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Why are 90% of #Autism services for children? Not saying it’s not important, but we’re autistic all our lives. We’re kids for 18 years and adults for the next 70. Yet there’s almost no real services for autistic adults in the U.K. 1/4
Parents advocating for your children: they will be adults without you one day. Neglected, marginalised, ignored. Many #ActuallyAutistic adults are being forced to conform to neurotypical standards just to survive & it’s habing a detrimental effect.
@NHSuk services provide next to nothing, and what there is has 2+ year waiting lists. If you’re over 25, with no learning disability, you’re completely ignored. We didn’t do anything to be autistic, but we’re endlessly punished by the system. No support, no benefits. Work or die.
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Saw this on Instagram about #StopTheShock #StopShockingDisabledPeople , it’s much easier to read and understand. Please share this far and wide. We must STOP THE TORTURE! #actuallyautistic Written by _ninstagram_ Designed by Crstnpark
Saw this on Instagram about #StopTheShock #StopShockingDisabledPeople , it’s much easier to read and understand. Please share this far and wide. We must STOP THE TORTURE! #actuallyautistic Written by _ninstagram_ Designed by Crstnpark
Saw this on Instagram about #StopTheShock #StopShockingDisabledPeople , it’s much easier to read and understand. Please share this far and wide. We must STOP THE TORTURE! #actuallyautistic Written by _ninstagram_ Designed by Crstnpark
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Please help, can you tell me what brings you out of an autism meltdown? Or what helps you? Or what steps you take to calm down? I’m really struggling I’ve never known what to do and they’re getting so much worse. I need some guidance 😣😔

#ActuallyAutistic #NEISvoid #autism
I literally just completely withdraw from the world in a mess of tears and I punch everything around me and scream at the top of my lungs. I get so frantic I just lay there and my entire body goes out of control. I have no idea what I’m doing or what I’m capable of
Tw: self harm/suicidal thoughts mention

It gets to the point literally every time that I’m just hitting things or saying I want to die over and over or self harming in other ways. I need control but I don’t have any when it comes to this stuff. It’s really scary and I’m lost
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Let me tell you a story of "#Doctors don't take women & disabled folks seriously about our own bodies!"

Trigger warnings for terrifying illnesses, fungal infections, gaslighting and general #disabled and poor folks trauma.

I really hope that this thread will help doctors. 🧵
Meet @ErikaHeidewald :

Actress, singer, model, podcaster, writer... lotsa things.
Meet @ErikaHeidewald:

#Autistic. Poor. My friend. Begging doctors to take her seriously because she thinks she is dying.

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What would #actuallyAutistic leadership in a company look like?

What would executive roles look like if execs weren't groomed for perfect NT presentation and political savvy?

What would planning look like without NT subtext infusing every corner of it?
I've been in tech long enough to see this play out more than once:

1. Autistic person has an idea
2. Autistic person creates a startup
3. Autistic person succeeds, creates some profit
4. Autistic person retreats to advisory capacity as investors install a slick professional CEO.
Why do they do that? Because the profit in 3 proves that the business CAN make money, and now step 4 is about extracting every possible dollar it can possibly extract.

But like, what if we stopped at 3? Why isn't that enough?
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‘Young girls with #autism are more likely to experience a decrease in symptom severity over time compared to boys’? Uhhhh… nope, girls learn how to #mask and #camouflage #autistic mash’s #actuallyautistic #asd #autisticgirls #neurodivergent…
This is why I’m training professionals what to look for, the questions to ask, social camouflaging, the different subtypes and how 2e gifted kids improve over time.
This is in direct opposition the recent study that #Autism comes out in #adolescence in teen #autisticgirls which is also untrue:… it’s just glaringly obvious in many teens but there are always #redflags autisticwomen #autisticgirls #actuallyautistic #adhd
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The joys of campervanning, from a personal #ActuallyAutistic perspective.
We camped a lot when I was a child, and I loved sleeping on the ground, cooking outdoors, and being close to nature.
And in adulthood, when I was living with a friend while my house was renovated, I fantasised about buying an old camper so I’d have some personal space again.
By my 40s I was much more attracted to comfortable forms of camping but not keen on all the faffing about that seemed to go with caravanning.
One great thing about campervans seemed to be their ‘get in and go’ potential.
With arriving or leaving both being virtually fuss free.
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So, I'm not officially diagnosed, but I'm also a pretty obvious case.

I found out when I was talking to a therapist about my experiences at Penn State, and how I'd failed to read cues about the hierarchy and culture.
She said, "What was kindergarten like for you?"

No other therapist had ever asked me that, and I said, "I almost failed kindergarten."
Then she sent me home with a lengthy questionaire and asked me if I'd ever been assessed for autism. She said she strongly suspected it.

I had never even thought about it, but then once I did, it was sort of like a light switch.
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CW: Autism and food.

I am not a picky eater in the sense that I like a wide variety of foods. But I do have some issues, mainly around meat.

Do other #ActuallyAutistic people have issues with meat?

I like meat, and my doctors keep telling me to eat more (anemia).
But I cannot deal with a bite of gristle. Like it makes me gag violently, and then I can't eat anymore of the meat in front of me.

I can't eat cheap deli meats. Like the lowest cost deli turkey -- I can't force it down. I will vomit.
If I get either of these things, it's hard for me to deal with the meat in question for a while after.

Recently happened in a cheesesteak.

And in kofta (Howww? It's ground!). Have been struggling with any ground red meat since.
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So I'm familiar with a conference on tools and neurodiversity that's going to happen this fall, and one of the organizers has reached out to me looking for an AAC-using #actuallyAutistic person to join the conference planning committee.

DM me if you'd be interested in this role!
(please boost for visibility, especially to non-speaking #ActuallyAutistic folks who rely on digital and analog tools to exist in this world -- share in facebook groups etc, if you can!).
Yes, multiply-marginalized individuals (people of color, genderqueer folks, etc) are particularly invited to apply -- we want and are actively seeking your perspectives, please come help us to see the world through your eyes.

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“Let me entertain you”.
Using wit, humour, and conversation as a way of trying to fit in.
A (very) late diagnosed #ActuallyAutistic perspective on social
Someone I know outside Twitter, who’s also late diagnosed, told me how she gets by in an office job.
Other people seem to tolerate her as long as she keeps them entertained with amusing stories and anecdotes.
But if her energy drops, and she can’t keep it up, they’re unkind.
This made me so sad.
‘Masking’ is often seen as voluntary, rather than something we’re obliged to do because other people find our authentic self objectionable.
Too serious. Intense.
It’s not autistic acceptance if we have to earn our keep by putting on a social performance.
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Things that I thought were social anxiety but turned out to be autism

Thread 🧵

I‘d plan out social situations in advance, so I didn't mess them up. /1
I pretended to be somebody else whenever I was around other people for my safety /2
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As an undiagnosed teen I would say "I can't do this" and adults would tell me I just need more confidence.

But I was talking about hard limits, and people weren't listening. I was disabled, but didn't know how to articulate it.

This is how girls burn out.

When I say I can't do something, I mean it.

When I say I can't do something, I'm not fishing for gaslighty confidence-boosting.

I'm communicating something very literal. I'm asserting self-knowledge.

The "thing" in question is either

- something impossible (e.g. speaking)
- dangerous (e.g. traveling alone)
- harmful to me (causes overload/meltdown)
- harmful to others (e.g. pet/babysitting)

It hurts when NTs don't respect my limits.

Respect the Autistic "no".
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A thread:

You know, being autistic is like..

[Autistic people can stop reading here]

Non-autistic People,

did you think I was going to make an informative thread on autism?
Did you want education?

Because I'm not doing that until you
help to #StopTheShock

You can help right here -…
If you're a non-autistic person who clicked on this thread,

did you email your representatives and other agencies on that page yet?

I know 475 people who said they didn't yesterday.
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this is a heavy one. Flemish/Dutch fiction tends to not shy away from heavy topics and can be described as dirty or raw, even in books aimed at young adults, but jesus. this is a whole other level.
content warnings for: statutory rape, animal abuse, bullying, self-injurious behaviour, sadism, explicit descriptions of sex
a lot of reviews of this book (which is a common mandatory reading in flemish/dutch secondary schools) praise the book for its raw honesty but I have some serious doubts about its accuracy, and i've never seen any #ActuallyAutistic people review it
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what's going on in the judge rotenberg centre right now because nobody seems to be talking about it, a thread

non disabled and autistic people please read and rt

(this is some context as it was a draft written on the 4th of may, I will add more recent stuff onto it)
as someone in a stan community I know the reach so many people can have and this is such an important thing to me, an #ActuallyAutistic person and advocate.

I encourage you to read till the end and participate in speaking out and raising autistic and disabled voices right now.
the judge rotenberg centre is an institution and school in massachusetts for people with "developemental disabilities, emotional disorders and autistic like behaviours"

the centre has been condemned for torture by the united nations special rapporteur on torture and using GEDs -
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I wish to remind you that the BCBAs who work at the Judge Rotenberg Center are credentialed by the BACB. The BACB takes away the credentials of professionals who violate their code of conduct. The BACB code of conduct permits torture. #ABAisAbuse
Who's on the board of this organisation which tortures disabled children?
Chairman of the Board at the Judge Rotenberg Center: Henry Slucki, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Senior Research Associate at University of Southern California, School of Medicine, Department of Human Behavior
Co-producer and Co-Host of weekly talk radio program on disabilities
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I am trained in #developmental #psychology and #neuroscince. I have been screaming the #teenagebrain is #underreconstruction from the rooftops! Am totally ashamed of my peers who wilfully ignore this. #neuroplasticity #frontallobes #psychologists #gender #rogd #trans #detrans
The teenage brain is under reconstruction. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until minimum aged 25. A bit longer for males. The prefrontal cortex is largely responsible for: decision making, planning, organisation, focusing, impulsivity, aka executive functions
Managing emotions, predicting consequences of one’s choices and moderating social behaviour. This is #science #facts Anyone who says otherwise is brainwashed by #ideology Shame on any professional who ignores this #gender #trans #detrans #shame
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Thread: I will occasionally talk about how being #ActuallyAutistic helps me be better at working in human rights, and understandably, mainly due to certain stereotypes, this confuses people. So thought I would put a little explainer together. 1/
First off, and I cannot stress this enough, this is only my personal experience. I don't, and can't speak for all autistic individuals. I can only talk about my own experiences. Everyone is different. So, that's the obligatory disclaimer out of the way. On with the show. 2/
You have possibly read, heard, or experienced how autistic individuals can have trouble with communication. I know I do. I tend to take things literally, and if you ask me a question I just hope that you actually wanted an answer. There's a flip side to this though. 3/
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This is a good question, what’s the difference between masking and simply using social skills that are maybe harder to learn?

Masking to me involves fear - a fear of being perceived as a fraud, a poser behind social skills, maybe? There’s an edge.
I’m having Interesting Thoughts based on some excellent replies.

What if what we call masking is a response to dealing with shame, and autistic people mask so much because we are taught to literally be ashamed of who we are?

Everyone masks a little, maybe. But we hide so much.
My advice to people who want to stop masking has long been “your shame is a map to those parts of yourself you were taught to hate, and so need more love.”

What if it IS that simple? Autistic trauma leads to toxic shame leads to masking.
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Reminder that it's nearly impossible to search for information about why ABA is bad and find #ActuallyAutistic sources.

What happens when I google (in incognito mode) "Why ABA therapy is harmful" - In short, ABA is a safe, highly beneficial therapy. But if a
The answer to "Is ABA therapy good for autism?" on the web browser:
"ABA is a type of therapy that can improve social, communication, and learning skills through reinforcement strategies. Many experts consider ABA to be the gold-standard treatment for children with autism."
The site in the first question-

No mention of asking the child:
"Goals should be established between the parent and the professional. Any goals your ABA therapist wants to work on with your child should be explained & communicated to you up front."…
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Boundaries and being #ActuallyAutistic, especially as a woman. 1/?
Being a woman doesn't mean being selfless. I need to be more discerning about how I give. Overgiving at the expense of myself not only helps no one but actively damages my relationships.
What makes me think I know what the other person needs to learn? I've worked really hard to find peace in my life, and when I see other people's chaos, me wanting to help them is actually about me wanting to sort them out so MY pain ends. NO! That's not a healthy boundary.
3/? It's easy to confuse compliance with compatibility in my romantic relationships. But here's what I learned! I have the right to feel what I feel, AND express that *if I choose to*.
I need to examine this idea that if I share my preferences, the other person won't like me!
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It's #AutisticPrideDay and, you know what, I am proud. I wasn't. It took me years to be proud. It took me years to realise it is part of me. It took me years to realise it makes me better at what I do when I acknowledge it. I wasn't always proud to be autistic. I am now though 1/
Twitter helped with that. I have met and seen so many people on here who helped me realise that being autistic isn't something I need to feel "ashamed of" or "hide from". I can't possibly list all of them here, but to all those who have helped, thank you. 2/
Being #ActuallyAutistic means navigating a world not designed for you. It can be hard. It means being stereotyped. It means being simultaneously dismissed as unable to do things, while it is also assumed you must have some savant superpower. 3/
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