd imagine as things got more crowded people started living in less hospitable places.
The effects of climate change on Earth are shown as polar ice melts and Liberty Island is completely flooded. #TheExpanse
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It would be a damn shame if Ashford was tragically killed "in the deceleration" #TheExpanse
I take it back, maybe he's okay #TheExpanse
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So much more fun to watch #theexpanse without wondering about its fate!
People unsuccessfully trying to proposition Amos is a show I could watch allll day #theexpanse
Aaaah this plot made me squirm in the books, it's excruciating onscreen! I mean that as a compliment btw #theexpanse
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To the creative minds behind #TheExpanse - THANK YOU! Your words have touched millions of souls across the globe, and helped create one of the best shows on television. Thanks to you, we can finally rest easy knowing that those words will continue to flow.
(Ty Franck and @AbrahamHanover) created The Expanse, working closely with the show to ensure a faithful adaptation of their vision. We are so grateful for the diverse and complex characters, wide-reaching narrative themes, and an extremely detailed universe.
Without Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus, The Expanse would not be the show we know and love, as they spearheaded the effort to bring Ty and Daniel's creation to the screen and continue to help shape the overall vision.
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ohhhh k this ring 👀 #theexpanse
everytime i hear the belter accent it sounds like an island accent to me #theexpanse #SaveTheExpanse
Bobby to Alex "you can fly me anytime"
#theexpanse #SaveTheExpanse
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It's time to #SaveTheExpanse!
I think Penny is a Belter- tall & skinny! #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse
Don't do it, Peaches! #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse
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When shows I watch get cancelled, I always wish I'd have done more to praise them. So this'll be an ongoing thread of shows I like, cancelled and renewed.
I basically stumbled onto #Rise and it had me in my feelings every week. Such a good story and really talented young cast. I had a feeling it wouldn't be renewed, so I was apprehensive about investing. But it was a worthwhile to do so.
#Sirens is one of my favorite shows this season. I went into it expecting a kind of teenage melodrama (like Twilight with mermaids) but it's actually mature and smart. It's a far more engaging story than I expected and I actively anticipate new episodes every week.
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That looked like a lot of glowy blue stuff in the promo #TheExpanse
It gets more difficult to live tweet as time goes on because I don't want to look away for a second! #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse
"This is Amos, he's my best friend in the whole world" I AM DED 😭😭😭 #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse
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It's really, actually,finally time for
West Coast #ScreamingFirehawks
Gaia give me strength to Surive @TheExpanseWR
and S3 Ep.5 tonight!!
#RenewTheExpanse 🔥
We Want Season 4
@ExpanseSYFY 🚀✨
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Time for #theexpanse!
I think shit is about to get mutinous on the Agatha King #TheExpanse
HOW do we have half an episode yet to go?! #TheExpanse
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Made it back from the dog groomer in time for #theexpanse, so now I have a nice smelling dog AND great sci fi!
Errinwright you snake, you hijacked a great speech! #TheExpanse
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Finally it's #theexpanse time!
Someone feels at home! #TheExpanse
Hey they didn't blow up! So that's one kind of death ruled out... #theexpanse
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It's #TheExpanse time!!
As someone who is recently obsessed with gardening, I <3 Prax so much here #TheExpanse
Worst. pediatrician. ever. #TheExpanse
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