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What has PRESIDENT TRUMP and his cabinet accomplished?..... Dude has been in office for 3½ years.... what has he done? Other than dodging the darts the media and Pelosi have thrown?!?

Here you go:...
1. Trump recently signed 3 bills to benefit Native people. One gives compensation to the Spokane tribe for loss of their lands in the mid-1900s, one funds Native language programs, and the third gives federal recognition to the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians in Montana
2. Trump finalized the creation of Space Force as our 6th Military branch
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1. Andrew McCabe: Arrested at Guantanamo
2. Barack Obama: Executed
3. Michella Obama: Executed
4. Bill Gates: Arrested and held on house arrest
5. Melinda Gates: Arrested and held on house arrest
6. Mike Pence: Arrested at Guantanamo and might be executed
7. Mitt Romney: Arrested at Guantanamo
8. Anthony Fauci: Was arrested but helps Trump
9. Huma Abedin: executed
10. John Brennnan: Arrested at Guantanamo
11. George H. W. Bush: executed
12. George W. Bush: executed
13: Laura Bush: executed
14: Jeb Bush: executed
15: Dick Cheney: executed
16: James Baker: executed
17: James Clapper: Arrested at Guantanamo
18: Hillary Clinton: executed
19: Bill Clinton: executed
20: James Comey: Arrested at Guantanamo
21: Paul Ryan: Arrested at Guantanamo
22. Diane Feinstein: Extradited to China
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یک توضیح مختصر از جنبش QAnon (کیو آنان) داشته باشیم

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt
political establishment, with a
new government controlled by you, the American people.”
—  Donald J Trump (2016)
#رشته_توییت Image
1. جنبش QAnon یک جنبش دیجیتال یا آنلاین راستگرا که از اکتبر 2017 به طور رسمی شروع شد با یک پستی با نام Q در یک وبسایت فروم به نام 4Chan که الان منتقل شده به وبسایت فر 8chan . البته ریشه ان برمیگردد به سال 2016 و انتخابات جایی که دونالد ترامپ کاندیداتوری خودش اعلام کرد.
2. در واقع Anon پست ناشناس اینترنتی گفته میشه و QAnon یعنی یک پست ناشناس بوسیله Q که تا حالا 4626 پست گذاشته شده که به Q drop معروف. خیلی از پست ها کوتاه یک جور کد دادن و گاهی به صورت رمز و گاهی طولانی. یرای مثال این اخرین پست در تاریخ 20 آگست که از ستون پنجم حرف زده. Image
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Hebrews 8-10 tells of a New Jerusalem and the New Covenant Jesus will make with his people: his children, his believers.…
The Resurrected Jesus will implement his New Covenant with his children in the New Jerusalem.
Have faith and do not fear because God is the High Priest anointed by God and is the ONLY way to Salvation.
He will provide for his faithful. Image
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1/7 Big Brother coming soon... err, hmm


I'm fascinated by the concepts of technology benefiting society & even law and order w/trust, but the idea of these capabilities in possession of those loyal to satan is terrifying
2/7 I can't help but think about the city states described by Al Bielek and wonder what our future will look like. Who will be judge and jury and what values do they serve?… Image
3/7 REAL Mission: Preventing people from realizing it is all a lie as we control & dominate the world for blood and money. Moving forward, it won't even matter if they find out b/c we'll control the world at a level 100 fold what we already do. Image
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Well the short answer is US !

WE the people and a certain amount of awareness about what’s really going on behind the veil....

It's here right NOW 👊🏻
(1) If we do nothing we are ensuring a New World Order will be imposed on us, that is guaranteed.

We see every system being busily re-arranged completely beyond citizen control.

If we resist we have a chance, a very small chance to retain some semblance of the society and
(2) economy that we knew a few months ago, flawed though it was.

The problem is that those who know what’s really happening are relatively few in number, the larger majority is either blissfully unaware, or so indoctrinated that they see no way out of this mess.
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La foule commence à former en face du bureau de Mr Legault.
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(1/5) As a truth-seeker, it is vital to reserve a healthy dose of skepticism before jumping down any rabbit hole. .@AustinSteinbart happened to be geographically accessible to me, so in early April 2020, I started attending his court hearings in search of the truth. That’s how
(2/5) my journey began. I felt that the messenger is inconsequential as long as the information presented is factual. As outlandish as he initially appeared, the fact that his wife was standing by him through all the hostility bolstered his claim; for me, she was the keystone.
(3/5) When prompted, he assured me that she was on board behind the scenes, even as recently as July 13th. I found out the following week that this was not the case and hasn’t been for quite some time. That's when I stepped away from .@AustinSteinbart and .@QuantumNewsNet.
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Queridos QAnon's...farei aqui uma breve explanação para facilitar o entendimento das decodificações que faço do Q.
Q se comunica muito por letras e números certo?Números são formas de comunicação do Universo conosco.Os números bem como a geometria sagrada são linguagens Universais.E para entender essa linguagem, a sua consciência precisa expandir em conhecimento e frequências mais elevadas ..
Eu quero pedir a vocês que saiam dos padrões que conhecem..... Questionem a tudo e a todos! Procurem o invisível que está 5:5 mas que não vê!
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Red Pill Thread Part 2 ... The protection of our most innocent – that it would garner such huge ratings, that every network would cover these arrests 24/7? @SecPompeo @RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump @RealCandaceO @Inevitable_ET @vincent_fusca
Why has there been such a blackout of this news? Why have there only been a few Hollywood celebs that have even dared to speak of this? Hollywood is the first community to jump on their soapbox and moralize us peons. So how come there hasn’t been a tsunami of moral outrage ...
from these magically blessed, ever-young, perfect-life celebs? Crickets. The blood running thru the veins of this evil labyrinth is truly evil. They have cultivated a taste and addiction for the most heinous of harvests – the blood and blood byproducts of children #adrenochrome
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PATRIOTS... recently someone dropped this “meme” on one of my tweets.
while I’m all for a “good” conspiracy theory, this is a bad one so like it or not I’m gonna call BS!
#CrisisActors DO exist, so don’t get your #RedPill panties in a bunch. 😂🤣🙄
Block if you must.
Normally when #CrisisActors are shown, we rarely if ever get a name, let alone an interview.
This is different; we know who the officers were at Sandy hook.

Pictured below we have Michael McGowan, David colgren, and
Liam Seabrook as well as the meme.
Look closely... #MAGA
Sandy Hook was 01-03-13
The Boston Bombing 4-15-13
Let’s look at Michael Mcgowen and the first meme again only magnified.
Mike is a little “heavy”, has a cleft Chin and a round nose... Boston Bombing Guy has a pointy nose, and chin and is thin. Not the same guy.
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1/ Thank you to all of my new followers! Thank you for welcoming me into the #Q fold so quickly. I wanted to quickly say a few things in a not-so-lengthy thread.

First, I have been a lifelong conservative. I was an admirer of Ronald Reagan as a kid…still am.
2/ I have voted Republican in every election for varying reasons, including: I am pro-life, pro gun, pro liberty, anti-regulation & desire minimal taxation. In or around 2009, I remember seeing Andrew Breitbart refute claims that Rush Limbaugh was a racist on Bill Maher’s show.
3/ I thought, “who is this guy”? A guy that was unapologetically standing up for Rush Limbaugh on a hard leftist show?! I quickly became an admirer of his war against the media. I attended numerous Tea Party rallies that helped reshape Congress in the following years.
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Just bought a streamable premium to make some good Redpill videos available for everyone #WWG1WWGA
Will post links in this thread
❤️ Image
Covid The Truth :
Pervywood 3 :
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Why does this sound exactly like what @elonmusk would do? Because it’s true. In today’s era of blue vs red ideologies @elonmusk is as close to center as you will ever find. He supports the ideologies of both red and blue, which is more true to American values then either side...
Honestly offers. @elonmusk is a true liberal conservative. The first era of what being a liberal and a conservative actual was; not today’s hyped up versions. @elonmusk is pro-freedom over everything else. This is also more true of what the honest Q movement is about as well...
It may have a conservative backing but the core of the Qanon movement is freedom of life and liberty than any party affiliation. @elonmusk is free to correct any misrepresentations I may have made, in which I will apologize in advance for. This is just my honest observation...
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Holy smokes you guys! I'm watching Dr Kristin Eglund for the Cleveland clinic on CSpan
And a Qanon just called in & slammed her with quests on ventilators killing people, birx/Fauci is dirty, and has she spoken to Robert Kennedy Jr!

After I got my jaw off the floor I roared!😂👍
O man caller after caller after caller

America is AWAKE!

One persone even questioned with a quote right from that Dr Judy Plan Demick video about people dying with the infection or from the infection....

I took about 5 mins worth of videos on my phone of callers hassling her on the mask issue - I'm trying to get it posted but Twatter keeps cutting it to 55 seconds....

Looking at putting it on Vimeo/YouTube right now and as soon as I have it will share it here
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1. Listen to what he says at 31:44. He's talking about the state's ability to take your child away for refusing to vaccinate.
2. Then we see news like this only validating our fears. This reeks of Agenda 21/30 (whatever they're calling it these days).…
3. My son was born prematurely at 30 weeks last year. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU and then we took him home. 2 weeks later we went in for a follow on eye exam. He was diagnosed with stage 2/3 retinopathy, which can lead to blindness if not treated.
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Notable with today’s Q drop no. 3963:
Here’s CERN’s Large Hadron Collider overview.
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A thread exploring Q post# 97. Specifically the misspelling of the word, Darkness.
#qanon #WWG1WWGA Image
On this particular Q post we got an interesting misspelling of what would seem like the word darkness. "Darnkess" Image
We know from the Q that when he misspells things that they are on purpose and have meaning. Image
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Ballot Harvesting: in calif corrupt democrats (funded by silent billionaires from other countries) 1st made up new laws 2 allow this practice, then spent millions going door-door in low income/immigrant neighborhoods 1 year before the mid terms & gave out gift cards etc
To the entire neighborhood & said all you have 2 do 2 receive these gifts is give us your ballot in 1 year almost every person they registered 2 vote (illegal or not all they needed was ID/DL) handed over their BLANK ballot 2 the dem rep 1 yr later! These were all used to
Vote 4 the dem candidate running 4 office. In Orange,ca a red city stronghold the current rep on election night had a 22% lead & was announced the winner. 11 days later the mail ins were counted & she lost 2 a freshman dem by 8%! WTF! This republican was an Asian woman
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Hi, honey, Nellie Ohr (CIA) TO hubby, Bruce Ohr, FBI.…
#QAnon post on Nellie Ohr. #MAGA #WWG1WGA #LockThemAllUp
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@realDonaldTrump :

"We're the piggy bank that everyone is robbing."

"These are sick people. "

"The scum that are leaving government. They got caught like no one has ever been caught."
@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GreenBayRally
@realDonaldTrump :

"These people are sick, they're demented. .... "
#MAGA #QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreenBayRally
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In 1992, 172 governments attended the Rio Summit, with 116 sending heads of state. There were also 2,400 people from UN-connected NGO's. Then President George H.W. Bush was there on Prince Charles' yacht, where he signed the Agenda 21 document with absolutely no legal standing to
do so.
In 1993, shortly after Bill Clinton took office, Nancy Pelosi helped, with 33 original cosponsors, to introduce legislation "to implement Agenda 21."
The bill passed the house, but was stopped in the Senate. But with clearly international pressure to advance the program
in June 1993 Democrat Clinton created The President's Council on Sustainable Development which has placed Sustainability Officers in every federal department and agency since then.
This has resulted in administrative regulations enforcing Agenda 21 policies as (possibly
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This is my twitter thread on the Keystone. Many Q followers are confused by the keystone. The keystone is an overarching principle that has different meanings in different Q posts. If you don't understand the principle, you can't apply it correctly.
#PatriotsAwakened #WWG1WGA
#2 Q actually provided the solution in Q2633. The answer is included in the embedded post.#PatriotsAwakened #WWG1WGA
#3 You have to go back to the really early Q posts to understand. Q is telling us to look at the world from the 40,000 foot view. It is only from that perspective that you can see the mechanism of control. #PatriotsAwakened #WWG1WGA
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