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Creating CitiBike mega-🧵! It began 16 yrs ago. NYC had released a new 🌎 plan & Mayor Bloomberg had recruited @JSadikKhan to set a new transportation direction. Janette noted our early interest in what Paris was doing in the recent @Curbed 10-yr piece:… Image
Paris wasn’t the 1st big French city with public bikes. Lyon went earlier. But Paris Mayor Delanöe was changing streets & wanted to increase the pace of cycling uptake Image
Bike share is best used as this kind of strategic accelerant for cities coming late to bike transportation. It worked in Paris and is working in NYC. Plenty of places go too small or don’t accompany 🚲 share with sufficient street changes to allow it to play this role Image
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Happy Friday afternoon y’all!

After a few weeks of preliminary systems testing in the real world I wanted to share a small update on the @ooneepod Mini. In the thread below we are going to answer a few questions about what’s next!…
@ooneepod …as some of you know, we produced two Mini prototypes; the idea was to test these regourously and to use the data to refine the features for the next batch of units that would be destined for NYC/NJ and other cities in the region.

One of these is destined for Grand Central... Image
@ooneepod …and we’re excited to share for the first time that we’re working with a number of community based organizations and the requisite city agencies to move the Mini around to different locations in New York City for 30 days at a time.

The purpose of this will be to test...
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Free Street parking is car storage day 1 Image
Street parking is car storage day 3 Image
Street parking is car storage day 4 Image
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This is an unconventional shot in the dark, but here it goes:

We’re looking for new investors in @ooneepod and I’m hoping that the #bikenyc crowd can share wisdom + advice on the process. Some of you know our story, but sharing it again below:…
@ooneepod …I started the company because the experience of owning & using a bike sucked. Nobody really seemed to be talking about anything but safety.

I believe that the parking & service economy have to be much, much more convinient in order for bike to become mainstream in cities.
@ooneepod …we’re dedicated to building a vast network of *free to use* 🚲 parking hubs that provide services like repair and maintenance through an app (as well as connecting users to local 🚲 shops, 🚲 insurance and other neccessities.)

…owning a 🚲 should be as easy as owning a 🚘
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Yesterday, I took my first #bikenyc ride in two months!

What’s more? I did it entirely from memory (did not use maps for navigation while riding, though I did study the route the night before)

(h/t to @akgerber and @CWFNYC for the idea.)

For the first 20 minutes, I forgot how to ride a bike on the streets of Brooklyn.

Moving at speed while outside, even being outside itself felt unnatural.

I’ve never minded shoaling before, but I got spooked by the enormous number of people riding with me down Dean and headed two blocks south to St. James.

I came across one of the plazas built by Bed Stuy Restoration and detailed by @wjfarr last month ()

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I had an epic #bikenyc day yesterday, until I got doored and knocked off my bike for the first time. I’m fine, just angry that a For Hire Vehicle passenger’s carelessness and bad infrastructure hurt me and could’ve killed me. 1/
I was riding home from a friend’s bday dinner in the Village, heading east on Houston Street to 1st Ave, which I take up to the Queensboro Bridge. On the last block, I rode in the “bike lane” between the vehicles poised to turn right and the cars positioned to go straight. 2/
As I was riding through the stopped vehicles, about to make my left onto 1st Ave, an SUV passenger in the going-straight lane (far away from the curb) flung the right rear door open into me and knocked me down in the “bike lane.” 3/
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In 2018, 4,565 submissions were made on Reported. (That's nearly 4x the submissions in 2017!) We crunched the data and are excited to share the Reported 2018 Year In Review. /1
Reported is an app that lets NYers hold dangerous drivers accountable for their behavior behind the wheel, for blocking bike lanes & crosswalks, failing to yield to you when you're crossing the street, running a red light or stop sign, or parking on a sidewalk. /2
First, let's focus on TLC-licensed vehicles (yellow & green taxis and "for hire vehicles" like @Uber & @Lyft). TLC vehicles represented 81% of the reports. Reported then submits these to 311/TLC on the user's behalf. The TLC often issues a summons to the driver. /3
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Bicycling friends: Did you know that @Giro, Bell, @CamelBak, Copilot and a few other bike gear brands that you may enjoy are owned by @VistaOutdoorInc, America's largest manufacturer of ammunition?
That's right! The same company that manufactures your CoPilot rear-rack child bicycle safety seat also produces the @SavageArms MSR 15 Patrol assault rifle.…
Moreover, @VistaOutdoorInc is an avid supporter of the NRA and its company officials sit on the board of the NSSF, the quietly powerful gun industry lobbying group working on things like the loosening of state regulations for concealed carry permits.…
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I was biking to a community mtg. tonight when I saw multiple vehicles driving in the 3rd Ave. bike lane.

A man stuck his head out the window waving a non-NYPD placard, telling me to pull over, claiming to be a police officer.

When challenged, he hid the placard & his face.

I noticed he had a driver wearing a suit.

And the car had special plates.

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