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#EmmysSoWhite: The Emmy Awards were unable to capitalize on its historic and diverse nomination fields, with all major acting trophies going to white actors. Image
Actors that were seen as solid contenders included Billy Porter, Mj Rodriguez, the late Michael K. Williams, Kenan Thompson and Bowen Yang.

In the end, not a single actor of color won an Emmy. ImageImage
Michaela Coel, nominated for four Emmys, won the writing for a limited series category for #IMayDestroyYou, the third time a Black creative has won the category and first for a Black woman. Image
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hey everybody! @gabbfern and @MKMetivier here (i’m taking the pic lol), live at the #Emmys2021 red carpet

do you have any qs you want us to ask? drop em in the replies⬇️
five seconds of #Emmys2021 red carpet

(it actually took one full minute to walk all the way down lol)
follow us on tiktok 😌
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The 73rd Primetime #Emmys are being held tonight to celebrate excellence in television.

Here's everything you need to know about the nominees, who's attending, and where to watch the iconic event. 👇…
This year's nominees include fan favorites like #WandaVision, #Bridgerton, and #Blackish.

Some of the picks were more controversial, such as #EmilyInParis, which was nominated for best comedy and yet currently only sits at 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.…
Do you think Emily in Paris should have been nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy?
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📄 Introducing Deadline’s It Starts On the Page, a series that highlights the scripts that will serve as the creative backbones of the now-underway TV awards season

(THREAD) Keep checking for updates! Image
Read the full Season 3-premiere script for ‘The Kominsky Method’ (#TheKominskyMethod) here: Image
Read the pilot script for HBO’s limited series ‘Mare Of Easttown’ (#MareOfEasttown) here: Image
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1 - Welcome to #ThreadTalk & gird your loins! We're talking skivvies, undies, unmentionables, lingerie🩲-- that's right: underwear.

Tonight we'll part the veil & to find what lies beneath. We've got witchcraft, weird myths & plenty of spice. 🔥 🔥 🔥

But first, mummies! Magenta silk satin brocaded in yellow and green. Woman's cor
2 - Tradition says Adam & Eve used fig leaves, but the most likely first "underwear" was woven of plant materials or leather. Hence, it's hard to find extant remains.

Ötzi the Iceman, though, who's about 3500 years old, had a very well preserved one. So did the Aztecs, pictured. A descriptive cartoon of the Aztec people goin about daily l
3 - Loincloths were kind of a global sensation for a while. Got a belt and some felt? Strap it together, vavoom!
Unsurprisingly, the ancient Egyptians used linen for their flappy bits. Indeed, King Tut had a staggering 145 loincloths starched and pressed for the afterlife. From the tomb of King Tut, four figures preparing a mummy. T
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Regé-Jean Page has announced he will not be returning for the second series of the Regency drama

Bridgerton has become a major hit for Netflix, who say it was watched by more than 63 million households within 28 days of its debut on Christmas Day 2020
What's your favourite period drama? 📺
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1/ Q: Can I go back to my indoor #fitness classes? 🚴‍♀️

A: The #NerdyGirls LOVE your efforts to stay fit 💪, but best to hang on to those online or outdoor workouts a bit longer.

TL;DR: Heavy breathing, no masks, and indoors is the perfect recipe for #SARSCoV2 #transmission.
2/ A recent U.S. @CDCgov report described an #outbreak linked to an unnamed fitness facility in #Chicago in which *55 out of 81* attendees of an indoor high-intensity fitness class in Chicago were infected over the course of a week in August 2020.
3/ ❓What precautions were being taken?

➡️ The classes were at <25% capacity, with masks 😷, temperature & symptom checks required at entry. 🤒 Exercise mats were spaced 6 feet/2 meters apart. ↔️
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Elle Fanning dazzles in @Gucci for this years #GoldenGlobes. See all the stunning looks from the night here:
Presenter @salmahayek stuns as a lady in red:
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Jour 9 du #BlackHistoryMonth : vous vous souvenez lorsque je vous avais parlé des rebelles de La Réole ? Eh bien, même emprisonnés, ils ne se sont pas arrêtés là 😏⬇️
Au mois de février 1816, quelques semaines après leur condamnation, les administrateurs du fort du Hâ, où ils sont prisonniers, sont bien embêtés : ces Bonapartistes continuent de se faire entendre.
Ils crient des chants de partisan et reportent la faute sur d'autres détenus ; plus spectaculaire encore, ils tentent une évasion en sciant leurs fers et leurs barreaux !
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Ho scoperto che in #bridgerton hanno fatto più di 7500 costumi e 100 solo per la bionda peccato che NON SI VEDANO DIFFERENZE PERCHÉ SONO QUASI TUTTI IDENTICI
E la zona busto fatta malissimo con la tetta quasi sempre tagliata a metà in tutti i personaggi donne?
Sembrava tutto la versione Zara di un abito Regency.
Poliestere dappertutto. Io capisco risparmiare ma FATECI VIVERE LA FANTASIA.
Nonostante ciò è importante e imperativo ripetere che questa serie non si guarda per la qualità. È vero. Però. Ci soffro. Ok? Ok siamo d'accordo. Image
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Finally starting #Bridgerton and I am so here for this Queen and we just hit the opening credits. 😍 @bridgerton
Wtf. "Thank you, next" being played at the ball. Hate when shows do this. Reminds me of A Knight's Tale.
Oh, she's a nose candy sort of Queen.

I really hope Nigel gets punched a bunch more times.
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✨ Hilo de películas y series que vea en 2021 ✨
🎞️ 1.


Película vista con el grupo de Golibu. Cada día más convencido de ignorar lo occidental porque está sobrevaloradísimo.

📺 1.


Dije que la había visto pero no comenté nada de ella.

Pues una temporada final bastante errática tbh. Supongo que por el tema de actores ha estado complicado. Una pena que acabara así porque ha sido una gran serie española
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#WhatsYourWhy: Day 2 of 7


Them: *ringing up items* “You find everything okay?”
Me: “Yup.”
Them: “I like your hair.”
Me: “Hey—thanks.”
Them: *nods while continuing to swipe items*


Them: “Is that highlights? Or . . . .“
Me: “Grey?”

Me: “Yup. I’m openly grey.”


Them: “Well, it’s working for you.”
Me: “’Preciate that.”


Me: “Can I ask you a question since you got all up in my grey-hair business?”


Me: “You getting the #COVIDVaccine when it’s offered to you?”
Them: *raises eyebrows*
Me: “Ha ha ha that’s not a answer.”


Them: “Wait--you a doctor or something?”
Me: *patting my head* “One with grey hair, yes.”
Them: *laughing* “You funny. But nah, doc. I’m cool on that vaccine.”

“Cool on” the vaccine. Hmmm.
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As a break from your doom-scrolling, a thread on embroidery in historical and historically-inspired fantasy fiction. Something I really hate is the way it's often used in these genres to show that a female character is or isn't interesting. Embroidered sampler on a black ground
Every heroine knows instinctively that sewing is boring, difficult, mindless, and pointless. Disliking it shows that she's an independent woman whose values align with the modern reader; characters who like/tolerate it are sheeplike and either minor or oppressive.
In The Subversive Stitch, Rozsika Parker notes that “embroidery has become indelibly associated with stereotypes of femininity ... mindless, decorative and delicate; like the icing on the cake, good to look at, adding taste and status, but devoid of significant content.”
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I know you think the #Bridgerton costumes are over the top.

The reality is so, so much...extra.

When young ladies were presented at court, they had to wear a court dress. Queen Charlotte still insisted on hoops.

But fashion had shifted to a high waist. Regency woman oppressed by ostrich plumes on her head and we
Imagine panniers, which were already awkward, but now tie them directly below your breasts.

These dresses were worn at court and literally nowhere else. A modest blue top attached to an asymetric yellow and white
To be presented to the queen you had stand around and wait until you were called to her. Then you'd walk to her, do a deep curtsey until she told you you could stand.

AND THEN you had to BACK UP while wearing these ridiculous hoops and a train. Lavendar dress with a train coiled behind it. The woman appe
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In a recent interview, the stars of #Bridgerton discussed their offscreen relationship.

Here's what @Netflix’s hottest new onscreen couple, Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor, had to say:…
“Chemistry is probably the easiest part because Phoebe is lovely,” Page said. “And we were working with such wonderful material. The characters already existed... All we had to do was channel through this amazing chemistry that already existed.”…
They had to do a lot of rehearsals for dances.

“Phoebe and I would call each other up at the weekend, after spending a week rehearsing, going, ‘Hey, I’ve got Sunday free. Do you want to practice the dance some more?’"…
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Great discussions on here about #Bridgerton and some fantastic analyses. ⬇️🧵V good thread fr historian @Hannah_Greig who worked on some of the highest profile period dramas of late (inc the Favourite, Poldark, Sanditon, & Bridgerton) abt what they do/ might do more/ different.
Plus my fav (!) ever episode of @HistoryExtra (I know I know there is a new one about B-ton) on the sexual politics of the Favourite w HG, @HallieRubenhold & the 18th c commentary + laughing fr @Amanda_Vickery which gave me a gym injury listening...…
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Finde die Debatte, ob PoC bei #Bridgerton als Adelige auch 'historisch' seien ja irgendwie niedlich. An #Bridgerton (Serie wie Romanvorlage) ist ungefähr nichts 'historisch' – abgesehen von Ortsnamen, der Existenz von Queen Charlotte + erkranktem Gatten und den Adelstiteln.
Die Besetzung von Rollen mit PoC in #Bridgerton scheint mit sehr viel eher eine Reaktion auf die seit einigen Jahren bei den Romance Writers of America geführte Debatte über die whiteness des Genres zu sein. Denn die Romane von Julia Quinn sind durchweg nicht divers.
Das Genre historical romance ist derart fiktiv, dass seine whiteness wohl als scheinbar historischer Marker zu dienen hatte (was allerdings wiederum vollkommen ahistorisch ist, auch bei #Bridgerton ).
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A thread on #bridgertonnetflix (OR, why we get this shlock instead of a Haitian Revolution epic!)

#BRIDGERTON is a post-racialist fantasy. In its utopian world, Blacks & whites are equally powerful in Eng. Or rather, the scale is tipped toward Blacks, since Queen Charlotte... 1/
...(rather than simply having been rumored to be of mixed racial heritage & passing as white) is presented as a Black woman reigning openly as one.

There is no slavery or brutality - or acknowledged racism - in this world. Servants and aristocrats alike are of mixed hues. 2/
The benevolent intention here was to repopulate London with POC – after so many “costume drama” productions which erased Black Londoners from history. GREAT!

However, #Bridgerton OVERCORRECTS, to create a warped world in which (as Lady Danbury tells Hastings), the... 3/
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