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The funny thing about adopting minimally-funded Complete Streets® & Vision Zero® policies is that no city adopted a Cars First or No More Walking policy in the 20th Century. They just spent billions of dollars and built the highways & stroads.
They didn't use buzzwords and pat themselves on the back for fancy pieces of paper, they just built the infrastructure that reflected their values and normalized it.
The very root of today's liberal transportation reform policies is an idea that accommodating people traveling in anything other than cars is somehow novel and unique and special and worthy of awards. That's bunk.
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Ok, @Penalosa_G presentation is amazing and it’s just getting started....
Underground path in toronto sucks the life out of the city; segregation not integration
Bad weather? Need better #infrastructure ; focus on the better 200 days, not the 20 bad ones; separated bike lanes! Safe, bike in winter, keeps people safe;
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In 2018, 4,565 submissions were made on Reported. (That's nearly 4x the submissions in 2017!) We crunched the data and are excited to share the Reported 2018 Year In Review. /1
Reported is an app that lets NYers hold dangerous drivers accountable for their behavior behind the wheel, for blocking bike lanes & crosswalks, failing to yield to you when you're crossing the street, running a red light or stop sign, or parking on a sidewalk. /2
First, let's focus on TLC-licensed vehicles (yellow & green taxis and "for hire vehicles" like @Uber & @Lyft). TLC vehicles represented 81% of the reports. Reported then submits these to 311/TLC on the user's behalf. The TLC often issues a summons to the driver. /3
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Dear @SenKennedy & @BillMagnarelli: Congratulations on becoming Chairs of your houses in the #NYSLegislature. Some thoughts to keep in mind when making policy. (cc @BikeNYBC @transalt @StreetsblogNYC @NYC_SafeStreets)

1) Transportation choices are shaped by public policy.
2) We need to give people safe, convenient transportation choices. Example, loads of people want to cycle places, but they're #2scared2bike.
3) Transportation is the #1 cause of injury death for kids and #2 for adults. But it doesn't have to be this way. Mortality rate in Netherlands is 1/4 of ours. That's because of good engineering (#VisionZero, transit, etc).
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At a packed Exeter HATOC for @ExeterCycling to stand witness to what Councillors & Officers say about cycle safety & speed compliance.
There's plenty of time to discuss the minutiae of bus/taxi issues.
Jamie Hulland (DCC) updating on Exeter Transport Steering Group, making reference to @ExeterCycling 8 point plan (which he states will be replied to in the January HATOC)
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1. It’s important to be for something, and to not just litigate grievances.

I want to tell you why I support @jen_keesmaat for mayor.
@jen_keesmaat 2. I should first say that I worked alongside Jen for several years - my first planning job - at Office for Urbanism and DIALOG.
@jen_keesmaat 3. aside: Office for Urbanism (OU) was a small planning/urban design firm started by @jen_keesmaat, @aurbanist, and @haroldmadi in 2003.
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Kicking off my #aashtoAM tweeting with a few relevant tweets from #WalkBikePlaces below. And really, you should just go look at that whole thread if you work in transportation.
Taking @RelayBikeShare in Atlanta bike infrastructure. Raised path an interesting experience--I like it. Celebratory 100-mile marker a nice touch--recognizes progress. #AASHTOam #infrastructure #BIKES TO #bikeshare
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At the @austinmobility @austinfiredept safety meeting
Acting Chief saying that we all have a common goal (safety).

Says the key is to talk to one another to find common ground to be successful.
If you wanna ask a question, goto and use ATX as the access code
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Kicking off #WalkBikePlaces with an infrastructure tour on @BlueBikesNOLA. Several under way now; I'm on the one that looks at public art, placemaking. #bikeNOLA
First stop: Jackson Square, National Historic Site, named for Andrew J. Led battle that saved NOLA in 1812 but owned enslaved people. Should his statue come down? #WalkBikePlaces
Beautiful murals! Families of Plessy and Ferguson reconciled with art in celebration. Studio BE right across the street--big studio space in covered warehouse. @BlueBikesNOLA station right here at park.
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@SadiqKhan @TfL #LondonBusWatch Reports from some Bus Depots: "A/C units being fixed" so THANK YOU for taking immediate action @MayorofLondon BUT as TfL Chair @Twitter reports from Bus Drivers & Volunteer Campaigners shouldn't be necessary #LeaveTheBunker @CarolineRussell
@SadiqKhan @TfL @MayorofLondon @Twitter @CarolineRussell As TfL Chair, you shouldn't have to be embarrassed by Bus Drivers calling you on @LBC @mrjamesob #SpeakToSadiq to complain about #BusSafety issue which should not exist b/c TfL's Claire Mann told @oliviat_93 "A/C required on all new buses since 2012"…
@SadiqKhan @TfL @MayorofLondon @Twitter @CarolineRussell @LBC @mrjamesob @oliviat_93 Think about it: if it wasn't for @Unite_Battersea tweeting pictures of the temperature in his bus cab on Social Media AND Bus Driver calling into #SpeakToSadiq AND Olivia's scoop in the Standard, would you—as TfL Chair—have even known about the A/C issue?
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We have to get bureaucracies off their deadly fixation that 94% of crashes are caused by human error and thus the reason why fixing human behavior is the answer to traffic fatalities. It has created a barrier to real safety interventions in the US. Let's go threading...
Since the 1930s we have used the "human error is the cause of crashes, thus the cause of deaths on road." This has been used to deflect attention away from safe systems approaches.

(Evans, L. 2004. Traffic safety, Bloomfield, Mich: Science Serving Society.)
This fixation with perfecting human behavior because of this 90% statistic was recognized as false and misleading by those at the forefront of #VisionZero in Europe nearly 50 years ago.
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Council is back from lunch and I'm in the chamber. They were debating using surplus funds for #VisionZero initiatives, but are now doing member motions. List includes motion from @joe_cressy, seconded by @m_layton to improve safety in Bloor bike lanes…
Dalia Chako died recently after being struck while riding her bike by a truck at the Bloor/St. George (…). @stephenholyday is holding the motion for questions/debate, so we'll get to it later.
@stephenholyday .@mammolitiward7 is now holding Wong-Tam's motion on providing menstrual products in shelters (…). "Tampons for everybody," he says negatively. Doucette calls back calmly to say they're actually very important
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Another way to illustrate that speed kills, via @WeAreHub. What would you prefer — death, injured or uninjured? Set speeds accordingly. Read this thread, & discuss. #VisionZero
“Pedestrian deaths are reported as isolated incidents with no human repercussions & no link to larger systemic health and safety issues, & drivers are nearly always rhetorically & linguistically absolved from blame.” Via @StreetsblogUSA #VisionZero…
Whenever it’s said that “speed wasn’t a factor” in a deadly crash, what they really mean is that the car involved wasn’t technically speeding. It presumes that the speed limit wasn’t too high to begin with. When it comes to death from collisions, speed is almost always a factor.
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Aurora: Disney Princess or deadly @wsdot highway? #FixAurora #VisionZero
Aurora: Disney Princess or deadly @wsdot highway? #FixAurora #VisionZero
Aurora: Disney Princess or deadly @wsdot highway? #FixAurora #VisionZero
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1) A mapping thread to provide some context and perspective for #TransformYonge.

This is Toronto’s street network.
2) Excluding laneways, Toronto has 5,289 centreline km of expressways, arterials, collectors, and local roads.
3) If we drop local roads, which don’t handle through traffic, we have 2,105 centreline km of expressways, arterials, and collectors.
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1. A few thoughts about the tragic incident in Arizona, where a woman was killed by an #Uber self-driving car…
2. Much of what I read in the first day after the incident clearly tried to shift blame to the victim, and to devalue that individual…
3. She was crossing outside a marked crosswalk…

She came out of the shadows…

She may have been homeless…

She had a criminal record…
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To follow up on yesterday's repeat red light violation analysis, here is some more horrifying data from the same source regarding drivers repeatedly speeding in school zones. #VisionZero
It should go without saying, but considering how few speed cameras are permitted in NYC and how constrained their hours and locations are, this captures a minuscule fraction of the reckless driving in our city.
Even still, there are *hundreds of thousands* of drivers who have been caught driving dangerously 3 or more times! *Thousands* of drivers have accumulated *dozens* of violations. They are without doubt a menace on our streets, and likely to kill with their recklessness.
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Before you RT this catchy infographic, a thread--
#RoadSafety #VisionZero #dataviz
Infographics work. I clicked. My first response: Catchy title but the piece provides zero basis for the statement. Data-driven safety improvements are essential--so where's the data? This could have been so much more. #RoadSafety #visionzero
Dug a bit. Googled law firm credited on map. Got… telling me it's @NHTSA "accident" (sic) data for "automobiles/pedestrians". Where are bicycles/motorcycles? More Google. #CrashNotAccident #RoadSafety #VisionZero
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Pilot in BC Canada: @velometro 3-wheeled enclosed #ebikes operating as shared vehicles. Think Car2Go+bike. Geofenced to keep off pedestrian walkways. #TRBAM
If @velometro classified as bikes they can be in bike lanes but you couldn't park these at a bike rack. Lots of policy issues to be worked through. #TRBAM #bikeshare (?)
Traffic operations questions created by low-power vehicles that aren't quite bikes. If they operate (maybe in general motor vehicle lanes) + you want smaller vehicles used for urban delivery + working for bike mode shift, what happens? #TRBAM #LEVs
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