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This is clear indisputable proof that Wray is hard core DEEP STATE!

For those of you who failed fifth grade civics or were unfortunate enough to not have civics at all...


Of course if @FBI isn’t ‘looking’ for probable cause,
then they won’t be applying for wire tap warrants against those who are or may be conspiring to coordinate the ‘widespread problem’ he denies exists.

It out here. He just ain’t looking and seems not to care.

@realDonaldTrump has been right about 99.7% of everything he alleges
or knows and once he promises to do something about it, he almost always keeps his promises.

Seems like he gave the Insurrection Act a nod of approval just a short while back. Just sayin’!

Anyway, LOCAL ELECTIONS. Get involved with your county’s election board.

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@BarackObama “Elections have consequences”
And they come in all manner of disguises.
Nothing can stop what’s coming. You should have left @GenFlynn alone commie. Image
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Hey @CNN, @MSNBC, @ABC, @CBSNews, @NBC, @NPR check it out.

For years, @FoxNews has been the leader in prime time & while sitting there, smugly touting their coverage as “Fair & Balanced”

They said, “We decide..”

Well we believed in them. We lifted them to the top
of the ratings across most time spots and most demographics.

After letting the cancel culture vultures drive @BillOReilly off the network, @FoxNews turned yellow as a network and began the long gruesome slide down into the swamp mud with the rest of you. Welcome your new barely
American colleagues.

It is sad to see, but yesterday, they consciously CENSORED the former Speaker of the House, @newtgingrich when he stated #GeorgeSoros was involved in funding leftist district attorney candidates across the country.

Two of the cohosts jumped right in and
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On how many different fronts can we fight this war for our souls?

You better thank God Himself every day for the election and re-election of @realDonaldTrump as our President.

He is a freak of political nature. My kind of freak!😉🇺🇸🙏🏼

#GreatAWakeningWorldwide #WeAreTheStorm
A communist insurgency.
Deep state actual treason.
Journalism at its most yellow!
Republican cowardice are its worst.
Corruption at its longest reaches.
Citizen ignorance at an all time high.
Science’s broken faith with humanity.

How much ‘control do patriots really have?
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I’m not black but I do get brown in the summer so pardon me if I seem to be speaking out of turn here.

I have a black niece I love with all my heart & am disgusted with her idiot mother pushing her into the #BlackLivesMatter Marxism crap!

I will explain to her from a different

It was democrats who infused slavery into America. It was democrats who tried to destroy the Union to keep this abominable institution in place under cover of “States Rights”! It was democrats who gave us the Ku Klux Klan and segregation. It was democrats who nearly
defeated the Civil Rights and Voting legislation of the sixties.

And yet, thru deliberate miseducation and outright indoctrination, black citizens have largely blamed and continue to blame old, white fat republicans for the shitty state of minority quality of life and political
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Where do we go?

We’ve listened to the same old tired charge that @realDonaldTrump and the @GOP always spread hate and sow division when we can see for ourselves it’s democrats and their communist buddies that do this.

We have a bunch of #FakeNewsMediaClowns distorting & worse,
Flat out lying to us every single day...all day and, just as bad, not reporting real news of consequence.

It’s an axiom that a free people deserve the government they elect.

This assumes the electorate is INFORMED in order to consent to be governed prudently & lawfully.
My VOTE IS PRICELESS. You can’t buy it. I can’t give it to someone else to cast.

For every misinformed & uninformed voter or illegal vote cast, the VALUE OF MY VOTE is diminished. I have not given any consent for that except by my own inaction during an apathetic slumber.
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@GriffJenkins segment on #MediaBuzz with @MediaBuzzFNC Sir Clown Kurts turned up the full court press that #QAnon is a dangerous fringe conspiracy theory citing @RepLizCheney, @KarlRove, and the @FBI as their bona fides to make such a declaration.

The original question stands..
Why is the entire democrat party, their propaganda outlets, the establishment republicans, political consultants & pundits and of course social media platforms working so hard to silence, squelch and squash this movement?

Those of us who declare #WWG1WGA and #WeAreTheStorm know!
Isn’t it the least bit curiosity provoking they attack a group of people who have proven over and over they are patriots seeking truth and justice, protecting children and delivering daily info on corruption of powerful segments of society?

Have they EVER interviewed any of the
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Will Sommers was Henry VIII’s court jester.

This Will Somer runs a pretty good line of counterQ propaganda bullshit with a few creative flourishes to drive HIS AGENDA - dismiss & discredit #Q #QAnon

QAnon hijacks #savethechildren hashtag: report #FoxNews
@FoxNews has never gone into the details of #Qanon, #QResearch, #QArmy or any of our most popular and prolific analysts.

Timing is very interesting here. @FoxNews puts a more professionally sounding and looking hit piece together only after Twitter & Facebook go on a vile jihad
against these now silenced fine Patriots.

I’m certain there are three Q adherents within the ranks of FoxNews on air personalities but I will not out them. The time isn’t right.

Regardless of the media outlet, those tryna diminish the Q Movement always go after the people and
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Watch the water-- has being in my head for a while now. I have many hypothesis for this phrase.
I will start with The Grand Princess operated by Carnival Corp.’s Princess Cruises.
Jan Swartz is the President of Princess Cruises
Swartz is married to Sr. Vice President of Development and Current Programming at REELZ, a leading independent cable and satellite general entertainment network connecting its viewers to Hollywood wherever it happens.
Coincidence? 🤔
"May 10, 2018 - Hollywood, California, U.S. Hollywood Museum host reception honoring Princess Cruises and the original cast of ''The Love Boat'' JILL WHELAN (VICKI) WITH JERALDINE SAUNDERS (WRITER/CREATOR OF THE LOVE BOAT) AND JAN SWARTZ".…
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See thread explanation of theories:
(Focus on the words in @AZShopRGirl 's tweet - "Boom! #Qanon #WWG1WGA )

3 scenarios. (1, 2, & 3 explained ⬇️)
1.) #Qanon has posted that:
#DoubleMeaningsExist 4x's
Question from John Roberts > @johnrobertsFox "Do you know who...Anonymous is?"
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Thread from long fbook post-…

New #Q post this morning, in a set of 3, and though it might not jump out at you right away, it's maybe one of the most important messages they send (tho not the first time it's been sent).
Why do I think that? Well, this post FOLLOWS what WE had been highlighting a couple days ago, rather than vice versa. This happens fairly regularly, esp the last year or so, but this is maybe the most obvious case I've seen and it's at a pretty important time in this movement.
When this was all starting out generally all Q posts were a starting point, a hint/clue/crumb giving us a jumping off point for what to research. After the post dropped anons would go to work and share their results, rehash, refine, etc., ...
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This is a very important thought to bear in mind as you interact with people (ie: normies) in the days ahead.

Consider how you will answer questions, how much information you will freely divulge, and how much you will make people dig for via asking questions.

One of (if not the most important) facets of Q's drops is how they are written.

Some content is presented and makes sense.
Other components are given to us without context and thus make little sense.

The best Q drops are those stuffed with questions that make you think.

As @InKUNated_ET said, you can present information but you can't make people think.

That said, the likelihood of someone electing to think for themselves goes up when they are given a question to which they cannot help but try to answer.
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The Epstein case has the potential to be HUGE, & for me it was the #Keystone to putting a lot of crumbs together. Here's a thread of some of my write ups & some supporting stuff.
1st write up cont. (Fbook post link 👇)
Epstein's protection by & ties to "intelligence" is the key. He was running a blackmail op for the shadow gov.
This is the 2nd write up putting the Epstein case/op into context with the Weinstein case/op (#Mossad) & the #NXIVM case/op. The take down of these 3 crews/cells/ops is historical! This will show the public that the clowns were working w/UK intel and mossad running ops in US.
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On this day in 2016, for the first time really, I felt Patriotic. I felt it to the point of tearing up. I've come to understand that feeling since then, and why I felt it. ...
For the first time I was fighting FOR our country, not against it. It's a profound difference, in case you haven't gotten there yet.
I haven't lost that Patriotism since, and today I celebrate not just our nation's Independence Day, but also the third anniversary ...
... of my becoming a Patriot.
And more than that, I celebrate all the Patriots out there that have, are, and will fight for our freedom. I really Love you ALL!
Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! God/Source Bless!
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This November 6th, i want everyone to realize just what is truly at stake here. Picture waking up on November 7th, and people are all of a sudden afraid again. No more freedom of speech.The fear of losing your right to bare arms. Being arrested for being a Christian, is at stake!
This is a very real and possible scenario. This is just how serious this election is. Vote as if your very life depends on it my friends. Because it does. Our way of life could be snuffed out. We truly control our own destiny. Help people to understand this reality. Be gracious!
Share with all those who are contemplating not voting. Try as hard as you can to convince them what is really at stake here.Plead with them if you have to. This is a time in our lives where at all cost, we do not sit back and let evil take over our nation. #WWG1WGA #WeAreTheStorm
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Time to get real with people who say they support our president. Do you see the president upset about what is going on with the Kavanaugh confirmation? Not one bit. You need to decide one and for all, do you trust @realDonaldTrump! I do. That will not change! #WWG1WGA
Every time something doesn't go our way, we threaten not to vote for republicans? How smart is that. We are so mad, we are unwilling to look at the bigger picture? So what, we give back power to the Democrats? This is just their plan. Are we really that stupid? Over one issue?
So what many are saying is, they are willing to give up all their freedoms over the supreme court nominee situation. You are saying, you are willing to sell out your country over this? We don't vote in the other party who intends to take away our rights. We stay the course.
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Friends, you need to hear and understand what i am about to say. The so called allegation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh must play out its course. There is a reason for this friends. Don't let the media and others put fear in your minds and hearts about this.Its going to work out fine!
Why do you suppose @ChuckGrassley is bending over backwards to accommodate the so called accuser? What would have happened if they didn't? They want her to testify under oath. Get it on the record who allegation. This makes it a matter of public record. Then what comes next?
When she falsely testifies against a sitting judge, she then becomes subject to many laws. She can be prosecuted for lying under oath, and false accusation on a sitting judge. Both would put her away for a long time. So again, why bend over backwards to accommodate her? Got it?
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@ChuckGrassley -On Monday we plan to vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, to send it to the senate floor. Nope, i changed my mind. No wait, we are back on again. Sorry, just changed once again. Ok, for certain the vote will be on Monday. No wait, it might not happen. 😂😂
I have one question Chuck? Are you working with the democrats to keep this nomination from going through? Have you been either blackmailed or paid off to put to stop to this? If it is found out that you have taken a bribe @ChuckGrassley , you will not get away with it. #WWG1WGA
You will be prosecuted for sedition. You will face serious jail time. You see,its starting to look like you are on the same side as these democrats.Falsely accusing a sitting judge is a felony. What comes next will bring the whole house of cards down to the ground. #WeAreTheStorm
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What we need right now is people to lead. I am going to step up and lead. Its what i am good at, and i know how to motivate people into doing what is right and best. We need to stop complaining and whining because we don't get what we want! #WWG1WGA #WeAreTheStorm Should be all!
This country did not get this bad over a small period of time. It took decades to happen. Who's fault is it? Its our! That's right, we did this to ourselves. We sat back and watched as bad people took over our countries leadership. We were happy, as long as we were making money!
Then little by little, people were going broke.We were losing our paychecks. Many lost homes, cars, valuables, etc. Did that wake us up?It got us looking at @realDonaldTrump to be our president. His mission is to be the greatest president this country has ever had! He's doing it!
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Schumer’s Warning
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer quickly warned Trump against seizing on the report as a reason to dismiss Rosenstein.
“This story must not be used as a pretext for the corrupt purpose of firing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in order install an
official who will allow the president to interfere with the Special Counsel’s investigation,” Schumer said in a statement. He added that many “White House and cabinet officials have been reported to say critical things of the president without being fired.”
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LOL Got popcorn?
Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein.
This is what makes me laugh. Good thing i don't believe anything i read from the lame stream media these days. Its never even a question to me. I flat out don't believe it.
Step 1: Read the 1st sentence re: [RR]
Step 2: Read the NYT article re: [RR] wear wire
#WWG1WGA #WeAreTheStorm
Attempts to BAIT POTUS to FIRE to cross RED LINE will FAIL.
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"You’ve watched the fight. You’ve watched the tactics. Here is what I want to tell you. In the near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court.” - @SenateMajLdr
McConnell: Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed to Supreme Court
By Seth McLaughlin= Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday that the Senate is plowing ahead with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, vowing that President Trump’s pick will win confirmation.
Mr. McConnell urged the attendees at the annual Values Voters Summit not to get rattled by the ongoing fight over Mr. Kavanaugh.

“President Trump has nominated a stunningly successful individual,” Mr. McConnell said at the annual Values Voters Summit in Washington.
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At some point @GenFlynn will be exonerated. His only guilt is serving his country with honor and distinction. Every solider should aspire to be more like him. He is a hero, and a patriot. He will not go down to these false charges and or guilty plea. #WWG1WGA #WeAreTheStorm
In the end, all will be right.
Patriots protect Patriots.
How about a nice game of chess?
IG Horowitz (“Justice” Dept) speech – ‘whistleblowers’…📁
“Since 2015, he has simultaneously served as the Chair of the Council of the
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