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Climate change x health x built environment thread: This is the intersection our lab is working in and are always interested in sharing stories of how damaging this intersection can be if we don't move towards adaptation. For this thread we will also add environmental racism
and inequality. To not understand climate change from the race/inequality perspective is to not understand its impact with the rigour it needs. Jacqueline Keeler has done a great job of bringing forward the plight of the Sioux Reservation @jfkeeler.…
1. Reservations have a long history of built environment decay. Many don't have clean water/running water/insulated homes/heating/cooling/or homes that livable. Also many live in overcrowded homes. This has to do w/racists policies stemming back 400 years.
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1/40 #CDNpoli #Elxn43

ICYMI Here's my investigation into #ForeignInterference in the Canadian election

RE Roger Stone, Frank Parlato, Warren Kinsella, Matt Ricchiazzi, Buffalo Chronicle, First Nations

In this thread I have a bit to respond/add/clarify

2/40 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference #Elxn43

I appreciate the hoards of bricks & bouquets (mostly good only a few criticisms) because it means you're reading it & that's the most important thing I set out to do:

Cause you to care about the sovereignty & legitimacy of our election
3/40 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference #Elxn43

Now most important thing you need to do is make sure you also read the last "ORIGINAL/ARCHIVE" link to Ricchiazzi's piece on his alternate website that I included in my final paragraph

Because it contains summary & outline of agenda
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Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay and a full throated condemnation of #ColumbusDay, the worst holiday in the United States and a celebration of apocalypticism, genocide, slavery, torture, embezzlement, and unremitting brutality, all in the name of Spanish Catholicism and bad math.
On the most basic level, #ChristopherColumbus was a bad person with bad ideas who engaged in bad actions on both a micro and macro scale, and celebrating him as a human being is wrong. Celebrating his achievements? ALSO WRONG.
#ColumbusDay is somehow taught to kids in the US as a celebration of an individual who thought the world was round when everyone else thought it was flat--anyone else remember that crap?--which is complete garbage. No one thought the world was flat. No one.
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FYI: So, hearing from Lake Andes, SD (my dad's hometown) on the Yankton Sioux rez that things are really bad with the flooding. E coli infections & the city won't release to the tribe the status on the water and may sue the Yankton Sioux Tribe over digging a ditch. #ClimateStrike
Hearing (but not confirmed) people also are being ordered to evacuate as houses are not safe. Red Cross won't help because they need a directive from FEMA. I'm seeking a press release from the Yankton Sioux Tribe.

#MidwestFlooding #ClimateStrike #ClimateChange #Indigenous
Also, hearing the graves at St. Phillips, the old White Swan Church are threatened. My grandmother and many of my relatives (including Ella Deloria) are buried there.

@iamepiscopalian #YanktonSiouxTribe #climatechange #INDIGENOUS
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This is really starting to piss me off. #Trudeau literally created the most diverse cabinet in the history of #Canada, giving #POC the highest jobs in the country. He’s welcomed #Syrian refugees, he’s increased funding to #Indigenous people, he’s marched with #LGBTQ in #Pride...
...Parades. He’s supported #women’s rights, stood with #feminists & created the most gender balanced cabinet in the history of this country. His record on #humanrights, #multiculturalism & #diversity speaks a feck of a lot louder than some 20 year old photos. Wake up #canada!...
This is not #racism it is character assassination plain & simple. Don’t believe me? Look at Scheer’s record on #multiculturalism, #diversity & #inclusion. Look at the #whitenationalists, #bigots & #racists running in his campaign & ask yourself why they got a pass & JT doesn’t...
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#TRIBECON begins #Pravara; felicitations to #AbhayBang @SearchGad & #sudarshan #VGKK for their inspiring work on #TribalHealth; @DrLahariya @whoindia among others felicitated
#abhayBang #healthsystem design for tribal communities need to be relooked for #UHC; strategies & schemes must adapt with local social & cultural context; recollects #Brainstorming with @DesirajuKeshav at @SearchGad leading to #ExpertCommittee #tribalhealth @TribalHealthIND
#TRIBECON #AbhayBang notes with happiness increasing interest in #tribalhealth research, yet this continues to be “off the beaten path”; congratulations to #pravara medical college in bringing this together; the proposed #Bandardhara declaration to improve #tribalhealth research
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@ThompskeKathryn 1/ No, they don't depend on the forest. It might come as a surprise to most, but the rain forest is, (a) an ecosystemic mosaic; (b) it is highly dynamic. The #Indigenous folks are the only ones who can
- protect
- manage
- understand
the rain forest...
@ThompskeKathryn 2/ which is why we, scientists, listen to them first. They have been there for over 10 thousand years. During this time, according to the most brilliant zoologist to describe the Amazon, P. Vanzolini and geomorphologist Aziz Ab'Saber
@ThompskeKathryn 3/ The area we call "Amazonia" has had forested "islands" expanding and shrinking, savannah-like areas, desert areas, swamp areas and others doing the same. That, happening along many thousands of years
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The ideologies espoused by liberal "activism" infect resistance like a cancer. It's exactly why foundations incubate & fund them. Such is the case of 350 of which Naomi Klein serves as a director.
Klein writes "We clearly should have rented a stadium for our event with the amazing Greta Thunberg and other youth organizers including Xiye Bastida Xiuhtezcatl Martinez +more"

But they could have just rented out the display window at Barneys.
"Activism" becomes completely commodified. So grotesque - yet normalized. Barneys New York, The Window: "Meet Indigenous Climate Change Activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez"…
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New Deal For Nature picks up speed. Here we have Global Deal for Nature. All language/marketing leads to Global Deal For Billionaires.

"© Copyright Global Deal for Nature, a project of Sustainable Markets Foundation"
All aboard the Global New Deals for Nature train. #NewDealForNature, Voice for the Planet, Global Deal For Nature. Here we have science is being used as a tool and even a weapon to privatize the commons under the guise of protecting nature, climate & biodiversity.
We are subjected to the branding "United Behind the Science" with a heavy emphasis from the face of the campaign (exploited Thunberg) to "listen to the science". Unite Behind the Science is not meant to protect Earth. It is meant to unleash a new era of privatization & plunder.
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1) Unbelievable. This corrupt thing doubles down on ignorance and violence against our #Indigenous peoples, picks petty fights and his base is as inflamed as ever.…
2) He is making absolutely sure that the next elections will be so violently polarized that they may not happen. Remember: we are Latin America. We have a history of Coups and RW dictatorships.
3) Our left is intellectually much better prepared than the American Left and can easily get radicalized. There is no way we will ever forgive Bolsonaro voters - ever, every. It's a consensus among us.
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2. The Amazon the largest lung in our world is on fire😭.
It's time for humanity to stop & think seriously about what it is doing🤨.
Is this our legacy for future generations😠?
Is money more important than conserving nature😡?
🗣️We need the forests to survive.
🗣️Protect nature!
1.The Amazon the largest lung in our world is on fire😭.
It's time for humanity to stop & think seriously about what it is doing🤨.
Is this our legacy for future generations😠?
Is money+important than conserving nature😡?
🗣️We need the forests to survive.…
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Observe the map below: it represents the area affected by the current fires in Amazonia.

2/ Now observe the map below. These are the 33 Mexicos in the mind of imbecile racist Americans. Observe the countries and compare with the map above, with the fire image:

3/ Observe now the distribution of #indigenous reserves in Amazonia, which, BTW, should cover ALL OF AMAZONIA: the land was stolen from them. It still belongs to a country called #Brazil. There are fascist in power - we're going to kick them out.
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The Amazon the largest lung in our world is on fire😭.
It's time for humanity to stop & think seriously about what it is doing🤨.
Is this our legacy for future generations😠?
Is money more important than conserving nature😡?
🗣️We need the forests to survive.
🗣️Protect nature!
"The fires burning in the #Amazon rain forest are so large and widespread that smoke has wafted thousands of miles away to the Atlantic coast, according to the World Meteorological Organization"
Via @Miami_Rebelde
There is no "ngo" burning the #AmazonRainforest these are Cattle Ranchers, most of whom voted for #Bolsonaro. They're destroying the #Enviroment to steal #Indigenous land for themselves #NativeTwitter!#IndigenousRights #NativeLivesMatter
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1/ Bolsonaro blames environmentalist non-profits: oh, how predictable. Do you see the pattern? The trump mob and the bolsonaro mob share the same features: conspiracy theories, blaming the victims or the opponents and CRIME.…
2/ Brazil is losing the greatest rainforest in the world and this is on bolsonaro's criminal mob: they have strategically refused to take action when there was still time.…
3/ The Brazilian "ruralist" caucus represents a social and economic segment unknown to many Americans: they are billionaire land-owners who have traditionally practiced murder, slavery, torture, and decimation of #indigenous peoples.…
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Hi, I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Chicago Board of Health public meeting. #ChiDocumenters
@ChiDocumenters #publichealth #chicagopublichealth
@CHIdocumenters Dr. Arwady reviews high-level updates from the dept, including an anti-#syphillis campaign, a research study on Chicago maternal mortality (#maternitymatters) that will be released soon, and a new program that will provide assistance to #newmom s at 3 Chicago hospitals.
Dr. Arwady shares info about the new training video aimed at Chicago employees who work with youth, centers a #traumainformed approach to working with them.
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Friends, @ewarren laid out a comprehensive plan to PARTNER with Native communities. Her plan is revolutionary because it shows she (or her people) understands the depth of the relationship between the & Native governments better than any other presidential candidate maybe ever.
@ewarren No @ewarren plan is not perfect, because it's probably impossible to have "perfect" at this juncture of colonial history. That said, it is evidence she is fundamentally rethinking the relationship between Native nations & the US to a partnership instead of throwing some bones.
@ewarren Specifically, @ewarren proposed a CABINET LEVEL WHITE HOUSE POSITION for Native affairs. That is huge. It is appropriate. It is important to note that she is continuing the work of President Obama to have regular contact with Native nations instead of only special ocassions.
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1/ As with about 80% of his actions, I thought it was just another surreal statement made to enrage reasonable and democracy-supporting segments of society. It was not.…
2/ I thought the chief reason was to insult #Indigenous people by quite literally repeating the actions of past centuries' colonial powers. Greenland is #Indigenous territory. The actual name is Kalaallit Nunaat.…
3/ Greenland is an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark. It has been invaded by the Norse and Dane for over 1000 years. Still, it is predominantly Innuit.…
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Prof Cairns Way and I are excited to share @uocommonlaw #CMLOrientation 2019 program here:… We have a stellar line up! #AdvantageFTX 1/
Keynote speaker: Elder Peter Decontie from the Algonquin Nation, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg w/ intro by Prof Aimee Craft #CMLOrientation @uocommonlaw #AdvantageFTX 2/
Keynote Alumni Panel w/ Honourable Giovanna Toscano-Roccamo & Katie Black #CMLOrientation @uocommonlaw #AdvantageFTX 3/
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1/ Hi everyone! Today we’re going to take a bit of time to talk more about protocols, permissions and some Indigenous-led projects and resources relevant to the #GLAM sphere. And we’re going to start talking about #metadata!
2/ As we’ve mentioned, in many Indigenous knowledge systems, a person’s right to access certain information (especially traditional knowledge and customs) may be bound by specific, contextual permissions. #OpenGLAM
3/ Here’s an example relevant to the G in #GLAM: the proceedings from @_FPCC's Cultural Protocols & the Arts Forum in 2014. As the late Dr. Greg Younging said, “Protocols provide guidelines for behaviour.”…
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"1/3 of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Simply put, bees keep plants and crops alive."
🐝 If All The Bees In The World Die, Humans Will Not Survive:…
Deregulation and control of judiciary appointments: The core tactics at the heart of GOP anti-governance. Here's the latest in banking deregulation and it's corrosive effect on the living standards of us 99%:
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BREAKING the Spanish #YellowVests are saying that there is a Coup in #Honduras right now. I haven't confirmed this yet. But supposedly the Presidential Plane left. Will begin translating this now. #ChalecosAmarillos #GilletsJaunes
#FuerzaHonduras #HondurasResiste
Translation of Tweet 1
📽🔴 #Honduras Coup ?
-National Strike
-Protest of doctors and teachers 
-Overcrowded gas stations⛽️ 
-Health system in its worst crisis 
-Director of the Police took out his own underlings with tear-bombs 💣

(Looks like we have friendly fire)
Breaking! Confirmed :
Departure of #Honduras🆘️'s presidential plane to the United States is confirmed. #FueraJOH


(Again, I have not personally confirmed this. I will believe it when I see it)
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1/25 A #THREAD for @MarkBourrie to help him understand:

- The basic functions of social media

- His own misogynist slander

- The racist issue regarding promotion of White revisionist history against #Indigenous Peoples

- The folly of Small Man Syndrome & knee-jerk assumptions
2/25 I assure @MarkBourrie that I haven't deleted anything

If you visit my "tweets & replies" you'll see everything I posted, without a shred of regret or wish to conceal, rescind, or amend any part of my sentiments toward you

3/25 RE Bourrie

Your false allegation about 'heavily editing & removing material' stems from your own ineptitude at social media

Comments within threads (often called "sub-tweets") become orphaned from the main convo

You only have to visit the sub-exchange to locate them
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At the #FNMIAQ tonight, I asked folks what they would like future admin #LUpqp1 to consider in their roles to support #Indigenous ed. So many fantastic ideas. Iris was duly impressed. I will collate in this thread
1. Education. Take time to educate yourself, and support staff learning. Attend workshops. Dedicate time @ staff meetings, PD to learning #Indigenous #truths & how to incorporate in classes #LUpqp1
2. Take this learning about #Indigenous ed seriously. Don't treat it like it is just another "thing" we have to do. This can happen if incorporated into SIPSA, Annual Learning Plans, Book Clubs #LUpqp1 #FNMIAQ
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Thread incoming:

Excerpts (with screenshots) from “Sick heart of a generation” by A/Proff @TracyWesterman proud Njamal woman from the Pilbara region of WA and active, 20+ years, clinical psychologist (Masters + PhD). Tracy was named WA’s Oz of the Year last year. #auspol

“Staggeringly, funded programs are not required to demonstrate evidence of impact, nor are they required to demonstrate a measurable reduction in suicide and mental health risk factors.” #auspol #ausvotes19 #ausvotes
“So, given this, can governments truly claim they are funding suicide prevention? You cannot claim prevention if you arenʼt measuring risk. Itʼs that simple.” #auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes19
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