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Nun = Chaos, derived from Anu/Anunnaki. Sumerian creation tablets; Temple of Innana.

Ungendering = Satanic ideal to be bisexual & hermaphroditic like Baphomet.

"Our children are not really our children" = everyone is a child of God, we're all bros/sisters

#HiviteTacitcs #QAnon
Apparently Celine Dion is a slave to a Satanic Death cult run by Hivites that are trying to impose Luciferianism on all of us & re-order society with them in control having access to all newborns to be "shaped" in their image of evil. #hiviteTactics #ByePhoenicia #QAnon @POTUS
Do you see the signs and symbols too? Are you beginning to recognize the pattern? The pattern is the evidence.
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[isaac kappy] is not who he says he isβ€”β€” a thread:
1) πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

🚨 8:39 πŸš¨β€œISAACS ESOTERIC HOUR” In above video IK admits to his practice of Volume 5 OTO Temple of Set β€œLight” magick β€”that HE practices. He is telling us who he is. Believe him!!! 🀑
#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #FakeMAGA #outofthewoodwork
2) …

first 10 mins are very telling on IK.. #QAnon
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I've been anticipating this complaint ever since Q posted "You are the saviors of mankind." Remember bad actors are posing as Christians. What Q said is a STATEMENT OF FACT. #FactsMatter Did Q say we are the savior of souls? NO. They said MANKIND, saving humanity from destruction
It is a FACT that #TheGreatAwakening is SAVING thousands of lives, and preventing the #Hivite Cannibal Cabal from annihilating 90% of the human race. To say "You are the saviors of mankind" is simply a statement of FACT by definition. #FactsMatter #UseLOGIC #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS
Furthermore, how does God work in the world if not through the decisions and actions of individual human beings? How many following along with Q are seriously faithful Christians? How many feel they are doing God's work? This complaint that Q posted blasphemy is #hiviteTactics
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Does everyone understand what is happening? There is a violent insurgency underway, foreign military operatives are waging WAR on #WethePeople from within our borders. We are in a state of Martial Law & the U.S. Military is going to take action against those "protesting." #QAnon
Those "protesting" are NOT protected by #1A because they are VIOLENT, often being paid, & are acting as agitators on behalf of a foreign enemy of the USA. This is SEDITION & TREASON. These rioting mobs are made up of #EnemyCombatant #AmericanTerrorists who will be going to GITMO.
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"If [Dems] do that, it's a WAR LIKE POSTURE" - @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

This is not a game. This is not a test. Do your job or make your last play. Choose wisely. #ByePhoenicia
"These people are sick... They are the ones causing the division" - #StableGenius @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

He said: "THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK" #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #FutureProvesPast #ByePhoenicia
"How do you catch a fish?" ---> with BAIT
#ByePhoenicia #TheGreatAwakening #EnjoyTheShow
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Ew. Hivite trolls are out in force thinking that their tactics will be more effective &/or less transparent today or something. #ByePhoenicia Just because I'm not 100% thrilled about the midterms & lack of disclosure doesn't mean I'm off the Q train or doubting #ThePlan. Go away.
Mostly I'm just impatient for a world where Hivite cannibals & their minions no longer exist. As in total annihilation of the species; EXTINCTION. Every day that goes by where they still hold any amount of influence is unacceptable to me. That doesn't mean they just disappear.
Until this truth is 100% disclosed, I won't be satisfied. Every disclosure of lesser truths is only partially meaningful. Without the full picture (cannibals mind controlling everyone so they can eat humans), we are still living in deception. #DeceptionKills #HivitesGetLit #QAnon
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MSM coverage of the results is like watching a half dozen grown adults asking each other if anyone has any good news about democrats to report. They are only highlighting where Dems seem to be ahead and half the time the numbers contradict showing Republicans winning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #MAGA
They are literally interrupting each other to be able to report a projected democrat win anywhere, even with 1% of the vote counted. It's absurd.
All I keep thinking is "Fake News. Turn off the show."
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Projectiles of any kind are a weapon
Hivites routinely recruit children to throw rocks at government targets in Israel & the Middle East. This requires the VICTIM to defend self, which the hivites then invert and use as ammunition against them to justify further violence


#theGreatAwakening #QAnon
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PAY ATTENTION: Mainstream news article with the words "EAT A CHILD" in the headline. No coincidences. Seeding the public psyche in preparation for "HRC +++ + +++++" #Qanon @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #CannibalsAreAnimals #ItEndsNOW #ByePhoenicia #HivitesGetLit #MAGA
Here's how the social psychology breaks down:

Just saying "Hillary ate a child" would get reactions like "That's preposterous. You're crazy."

Exposing that a person actually did (intend to) eat a child gets the reaction "WTF? That's so gross & evil! Who does that?!" --->HILLARY
Make sense? If the public first accepts that #Cannibalism is a real thing that happens in America today, it's an easier mental leap to understand that MANY in our Government & in other positions of power/influence are Child Eating Serial Killer Cannibals. #CannibalsAllTheWayDown
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If our Country were a woman's body, would she not have the right to say who is and is not allowed to enter? Or are her wishes only respected when it supports the Leftist Cannibal agenda?

Our Country, our choice. Boundaries are healthy & necessary for #Sovereignty.
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Um, you guys???? This is infinitely more important than @KanyeWest @JacobAWohl #Meuller the #14thAmendment or any other ridiculous & chaotic half truth the #Hivite cannibals want you to be talking about instead of ALL THIS EVIDENCE that they are all about to go all the way DOWN.
STAY FOCUSED on what is happening in our GOVERNMENT. All the rest of this is #HiviteTactics #MindControl games & distraction antics. It's meant to spin you up emotionally so you stop thinking logically and behave according to your FEELINGS instead of your ANALYSES. #QAnon @POTUS
Stay focused on things like arrests, indictments, etc that are related to crimes connected to #TheGreatAwakening.

#EnemyCombatants are #AmericanTerrorists. #BuildTheWall

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Ugh. Trump lit Twitter on fire with this 14th amendment nonsense. Where/when did @realDonaldTrump say he would use an EO to repeal or otherwise override a provision of the 14th amendment? I see a lot of outrage about it but no source. Anyone? #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #WWG1WGA
Generally, the bill of rights applies to what the States may or may not do to citizens w/in their state who are also under the jurisdiction of the United States. Meaning, states can't be more restrictive than the Constitution. It takes 2/3 majority vote to change the constitution
Before I get too deep into the weeds on this #14thAmendment #Constitution debate, I'll posit that @realDonaldTrump didn't actually make this claim as it's being represented, but rather he is looking for legal/Constitutional ways to overcome the HUGE PROBLEM of anchor babies.
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Notice the timing:

10/28-10/30 (blood, human sacrifice each day)
10/31 Halloween; Prep for Isia (ring of six: Isis/Hathor/Nepthys/Horus/Thoth/Anubis) Resurrection of Osiris; Start Dark 1/2 of yr

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS #TheStorm #MAGA #Hivites
11/1-11/6 Isia: 6day ritual drama search for pieces of Osiris/feast of Netherworld, parting of astral veil/resurrection of Osiris
11/4 Satanic Revels (sexual)
11/5 Guy Fawkes’ Day
11/6 U.S. Election
11/7 Hilaria/Mania (Open of Mundus Cereris) rebirth of Osiris
11/11 Armistice Day
This is a series of public rituals. Keep updating this list. They're not going to stop. There will be something every day, unfortunately. #HiviteTactics Does anyone still question whether this is happening? Because the pattern is the evidence. This is WAR. #QAnon @POTUS @NSAGov
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I am ready for #TheStorm
Psalm 144
Happy Birthday #QAnon! Today is the 1 year anniversary of Q's first post. What a difference a year makes. #WWG1WGA @POTUS #WethePeople #TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #ItEndsNOW
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2 years ago I had only just begun recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse by my father. I attributed all of my pain & symptoms to a complex medical condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3, a diagnosis assigned to me in 2015. I would come to learn my "symptoms" were induced
I was desperate to figure out what was wrong, to feel better, & to learn how to be a chronic patient rather than a productive member of society. As I grappled with my new reality, I posted many of my personal reflections on Facebook: "Big day today and more in the coming weeks...
...thoracic & lumbar MRI, urodynamic testing, thyroid ultrasound & meetings w/ a neurosurgeon, GI, pulmonologist & new PT. Any extra health & healing vibes you can spare I will gladly receive and use to the fullest extent"

I was so naive. Everyone around me was making me sick.
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Please report & block this cannibal troll account that is using my picture & resume description from LinkedIn. As I said, #HiviteTactics will escalate. Attacks will intensify. But this is totally normal for someone who is not telling dangerous truth to experience, right? #QAnon
The goal of this account seems to be related to the most recent cult attack, timing of account creation fits. It seems they're trying to make me look bad or something. Neat trick guys. #ByePhoenicia Your tactics are transparent and you yourselves are completely impotent.
All these sad, sick people want is to make me (us) upset. Just agitate us. It's so stupid.
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They've engineered my life to be a study in melancholy for them. They do not feel. They do not love. They do not understand human emotions, so they induce & then study them. My life is an experiment to them. A game. My soul, a play thing. They do not love. They only deceive.
"I'm haunted
By the lives that I have loved
& actions I have hated
I'm haunted
By the lives that wove the web
Inside my haunted head
Don't cry
There's always a way
Here in November in this house of leaves
We'll pray"
- Poe
"You may be king for the moment
But I am a queen, understand?
& I've got your pawns & your bishops
& castles all inside the palm of my hand...

While you were selling your soul
While you were tearing a hole in me
I was taking control"

- Poe "Control"
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1. An undeserved curse is returned to the sender tenfold
2. The detail they failed to mention is the reason they hate Kavanaugh is because he's anti abortion, which they rely upon to FEED them #CannibalsAreAnimals
3. This interview will age very well, Mr Watters #ByePhoenicia
Recognize the significance of this interview on @WattersWorld. This time last year they were only alluding to a "cult" on Fox News while discussing Donna Brazile's fear of HRC & Co after they murdered Seth Rich. Now, @JesseBWatters is interviewing witches who are hexing our gov't
You CANNOT convince me nothing is happening. There is NO WAY this would even be a story if not for the full disclosure effort that's currently underway in #TheGreatAwakening. This kind of story prepares the public psyche for the FACT that "witches" are actively working against us
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Ding Ding Ding! #HiviteTactics Get ahead of the narrative & reverse it. Kill a journalist using your assets at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Work with Turkey & bad actors to frame Saudi Arabia for the murder in order to sour newly strengthened US/Saudi ties & throw shade at @POTUS
@POTUS Like I said, #HiviteTactics. Try to get ahead of the narrative to paint the good guy as the bad guy to poison public perception before evidence of your crimes emerge. #ByePhoenicia
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Our President doesn't make statements like this without careful deliberation. He is indicating Bruce Ohr was USED AS A PAWN by his wife & others, which is exactly what @cronsell & I have been saying. The WOMEN y'all. #TheGreatAwakening #ByePhoenicia #QAnon @POTUS #WWG1WGA
He doesn't say things like this out of the blue or unless it's a done deal. There must be an indictment somewhere getting ready to be unsealed... WATCH - Something BIG is happening! #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS
And I echo @realDonaldTrump's sentiment in many ways, WHERE IS THE DOJ AND @jeffsessions on this? #WethePeople are BEYOND ready for some TRUTH to be revealed! Just do it already!
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Wow. I just found the paper that got me into the University of Michigan. The subject matter is astonishingly apprapiate for this moment in our history. #WWG1WGA There is more that unites us than divides us. It's time to evolve beyond identity politics & instead focus on behavior.
In this country we are all supposed to be EQUAL under the law. That means equal application of standards and punishments. No more justifying discrimination of any kind based on historical wrongs. Clean slate. New day. Political correctness is #MindControl #WWG1WGA #SayBraveThings
I think we all would do well to internalize these concepts and understand how antidiscrimination policies are often discriminatory and therefore unjust. People are people. Behavior is more important than identity. #QAnon #theGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
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2 Ezra chapters 14-16. Consider "sword" may mean sword of truth.

#theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #WeThePeople #WWG1WGA #ByePhoenicia #BurnDownBabylon #ItEndsNow
@POTUS #theStorm is here.
@POTUS I believe this is talking about cannibals, the World they built, what they will suffer and who among them will survive. The famine is here because they are already starving. Their inability to eat causes brain fog/confusion. Truth will end those of them who survive #theStorm.
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What if the only reason 'benevolent' aliens haven't made their presence known to us is because we're still falling for the divide/conquer, dominate/consume deception game the #Hivites create for us, contrary to nature & logic, which basically means we're living in Hell? #QAnon
Let this sink in: Status quo will continue until #WeThePeople demand an END to the practices of deception, mind control, ritual abuse, child prostitution, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Our great lesson as a species is to mature beyond evil so it can't corrupt earth again.
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