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Happy #WorldSnakeDay. #Snakes have an unfair reputation as being poisonous/ aggressive. Our fear of snakes may come from Christianity. Satan took the form of a snake tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yet snakes aren't bad at all! They're critical to ecosystems around the world
#Snakes evolved 130 million years ago in the Cretaceous period from a common ancestor that they share with #birds and other #reptiles. They have cloacal spurs or vestigal limbs, which shows their shared ancestry with limbed reptiles. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍🐍🐍
#Snakes see on the infrared spectrum using heat receptors called pit organs making them epic predators with natural night vision goggles to see prey. Snakes have a detachable jaw which can swallow food whole that is much larger than its own body weight. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍💚
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Why yes, I did save my favorite image of all time for #RattlesnakeBeautyPageant final Day#31! This image of a Mojave Rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus) by @rattlesnakeguy is truly epic.

Oh, you want to see my other entries all in one place? Here you go: 1/
But first, it's the LAST day to get $5 off your preorder of the #RattlesnakeBeautyPageant 2021 calendar featuring the finest of the images in this thread, with 100% of proceeds going to snake conservation with @SnakeAdvocate! 2/…
Here are all my #RattlesnakeBeautyPageant tweets in order! I'd love you to reply with some of your favorite images from the pageant, or new ones! 3/

Day 1
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Snakes are beautiful.
They are important.
They are misunderstood.

Esp rattlesnakes which are maliciously killed every year. Their heads and tails slashed off. But they have complex social lives & are important predators.

They should be protected.

#WorldSnakeDay ImageImageImage
I found this tiny rattler at the bottom of a slot canyon in UT. Perhaps not the best location to find such a creature but I was delighted and they allowed me to get this gorgeous shot. Image
On the flip side are these amazing animals, rubber boas. Very cryptic & not often seen but are a total joy to find!

Note please leave these cuties in nature. Wildlife are not and should never be your pets. No matter how cute.

Pick the noodle up, but put the noodle back! ImageImageImage
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For #WorldSnakeDay, how about a snake story? It's also a birthday story. For my 50th birthday (ten years ago, ye gods), my middle son accompanied me for a day trip to the Mojave Desert and to the poppy fields in the Antelope Valley. We saw #Eddiethetortoise's wild cousins--
--provided welcome shade for some excellent horned lizard friends--
--then went on to the Antelope Valley for the California Poppy bloom. I had brought a point-and-shoot digital camera, but also the 4x5 large-format film camera I had at the time. Here's my son posed with it that day. He was a great photo assistant. The poppies were amazing and--
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IT'S #WORLDSNAKEDAY! What will you do to celebrate the lives of #snakes today? We have some suggestions below, but first…

Something different for #RattlesnakeBeautyPageant Day #16, a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake inked by @MiekoTemple! 1/
Want a print? 10% off during July, plus $9 off $45+ with code WorldSnakeDay, $35+ ships free, at! Mieko is a grad student (SUPPORT STUDENT ARTISTS!) in animal science at @calpoly and draws many other cool critters, check her out: 2/
WANT TO HELP SNAKES? Here are some ways. If you’ve loved #RattlesnakeBeautyPageant, I’m stoked to announce that we are making 2021 calendars, with 100% of proceeds going to @snakeadvocate! Pre-order now to save $5. 3/…
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It’s #WorldSnakeDay 🐍

Here is a thread of some of the beautiful, enigmatic, and largely misunderstood serpents I’ve seen and worked with as a PhD student and scientific researcher.

First up is the mud snake (scientific name: Farancia abacura)
Next up is the eastern hognose snake (scientific name: Heterodon platyrhinos). This genius of snakes is notorious for their death feigning behavior, seen here in this video captured by @BenNicholasfish
Here we have the harmless western ribbon snake (scientific name: Thamnophis proximus).

Usually, small snakes won’t try to bite you because you’re much larger than them & they know you wouldn’t make a good meal.

Sometimes, they don’t give a heck
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