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Ich finde es dermaßen absurd, dass #MECFS-Kranken und #Autisten sich hier und im RL permanent gegen schädigende Therapien (#ABA, GET) einsetzen müssen und gefühlt gegen Wände laufen.

In beiden Fällen gehen zu viele Fachpersonen von ihrer Sichtweise aus.
Die Sichtweise der Betroffenen wird ausgeblendet.
Autisten wird abgesprochen, ABA - eine nicht evidenzbasierte, stark invasive Therapie kritisieren zu dürfen.

ME/CFS-Kranken werden ihre Erfahrungen mit ebenso nicht evidenzbasierter Bewegungstherapie (GET) abgesprochen.
Beide Therapien führen zu großem Leid und schaden dauerhaft.

Wann ändert sich unser System, dass Wissenschaftlern maximale Deutungshoheit zugesteht?

Wie kann es sein, dass schädigende Therapieformen verteidigt u. sämtliche Erfahrungsberichte Betroffener ausgeblendet werden?
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@AnitaWorks9698 Ich kannte #Aba aus dem Studium. Wurde dort als einzig wahre Methode, Autisten zu „therapieren“ gelehrt. Als wäre das ein Naturgesetz!

Der Umgang in der KJP war von diesem Konzept geprägt.

Ich werde nie den Jungen(16) vergessen. Hoch intelligent, im Einzelkontakt scheu, aber/1
@AnitaWorks9698 wenn man ihm Zeit ließ ein absolut freundlicher, interessanter Gesprächspartner. Er war wegen Schulverweigerung auf der Geschlossenen Station- er würde sonst weglaufen, hiess es.

Er wurde (aus „therapeutischen Zwecken“) mit einem absolut lauten, grenzüberschreitenden/2
@AnitaWorks9698 Jungen ins Zimmer gesteckt.
Er bekam Auflagen wie: „Nicht mehr als 1 h im Zimmer sein“, oder „An mindestens 3 Gruppenaktivitäten teilnehmen“ pro Tag.
Hat er diese nicht erfüllt, wurde ihm die Besuchszeit oder Telefonzeit mit der Familie gestrichen.3
Essen gab es nur im /
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1/8 We need to focus on the plight of #ABA practitioners from a civil rights perspective

The statistics of self harm, suicide, early death, interpersonal victimisation, mental health & systemic barriers for them are nil. Which is vast evidence of marginalisation.
2/8 Imagine being born into a lifetime of indentured slavery as an #ABA practitioner, forced to perform the same thankless tasks from dawn till dusk, over and over again, on a group of ungrateful participants who have the audacity to complain about *their* rights being violated
3/8 I mean #ABA practitioners have no rights, no freedoms, no choice. It's not like they chose to do a job with no evidence base, that inflicts abuse on an extremely vulnerable group and can leave any time they wish.
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I am raising my head above the parapet and posting about something which causes me great concern on many fronts, as a:
🧠#neurodivergent individual
👩‍🎓#Neurodiversity-advocating Professional
👩‍👧‍👦Mother of 2 neurodivergent #children living in Leicestershire
It seems that, for a number of years, the LA has been at the forefront of an initiative to find: "Cost-effective models for delivering behaviour analysis teaching in UK schools and local authorities"
Integrating ABA into #maintained & #academy, #mainstream & #SpecialSchool for "affordable" "positive outcomes". It concludes, "School-based models, such as Leicestershire's, provide a sustainable model which can be used with a large number of children for...little extra cost."
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I love that #EBEANO Supermarket is thinking globally, beyond Nigeria. This is the mindset I hope more of us cultivate - to build excellent brands locally and then expand them internationally.

EBEANO Supermarket🛒 is currently in Canada in the city of St Catharines, and growing.

"We are a global food market in Canada. Our goal is to meet the grocery needs of all cultures.

Location: 358, 360 Ontario Str. Unit 3 & 4, St. Catharines, ON L2R 5L8

Building global brands, esp in the food space would expand our local agro-food sector=FX$
There's so much to learn from other groups about building shared prosperity. Let's think beyond silo diaspora remittances.

E.g Lessons from the Indians, Italians, Persians, Chinese, Jews... They have been intentional in building economic power & investing in their home countries
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1. Is this truly understood yet?

(1) Change by policy vs. change by disaster;
(2) Change now vs. change later.

I’ve also outlined dynamics: #aba is ZeroCovid (elimination/eradication) policy, ‘giving up,’ and reestablishing control.

China could be tracking this, we don’t know.
2. COVID elimination can take years to centuries.

Humans ended smallpox; SARS is comparable. Effective policy can start any day (IHR 2005) once people care.

The central weaknesses are national level and lack of systems thinking/accountability in leaders.
3. Read this as background on Dr. Van Kerkhove’s thread. States may force WHO to end the COVID-19 PHEIC, allowing SARS-CoV-2 to transmit largely unobserved and unmitigated. Damage won’t surface until 10-15 years after infection. Scholars and leaders who care need to organize now.
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Siempre que me preguntan por el modelo de intervención #ABA suelo decir lo mismo: la única fuente fiable sobre ella son sus pacientes (o víctimas más bien) es decir, esos peques (o personas adultas) en los que se ha intervenido con esta metodología.
Pese a todos los lavados de cara que se han hecho a lo largo de los años sigue siendo una técnica que busca modificar sin tener en cuenta el estilo de procesamiento de la persona en el espectro. Para mi esta es una línea roja que NO se puede traspasar.
Y lo extiendo para cualquier otra metodología más “amable”, como puede ser Denver o Scerts por poner solo dos ejemplos: si intervienes sin respetar estilos de procesamiento ya empiezas mal.
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Western culture does not regard children as human beings. the values of "the West"—the values instilled by authoritarian #Christianity—do not permit children to be respected as human beings who deserve to have their feelings and wishes respected, like any other person.

no better example of the general Western *contempt* for children can be imagined than the "gender critical" cult—the @bindelj / @Docstock / #JKRowling brigade—which functions almost entirely as a kind of support group for abusive parents who loathe their LGBTQ+ children.

they cling to the faded celebrity of @jk_rowling as a shield against the charge that they despise children—after all, #JKRowling is the Best Fantasy Writer in the Universe, according to the @HJoyceGender / @AbigailShrier gender theorists. she's the friend to all children!

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(1) This is why I use syndemic theory for health and climate. (2) SARS is the highest leverage point, vital to all countries and to all of us. (3) I’m stunned so few do the same. Do children not deserve livable futures? (4) Disagree on ‘distraction’ but Andy is right on strategy.
(5) Kind souls ask how to end the pandemic. Understandable, as every gov and most public health experts falsely claim it's impossible.

Dear all, here is how: IHR 2005, just like for SARS 2003, and for the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan wildtype.……
(6) Read this carefully, because your future depends on it.
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#BehaviorAnalyst #BCBA #ABA
I'm a member of the #BanABA movement. We believe that Applied Behaviour Analysis should not be the basis of any nonconsensual therapy for autistic people. We want this type of therapy to be declared unlawful.
Some of us who are part of the #BanABA movement do also talk to ABA professionals who are interested in reforming ABA (even though we believe that ABA-based approaches like EIBI are fundamentally flawed, rather than just broken).
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What #ABA professionals are telling us is, "We're not bad! Let us tell you how we help! We'll even listen to you a bit."

What we're saying is, "Forget what you know. Listen from scratch as though you know nothing."


A few of the enlightened ones have memorised how to placate us.

I'd actually want to give them a questionnaire, though, to see how much relevant knowledge they really have, considering they're supposed to be PROFESSIONALS.
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Hey Autistic Person with Large Following/Reputation in Canada Here
Ontario doesn't need an Autism Program and emphasis on it in politics is driven by lobbyists that push services that aren't evidence-driven/highly correlated to trauma
#ABAisAbuse #OnPoli
The Ontario Liberals, when faced with the issue of #ODSPoverty(disability supports being legislated poverty), decided they can't commit to raising #ODSP significantly

Instead they are using #50KisNotOK to feign action on Disability
The evidence-base for #ABA is so bad they call it needs-based instead and the reputation for ABA is so bad they won't even call it by name instead calling it needs-based therapy #ABAisAbuse…
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As abuse survivors, other autistic supporters, parents of ABA/PBS survivors and ex-ABA professionals in the UK, US and other countries, we've worked for several years with BCBAs and other ABA professionals who had begun to feel that they needed to do better for their clients. 🧵
Conversations on Twitter during the past two days have revealed how many ABA professionals remain blissfully unaware of the extent of the corruption in their own industry, and the abuse pipelines which many are inadvertently serving.
This thread will be built over time to provide information for professionals who have caught a glimpse of the extent of the abuse, and who are evaluating their own professional position in the light of these revelations.
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[THREAD] Principles, values, rules, (dis)obedience and (non)conformance
Children have a natural sense of justice.
The world is complex and messy.
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The founder of ABA said the following about Autistic kids:

“You see, you start pretty much from scratch when you work with an autistic child. You have a person in the physical sense – they have hair, a nose and a mouth – but they are not people in the psychological sense...."
"One way to look at the job of helping autistic kids is to see it as a matter of constructing a person. You have the raw materials, but you have to build the person.”
Lovaas strongly believed in intense behavioral modification interventions, that included harsh aversive techniques such as withholding touch and attention, isolation, and even giving electric shock "therapy"...
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Hey new journalist followers, do you know about the ABA “debate” regarding Autistic kids?

Do you want to blow the lid off a story of deception, manipulation, exploitation and the $4B driving it?

Because I have a story for you that will make you famous and make you enemies.
The short version is, there is a four billion dollar growth industry called Applied Behavioral Analysis.

This practice was based on work by Ivar Lovaas, who also invented gay conversion therapy.

The premise is that you can make an autistic child seem more normal through abuse.
I wish I was kidding.

This is the ONLY therapy covered by insurance in America for autistic people.

When I was diagnosed as an adult I asked my insurance company for help and they sent me a list of ABA providers.
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Resources to share when talking about the harm and effectiveness of ABA:

If you are talking to lawmakers in your state about ABA these are resources I recommend sharing:
The Tricare study - you better believe I share this data with our law makers in Texas when I speak to them:… Figure 1   12% - improved  81% - Patients Distribution Impro
Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in autistics exposed to applied behavior analysis…
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There are many papers and literature showing ABA doesn’t work long term, and is ineffective. People profoundly affected by autism can and do benefit from MANY other therapies, which have been shut out and left unfunded because #ABA has KEPT them shut out.
I fight this shit every day. Every. Day. And the SECOND that SOMEONE in power dares to speak up, they are met with people threatening them and REFUSING!! to listen. It is beyond upsetting. ABA for autism treatment is a cult. And if you’re a parent whose against it, you better be
Ready to fight like hell for your children to have access to literally anything else. You’ll be shut out of groups like the OAC, like the #DurhamCrew, etc. Wanna know how I know? Because parents told me! I was blocked from the @OntAutism’S Facebook page for 1) recommending
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“Building a Person”: Legal and Clinical Personhood for Autistic and Trans Children in Ontario (by @JakePyne)

"Despite open violence, Lovaas framed ABA as compassionate... Despite uncertain evidence, he presented ABA as scientific..."…
"Psychologist George Rekers, a key figure in the world of conversion therapy (and co-founder of the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council), used Lovaas’s techniques to treat so-called “deviant sex-role behaviors” in male children."
The man behind ex-gay “conversion therapy” started out trying to make autistic children “normal”:
"Both projects were based on the same fundamental view: that it’s easier to change a child’s behavior than it is to destigmatize that behavior in society"…
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I'm fiddling with the content taxonomies on my blog, so I thought I'd post some of the tag pages for the most common themes here.
My articles tagged #ABA
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It must be a real ego trip to be an ABA provider. You basically get to make up any narrative you want about a child and what they will or won't become in life without your services, with wide-eyed and terrified parents hanging onto your every word. #ABA (1/9)
Then you get to mold an innocent child to adore and trust you and also hang onto your every word, with nothing more than the promise of treats and iPad time. #ABA (2/9)
You get to control what and when they eat and how they eat it. You get to control how they sit, how they play, how they communicate, how they move their bodies. #ABA (3/9)
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In light of everything going on with #ColorTheSpectrum I would like to take a moment to talk about why #AdvancedBehaviorAnalysis is abuse.

When supporting the #AutisticCommunity this should be the second thing you check you aren’t funding. After just erasing us from existence.
I personally went through #ABA myself. So do not tell me I don’t understand. And No, it is not the “old” version. It was very recent and incredibly dehumanizing. I am #ActuallyAutistic and my experience is not the exception it is the common one.
#ABATherapy addresses what is considered “problematic” behavior. Now let’s focus on that wording. BEHAVIOR not cause of behavior, the behavior itself.

The way one behaves is communication. Taking that away is problematic. This should never be done. Instead you should ask WHY!!!
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Last week a group of ABA practitioners released a video acknowledging #ActuallyAutistic critiques saying #ABAisAbuse

When I replied saying that we don't accept their apology they stopped advertising it on twitter

I assume it's circulating #Autism facebook groups for PR
This is a marked charge in tactics; acknowledging our complaints and attempting to speak to them to control public perception

This is a sign they are threatened

The Autistic community has a pretty clear majority position: we need to abolish ABA and protect kids from abuse
If you are an ally that's felt comfortable joining the critique of Sia please consider taking up #ABA as a target

Autistic non-speakers are again at greatest risk here; a trend you will see repeated if you are a new ally
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Ce soir la soirée autisme sans les autistes aura lieu avec toujours les mêmes acteurs.
De l'inspiration porn, du valide saviour, une vision médicale en perspective @France2tv @JulianBugier
Nous ne sommes pas leçons de vie, nous ne sommes pas là pour donner du courage, on veut juste vivre.
"C'est la confrontation de deux handicaps : la communication pour Gabriel, et l'amour chez ce papa qui a du mal à assumer sa paternité et va devenir un homme en apprenant à devenir père"

alors non la paternité n'est pas un handicap, sinon les mères peuvent le revendiquer.
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