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My #arewa #sokoto story
Oct 1999, during our break team in Federal primary school Sokoto, a lady with blood all over her body ran into our school, few minutes a group of about 200 boys welding machetes,clubs, stones and daggars stormed but was rebutted by our strong gate,Part 1
Our head mistress rang the alarm and the school went crazy with tears as I scampered to look for my kid sis @queen_bella0 and bright. I saw them crying in the chaos and I had to be the big bro. In few minutes my dad drove to our school dressed in #arewa buba. I saw death, Part 2
The distance between my school and water board road I saw children beheaded, I saw pregnant women ripped apart, I saw people being burnt alive , it still hunts me. My friend in the street saw me entering our house and signaled that he'll kill me, Part 3
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@ndlea_nigeria First of all, its obvious DCP #AbbaKyari trusted your officers who double crossed him for this stint. It's obvious they have been doing business together for a very long time.

This only turns out to be a bad business day for him. He was simply betrayed!

@ndlea_nigeria Friendship and trust was at the heart of their shoddy deals. This same friendship and trust was put on the line by your officers to turn in #AbbaKyari and his men.

Your officers @ndlea_nigeria plainly and unambiguously hoodwinked him for this #cocaine scandal.

@ndlea_nigeria #AbbaKyari isn't stupid to start with, he couldn't have just trusted someone for the first time or out of the blues to do such a risky endeavour with.

It was a classical case of #Arewa brothers trusting each other without pretensions. It was never an introductory meeting.

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For this weeks #everydayheroes we’ll be focusing on Hafsatu’s story
#jarumamagzine #arewa #sheroes
My husband's dream was to have an orphanage one day. He loves kids a lot. We've been married for 6years before we adopted our little angel, Zahra. People always think the adoption idea was mine, but it was my husband's. He is a very supportive partner.
We got a call one saturday from my husband's niece about new babies at an orphange in another state. We were excited. We tried adopting from our state before trying out the other state. We registered with social services of both states and we were put on a waiting list.
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My name is Khalid Abdul Hameed I am 32 years old from Kano state. This is my #SuvivorSeries.
I lived a very comfortable life with my wife Amina and my two girls Samira and Habiba. I’m a businessman so, I own and run several businesses in Abuja. My parents live in Kano, so, every December and Eid we travelled there to spend the holidays with them.
We usually travelled by road because it was convenient also because my girls’ and I always loved road trips.
However, in 2018, news began to spread that the roads were no longer safe.
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Dear Arewa Ladies,
 Today I'll be sharing some advice with the unmarried sisters. To avoid ending in tears you should consider 3 factors before getting into relationships. Although in the end everything is destined to be, we do our best to be safe than sorry
So; CULTURAL DIFFERENCES/FAMILY BACKGROUND, TIMING and AGE GAP. Even though now that I think about it, the subsequent ones both depend on the first. You have to be realistic and honest with yourself. What is your culture like?
What are the expectations that your family has on you? What class are you from? What sort of life are you used to? What's the minimum that your parents expect from someone that wants to marry you?
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The #Arewa streets are hot once more over a post @FakhuusHashim on the proposed family law. I wanted to stay away in peace after all the energy spent over the #MSII saga.
For many of us however, we can't help but access and contribute to situations.
For one to have an interest in the family law, you have to first be a Muslim. Your Islamic faith can never be complete until you totally submit that the rules of Allah SWA and that of his messenger SAW are paramount & unflawed even if you are deviant.
My stance for women & cricism of the contemporary Arewa family system is always within the confines of Islam because I am muslim. There are however certain interpretation of the Deen that are laced with patriarchy based on the fact that perception & bias is a human deficiency
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More than 13,000 farmers in Northern Nigeria, especially Kano benefited from the #BabbanGona agricultural franchise model developed by His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II partnered by Nestle, IITA, DfID, USAID, Kiva, GIZ, AGRA, BMGF, Skoll, Mulago, GIF,Rockefeller Foundation & others
Same Emir Sanusi is among 17 very influential people selected by the UN to be SDG advocates, coupled with his contacts that will be beneficial for accessing global intervention for Kano state. Young people look up to and listen to him.
It is sad that this is the man the Kano state government has chosen to fight.
In development, linkage is everything. The government should find ways to Get along with the Emir for the sake of Kano people, #Arewa and Nigeria as a whole.
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After years of conservative, self enriching, crumbs giving, status quo preserving, Sharia lying, your Excellency touting, decorative traditionalist #Arewa leaders the North is only regressing dangerously more than ever before. It means that was a clearly wrong leadership formula.
Today here comes those ready to defy the old system, stamp with iron shoes, call a spade a spade and nudge towards the necessary and very important #ArewaRevolution which has to be by us for us.
We the products of the old system that has never favored us are busy jumping up and down shouting "Don't change our ways". I ask the same failed ways?
According to MSII only seemingly mad people can bring change.
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Sai bango ya tsage ķadangare ke leķowa.

Bangon #arewa ya tsage. Ķadangaru sunga makwancin mu.

Mun bari abokan zaman mu sun raina mu.

Mun bar sana'o'in mu da cinikaryar mu sun lallace muna neman aiki da kwangilar gomnati.
Mun bar al'adun mu, addinin mu, mutuncin mu, sanin ya kamartarmu, gaskiyar mu, rikon amanar mu da kwazon mu sun gurbata saboda muna ķoķarin kwaikoyon al'adu da dabi'un wasu.
Harkar ilimi ta zama abun kunya, babu tsaro saboda zalama da cin amana. Babu akin yi saboda mun bar sana'o'in mu. Aure ya zama abun tsoro saboda ba'a yin shi don Allah. Abun duniya ya tsokane mana ido, mun zama 'yan tsako samu ka ki dangi, kowa kanshi kawai ya sani.
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