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Système de culture, #Assolement, Parcelle, #Rotation, Succession culturale... Autant de terme qui sont très spécifiques à l'agronomie, base de mon métier d'agricultrice.

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#FrAgTw #PĂ©dagogie #Agriculture #compositive Image
Commençons par la définition @LAROUSSE_FR
#Agronomie, n.f : Étude des relations entre les plantes cultivées, le sol, le climat et les techniques de culture, dt les principes régissent la pratique de l'agriculture. Etude scientifique de tous les processus concernant l’agriculture
Ma ferme est décomposée en plusieurs territoires appelées #parcelles.
Ces parcelles peuvent être fixes, délimitées par un voisin, une route, un chemin... ms sur les grands blocs, les limites de parcelles peuvent évolués en fonction des besoins de l'année et ainsi être divisées. Image
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“Agriculture was the first occupation of man, and as it embraces the whole earth, it is the foundation of all other industries.” – Edward W. Stewart

Join us tomorrow 2pm WAT for more #agriculture stories on #TheAfricanFarmersStories
"Being a farmer is a difficult & often thankless profession. Working the land & gaining a bountiful harvest is backbreaking labor that takes blood, sweat & tears. In all these, farmers have a vitally important role in the community." - Samantha Williams
How can we support the #african #farmer to improve the productivity, profitability and the sustainability of their business, livelihood and impact? These and more will occupy us today on our interview programme at 2.00pm WAT. Please join us!!! #TheAfricanFarmersStories
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1/On entend beaucoup de choses très différentes sur la méthanisation, des louanges aux critiques, des espoirs aux préjugés, pas simple de se faire son avis

Le meilleur moyen pour moi de vous en parler est de vous raconter ´EUX’

2/´EUX’ ce sont ces agriculteurs qui ont réinventé une partie de leur métier et se sont lancés dans l’aventure méthanisation

Chaque unité est le résultat d’un parcours, d’une réflexion, d’1 équilibre avec une ferme qui elle aussi est unique. Il n’y a pas UNE méthanisation
3/C’est un peu comme l’agriculture, on peut essayer d’analyser ses principes, ses règles, la disséquer et l’évaluer ...

Mais on ne peut comprendre un système agricole que de l’intérieur de chaque ferme, avec son héritage, ses spécificités et la vision de ses agriculteurs
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"Agriculture is the foundation of manufactures, since the productions of nature are the materials of art." - Edward Gibbon

Join us at 2pm today on #TheAfricanFarmersStories as we celebrate the work of an agropreneur whose production comes from nature's unique materials of art.
"Happiness first of all lies in good health." - Rashidat Raji-Siwoku, Founder of Gaiafarms Herbal Lifestyle
Good afternoon, dear Twitter family. I welcome you to today's edition of #TheAfricanFarmersStories where we recognize & celebrate the work of farmers all over #Africa

Our guest is another amazing #African farmer. Let's get to know her quickly while you take a ringside seat!!!
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Hello #foodstudies20 Conference! I’m pleased to share the highlights of our research: “What do the gender-sensitive guidelines say and advise for the development of agro-value chains? Evidence from a systematic review”. 1/19
This is the result of a joint work with @labuenaempresa, student at @cafnr & @jhonjjhb, colleague of @BiovIntCIAT_esp. Keywords: #ValueChain, #Gender, #Agriculture, #Agribusiness, #SystematicReview. #foodstudies20 2/19
We are a Colombian multidisciplinary team with a common interest on value chains, inclusive business models, gender and agriculture in Latin America. #foodstudies20 3/19
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Let’s dive into #manufacturing and understand how #Pakistan has lagged its #Asian peers in #industrialization, how stagnant growth turned to a decline even #precovid and how #financing has been unable to encourage #investments in the sector… (1/n)
#Industrial value add per worker in Pakistan has seen minor improvements in the last 25 years. While it changed by 12% for Pak, it changed by 512% for #China. Unfair comparison so not even on the chart but #India has doubled its #Productivity too… (2/n) Image
What’s worse is that post 2018, manufacturing in Pakistan has been on the decline, specifically Large Scale Manufacturing which makes up the bulk. Major reasons cited are PKR #devaluation, rising #energy costs and higher #taxes... (3/n) Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/24/2020…
Andy Slavitt on the 3 Things He’d Do to Prepare for the Next Pandemic – Mother Jones…

#pandemic #preparations
The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity on Twitter

#coronavirus #testing
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What is market access? Market access describes the possibility of and the extent to which an enterprise can sell their goods and services.

That's our discussion tomorrow on #TheAfricanFarmerSstories at 2pm WAT.
Access to markets can help businesses scale production and increase product quality. However, markets in developing countries are often fragmented, illiquid, and lack formal regulation.

Join us at 2pm WAT so we can discuss market access & the solutions
Reliable market access boosts productivity, increases incomes and strengthens food security.

Our guest will dissect this nightmare of some agro-entrepreneurs at 2pm WAT today. Don't miss this unmissable edition.
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“The combination of digital technology and human creativity in deploying it will revolutionize life for Africa’s farmers by overcoming isolation, speeding up change, and taking success to scale.” — Kofi Annan, Sir Gordon Conway and Sam Dryden
Access to digital tech can make the distance b/w a remote farmer & the market even shorter than a straight line. Whereas many smallholders live several hours by foot from most markets, mobile platforms can share market price information/connect farmers to buyers in an instant.
Join us tomorrow @Agro_Centre at 2pm WAT as we recognize and celebrate the work of another agropreneur in the #AgTech space.
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Large charismatic birds with disproportionately large beaks and distinctive calls, #hornbills are the #farmers of our #forests. Today’s #WildAboutFacts series focuses on these feathered foresters.

Join us & share your hornbill images!

Rufous-necked Hornbills
đź“·Sarbajit Ghosh

There are 62 #hornbill species in the world, with 32 in #Asia and 30 in #Africa.

#India is home to 9 of them including the #GreatHornbill, the #MalabarPiedHornbill and the #RufousNeckedHornbill.

Malabar Pied Hornbill
đź“· @samyak15

Several #hornbill species have a distinct #casque on their upper mandible. #GreatHornbills have a prominent #yellow and #black casque.

đź“· Keya Das
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Not sure how on the radar this is for you but the #Chinaflooding season starts in 13 days and it’s already a catastrophe.

An interesting analysis of the situation.

#msm not covering this.

@paul_furber @paulmuaddib61

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"Unconventional Mitigation: Carbon Dioxide Removal as a New Approach in EU Climate Policy" - my new SWP Research Paper together with @FelixSchenuit
A Thread on why a #ClimateNeutralEU is impossible without CDR, and what the EU should do about it
Trying to reach net zero emissions will lead to a certain level of residual ('hard to abate') emissions, which will need to be offset via CO2 removal options. This is an often overlooked aspect of global GHG mitigation pathways (below for 1.5C, according to #IPCC)
Since methane & nitrous oxide (mainly #agriculture) represent large share of residual emissions, scenarios achieve net zero GHG 15-20 years later than net zero CO2 (b/c of need for more CDR)
If you compare national GHG targets with global, 2067 is the benchmark, not 2050
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“Many young and beginning farmers start out in local markets. Some stay there, and some scale up.” - Tom Vilsack

On our #TheAfricanFarmersStories edition today, our guest is another young agropreneur making his mark in the industry. Join us at 2pm WAT.
Good afternoon, everyone. In a short while, we'll commence our interview session with our guest on today's edition of #TheAfricanFarmersStories

My name is Edobong Akpabio, your host on this Series. Let's get to know a little about this amazing agropreneur, John Agboola.
John Agboola is an agriculturist/farmer with a passion for agricultural research for development. He is a value chain catalyst with a degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.
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"It's another rainy day
but, the farmer doesn't complain."

In a short while, we will kick-off today's edition of our Tweet Chat Series, #TheAfricanFarmersStories, a programme that recognizes and celebrates the #African farmer.

My name is Edobong Akpabio, your host. Welcome!
Evans Larbi is the CEO of Beit farms, one of the major companies in the Agricultural industry in Ghana. He is a young farmer whose inspiration stems from an early introduction to farming as a family activity.
Evans is a Farmer, Aggregator, Facilitator, Trainer, Marketer and Advocate for Rural Women & Youth in Agriculture. He has confidence that Agriculture is Africa’s answer to economic and unemployment challenges.
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un petit #threadagri agro-balnéo-écolo, ça vous dit ?

les ulves vous aimez ca ?
bref on va causer #alguesvertes

#agribretagne #FrAgTw

⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1/
Jeudi j’étais invité ac les agris du bassin versant de La Forêt Fouesnant à une rencontre avec les élus en charge du dossier «algues vertes» et la #DDTM en charge du volet réglementaire et des contrôles dans ce dossier. Les coops, prescripteurs et conseils y siégeaient aussi. 2/
Le 1er Plan Algues Vertes a vu le jour en 2010, et comprend la réduction des rejets de nitrates tant sur le plan agricole que sur le plan urbain. C’est un engagement collectif important pour le maintient sur notre territoire de deux activités économiques majeures, à savoir 3/
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Received a call from Mr @HardeepSPuri, Hon Min of State for Commerce and Industry, GOI today afternoon. Had a long discussion with him on the steps to Revive the Economy and submitted my inputs for his consideration. (1/n)
Following were my inputs:
1. All announcements made as part of #AtmaNirbharBharat Package were about liquidity infusion & making cash available through Financial Institutions. The focus on demand side is lacking. Govt has to put money in people's hands. (2/n)
2. Govt can categorize sectors into 'minor affected', 'medium affected' & 'severely affected'. Help can be extend to a particular sector either in the form of financial or taxation or others forms based on the category under which a sector falls. (3/n)
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Hey everyone!
We are team @OrganicHoney4 Treasures (Rugare and Kholie), a #beekeeping company that specialises in production of honey, beeswax and value added hive products. Excited to be here! We will be talk about Beekeeping, honey, beeswax, business, innovation, & leadership.
Just a brief background about us, Everything we do is about bees, but we didn't start there. @OrganicHoney4 was a backyard project that started in the STF Gardens as a result of bee infestation in our bathroom drain.
For years we contracted exterminators to fumigate the invaders, yet the #bees came back! This cycle continued for years till the founders (Mr and Mrs Marufu) decided to find a way to live in harmony them. A bee specialist was hired to move the invaders to a backyard apiary.
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Heads up: This is going to be a LONG thread, but a very important one if you're interested in the plight of our Black farmers and our small farmers in this country.

Black Farmers Matter!

#NCAg #NCpol #agriculture
I have a number of concerns re: @USDA's aid distribution & program implementation of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). Chiefly, I'm concerned with how aid will be made available to minority farmers & small producers, particularly young & nontraditional farmers.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/12/2020-2…

What Doctors on the Front Lines Wish They’d Known a Month Ago - The New York Times…

#CommonSense #Covid19 #Doctors #coronavirus
Don’t Lose the Thread. The Economy Is Experiencing an Epic Collapse of Demand. - The New York Times…

#collapse #epic #demand #economy
Defund (and redesign) everything. - Deep Code - Medium…

#defund #institutions #redesign
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Common mistakes which onion farmers will always repeat each growing season and hitting that tonnage become an issue..


#ZeroHunger #ShameMKU #UsikuSacco #KOT
Origin of problems. Many farmers are reluctant when it come to pest and diseases management and you'll always find a seedling when being transplanted has thrips and some fungus already like downy mildew ...this is multiplication of fungus if transplanted in that state
Feeding program
40% of that fertilizer is usually lost to the environment.For "young onions" it is always advisable to cover the fertilizer with the soil. rem onions have shallow roots...but when they are at vegetative stage you can expose the fertilizer because of canopy formed
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Student 1: For our lab meetings next quarter, we should try and prioritize reading research papers from BIPOC.

Student 2: ehhhh I don’t know think that’s a good idea because that’s not fair to researchers who do good work…

Student 3: *face palm* ... *exhale* …

Here’s a list of resources for Student 2.

They’re quotes from books/podcasts/articles/videos I've filed away over time. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list.

I hope viewers provide more resources in the comments.

*cracks knuckles*

*Brief transition to an armchair psychologist*

First, we have to question whether Science a meritocracy.

It is not. We say it is, maybe someday it will be, but academia is not a meritocracy. We gotta start there before anything else.

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The @ciwem webinar on nature-based solutions and the ELMs scheme has begun! I'll live-tweet key points in this thread. #agriculture #elms
First of all, we're hearing from Gareth Morgan from the @SoilAssociation who is going to try discuss whether farming itself can be a nature-based solution #britishfarming
Gareth Morgan: There are lots of land-sparing options (margins/rewilding etc) whereby some areas cease farming whilst other areas are intensified. Gareth argues that this may sometimes be a slightly 'defeatist' approach and that farming should co-evolve with nature.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/01/2020-2…

Daring Fireball: A Spectacularly Bad Washington Post Story on Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification Project…

#apple #notification #exposure #google #tracking
Girl, 12, survives heart failure tied to Kawasaki-like syndrome believed caused by coronavirus - The Washington Post…

#failure #coronavirus #syndrome #heart
Investigating neural mechanisms underlying individual differences in perception…

#neural #perception
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