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Like most publications, The Aspergian uses editors. This is an accommodation for people who have important things to say but who may not have writing an area of strength or who have barriers to writing. There is no shame in an interdependent community.
Being able to find support and also to express oneself is a basic human need autistic people are often denied. We have editors who don't write their own content. We have people who do research and support behind the scenes. We have some who are only tech people.
This model of support that is judgement-free and empowerment-focused should be implemented in professional and advocacy contexts, for disabled and abled people. We have put together something great, and not one autistic person invested themselves because of external motivation.
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Do you feel the pressure on you to be more polite, more socially graceful, more responsible, and more "lady-like" (if female/non-binary) stifled your potential? Do you think pushing you to be a multi-tasker and social butterfly affected your career potential?
Do you think gender norms affected you more & played a role in your life path? Do you think your special interests were stifled because they weren't socially acceptable or the amount of time you spent on them wasn't balanced against more socially-normative interests?
Because it seems like my entire childhood was a giant push to make me less like me, but my brothers were encouraged. Dinosaurs and rescue vehicles? GREAT! Sports? GREAT! But when I asked for what I wanted, I got the opposite. Wanted tools, got Barbies and toy kitchens.
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#TodayInABA someone will claim that giving autistic children ABA is the same as giving chemotherapy to a child who has cancer. Identity anonymised, as it's said quite often, and I imagine people say it because they've seen others say think it makes sense. Thread./
I'm well placed to discuss this, given that I'm autistic, work with autistic people from every part of the scale of support needs, & a cancer survivor.
No, ABA is not like giving chemo to a child who has cancer.
Autism is not a disease. It is a neurotype. Even if we ignore that/
...the reality - as seen today - is that ABA practitioners don't even have to have seen an autistic child before, let alone done anything to them. Whilst qualifications exist, the base level is 40 hours.
I don't have any clue how much training you think a chemo nurse gets but/
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#TodayInABA A child learned that it's okay for adults to violate her boundaries if they give her candy, that good girls don't have boundaries, and that passively taking abuse is the path to love.
#TodayInABA a child learned to feel powerless.
#TodayInABA a child learned that all his natural instincts are wrong and shameful, to suppress joy and stoically withstand pain, that he will never, ever be safe to reveal his true self.
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