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1.➤Take Action for the Earth and Indigenous Peoples!


PETITIONS by @amazonwatch

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#nature #amazon #rainforest #INDIGENOUS #action #petition #MotherEarth #Earth #wildlife #animals Image

2. ➤Action Alerts by @peta :


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#Animals #AnimalRights #Peta #GoVegan #animallovers #TakeAction #Petitions #Earthlings Image

3. ➤ Petitions for rainforest protection:


by @RainforestResq / @RettetRegenwald / @sauvonslaforet

🧵 3/4

#Rainforest #Amazon #Nature #Earth #Wildlife #petition #TakeAction #animals #GoVegan Image
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1\ I wonder if @JPHornick @KingsleyKwok know about the pro-#Russia rhetoric coming from the hosts of Toronto #MayDay2022 they're attending tomorrow? Some white boys astroturfed an "indigenous" protest to tie Indigenous issues to #Donetsk/#Luhansk "self determination".
2/ In early April, I asked about Indigenous participation/endorsement. I was told by a member of @may1labour "The poster was designed by an #Indigenous artist." I asked the artist for comment. The response intriguingly disavowed official Indigenous "endorsement" or involvement.
3\ My conclusion: in an #election year they've tricked an #ONDP candidate into endorsing and appearing at a rally whose core organizers are pro-Russia, appropriating Indigenous issues to conflate them with Donetsk/Luhansk, tying Unions/the @OntarioNDP to Putin's genocidal war.
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#Hobbit-like human ancestors thought to have gone extinct 12,000 years ago might still be hiding away in #Indonesia, an anthropologist has claimed.


📸: Stuart Hay, ANU

Thread. 👇 Image
In 2004, late anthropologist Mire Morwood discovered #fossils of a tiny species of hominin on Flores, an #Indonesian island.

Named Homo floresiensis & dating back to the late #Pleistocene, this was a contemporary of early modern humans in Southeast Asia.

📸: Peter Brown Image
The diminutive hominin bore a resemblance to the australopithecines and even chimps to some extent.

Considering the kind of attention that #LordOfTheRings garnered in the early 2000s, it was only natural that the fun-sized H. floresiensis be nicknamed after #TheHobbit.
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🧵 abt “traditional talking circles” in settler colonial institutions. 1/ while I do support bringing in ways of communicating/relating/working through tough topics that r customary within many #indigenous nations (sharing/talking circles)…1/5
2/5 I do challenge the idea that these customs just automatically make the shared spaces equitable and safe for everyone participating simply because they r “indigenous” and therefore it is presumed that “everyone is is equal within the circle”…
3/5 I mean, one is not entering an alternative reality when joining a circle…it doesn’t matter who is leading it, if an Elder is present, etc. As #indigenous ppls settler colonial histories & current realities shape our lives so differently according 2 race, gender, class, etc..
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🧵⭐️ Have you ever noticed how the stars twinkle in the sky? Did you know #Indigenous people use this phenomenon for a wide variety of applications?! Image
#Twinkling - called "scintillation" in Western science - is caused when distant #starlight is impacted by our atmosphere, causing it to change in brightness as it reaches our eyes.

The rate of this flickering is related to wind speed and turbulence in the atmosphere. Image
For #astrophysicists, it negatively impacts the quality of telescopic data. #Telescopes are placed high on dry, clear mountaintops to help reduce this. Image
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Have you ever wanted to study the #astronomical knowledges and practices of ancient cultures around the globe? @UniMelb will be offering a brand new course on #Archaeoastronomy during Semester 2, 2022!

Enrolments are open...… Image
'PHYC20017: #Archaeoastronomy' will be delivered jointly by the School of #Physics in the Faculty of #Science and the #History & #Philosophy of Science Unit in the Faculty of #Arts.

Enrol now!…
#Ancient and #Indigenous cultures of the world developed knowledge systems long ago and constructed #monuments that reflect detailed knowledge of the #Sun, #Moon & #stars. The sky played an important role in ceremony, #political structures, #architecture, and social development. Image
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This @RCYBC report demonstrates that there's a lack of transparency & accountability in MCFD practice and systems.

This leads to the worst possible outcome: traumatized & underserved children and families, the majority of whom are #Indigenous. 1/ #bcpoli…
.@RCYBC found that MCFD’s funding allocating system is broken. It was impossible for the report writers to connect spending with gov't priorities.

Finding no way to measure the impact of ministry spending on the health & well being of #Indigenous children in care. 2/ #bcpoli
There is no way to know if federal funds channeled through MCFD meant for First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Urban Indigenous children ever reached the people they were intended for. 3/ #bcpoli
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Is anyone keeping track of how many Apologies have been given to #FirstNations #Indigenous peoples in Canada?

Or more importantly..changes that have come as a measure of amends for acknowledged wrongs commensurate with the level of harm for what’s being apologised for?
I understand that the #Indian #ResidentialSchools were but one component of the overall Xanadian Gov strategy to remove #FirstNations from their Traditional Territories for the use & benefit of settlers & exclude FN’s from any benefit of wealth generated
This exclusion is successfully being perpetuated today by the Crown Govts of Canada

PM’s Harper & Trudeau have apologised for what has happened like it was from a far off long ago era

#ResidentialSchools amends must far more than “Healing” but include the political dynamic
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Star colours are an extremely important aspect of #Indigenous #Astronomy. Luritja #Aboriginal people of Central #Australia developed a stellar classification system based on #star colour, primarily focusing on red and white stars.

#thefirstastronomers #astrophysics #science
A majority of stars you see in the sky appear white (F/A class, such as #Sirius & #Canopus).

Some appear blue (O/B-class, such as #Rigel), orange (K-class, such as #Arcturus), red (M-class, such as #Betelgeuse).

Red stars have special importance due to their relative rarity
Red stars often reflect the colour of their terrestrial counterpart in Indigenous Knowledge Systems as a memory marker.

One example is the red-tailed black #cockatoo, which is linked to the star #Antares and planet #Mars in Aboriginal traditions across the Great Victoria Desert.
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Maliparbat, a bauxite-rich hill in Koraput, Odisha, is leased to manufacturing giant #HINDALCO & a public hearing today will decide the future of this lease. Of the 44 villages in the area, 41 oppose the mining. In our quest for development, are we sidelining indigenous voices?🧵
Local resistance led to the mines being closed in 2010, but #Hindalco sought to renew the environmental clearance for bauxite mining on Maliparbat. When the local communities protested at public hearings, they were met with harsh treatment from the police.…
The PESA Act and the #ForestRightsAct grant the Adivasis of Maliparbat autonomy over the land. This autonomy is doubly important given the locals' reliance on forest produce for medicine and healthcare, since public healthcare is often inaccessible.…
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Lots of other great big global things going on. All the time. At *the same* time. We get it. But CLIMATE never sleeps & neither does Calgary Climate Hub. The work continues. March is a busy one. Join us. #yyc @350Canada @ArushaCentre @OpenStreetsYYC @Reality_Canada @FFFCalgary Image
We don't advocate turning a blind eye to global tectonics like #Covid, the "Freedom Convoy," the #UkraineInvasion & whatever's next. But this is the #ClimateEra. Expect more mayhem not less. We need to be able to walk, chew gum & save the world at the same time. So let's do it /2
In March the Hub's hitting up some of the most critical pieces of the #ClimateEmergency. We start by joining @350Canada & @FFFCalgary on the March 12 #DayOfAction for a #JustTransition, which is a foundational necessity for Alberta moving forward /3… #yyc
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Dear @jsaideepak

1. #Indigenous #Bharat Civilisation Dharma intricately woven with an eternal Universal Laws of Nature

Dharma defined with Western lens equating wrongly Abrahamic Supremacy & Exclusivity Religion

Dharma ≠ Religion

Spirituality to West is Hinduism - Hinduism
Dear @jsaideepak

2. Prayer is the part of Dharma as an expression of our Love for Divinity but not the Dharma itself

Dharm is simply the Righteous Karm & Righteous Karm is our Dharm

Incredible Ancestors #Indigenous #Bharat Civilisational concept of #ChildrenOfCivilisation
Loved Sampradaya description by @jsaideepak

#Indigenous #Bharat beautiful Diversity has Incredible Civilisational Unity

Invaders & Colonisers didn’t allow #ChildrenOfCivilisation to celebrate Civilisational Unity

Diversity turned differences & divisive but we yet to celebrate
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This is most I'm going to do as hot take on #crisistextline and and board leadership and sustainability and so on. Here's my hope - can we (meaning those who care about #nonprofits, #philanthropy, #civilsociety, and #democracy) ... 1/13
STOP writing and talking about this as if it's a one-off. It's a structural problem for #democracy - our "so-called" independent sector (not the org, the concept) of a civil space where independent organizations outside the gov and the market 2/13
can offer alternative services, support minority views, preserve pluralism, and provide counterbalance to gov and corps is fundamentally broken in two HUGE ways that the CTL/ story simply brings to the fore...3/13
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1/ First Nations people in Alberta continue to be treated poorly by the #healthcare system in #Alberta. I’ve seen it directly at Dr offices and hospitals. My brother experienced horrible racism when he was very sick. #Indigenous #abpoli #cdnpoli
2/I understand I have a certain amount of privilege as I have a PSE and a non-native sounding last name. —My brother had undiagnosed thyroid issues for over 2 years and was left incredibly sick in hospital waiting rooms only to be told that he is fine or that he was drug seeking.
3/I’m not saying that all health care workers discriminate against Indigenous people, there are many bright lights. But the discrimination & mistreatment is very apparent & visible. How many more Native ppl have to die or become very sick before real change happens in the system?
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My name is Noeleen Cox @Coxy26094374 and I am sharing about the recent and ongoing experience of my pregnant granddaughter who was recently diagnosed with covid19 in regional country SA. I am disgusted and angry 😡with SAHealth and the SAGovt and how they have treated Aboriginal
country covid patients who have been flown to Adelaide to be quarantined in a covid Medic hotel.
My grand daughter is 3 months pregnant with her first time pregnancy. She was held overnight in a health facility in Ceduna and then flown in the morning from Ceduna with 8 other
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So on wikitree, I finally figured out how to do the relationship finder thing, good god, it shows how truly stupid that judge and Leroux has to be, and it also shows they totally went out of their way to make it 14 generations, LOL .. My unknown Mi'kmaq grandmother who was
married to Philippe Mius d'Entremont was my 8th GG, my mom's 7th, my nans 6th, and my great nan's Evangeline Mius' 5th. Her dad was born in 1862, Tranquille Mius, that was his 4th Grandmother. Who was there to tell her she was a #raceshifter when telling my nan about our Mi'kmaw
heritage/descendency @DarrylLeroux .. When you have me on your race shifting page as being 14 generations, I have all my papers proving this lineage too asshat. lol .. Wanna keep saying I only have 1 native ancestor, 300 yrs ago, lol .. My 7th great grandfather who is the son
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So, I have thoughts as an #Indigenous person about the first two chapters of #TheBookOfBobaFett and I can't keep them in. I don't want to spoil people, so this is your warning to click away now. Another note: I am just one Anishinaabe woman and represent only myself. 1/
I have long loved Tuskens, ever since KotOR. People who know me well know that I've long threatened to write Tusken fanfic. So when I say that I loved the humanization of the Tuskens in BoBF (and The Mando), know that it's from a long-standing Tusken fandom 2/
So first, the good:
* Tuskens are finally shown to have an actual culture and society and aren't reduced to the stereotype of the Ignoble Savage from old Westerns.
* The writers clearly took inspiration from real-life Indigenous cultures when breathing life into the Tuskens 3/
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#TainoHistory: Hatuey and The Africans

A #Taino chief during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

- He not only united Africans and Indigenous people against the invaders.

- He initiated the first pan-American resistance struggle."…
"For gold, slaves, and land they fight and kill; for these they persecute us and that is why we have to throw them into the sea. . . .”

— Taíno Leader Hatuey
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#decolonizedecember #18dicembre #Giornatainternazionaledeimigranti #InternationalMigrantsDay
#Violenza, #tortura #razzismo e #morte,
La politica di difesa dei confini dell'UE è razzista e rafforza le strutture di potere coloniali e capitaliste. Frontex e il sistema che rappre-
senta devono essere aboliti ADESSO. La politica militarizzata di fortezza UE ha ucciso oltre 44.764 persone dal 1993.
Annegati nel Mediterraneo; uccisi al confine; morti per suicidio in carcere, torturati e uccisi dopo l'espulsione - l'UE ha le mani sporche di sangue.
Frontex è
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On this #Truthsgiving, I'm sharing resources that highlight #NativeAmerican & #Indigenous voices, lived experiences, knowledge systems, histories & futures. Here's a 🧵 of materials for you to share with your relatives today that resist colonial narratives of #Thanksgiving...
The "All My Relations" podcast (@NativeApprops, @matikawilbur) talks about Indigenous relationships "to land, our creatural relatives, & to one another"
The "This Land" podcast by @rebeccanagle is about the implications of Indigenous land rights & sovereignty in the present day
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In the most grotesque breach of human rights imaginable, the #Australian army has forcibly removed #indigenous from Binjari & Robinson River communities to a #quarantine camp.

233 yrs of occupation/colonialism/genocide
Message to Michael Gunner, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, @fanniebay

"Michael Gunner you coward - where are you? Come here mate. Come here. You lying deceiving dog. You moneyslut."

"This is our land. We know every inch of it."
"Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness & recover without requiring special treatment."

This is not - & has never been, about a virus.
The architects of this mass hysteria do not care about your health.… ImageImageImageImage
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From personal experience, I know for sure that the number one thing that saddens the dead more than our grief — is not being conscious of their existence around us. They do want you to talk to them as if they were still in a physical body.
They do want you to play their favorite music, keep their pictures out, and continue living as if they never went away. However, time and " corruption"
have blurred the lines between the living and the dead, between man and Nature, and between the physical and the etheric. There was a time when man could communicate with animals, plants, the ether, and the dead.
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1. This reminds me of my 20+ years in Latin American studies, in which I had the privilege to learn about the "Latinamerican" identity of students from so many countries.
2. The first time I taught LA studies classes was in 1999-2000 at the @UF . Several of us, students and professors (or just me?), used to sit to eat at the open spaces in the campus and talk about our own "latinidad".
3. But it was only after I moved permanently to the US in 2016 that I realized how stripped of their #Indigenous identities were the Latin American immigrants here.
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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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