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Here's a long thread with evidence about why the @RSPOtweets has failed to make any difference with key sustainability promises incl. stopping #deforestation #indigenous #landgrabbing #ecocide #slavery #humanrights abuses for supermarket brands. 1/7…
Source: @EIA_News @RSPOtweets members using so-called "sustainable" #palmoil continue with #deforestation #ecocide #illegal #landgrabbing from #Indigenous peoples.
Thus the certification is a #greenwashing con. @EIA_News #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
The certification of #palmoil is considered to be a con by @GreenpeaceUK as it doesn't stop #ecocide #deforestation. Certified "sustainable" #palmoil doesn't exist #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife
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#53 small ACTS of resistance #53

avoid any products containing palm oil

or demand #DeforestationFree #PalmOil and #ChooseSustainable #PalmOil #SaveOrangutans

Thanks, @mettahapa & @orangulandtrust
#54 small ACTS of resistance #54

1.Cancel your TV licence
2.Stop buying newspapers
3.Don't be reactive, be proactive
4.Be honest
5.Share your knowledge

Thanks, @societyatpeace
#55 small ACTS of resistance #55

switch to Ecosia instead of Google

save it as a default on your devices and browsers; Ecosia plant trees with much of their revenue

Thanks, @DSAMontenegro
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#RetailInflation in May 2021 is 6.3%,Vs 4.23% in April

Core Inflation is 6.6%,Vs 5.4%
Food Inflation is 5.01% Vs 1.96%

Despite uptick,@narendramodi
govt has done very well to rein in #Inflation

Global Food Index in May is up 39.7% YoY,due to drought in many parts of the globe
#GlobalFoodIndex is measured by
#FAO Food Price Index,#FFPI,which is a measure of monthly changes in international prices of a basket of #food commodities;It consists of average of five commodity group price indices,weighted by average export shares of each group over 2014-2016
Why have #Food prices surged globally?

Argentina saw a big drought

Ukraine&Russia also suffered from drought&inclement weather

Indonesia&Malaysia,biggest producers of #PalmOil,have curbed exports,as govts in these countries have made blending of Palm Oil,with fuel,mandatory
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For additional details see this 👇clearly written blog by @prachi_eco or her entire brilliant Ph.D. from ISI with the running header "Economics of Earth [🌏], Fire [🔥], Water [🌊]" or some such!…
Prachi's analysis from India builds on some compelling research on agricultural fires in Brazil by @Rangel_M_A & @tom_vogl summarized 👇

Yes, we have a #GlobalPandemic but we have a never ending #PlanetaryHealth crises @randall_kramer ... [3/.]
As well as this research on ndonesia (combining IFLS with air pollution indices) by JieSheng Tan Soo (@LKYSch) showing that the human capital costs are high, and greater than the costs of avoiding fire to establish #PalmOil plantations ... [4/.]

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One of the books I'm working through during the break is The Oil Palm Complex. It was an airport find that turns out to be quite informative, with more parallels to #coffee than I thought. Here are some snippets from it (a thread) #PalmOil…
As with a lot of the rest of the world, “...the rate of growth of the rural population [in Indonesia] has become negative.” but almost half of the population is still rural. p. 9
“In much of Indonesia people remain highly dependent on rural, land-based, even subsistence-oriented livelihoods, hence the arrangements for incorporating them in (or excluding them from) oil palm developments are crucial to reducing rural poverty.” p. 10
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Thanks to your searches, we can support farmers like Landan in creating alternative livelihoods to #PalmOil🌳🦸‍♂️ For example, through the #Tenkawang tree, which produces a nut that can be used for cooking, cosmetics or biofuel. #climatejustice #ruralcommunities #indonesia
For more details on how Ecosia users' searches support #ruralcommunities in #indonesia to find alternatives to #palmoil, read this article on our blog:…
And this is why simply boycotting #palmoil won't be a solution to #Indonesia's dependence on this oil:
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Deze zomer zijn we 3 weken rondgereisd in Italië met ons gezin: wandelen in de Dolomieten, een week bij Napels, week Florence, paar dagen Venetië. Prima vakantie, prachtige dingen gezien. Vaak zelf gekookt (nou ja, mijn vrouw) omdat vegetarisch anders lastig is daar.
Maar wat me nou opviel in Italië: op alle potjes groenten en broodsmeersels stond vermeld “zonder #palmolie”. In Nederland is het door activisten ook al ooit op de agenda gezet, maar na thuiskomst bleken al onze potjes wél palmolie te bevatten!
Kennelijk zijn die - terechte - acties tegen #PalmOil een zachte dood gestorven hier. Alleen de laatste maanden zien we een opleving ivm het #Mercosur verdrag en de tragische #AmazonFire ‘s.
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Of course we should eat more vegetables and less meat, but the lie, that says that burning the Amazon, to plant GM Soya to ship across the world, is #sustainable is just that.

A lie.

Next time you sip a Soya Latté in a compostable cup, toast Monsanto, as they toast the Amazon.
In Ireland, if you want to farm you buy or lease land at €15,000 an acre.

In Brazil, if you want to farm, you buy or borrow a box of matches.

Monsanto will sell you GM seed that is #glyphosate resistant.

No weeding needed and Europe will buy it.
In Europe, we are being conned by the lie, that is Soya

Burning the #Amazon to plant and poison GM Soya for our plant based diets and compostable cups makes #PalmOil production look green!

Eat less meat, but look local, look sustainable and look beyond the hype.

Thank you
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I've been finishing the second volume of "The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg for Consent" series. As soon as I ventured near social media I was inundated with the Amazon fires messaging.
The World Economic Forum (billionaires club): "...the house is clearly on fire - We need to scale solutions now if we have any chance of saving it."

Corporations burning forests for palm oil: not frightening.
Forest fires: frightening.…
Only the markets can save us.

Certification schemes. Green Bonds. A "New Deal For Nature". We need momentum. We need that "Paris moment".
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When I first came to Borneo in 1990, I flew across the whole island looking down on endless perfect forest. Not any more. Making a program on deforestation and palm oil is so frustrating & depressing. Inside the forest the wild orchestra is deafening. cont...
Biodiversity is close to zero. We’ve been nose to nose with sun bear & orang utan orphaned & homeless. Been in perfect riverside forest but finding it only extends metres from the banks. cont...
But there MUST be positivity. Buying and protecting forests is one solution World Land Trust Sustainable palm oil is another; strips of forest within the plantations, encouraging epiphytes and other plants beneath the palms. cont..
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Rainforests are vital to life on Earth🌎. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, help stabilise the climate, are home to an incredible variety of plants🌱 and wildlife🐸and regulate rainfall across the globe. #WorldRainforestDay #NatureMatters #Connect2Earth
Rainforests are some of the most biodiverse places on Earth, and yet each year 14,000 sq km of rainforests are destroyed due to illegal logging, development and agriculture. #WorldRainforestDay #NatureMatters #Connect2Earth
Did you know that many raw materials come from rainforests? Plant species found in rainforests provide materials like rubber, oils, gum, waxes, flavourings and dyes. This rubber tapper is scoring the bark of a wild rubber tree to extract latex. #WorldRainforestDay #Connect2Earth
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BREAKING: acquires Borealis Centre for Environment and Trade Research, forms Stand Research Group…
For 15+ years, Borealis' research has resulted in 100 corporate commitments & contributed to protection of 20+ million acres of wild spaces. Borealis has performed 383 research projects with 90+ clients including @amazonwatch @Greenpeace @NWF @NRDC @oceana @RAN @SierraClub @WWF
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Brought this article by @hillaryrosner in @NatGeoMag w/ me to Surat Thani, Thailand as I pondered this quote: “Palm oil is unavoidable. Can it be sustainable?” Agree? Read. Ponder & Follow this thread for more…

The link:

#SDGs #Sustainability #PalmOil
In case you ever wondered where #palmoil comes from. Have a look at the #palm oil fruit here. From my visit to Surat Thani, Thailand to learn more about #sustainability in this industry. Read more here via @hillaryrosner
DYK: The oil palm tree—Elaeis guineensis—is not native to Asia but comes from West & central Africa. At the heart of the “sustainable #palmoil” debate though are #Indonesia & #Malaysia, which account for 85% of all production. 📷: young #palm in Thailand
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RT this [THREAD] of articles if you'd like to ask Twitter's most popular UK political commentators - the vast majority of whom seldom or never mention the Ecological Emergency - for analysis of the politics of catastrophic #ClimateBreakdown, #MassExtinction & #EcologicalCollapse.
Dear @jonsnowC4 @peston @bbclaurak @bbcnickrobinson @afneil

'we could be looking at an epic extinction event, caused by ourselves, which could include exterminating our own species, or at least what we call “civilization,” in as little as nine years.'…
Hi @OwenJones84 & @paulmasonnews

'We are already facing mass extinction. There is no removing the heat we have introduced into the oceans, nor the 40bn tons of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere every single year. There may be no changing what is happening'…
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1/ O.k, o.k, o.k...listen up! I'm about to tell you why @DriPak, the little-known, family-run company based in Derbyshire, might just be the best business in the known universe...
2/ Firstly, and most importantly, @DriPak sells biodegradable, low-impact cleaning products for the masses. This. Is. Very. Important. Why? Brands like Ecover - now owned by @SCJohnson - occupy a niche for the better off in an otherwise environmentally ruinous market...
3/ @SCJohnson don't ever see Ecover replacing its vast range of other comparable, but much more environmentally questionable cleaning products, so they're never going to market it to or sell it at a price point for the mass market. Ecover therefore represents no threat.
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Sadly, of the large carnivore species, more than 60% of them are threatened. Of the 17 showing widespread population declines, they now live in only 47% of their historical ranges. The tiger, for example, could have lost 95% of its historical range…
There are fewer than 3,900 tigers left in the world today due to widespread habitat loss, historic overhunting (thanks to us Brits), #humanwildlifeconflict and, more recently, #illegalwildlifetrade. Sadly, tigers are desired for their skins as rugs & their parts for medicine
Tigers continue to decline in many parts of south-east Asia but their population seems to be fairing better in India due to strictly enforced protected areas & efforts from the Global Tiger Forum 🐯…
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.@Nestle Doesn't Deserve Your Hard-Earned Money: a thread
They have been offered a 3 year permit to continue pumping water out of the #SanBernardino National Forest—one of the worst drought regions in the world. In 2016, Nestle took 32 million gallons of water from wells and tunnels in the forest.…
.@Nestle—who continues to market itself as "sustainable"—has failed to submit its report on the "sustainability" of the #conflictpalmoil they use in their products.…
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