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I have just been away on the most stressful holiday of my life: a cruise. And it’s a great example of why I’m so glad I finally know I’m #ActuallyAutistic . A 🧵
Although it’s such a privilege to go on holiday at all, I didn’t want to go. Past me: Don’t be so ungrateful. Autistic me: This might be a challenge. It’s OK to be nervous.
It was a big family group. Past me: I must catch up with, and minister to them all by listening and really engaging. Autistic me: this is stressful. Who is most safe? I’ll hang out with them.
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Hey #actuallyautistic family, we all know that the stereotype about “Autism means no empathy” and how harmful it is.

But when we push back we have to do it in a way that doesn’t erase those Autistic people who DO lack empathy. They’re human too. They exist. They’re a minority.
Instead of saying “autistic people have hyper-empathy!” because that’s your experience, or insisting that all autistic people do have empathy, a better response is “while it’s true that some people (autistic or not!) do lack empathy, that doesn’t mean they are bad people.”
The crux is that empathy (or lack thereof) isn’t a defining trait of autism. Both Autistic and allistic people can lack empathy.

We can’t “defend” autism at the expense of people with ASPD or other even more marginalized groups.

Liberation is for everyone.
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Reminder in the wake of their recent social media push -- the "50kIsNotOk" people are pushing for more ABA funding. Yes, that's the practice protested by #ActuallyAutistic ppl worldwide because it fundamentally misunderstands and mistreats autistic kids. That's what they want.
The "needs based therapy" label was invented by ABA/IBI marketing teams to make parents & politicians feel bad and do what the industry wants.

NO child needs ABA.
No child needs to be behaviorally manipulated until they act how their parents want them to.
No child deserves that.
Nonspeaking kids especially, who are the primary target of the behavioural intervention indu$try, proclaimed to "need" ABA to communicate (simply not true as non-behaviour-based adaptive communication is far more robust and more accessible to autistics), deserve better than this.
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Hello 👋 I am autistic.
I suspect this will not be a surprise for folks who have worked or spent time with me💅

It was sort of a surprise to me though😬
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Therapist Tip: 1 in 44 children are now born with #autism A core theme in many #autistic #aspergers #adhd individuals is self hatred or self-loathing, in both the diagnosed & undiagnosed. Many are unaware they are #neurodivergent Many are misdiagnosed or have missed diagnoses
Those who were late diagnosed (after kindergarten) are included. A common theme is growing up feeling 'different', 'not fitting in', being bullied, not being accepted, 'feeling like an alien', not understanding oneself, confusion, negative self-esteem, #adhd #selfesteem
a lack of friends, family of origin issues, difficulties communicating, being misunderstood & #trauma They may have ptsd from childhood, developmental trauma, have been bullied and/or abused. They often feel as though something is inherently wrong with them (shame & guilt) #PTSD
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SIGNED: —@jamie_culpon

#migraine #pain #adhd #autist #actuallyAutistic #fuck #fuck #fuck #nsaidx3


Ha ha just serious

ha ha

But the thread ended with the 1E JP MC Joke.


(@creativecommons CC BY-SA-NC / BSD 3 clause (C) @jamie_culpon)


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CW TW? food, coercion

Sometimes I wonder if my reluctance to eat food sitting right in front of me was the years of

Why didn't you finish your food?
It's one bite, can't you just try it? How do you know you won't like it?
Now that you had a bite can you try one more?

CW TW? food

There are people starving in other countries!
It's just pepper, I can barely taste it, it's not spicy at all!
*Uncle* Now I expect you to eat all of the crust because it's nutritional and good for you *me gagging on the last bite of crust to get adult approval*

CW TW? food

Everytime I see food sitting in front of me, even if I'm hungry, and I just don't find it particularly appetizing, I think feelings from coercion and shame show up.

If you feel like that, please remember that if your body doesn't want that food, that's okay.

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Let's talk about the autistic nightmare known as the Popularity Contest. It's when there is some kind of competition that is supposedly based on how well one competes but is really about how much people like you. …
In middle school, disco was the fad, and also dance contests at the school dance parties. Surprisingly, I was good, and if the teachers judged the contest I (and my partner) would usually win. If the students judged I never made the top 3, and the guys everyone liked won. …
That sounds pretty childish, which is why I used an example from my childhood. But adults do this all the time, and it's not a secret at all. Just look at how we elect Presidents. Or which companies get funded. Or who wins at the Oscars. …
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Something I've seen a few times from allistic people & won't ever understand:

Offering to either buy or do a task for someone who never asked for it, and then later getting frustrated that this person either didn't refute your help, or feeling "obligated" to continue.

It seems like this happens when there's a difference in status and the higher-up person is helping the lower person.

And it seems like the lower person is ungrateful if they don't continue to refute their help over and over again.

I've tried many times to reply "oh no, that's okay thank you, I can get it" only to then be outplayed by the NT social skillset. Maybe my tone wasn't "convincing" enough, or maybe as long as you refute it, it's then okay to receive help since you at least said that.

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Thinking about that time we had an impossible deadline to meet, and my boss offered me a huge cash bonus to work around the clock for a month to meet it. Got it done on time. Boss said "must have not been that hard after all" and said I didn't deserve the bonus and shafted me.
Then there was the time I got injured badly right before a company retreat and could barely walk. The CEO told me I should fly to another time zone and spend a week laid up in a hotel room so he could have perfect attendance at the retreat.
One time a Director in a different division borrowed my entire team out from under me for 3 months so he could meet his personal metric and get a cash bonus, while my revenue-positive project was on hold. The company lost money and he got a big bonus for it.
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My whole life I’ve had people twist the things I say, claiming meanings in my words that aren’t there — and they expect me to do the same but I won’t. I can’t. It’s exhausting.

For example, when you say something racist and I say hey did you know that is a problematic thing to say because___, and you say IM NOT RACIST!! …… What you should have said is “I don’t want to be racist.”then suddenly I’m too sensitive. & now instead of having a compassionate
but tough conversation about you, we’re having a conversation about my perceived character flaws. This cycle is super obvious to me, but so many really struggle with it.
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Getting diagnosed #ADHD in November 2020 and Autistic in April 2021 (at 34years old) was like finally being handed the keys to myself. Those keys (and medication) saved my life. That is not hyperbole.

Silly things made sense! Like my love of tiny utensils, not being able to sit in chairs properly, my obsession with animals, why certain smells are enough to take me out, and finally the answer to my lifelong question, “why is everything so loud?”

Big things, too.
As a child I acted like a cat. My name was Mabel. I was a cat at school too. I did a lot of “weird” things. I was bullied a lot, you could have guessed. I remember sitting out in the grass field alone at recess searching for four-leaf clovers. The kids didn’t want me to play.
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[THREAD] It appears that most of the autism training given to teachers and autism professionals is based on a science fiction book from 1997...
...about an imaginary alien civilisation in decline, and the villains in power are trying to turn the inhabitants of some planet into robots because they don't know how to build robots, but some dying robot told them to do that,...
...otherwise the planet's infrastructure would assert itself like ivy and take over and no longer serve the alpha beings.
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At current prices it costs me $4.10/day to run my A/C all day & night (Upstate NY). $2.74 running it only the hottest parts of the day (my usual unless nighttime temperatures or humidity necessitates running it all night). $127 max to run it all month.
We have a very unstable income; on level billing we'll pay for unpredicted overages over the winter so Today Crisses is setting Later Crisses up for ouch bills this winter. We use fans as much as possible.
Our spreadsheet translating Watts (or amps * 120 volts for US outlets) times minutes divided by 60 = KWH so we can figure out costs. We update current charges, it spits out costs. A 84W fan is costing $0.41/day for comparison. #ActuallyAutistic Spreadsheet in Apple Numbers showing 3 tables: 1 for various
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This is genuinely

a Fundamental Thread

that all parents of autistic kids and autism professionals should read.

Parents are grieving expectations of their own idealistic kid.

Late-diagnosed autistic adults are grieving a lost and misunderstood childhood and continued gaslighting of their experiences.

Those two things are very, very different.
To be clear, parents of autistic kids are allowed to have emotions and work through them, but it's important to recognize that there is a whole autistic human being right in front of you who needs love, support, acceptance, and understanding. And not to be seen as a burden.
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I want to tell you something that many people in the autism industry don't know:

Many well-known autistic activists in your local community and the international autism advocacy community ARE STILL BEING ABUSED BY THEIR PARENTS and they can't afford to tell the world.

Some of them lead or moderate support groups on Facebook.
Some of them arrange outings for autistic people and support communication rights for nonspeaking people.
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[Thread - Feel free to retweet]
Since #autistic is trending, here's some information for anyone suspecting they're autistic:

- Self DX is valid and supported by many PhD researchers and universities
- The DSM autism criteria is inaccurate and rejected by many PhD scientists
- Most accurate information on autism comes from autistic people, including organizations like @NeuroClastic and @autselfadvocacy
- Most mainstream autism research comes from non-autistic people who spread stereotypes as 'accurate' research (ex: autists lack empathy)
- Autism Speaks is not autism friendly
- Autistic people do not lack empathy, and have been overwhelmingly found to have huge amounts of it
- Most autism research tries to frame everything about us as bad, even the things about us that are arguably good.
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They way, we, #ActuallyAutistic people are treated is a lot worse than most NTs know.

So I want to explain with this thread, while #autistic is trending, the discrimination we go through

Share this thread with as many people as you know including NTs.
Starting with the fact that most NTs want to change our instinct behaviors because they don’t like the behaviors we find happiness in.
Stimming for example is something we all do, but #autistic people do it more noticeably. Stimming makes us feel happy and we do it to self regulate the body so our brains aren’t getting overwhelmed.

NTs try to stop us from stimming which causes the brain to get overwhelmed.
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1/8. Hi❗️
I'm #ActuallyAutistic.
I followed your latest video "The Odd One Out".
I have a reaction on that. It is in a Thread with some links.

I did related research in the why, how & what of it.
2/8. It appears it has to do with what is limiting and hindering the empowerment of adult "high functioning" autistics and with the investigations of what makes our brains different (not less or better), how that works and what our place in society could become>>
3/8. if we can make better use of it & hopefully society would take it into account and take advantage of our strengths and talents some more.
I already have a name for this contribution:
"Autism's Uncanny Valley".
Click on the safe following link for an English intro to read,>>
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Just spent the last few hours with a clinical psychologist talking neurodiversity from an adult AFAB point of view. She was able to confidently diagnose me as Autistic w/ combined ADHD. It's a lot to process. She really helped me parse the difference between PTSD and Autism (1/5)
and the way they manifest both separately and comorbidly, and the differences between making a call for ADHD, Autism, and/or AuDHD. Her diagnostic method was more conversational and anecdotal but was structured around the ADOS-2 and ADI-R for adults. (2/5)
I'm in a bit of shock, but also not. It is crazy to finally have an official diagnosis from a licensed PhD specializing in adult autism. But it was mostly affirming of what I already knew. We, as self-ID'd Autistics and ADHDers, know ourselves better than anything. (3/5)
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I want people to know, that I don’t hate all Parents of #ActuallyAutistic children, just the ableist ones.

I also want people to know that Princess Lauren, my #ActuallyAutistic character, has good parents. Yes, they are not perfect. But they aren’t bad people.
And I want people to take my story into perspective too. I never had good parents. My father is a real life narcissistic abusive sociopath, and my mom has said stuff and believes things politically I don’t agree with.

She won’t let me come out to her that I’m Pansexual.
My mom has also restrained me before, and taken me to the hospital 3 times where I was abused more.

That is why I hate my mom so much. She could do everything else right and I’d still be angry at her for that.
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Let's talk about masking (the social kind, not the pandemic kind) and code-switching, and how they're connected for members of marginalized communities. 1/
First, let’s define terms.

For autistics and other ND people, “masking” means “imitating being NT.” It exists in other marginalized communities, too - “being in the closet” for queer folk pretending to be straight; “passing” for light-skinned POC pretending to be white; etc. 2/
Oh, and "NT" means "neurotypical" and "ND" means "neurodiverse." Character limits are a Thing. 3/
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🧵Thread about #ADHD with text and pictures from an #ActuallyAutistic person who asked to remain anonymous. #AuDHD
"I want to talk about the difference that stimulant medication makes to me."
"I changed my diet and took supplements and even HRT, but I was always tired and couldn't get started on anything."
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UK #autistic peeps: it is hot
For a good portion of us, heat is a sensory burden which can place stress on the nervous system and contribute to meltdowns. #Autism #ActuallyAutistic
Here's what you can do:
We can be rubbish at wanting to or remembering to drink enough. Carry a water bottle today. Set electronic reminder and/or set electronic reminders to drink each hour. #ActuallyAutistic
Stay in between 11 and 4. Close your curtains to create as much shade as possible. If you do go out, wear a hat, cover your shoulders, and, if you can tolerate the sensation, use a high factor suncream. If you can't, stay in #ActuallyAutistic
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