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So many pieces of the puzzle fall into place once you are aware that this woman's story is real as well as others who've come forward to expose the world of #SRA

Human trafficking/pedophilia/child porn Epstein,Maxwell,NXIVM
Abortion ritual>$

I found this man during research. Dave Staffen from my home province of Ontario, Canada who's story is also consistent with Jeanette. For your consideration.…
Here is a thread I put together including Mr. Staffen & how the beliefs and values of this so called Satanic cult branch out into our society unbeknownst to the world.

Thank you @shaunattwood for all of your incredible work.

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1. ORANJE BOVEN - Zandvoort, in de jaren tachtig kinderen door een internationaal pedofielen netwerk uit Nederland-Duitsland –België en Engeland, Portugal (waartoe notabelen werden gerekend) misbruikt en komen we bekende namen van mannen tegen die elkaar ontmoete in een jachthuis
2. ORANJE BOVEN - De Duitse Pornoproducent Gerrie Ulrich komt hier ter sprake.
De in Zandvoort gevonden foto’s zouden ‘deels afkomstig zijn uit Jersey’s ‘House of Hell’ waar tussen 1960 en 1980 misdrijven zijn gepleegd ‘die ieder voorstellingsvermogen te boven gaan.’
3. ORANJE BOVEN - Baby’s werden verkracht, gefolterd en gedood in speciaal ingerichte martelkamers, forensisch experts hebben bewijzen gevonden in de kelders van het tehuis. Het ging hier om 90.000 misbruikte en gefolterde kinderen en baby’s.
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Here are the meanings of some of this persons tattoos.
These are the individuals who have worked so tirelessly along with the full cooperation of our governments/media to get nearer to our children physically/mentally...
They hide their sick & evil intent beneath words like, "diversity, inclusive, tolerance etc" Seeing a pattern?

They make it innocent and cool for useful idiot parents & the naive/ignorant to accept

"drag queen story hours" @RuPaulsDragRace, @CBCKids drag shows #AmazingDesmond
Spiral swirl pedo symbol upper left shoulder.
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June 16, 2020 - short thread with some thoughts on #QAnon.
#1, if #QAnon is deemed by ____ a "threat to national security,"

and #QAnon is there to defend the legitimately elected President of the United States,

then by definition #QAnon is working to thwart a coup d'etat.
#2, if #QAnon is actually a member of Team Trump,

and they're confirming #SRA (satanic ritual abuse) by elites,

how would any ordinary person be in a position to disprove this?
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@AUThackeray sir in our area #sra project has started in 2011 & no rent from 3.5 years.125 house r effected by dis,
sir pls look in dis matter. Our Bldg is ready, 20%work is left, sir pls allow electricity dept, n water dept to work for us, so dat We can stay in bldg.1/2
@AUThackeray 2 /As our we are staying in rent room,we are facing financial problems,apna ghar hote hue bhi rent pe rehna pad raha hai, sir aap help karoge to hum sab 125 room ke rent k paise Bach jayange.Sir ek toh humara shop bhi band hai, toh rent bhi saving k paise se ja raha hai
@AUThackeray 3/ humari meeting 27 march ko @Deepakk75058621 sir se hone wala thi, n fir ⁴ April postponed hua, n fir yeh covid19 k wajah se, sab ruk gaya, sir request hai on humanitarian ground sir hume humara ghar ka kaam shuru kar nile ki permission allow kar ye na
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A Thread: SATANISTS RULE THE WORLD says QAnon nutter & ScoMo's bestie, Tim Stewart. Crikey today: "Morrison’s focus on China’s handling of coronavirus has garnered support of Aust's leading proponent of QAnon, Burn Notice, @burnedspy34." Read here:
ScoMo's mate Tim (@burnedspy34) and his son Jesse (@jesse_onya_m8) support many disturbed QAnon people. Lynelle and Tim are Morrison's besties. Lynelle and Jenni were each other's bridesmaids. It was the Stewarts they holidayed in Hawaii with. Lynelle worked at Kirribilli House.
US-based QAnon conspiracy theorists believe the US is controlled by Satan-worshipping paedophiles acting as a "deep state" and that Trump is the "annointed one" (by Jesus, who else?) to cleanse the world thru the coming of "the storm". Still with me? Let's continue ....
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An old article from 2017

"Ted Gunderson, Former Head of The L.A FBI, Exposed Satanic Cults, Pedophiles, Chemtrails & 9/11 B4 His Arsenic Poisoned Body Found Dead"

#ChildTrafficking #pedogate2020 #PEDOVORES #Satanic #satanicritualabuse #SRA #coronavirus…
No one seems to paying attention to Roberts Mueller's cover-up in Gunderson's case.
Nobody seems to pay attention to Robert Mueller's cover-up in Ted Gunderson's case.

Besides Mueller was director of the FBI in all 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon.
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1. Important Whistleblowers on Illuminati Child Sexual Abuse and mind control - Fiona Barnett “Hang on for the Ride”… #fionaBarnett #csa #childabuse #mindcontrol
3. Cathy O'Brien - A Most Dangerous Game, Human Hunting… #HumanHunting #csa #childabuse #CathyOBrien
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Warning: graphic!
This is heart breaking😢
Don't watch if you can't handle it.
But know it's there...and do something to stop it if you can.
Remember: lots of elites, politicians and celebrities are into it...
#ChildTrafficking #SRA #ChildAbuse
#Pedophilia #Adrenochrome
And this is one of the ways to get the "merchendise".
Another important one is the supply by children's homes.
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@shachalnur I am starting a thread to analyze your tweets. I don’t understand them, but they’re important. Feel free to jump in if I say something incorrect.
Why I am analyzing @shachalnur’s tweets now is that I read them years ago and did not understand them, but I feel they need to be aired.
To put the bottom line up front, as I understand it, “Shachalnur” is an anti-Zionist, anti-Talmud Jew (a Karaite) who sees the current world order as a dialectic between Rothschild (Roth/Mega, think Mega Group) and Rockefeller (Rock/MAGA).
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A THREAD - #MateGate
When Scott Morrison added the word "ritual abuse" to his apology 22/10/18, it was at request of notorious Satanic Ritual Abuse conspiracy theorist Fiona Barnett via his good friend Tim Stewart. This is the 1st time much of this evidence has been published
@eliahi_priest was asked to set up an encrypted Zoom conference between Tim & Jesse Stewart, Isaac Kappy (now dec.) and Fiona Barnett so that Barnett could discuss how to get Morrison to include "ritual abuse" in his speech. Here are the screen shots from that conference:
And, thanks to Peter Priest, here is the full text exchange between Tim, Lynelle and Priest which also includes an invitation to Priest to Stewart's home for dinner and pick up from airport. Here is exchange Oct 15 re Zoom conf.
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Recently declassified material #thread on #TheFinders Exact same #JeffreyEpstein #Honeypot operation and ties all the #Satanic uproar from the eighties and the #ChildSexTrafficking allegations by our politicians. Is #MichaelAquino tied in? #CIA #MKUltra
#TheFinders was a #CIA front company that impeded investigations into the #SatanicRitualAbuse cult perpetrated by a #UnitedStates taxpayer funded agency.
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#Illuminati #Whistleblower #SRA Survivor Cheryl Hersha Interview, VL Rel... via @YouTube
@YouTube This interview with my friends at Victurus Libertas VLTV (YT, Bitchute) @TheFreedom2Live, expands beyond MKUltra to the bigger picture of my life.
*a note to my beloved President,@realDonaldTrump
, and all fellow #patriots and #Qanons, I now know the President was using their..
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Pic of me 1975; pic of Greta Thunberg 2019.
Luciferian/satanic/MKultra Programming Evidence spanning 44 years, worldwide.
No, I am NOT signalling the no.44; it is simply the math at present. Consider SRA programming for me began at age 2yrs. (Illum. Family Lines age 2-3yrs)...
I'd like to point out both the subtle and overt body language. Long hair parted in the middle is demanded of teen girls if "Lilith" goddess is to be honored. Check.
Head tilt slightly downward, tight, half smile. Check. Obedience to Master.
Locked arm position. "In the presence..
of my Master". THEY demand RESPECT and OBEDIENCE. You do or you die.
This body language is taught through trauma-based operant conditioning.
Luciferian Language is based on body language, signs, symbols, colors, numbers, Gematria, etc...
Their children MUST learn this language.
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Ah, very important post here. Thank You @rgfjrs. We have one Handler in our sight in addition to her parents.
For every person calling her "creepy". Pleas STOP. This child is a victim, born into it!
People called me a "morbid" child, "hypochondriac" when 2/3rds of the bones in body were ultimately fractured by age 18. My face looks like fractured glass on x-ray. I was a selective mute. I was called "extremely shy" instead. "Cry-baby" when my injuries were never x-rayed as a child, Ped was MKUltra Doktor: leave no evidence, do not treat injuries.
Yes, I am a musculo-skeletal nightmare, and I live in constant pain, have had to have many surgeries from ALL the damages. Age 58, 7 yrs. past prognosis.
People scream, "what can I do to help the children?"
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This electronic version of Eyes Wide Open is being distributed at no cost because the truth and healing ought to be free. Victims have paid enough.…
"I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records. I am confident of this because I was sex trafficked by CIA head psychologist John W. Gittinger to both men as a young child." – Fiona Barnett.
"I am not the first to publicly accuse Billy Graham of being a CIA agent, Freemason, and rapist. MK-ULTRA victim Kathleen Sullivan, who wrote 'Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control', said he raped her." – Fiona Barnett
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#TracyTwyman - let's get her trending!

@universalagent was a #Pizzagate (and more) investigator, and now she is dead. Hanged.

I believe this woman was murdered because she got waaay too close to the truth and what these people are really doing, and WHY. After reading just one ImageImageImageImage
article of hers, I have never felt more clear about what exactly we are dealing with and why. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. She really got to the bottom of it! All the symbolism, and their methods and motives.

But most of all, she got too close to exposing a real #pedophilering she
found on #YouTube, and she got too close to exposing the very dangerous #VoodooDoughnuts and their neighbours #Dantes. Remember them?! They're sure not trending anymore, though the dirt on them couldn't be more obvious! #ThesePeopleAreSick! Folk don't trust @VeganMikey anymore,
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