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The great harm done by Fake Orgs run by infiltrators, Intel plants '90s onward to suppress, corrall, control testimonials of #ThoseTargeted has resulted in current vacuum of knowledge re. RF/EMF/sonic energy/neurowpns unlawfully used by LE/ABC's/DOD.…
Had even 1 of these orgs been legit. they wd have published numerous reports by now, exposing these gross Human Rights violations & Crimes Against Humanity & forced orgs like @amnesty @ACLU @UN (all run by the #TopCrims cabal) & HR Depts in Univs to respond.
#SurveillanceTech 2/
The combo of Fake Orgs, Intel plants, gatekeepers, MSM #MockOps, Insider #SmearOps, has kept #ThoseTargeted silenced, sectioned, incarcerated in mental asylums or neighborhood ECCs, subjected to prolonged depravity in Crimes Against Humanity/non-cons. expmts. by LE/ABC's/DOD. 3/
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#DisclosureOnTargeting #ForTheRecord
@MassDPH #MayorThomasKoch @CharlieBakerMA run Noise Harassment campaigns right next door, w. power-saws, garden-equipment for hours today, yesterday in retaliation for truth-telling tweets on #FluVaccine. (Plausible Deniability.) Stasi on St.
Quincy, like Boston, like every other town & city in MA now prey to the AI-run Domestic Terrorism covered up as "Community Police Monitoring" "Neighborhood Watch" by #TopCrims in local gov. Noise Harassment with EXTREMELY LOUD power-eqpmt a MAJOR TOOL. @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
While loudly-droning small-planes, helicopters, zooming SUVs, pick-ups, trucks, FedEx, UPS are all being used nonstop (this week & every week), along w. re-routing of commercial planes, getting the neighbors to NONSTOP POWER-SAW, LAWNMOW, SNOWBLOW a MAJOR TACTIC.
Run by @MassGov
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Such a desp. characterization & attempted burying of the FACTS of gangstalking & targeting with EMF/Neuroweaponry by a 'zine from @MIT, home to @DARPA--who admittedly runs such pgms on the populace (see #LETReport) suggests we are making GREAT STRIDES in exposing these #TopCrims.
@ameliargh Here's the #LETReport from @DARPA which carries CLEAR EVIDENCE of DARPA's involvement in developing & using the wpns & sensor tech being illegally tested on targeted individuals who report gangstalking/smearing to discredit their testimonial:…
This thread MIGHT JUST HELP EDUCATE the writer and the review but given that they both are running a COVER OPERATION for #DARPA #NIJ #DOD #DOJ, one has to wonder.…
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#ForTheRecord All day, here on Pine Street, in Quincy, Mass, "Home to Presidents," there's been an excess of planes, zoomer SUVs, cars, yelling neighbors as the pencil-vibrators failed to pinpoint the worker-bee at spine & elsewhere 24/7 as they wished...#EMFWpns #StealthWpns 😎
The whole pic of the 90% likely to take the #DeformingCOVIDVaccine is laid bare only when you take into account Stasi action in our neighborhoods already, the snitching and complying, the noise harassing and the GPS tracking, the covert scalar tracking, et al. #ForTheRecord 2/
These Quincy neighbors who have caved to local #FusionCenterCrimes and #TopCrims and consented to surveil, track, assault their neighbors (practice now of ye Satanic govts, locally) w. stealth wpns w. include cell phone apps will stand in line to be deformed, soon enough. 3/3
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#SmearAlert My writing/vids must be becoming awfully Effective given the #RiseInAttacks lately. Noting, for their Smears, Inventions, Lies, Revisions of History, as of date:

Judging by the convolutions, repetitions, targeted attacks rolled out by the Spoo'k crowd post the #PedoSatanicSpook tweet, it sounds like all await a repeat Public Ed effort on #EllaFree #MidgeMathis #DrKatherineHorton-Thx. Offers an opp. to re-post vital articles, excerpts. 2/
Those like #OrtaineDevian #AndySpoo #DeborahWeber & a few others, in particular, appear variously confused & keen to lash crudely out, always a prob. I'm sure when alligators used to mud-wrestling encounter a truth-telling journalist. 3/
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#LIVENow in a few minutes with Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Global Gestapo 12: Gloria Naylor & Stephen O'Keefe--The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate at -- join us!
#YoutubeCensorship Global Gestapo 12-- apparently too hot to handle for Youtube has been REMOVED, as violative of Community Guidelines on Hate Speech. I have sent an appeal but will upload on Vimeo & Bitchute in a few. 2/
While Dr. Karlstrom & I speculate on reasons why, I think it mostly means someone reported this video as "hate speech." This raises the question at heart of #HateSpeech #FreeSpeech: Is it a crime to speak about #Zionist imperialism, #Jewish supremacism, and facts of history? 3/
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1/ Spying on #Trump which #TopCrims at #FBI #CIA #DHS #DOJ ran was done in an atmosphere of Rights-Removal the same spies ran on all Americans, singling out stand-outs for military/Intel persecution/expmts via #FusionCenter Watchlist pgms.…
2/ While some ppl. think "Deep State" & "US Govt" are separate entities, fact is, these illicit targeting pgms which feed Americans in a #GuineaPig Conveyor Belt to MIIC (Mil/Intel/Industrial/Complex) (note, Ind. includes Academia) roll them both into a Blood, Gore & $$ network.
3/ The point at which the "Financial Elite" "Tech Elite" & Entrenched #Conmen via #SkullNBones #Vatican #ClubOfRome #Bilderbergers #CFR #Trilaterals #Illuminati meet #DeepState & #USGOV both is via this network w. preys on ppl. for their energy & intellect, using them...
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