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1/ One year ago, @highcountrynews published #LandGrabU - a two-year investigation that revealed how expropriated Indigenous land was turned into seed money for Land Grant Universities.
2/ Here's how it worked: Passed in 1862, the #MorrillAct gave nearly 11 million acres of #publiclands to states to sell off to endow fledgling land-grant colleges. Those lands, of course, were not uninhabited.
3/ That land, acquired through broken treaties, illegal seizures and outright genocide, was transferred through the #MorrillAct from nearly 250 #Indigenous tribal nations to 52 institutions, including @UCLA, @Cornell and @MIT.
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THREAD-Due to yet another ignorant and racist settler attempting to tell this strong #FirstNations woman what I can and cannot do in my own country has prompted me once again to educate those wanting-willing to listen about #Reconciliation. Firstly, it is pure colonialism.....
to tell any #INDIGENOUS person that supporting the @liberal_party and PM @JustinTrudeau makes me or any of my ppl “anti-indigenous rights.” PMJT has accomplished more for my ppl than all other PM’s combined. Is he perfect? No. No one is. He is a kind, hardworking, and his....
legacy will be critiqued on how he dealt with us, and the #pandemic. His govt has lifted more than 100 boil water advisories since 2015. Zero under #StephenHarper in 11 years in power. In his own words my people “Aren’t on my radar.” If that’s not #racism I truly don’t know....
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.@UN_CSW #CSW65 hosted an excellent panel discussion this morning on "Supporting Vibrant #Feminist Movements & #Leadership." Organized by @cdnwomenfdn & @equality_fund A thread 👇🏾.
.@F_Moudouthe on #CapacityBuilding: it's purpose to undo information asymmetry to tackle systemic barriers for womxn & girls. #power dynamics must be understood & mitigated. @awdf01's approach is to focus on the grantees lens to probe the what, why and how of capacity programs.
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A #thread on #IWD2021 at #brhills at IPH field station in collaboration with the #brhills #Panchayat, Zilla Budakattu Girijana Abhivruddhi Sangha (Sangha; Dt. #Indigenous #Adivasi People’s Welfare Society) & VGKK #THETAProject; Main organisers: Mahadevamma, Susheela & Mahantesh Image
Idea for holding ಮಹಿಳಾ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆ mooted by Mahadevamma who is a #Soliga woman leader and supported by the Sangha; initial discussions with the newly elected #Panchayat members drew support; they didn’t recall a gathering for this purpose before
Rangamma, a newly elected GP member from Seege Betta Podu agrees to preside; all GP members agree to attend and involve as many people from nearby settlements as possible; Muthugada Gadde & Hosa Podu girls throwball clubs formed under THETA intervention too involve themselves
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Are you Black, Indigenous, a Person of Color (BIPOC)?
Then you will know what invalidations are, and it's time to call whites out on it.
If you aren't BIPOC, then you may well use them against BIPOC every day.
#AsianLivesMatter #HispanicLivesMatter #Indigenous Image
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⚠️#Uncontacted tribe in danger ⚠️

On the Brazil-Peru border, a group of indig ppl have approached a Manchineri village, in the Mamoadate Indig Territory in BR. The Manchineri say the group are members of the uncontacted Mashco Piro tribe.

🏹 Take action:…
As in many such cases, it could be that the #uncontacted Indians are fleeing the pressure of invaders on their land.

"Something must be happening for them to get so close to the 🇧🇷Brazilian side, because in Peru, when [invaders] come across uncontacted Indians, they shoot"

☝️ José Carlos Meirelles, a government agent who specializes in protecting the lands of #UncontactedTribes.
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India Farmers Protests Goes Vogue.

Celebrities, influencers – & British Vogue - suddenly interested in #FarmersProtests that began in Nov. Despite MASSIVE resistance, the protests have been largely ignored by Western influencers/NGOs, etc. So why now? Let's explore.
Twitter (tool of empire) promoted the #celebrity endorsement of Rihanna/Greta accounts – while it simultaneously banned/censored on the ground Indian farmers/activists. While highlighting Western #influencers, Twitter had deleted approx. 250 protest/alt media accounts in #India.
Rihanna/Thunberg accounts share CNN article which references Access Now, "an advocacy group which tracks internet freedom." In reality, Access began as an arm of Avaaz (Purpose), to destabilize #Iran. Another instrument of #empire.

More on Access Now:…
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#DailyWIT Day 15/365: Sara Al-Jack is a prize-winning Sudanese writer. While none of her full-length works have been translated into English, this fiction was recently published in December in @wwborders:…
#SudaneseLit #WIT #WomenInTranslation #AfricanLit
#DailyWIT Day 16/365: Malka Lee was a Yiddish immigrant poet who wrote about the pain of watching the Holocaust from the USA.

Just a portion of her memories from childhood were published in Found Treasures: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers (1994). #YiddishLit #WIT #HolocaustLit Image
#DailyWIT Day 17/365: Ishrat Afreen is an Urdu writer from Pakistan, with select poems available in English translation in the anthology, We Sinful Women: Contemporary Urdu feminist poetry.
#Poetry #PakistaniLit #UrduLit Image
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🗣 Calling all #HealthProfessionals! These brave MN med students are speaking out about the injustices against the #Indigenous community from the #Line3 project, which has global #climate & #EnvironmetalJustice implications.

Here are several ways they say you can help:

1. Add your voice as a health professional to the petition calling on @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris to #StopLine3…

2. Amplify the voices of @HonorTheEarth & @GiniwCollective by sharing/re-tweeting their messages that call on the new administration to #StopLine3

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Thanks to @kimbiddulph it’s #Archaeology31 time again! - Starting with prompt number one: #new.

Which in this case is: New year, new journal. Empty pages waiting to be filled with thoughts, notes, sketches ... opportunities. Image
#Archaeology31 day 2, #future, offers a great chance to highlight a topic I found particularly interesting as of late:

How will an #ArchaeologyOfTheFuture look like - What do *we* leave behind for future colleagues?

(Weekend reading recommendations included. 😉) Image
Starting with the question what actually constitutes #CulturalHeritage, #sites, and #monuments of our age ...

(#Archaeology31, 2. #future)
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"Harvesting the oceans under the Blue Economy": "The #OECD suggests that the #ocean economy is likely to outpace the global economy in the next 15 years."

#GreatReset #NewDealForNature #DeepSeaMining
Under guise of protecting #biodiversity:

"Framed as perhaps the last untapped, under-explored & under-exploited region in the world, the Pacific #Ocean is set to be a contested space for resources."

#WorldEconomicForum #SDGs
"The #BlueEconomy heralds a new race to carve up the Pacific, turning the Pacific Ocean, from surface to seafloor, into a crowded/contested space. Pacific state leaders are courted w/ economic gains that are a fraction of the value of the ocean resources that will be #extracted."
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1. I 100% support @DMMcFee on this but this has been tried before, with no meaningful outcomes. As I explain in @JeremyAppel1025's story, it must be coupled with strong deterrent disciplinary action ...
#Indigenous #bipoc #SystemicRacism #Police…
2. ... Examples. 2005 revelation of 2002 EPS Racist email eventually led to restorative justice measures... Image
3. ... In that case the LERB found it was not racist, just bad humour. Would that be the finding today?
Next, 2005 Sweatbox Incident. I disagree with the finding it was not racially motivated. I doubt that would be the finding today. At least it would...…
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1/ In reflecting on my work this year I have just realized that everything I published concerned climate change: here is a roundup of my 2020 writing on #climate #justice, climate #reparations, climate #debt, climate #displacement, climate #mobilities & #disaster #recovery
2/ My most recent online piece is on #Arctic #Mobilities, #climate #displacement and #Indigenous rights, originating from a great workshop @PennLaw_CERL…
3/ Last month I also wrote about #climate #displacement and the case for #climate #reparations and #open #borders for those fleeing climate disasters…
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Thread : For those whom may not know, The Department of the Interior's orgins were that of the War Department, the Indian War Department. (1) Image
The Department of Interior would later shift to become the War Department & Indian Policy Department prior to becoming The Department of Interior we know today. (2)
Departmental responsibilities include administering lands and minerals, national parks, and wildlife refuges as well as upholding Federal trust responsibilities to Indian tribes and Alaska Natives. (3)
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We need to come together to come up with a solution to this problem

Aunty Colleen Wall on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:…

Queensland Human Rights Act 2019:…

#Pacesetters: Aunty Colleen in red on stage
Today is about truth-telling, storytelling and listening.

- Yvette Walker, Artistic director of BlackBleep Productions, producing partner of today's event

#Pacesetters QLD LIVE: Yvette in Black on stage
We set the terms of engagement...It's time for you to walk behind us...For years, you have sat in the seats of power.

- Nadine McDonald-Dowd, Executive Producer @QPAC on Indigenous power.

#Pacesetters LIVE:
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@kurtisbaute 1. Pipelines are the safest way to transport the oil/gas that we all rely on, including yourself.

2. Standing in the way of this project only helps countries with weaker standards for human rights.

3. #TMX has overwhelming support from #Indigenous communities, which you ignore.
@kurtisbaute 4. #TransMountain has been studied and reviewed for years, and it won approval according to our stringent regulatory and legal processes.

5. Canada is a global leader in resource governance, ranking 4th overall and leading top oil exporting jurisdictions.
@kurtisbaute 6. There are 6,000+ women and men working on this project, who want to support their families. Who are you to tell them they can’t?

7. Canada has been the only top oil exporter to the USA and global top oil reserve holder with carbon pricing, since 2007.
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On Dec 17, join #Pacesetters QLD - Creative Revolution LIVE! Led by #FirstNations Elders (aka The Aunties) with special guests!

Presented by QLDIAA & BlackBleep Productions in partnership @DiversityArtsAu @MetroArtsAU @Arts_Front Hosted by @BustyBeatz:… Poster with First Nations a...
Join the #Pacesetters - #FirstNations led Forum for Creative Rvolution LIVESTREAM kicking off now!

For anyone who needs to access the live Auslan signage, please email - and Arts Front will add you to the Auslan zoom session.

Kargun Fogarty kicks off #Pacesetters with a welcome song and acknowledgement of country!


Presented by QLDIAA & BlackBleep Productions in partnership @DiversityArtsAu @MetroArtsAU @Arts_Front Kargun
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Today starts the 2nd #advent list to honor BIWOC this month. We’ll be learning a bit abt a different BIWOC’s work each day. Bookmark the thread. More of a mix of premodern, CRT & some STEM scholars this year.

#medievaltwitter #shakerace #adventcalender #citeblackwomen
Like last year, it'll be impossible to mention all the amazing WoC scholars. This is just a starter pack &you all should be finding, reading & citing these women et al. If I missed anyone, nothing personal. I’ll try &catch you next time. #citeblackwomen
Day1: Adrienne Merritt @BlackPhDE is a fierce medievalist & German Studies scholar. Her areas of expertise vary from Old English to late medieval mystical writings, decolonial theories, identity & inclusion of marginalized students/scholars within German Studies. 1/
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Now virtually attending @theNASEM workshop on #Sustainability science- input to the 2021 #NobelPrize Summit “Our Planet, Our Future." Register to watch livestream below. Some highlights to follow over next 3 days #Thread
"Autocracies don't publish much data," says @MarshallBBurke. Do existing methods reinforce existing problematic power structures & unsustainable patterns? Given data gaps, need more ways to measure at scale to be able to shine a light on and potentially address power imbalances.
"Equity is about justice and achieving equality of outcomes, so that everyone can see the football match" says @mleach_ids. Seven forms of equity interact to drive how groups experience the world. ImageImage
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IMO, as a 11 year classroom teacher now online, students have a kind of freedom to chat or speak without much judgment online. Today, we talked about lunch bc someone was having lasagna & said 'We're Chinese but my mom makes us lasagna for lunch.' We then had /1
a long conversation about food, cultural stereotypes, & racism. Food-culture is so important to identity & acceptance. The kids discussed their history of negative reactions around food & that, in younger grades, they asked to take 'white food' for lunch. /2
'Kevin's' mom makes lasagna because her 4 kids once begged her to not send Chinese food to school. I could see all the students of colour nod their heads immediately. All. South Asian, South-East Asian, Middle-Eastern, African, Russian, & South American, Caribbean culture. /3
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1| Americans should contemplate long and hard why one of Trump's most burning tasks, right before he leaves office, is the targeting of a #HumanRights movement lead by an #indigenous people on the other side of the globe 👇… #USA #Israel #Palestinians #BDS
2| Let's first recall that the Palestinian-lead global BDS movement has already been designated by the @UN as a #HumanRightsDefenders movement, whose speech is protected.
3| @amnesty chimes in with a bit of uncharacteristic & very welcome political analysis:
"This is simply the latest attack from a US government determined to undermine the universality of human rights and the global fight against racism and discrimination, including antisemitism."
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On Friday, "an IMO sub-committee approved proposed Arctic heavy fuel oil ban. Environmental advocates & indigenous peoples’ groups criticized the ban as insufficient & called on Arctic states to pass stronger regulation on their own. "
@malte_humpert @IMOHQ @ArcticCouncil #mepc75
The @IMOHQ regulation, however, has repeatedly been criticized by environmental organizations @CleanArctic as too weak due to a number of loopholes, which will allow #Arctic states to continue using HFO until mid-2029.… #mepc75
“In its current form, the ban will achieve only a minimal reduction in HFO use and carriage by ships in the Arctic in mid-2024, when it comes into effect,” says Dr @Sian_Prior9 , Lead Advisor to @CleanArctic Alliance.… #mepc75 @IMOHQ @ArcticCouncil
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Sherri Mitchell (Penobscot) is the final speaker at the #Indigenous History Conference. She is the author of the award-winning book Sacred Instructions; Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change.
Mitchell: What guidance have I been given that will lead me into the future? It's a circular route that we travel. We have to be living for all of our relations. This is how prayers are ended, relations are acknowledged.
Mitchell: so maybe that's where we should begin: how do we be good relatives? Think about grandmothers, mothers, aunties, they are the ones who have taught us how to be a good relative. This matrilineal line was directly attacked by colonialism and patriarchy.
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Really excited for this final session of the #Indigenous History Conference today!
Robin Wall Kimmerer is first up. If you haven't read her classic BRAIDING SWEETGRASS, you should get the beautiful special edition of it now (would make a great holiday gift!) from Milkweed Editions @Milkweed_Books:…
Kimmerer: Will discuss the prophecies of the Seventh Fire which counter the myth of the First Thanksgiving and the overall lack of Native American historical literacy.
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