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#BobaFett was NEVER Space Punisher. He was the best of a Space Apple Dumpling Gang who lucked out shipping an ice cube who STILL managed to dump him in the Sarlacc on a space backwater. The Empire HATED Space Rasputin's disintegration-prone flunky contractor "scum." WATCH AGAIN
The Empire just overran Hoth but remember how many AT-ATs, AT-STs & Star Destroyers got taken out doing it, which probably made GREAT reporting to Palpatine who wants Vader to update him. Yeah, it's NOT great but the Empire was short handed in the zone. Enter the bounty hunters.

2 trigger-happy droids, 2 aliens (one apparently a clairvoyant, so Space Miss Cleo?!) a dude fresh from a swoop bike accident, & Boba. That's NOT a lot of people answering the call to hunt a piece of junk w. a princess leading a galactic rebellion.

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Bueno, el anterior episodio de #TheBookOfBobaFett revolucionó el internet con MUCHOS cameos IMPORTANTES 📺

Pero probablemente te has perdido un poco si no has seguido toda la saga 👀

Abro hilo para contarte como debes ver #StarWars en orden cronologico (y sin relleno)


Cronologicamente este es el inicio de toda la historia que actualmente conocemos.

Es interesante ya que nos plantea el origen de ANAKIN SKYWALKER / DARTH VADER y el de DARTH MAUL (quién tiene relación con los Mandos)

Seguimos con la historia principal, pero aquí nos introducen por primera vez a los CLONES y MANDALORIANOS.

También narran el origen del pequeño #BobaFett
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Let's talk about #BobaFett I'm seeing lots of stuff about how @disneyplus has "destroyed" this badass character and I'm confused. Now I'm not a @StarWarsUK expert but I've watch the films and cartoons and series so I'm reasonably up to date on it all.
Now. On Boba's first appearance he got his hands on Solo on Ice, more by luck than through any badassery. He then gave Solo to Jabba and went to Jabbas yacht party. He was no help against Luke, Leia et Al when they rescue Solo and accidently ended up in a sarlac's stomach.
So that was his movie appearances apart from the prequels where he sees his dad get killed.
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You may be watching Star Wars "The Book of Boba Fett" and imagining the exotic locales they must have filmed it in. But... "parking lot in Carson, California" probably wasn't your first guess. Took this flying over the set in March 2021. #StarWars #BobaFett
And this is how the set looked in the second episode. Really amazing the technology they have now to transform a parking lot into another world.
I am also guessing "giant hole in the ground in Pacoima" wasn't at the top of your list as Star Wars filming locations... yet here you have it. Filmed April 2021. #StarWars
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The Book of Boba Fett: Laney does a script doctoring session. #BobaFett

Spoilers for episode 1
First off, as usual, this is with the benefit of hindsight having seen the show.

So lets kick off with a few important changes. For my take I will not be relying on the dream flashback trope and instead using the present and hinting that we will be showing his escape...
...from the Sarlacc later on when he is ready to tell the story.

I will be keeping my narrative for the first episode in the present, and kicking it off BEFORE he takes Bib Fortuna out.
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#BobaFett had just four lines in "Empire Strikes Back." Here's how he ended up with his own TV show.…
#TheBookofBobaFett fills in some gaps about what Fett has been up to between the events of “Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi” and his appearance in “The Mandalorian.”…
Fett’s time in the spotlight has been a long time coming. Created more than 40 years ago, the fan-favorite bounty hunter is among the “Star Wars” franchise’s best known and most popular characters despite his limited presence in the original trilogy.…
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#Abrohilo (brevísimo) sobre #HarrisonFord y algunos de sus papeles emblemáticos en el cine:
Fue nombrado Harrison en honor de su abuelo materno Harry Nidelman (quien murió en 1919), quien fue un inmigrante judío originario de Minsk, Bielorrusia.

Aunque #HarrisonFord intentó estudiar literatura inglesa y filosofía, desde la escuela tuvo inclinaciones por la actuación. Sin embargo, por sus constantes ausencias, nunca se graduó.
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Boba Fett has always been one of my favorite #StarWars characters, so I put together a thread on the character's genesis and why fans have gravitated to him over the years.
The 1979 Kenner #BobaFett action figure, more than any film appearance, is responsible for the bounty hunter's popularity; American media scholar Henry Jenkins suggests children's play helped the character "take on a life of its own."
The character's origins begin in March 1978, when Joe Johnston designs a SuperTrooper / SuperCommando in white armor that would become the iconic bounty hunter.
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