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Why the heck is San Francisco about to allow non-citizens the right to vote in school board elections when US citizens find it hard, so they say, to get an ID to vote. First, it's school boards and then general elections. #IllegalAliens #illegalvoting
Liberals can't win elections fair and square so they make up laws to allow non- US Citizens the right to vote. This is the beginning of anarchy. #illegalvoting
It wasn't enough to make up voters or have the dead to vote. Now they want to make it acceptable for non-citizens to vote. It seems all innocent to them but mark my word these votes will carry over to the general. Where is our AG?
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Once again the Communist Sanctuary State Policies of @JerryBrownGov & California's San Francisco is responsible for multiple innocent women being raped by an illegal alien, once employee of @lyft - raped customers while waiting on rides. #WalkAway because @TheDemocrats failed.
37-year-old Orlando Vilchez Lazo, an illegal alien from Peru, should have never been inside the United States of America in the first place.

President Trump CONTINUES to be proven right.
@realDonaldTrump we need to defund ALL #SanctuaryCities and states like #Commiefornia-
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1) I can't tell you how many people have emailed me about dreams they had about the change of our social / political order & I've had those dreams too. I will tell you my dream that occurred in December 1980 in Frankfurt Germany.
2) I awoke an I was viewing 2 mountaintops from a distance with a voice narrating the events. I was first shown 2 natural mountaintops then an explosion occurred and out of the smoke, huge industrial plants appeared on the 2 mountaintops.
3) The narrative voice told me this is what had been created with the technology that was given to Man and that it was a perverted interpretation of what the technology was given for.
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For those who are unaware, Congress meets today to discuss the future of #cryptocurrency via the House Committee on Financial Services-
It shows again that this Administration is ahead of the curve when it comes to #crypto, despite propaganda suggesting otherwise.
When President Trump decided to replace Janet Yellen with Jerome Powell was the first step in the right direction.

The Federal Reserve has worked against this President at every turn, and the privately-owned Rothschild-backed system enslaves each and every American before birth.
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1) There is a segment of America that is whip smart & God wise to the ways of man & this realm. We didn't catch Germany in time in 1936. In fact, there's evidence we helped arm that mess. Never again. #NWO #NATO #EU #Socialism is going down. We're setting sail in a new direction
2) Our Constitution will not only survive, it will thrive & be the Genesis for many Nations yet to be born across the Earth.
3) The secret of the success of the American Constitution is

- We're never a Generation away from setting a stable path forward for our rights as passed to our progeny.

- We live with the knowledge that we are never a Generation away from loss of the very same rights.
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1) For those that follow Abortion - What is the ultimate goal of Abortion? A-Not unlimited Abortions. The real answer is unlimited control of reproduction of the Human Race. You have to start realizing Planned Parenthood is playing the 500 year long game.
2) If Planned Parenthood can, with impunity, murder unborn children, don't you think they'll eventually get control of (through medication & surgery) the entire reproductive cycle of the human being?
3) Why the attacks on marriage? Why the attacks on the Nuclear Family, sexual relations, gender assignment, gender identity?
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I've always been a HUGE Rand Paul Fan, and his father, Ron Paul.
@RandPaul @RonPaul-

Both are true Patriots who stand up for what they believe in.

Folks, this is the best interview I've seen Rand Paul- he's relentless, calls out the #DeepState & calls Brennan a Communist.
Rand, in almost ten minutes of explosive commentary, fires shots at the #DeepState
Reminds me of his dad, Ron Paul,exposing former VP/CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush for his Cocaine Trafficking pre-Iran Contra in #Mena #Arkansas when Clinton was Governor
#QAnon #QResearch
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Trump is right to doubt the Obama intelligence community’s claims.


#maga #kag…
1. On Monday, President Trump appeared to call into question a late 2016 U.S. intelligence community assessment that made several claims about Russia’s supposed widespread interference in the 2016 election, causing outrage among the usual suspects in the media and pundits...
2. The media has pushed a continuous narrative that the intel assessment is never to be questioned because it obtained, they claim, a unanimous consensus from the entirety of America’s intelligence apparatus.
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Illegal Alien in Florida Who Terrorized Family with Knife during a Home Invasion is Tied to Human Smugglers
#IllegalAliens #Florida #BuildTheWall
#LockThemAllUp #WalkAway #MAGA #KAG #TreasonSummit #GreatAwakening
#QAnon #Trump2020 #Trump
#RedPill #REALNews…
32-year-old Samuel Hernandez broke into the home of an older family in Mascotte, Florida.

The woman was asleep in bed with her husband, and awakened to find this ANIMAL charging at her with a Knife.

He was literally trying to kill her, but she fought back and grabbed the knife.
She cut both her hands and blood was pouring all over the room, he sliced her up badly when she grabbed the knife.

Had she not grabbed she'd be dead.

The #IllegalAlien was going to kill her folks.

This is an upper middle class neighborhood in Western Hills Lane in Mascotte FL.
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Don't allow the media to get you lost in the weeds with them. President Trump stood his ground on #Cremea and Putin poked fun of Mueller and initial indictments of Concord Management. #Indicments. #PutinSummit
We all know the twelve Russians indicted by Mueller last week will never see the inside of an American Courtroom. Stop all the alarm factor. #Indictments.
Interesting Putin calls out #GeorgeSoros. The MSM is too obsessed with Putin and how Trump is going to respond instead of looking at long-term goals. “I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics”! The US President Trump.
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Q stuff🐸
28 Jun 2018
JA in the news a lot lately (out of nowhere).
Crisis mode.

Secret plot to ‘EVICT Julian Assange from Ecuadorian embassy’ after 6 YEARS inside

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #JulianAssange
Liberal heads set to explode in 3 2 1 ..😁

US Ambassador To Russia: Trump Is ‘Most Experienced Negotiator Ever Elected To The Presidency’… via @dailycaller

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Putin
'Promises Made Promises Kept'

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13-Year-Old Maria Lopez and her 49-year-old grandmother, Oralia Mendoza were brutally murdered in Alabama by ILLEGAL ALIENS.
They BEHEADED... a child...
@realDonaldTrump is RIGHT AGAIN. These people are ANIMALS. How evil can you possibly get. Where is mainstream media?
26-year-old Yoni Martinez Aguilar, and 34-year-old Israel Gonzalez Palomino are facing capital murder charges.
They're affiliated with the Sinaloa Drug Cartel... One of the most brutal and savage Mexican Drug Cartels in existence.
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It's time to expose another Pedophile taken down under the Trump Administration!
28-year-old Shawn Ryan Budovic, of Cartersville, Georgia!

He would use the @Kik Messenger app to lure little girls- he even indoctrinated one of them, "dating" her at age 11 when he was in his 20s!
Now here's the thing:
The young girl had sisters.

One was ONLY THREE YEARS OLD, another was FOUR YEARS OLD, and another was NINE YEARS OLD.

Shawn Ryan Budovic? He conned the girl he'd brainwashed into sending him child porn OF HER OWN SISTERS!

Homeland Security tracked him.
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Twitter is suspending people using stock photos as profile images (AVIs).

For those who care about your privacy, I'm going to teach you how to defeat the algorithm.
#TwitterPurge #TwitterCleanupKE #BigTech #FightForPrivacy #MAGA #KAG #WalkAway #QAnon #Twitter
Listen up:
Twitter scans every profile via algorithms to run against a known database.
The database has millions of known stock photos.
Every user's profile is scanned, and if it shows a match (this is all done automatically) to a known photo? It will likely suspend your account.
IF you use a stock photo, you need to open it in photoshop/paint/ any image editing app- make it unique. Crop it. Drop a red dot somewhere and save it. If you download from say, Google, & use that? It's going to show as a match in the database. Make your file unique.
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I'm back !!!!! And we are going to Make America Great Again !

P.S. Do not call cartels that hang people off of Highways " Scum" or you will be put in Twitter Jail for 7 days !

#Patriotsunited #MAGA #KAG #WalkAway #DemocratsAreCommunist
On this Scope, I explain why I was temporarily suspended from twitter.

I've been very active on periscope. Follow me on there @hrtablaze. I plan on doing about 3 to 4 scopes per week. #MAGA #KAG #PatriotsUnited #WalkAway…
The Communists had a plan to infiltrate one of our Major Political parties. They succeeded.

The time has come to call these people what they really are. They are NOT democrats, they have become communists ! #MAGA #WalkAway #KAG #DemocratsAreCommunist…
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Server or JA = truth exposed (SR).
D’s are in crisis mode.
AWAN is bigger than you can imagine.
Putin / U1 will come out post summit (they will try to apply artificial MSM heat to cancel).
These people are corrupt beyond belief.
America for sale.
Sold out.
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Still one of the greatest @realDonaldTrump tweets ever... One could suggest it's *promiscuous* by nature.

What bothers me most is the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation were coaching Lisa Page into what to testify and how to do it.


She's a former lawyer, and not affiliated with the FBI???

Why is Christopher Wray, a TRUMP APPOINTEE, covering this up?
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GOOD DAY AMERICA & FRIENDS...! So much has happened this week. BUT there is so much more to do. Been thinking about heading to the print shop to have marathon-like tags for upcoming #POTUS rallies: Marathon tags can be pinned on the back of your shirts: #FAKENEWS! Thats it.
Imagine of GOP supporters at rallies with marathon-like tags pinned on in which ALL the cameras see is #FAKENEWS! Oh my...I think I'm gonna do it. Head to the local printers or search online for this sort of product. THEN, I'm going to research all upcoming #MidTerm rallies.
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Weinstein Admits Jobs for Sex in Hollywood Happens Every Day?
What the Hell is REALLY Going On in Hollywood? His Attorney Now Denies 🤔 #RedPill
#Weinstein #MeToo #WalkAway #TimesUp #PedoGate #KAG #MAGA #HollywoodVampires #Evil
#FridayFeeling #TRUMP #Qanon…
This story is INTRIGUING-
PERSONAL friend of Harvey Weinstein interviewed him for Spectator - Taki- Weinstein allegedly told Taki, "I offered acting jobs in exchange for sex, but so does everyone – they still do.”
Hours later? His Attorney FREAKS OUT claiming misrepresentation
So I'm thankful that #MeToo exposed a TON of powerful Hollywood DEMOCRATS-

Sexual Abuse is wrong. But does it not seem stunning that we never see Hollywood Pedophiles exposed by it? 🤔
Does it make sense thst Weinstein was telling the truth and the elite were scared?
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After listening to the Democratic Party APPLAUD this subversive Communist, Peter Strzok, there's no way in hell any person with an IQ above 65 could not view the left as a threat to the safety and security of the United States of America or the rule of law in this country.
OJ Simpson walked away free from murder and the entire country criticized the dirty cop who allowed his bias to interfere in the integrity of the investigation and Judicial process, but Peter Strzok violates this same integrity, ten-fold, and @TheDemocrats applaud him. Stunning.
It's all semantics.

Nothing will happen to Strzok, because there are #DeepState puppets who were directing James Comey & the FBI the entire time.
@TGowdySC should be interrogating Council on Foreign Relations Member - CNN Employee Josh Campbell. Read ⬇️…
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I already anticipate attacks over this story.

That's fine. Read til the end before you comment, otherwise you haven't examined the evidence.

That being said, I'll leave you with a quote from the great Martin Luther King Jr., a Republican and Legendary American Thought Leader-
My President is NOT a "fake Christian"

My President is NOT a "racist"

I'm not the resistance, but you were.

The facts matter.

As recently as March, you were still spewing hatred.

Examine the facts.

Decide for yourself.

Be careful of who you follow.
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1/87-In 2016 @realDonaldTrump's speech on Globalism "woke" me to the massive corruption in our government:

It's no longer Left vs Right, it's:




#MAGA #QAnon #GreatAwakening #WalkAway
2/87-This is going to be a LONG thread, for those in a hurry... I recommend the "Agenda Explained" series by @RockingMrE:…

Start w/the "Globalist Agenda" in under 11 minutes! 👍🤓

@POTUS #MAGA #KAG #QAnon #WalkAway #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
3/87-I'd like to start by saying I'm NOT an expert on the #NWO. I'm simply a Patriotic American, who's been wondering WTH is happening to our nation?

Which is why... as I listened to @realDonaldTrump speak about Globalism, it resonated w/me & I became curious enough to research.
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#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Q Clock Activated for today: July 9, 2018
Today is an important day. The President of the United States is going to make the most important decision a U.S. President can make.
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
The selection of a Supreme Court Justice - Will be announced tonight at 9:00 P.M.
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
The days for the Q Clock are as follow:
11/6-5:34 Huma
The only Q drops were on 5/10
#POTUS is going announce and sign the SCJ.
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#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Trump Pressures Saudi Arabia to Increase Oil Production
"...because of the turmoil & disfunction (misspell i instead of y)…
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Q is asking us to look at the opposite! Increase/ decrease.
Iran and Venezuela are 'a major challenge' to avoiding oil price hikes, IEA warns…
#QAnon #Qarmy #LockThemUp @realDonaldTrump #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WhoIsQ? #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #KAG
Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.
Q is telling us to look there not here. [here] is in the kill box. There means make research.Ex:US ML NG (1) False SA true
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