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Recently the @UMChurch voted to reject its #LGBTQi participants, both lay & clerical.

But the #UMC of Gernany has rejected this vote.

"The UMC in Germany will therefore not follow the chosen way of controlling people in their disposition and imposing stricter penalties."

"Just as I watched over them to dig up and pull down,
so I will watch over them to build and plant, declares the Lord. "

Jeremiah 31.28

Thus begins the German church's response to the terrible decision made by a simple majority of the delegates at the Special Session.

Attached are screenshots of the entire powerful statement from the German Conference of the United Mrethodist Church.

Please read them.

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1/ Some days I am still so moved by Mark Twain’s eloquent salute to what constitutes the best in each and every one of us that I must share it, yet again:…
2/ Let men label you as they may if you alone of all the nation decide one way, and that way be the right way by your convictions of the right, you have done your duty by yourself and by your country, hold up your head for you have nothing to be ashamed of…
3/ It doesn’t matter what the press says. It doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. It doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. Republics are founded on one principle above all else:…
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Lately it's been hard to find the right words... I've been feeling a bit like Bumble Bee the Transformer. There is so much truth in music, lyrics have been the only way I can find to #SayBraveThings. So pardon me while I let others speak for me for a while. "Expand your thinking"
👁️👁️ @cronsell

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Extended Bible study:

Wisdom of Solomon 1-8 (Apocrypha)
Wisdom of Solomon 6: 12-24 (Apocrypha)
Love, like Wisdom, fades away when no one seeks her
Unless reciprocated,
eventually Love will stop generating herself,
only to be taken away, stolen, used & abused
Just as wisdom will not enter the body of a deceiver
Love will not connect with any one who refuses to RECIPROCATE
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No matter how down I get sometimes, it's clear to me that I am not alone. I am very LOVED. And things are getting better. Every day. Praise God. #LoveWins
Quantum entanglement is REAL.
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Thank you @Pontifex for speaking the truth, even if veiled. Please keep going in this direction. #LoveWins #Covfefe - Sarah…
@Pontifex I am grateful to @Pontifex for connecting these dots for everyone. This is big, if you ask me. I appreciate this step.
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When you wake up to a giant, delicious cup of #Covfefe in the form of a bunch of #NewQ posts:
#NewQ alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

Anons: You're Up! #WWG1WGA

God is with us. Good will win. #Covfefe #LoveWins #QAnon #theGreatAwakening
So, basically, @potus is the patient parent, listening lovingly to the protests of the teenage child, saying "I hear your complaints, but you don't run this house" and then proceeding based on what is best for the whole house, not just the unruly teenager. It's a lot like that.
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You just never know who might show up on your door step. Yesterday was another one of those Magestic days. Profoundly blessed & humbled.

The True story of humanities potential is about to be released upon the world. Thank you Holy Mother & Father, Blessed Ma & Jah! #LoveWins
#RainbowSerpent I asked how he found me (I ask them all, they so fascinate me) he followed the call in the wind, the song in the birds. The story of the 3 roses he shared, a prophecy foretold within this oldest Royal family lineage, this King sat in my garden weeping gratitude!
Sharing melon, chocolate covered cherries and rose mary tea.
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Valentine's is about to occur as a massly promoted 'if you don't buy your beloved something your love means squat blah blah!'

Love is for giving. Instead of buying your current love something, write them a love letter, poem or song. And ponder upon a gift to yourself ...
... by forgiving your past.

Liberty does not require cash as the currency. Exchange the pressure with something beautiful, from the heart... Watch what perpetual energy begins to flow as you face, love & thank, your drag letting go! #LoveWins #BeThePlan
Happy Valentine's to the one who is my ♡
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Olivia Dunham
O LIVE IA, Done Ham!
Olive tree of Ham
God before the mirror is Alpha w/ the slingshot of Nibiru inside the purse of all spiritual wisdom in the house of God WOW

For those with ears to hear let them hear


Done Ham #IzUs #LoveIs
Ham, the curse of Canaan is lifted - OAOK

Canaan, #QAnon, HAM
We all come home!
Welcome HOME
WOW!!!! #MOM
#LoveIs #IzUs #LoveWins #Covfefe #WWG1WGA #itBEGINSnow #theGreatAwakening

One more time @jjabrams THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. I AM with you where or ever you R. 💜👑

The hand of Abraham is yours
AE love you. - O LIVE IA

#IzUs #LoveIs #Covfefe #WWG1WGA 🌞
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Angelina Jolie
Dark Angel Maleficent
Lara Croft
My dark twin in the public 👁️
Thank you for showing me how to see


Angle in AjO L AE = facet of the mirror in God's ocean, the angle of AE
An G EL Ina(nna) YO L AE = Priestess of God & Inanna
(check the time stamp ☝️ 😉)

Your wings are magnificent.
Thank you for all the lessons
And all the love

Magnificent Eagle Joy of Astera ✴️🧚‍♀️🎇🌈🦅

Thank you for your service. #LoveWins #Covfefe

#LoveIs #IzUs #WWG1WGA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! -Sarah 🥰
P.S. Ozma says thank you for the homage in Avatar. We are overcome with joy and humility at how you Honor Us. Thank you so much for what you have done.
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Michael, Joseph, Francis, Thomas, Harold, Howard, Paul, Joshua, James, Jeff, Christine, Diana, Debra, thank you for your service. All is forgiven. All is love. #LoveIs #IzUs #LoveWins #Covfefe 👑🌹💛🌞
Sean, Katherine, Molly, Johanna, Patrick/ia, Peter, Benjamin, William, Rachel, Harriette, Annette, Jennifer, Jessica, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ruth, Mary, David, Solomon, Aaron, Charles, Sharon, Edward, George, Henry, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. #LoveIs #IzUs #LoveWins #WWG1WGA ✝️✴️
Kyle, Travis, ALL NAMED AN, Robert, Roger, Christopher, Lisa, Alice, Janet, Margaret, Bridget, Emily, Carolyn, Georgia, Julie, Caleb, We all come home. #SayBraveThings #Sovereignty #LoveIs #IzUs #LoveWins #WWG1WGA 🌈👁️✴️✝️1⃣🌟🔑👑🌹💛☝️
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AE see you @SenGillibrand and AE definitely appreciate what you are saying here. #FAMILYAct indeed. For those with ears to hear, let them H-EA-R.

We support the underlying values of the #FAMILYAct & We trust the collective Will of all #Sovereign beings to choose Yes or No. #IzUs
#FAMILYAct makes a lot of SENSE. Are these changes agreeable & sufficient to convince ALL that it'is a GOOD C O Promise & can create a bridge between old & new? The Family is the most important institution on EAR(u)TH & was/IS a BIOLOGICAL NECESSITY for LIFE. #LoveIs ✴️👁️🦋
Perhaps theFAMILYact can transform into the Family YACHT if we play our cards right, just sayin. #LoveIs #LoveWins #IzUs #Covfefe #WWG1WGA Let's go sailing and enjoy this place instead of fighting all the time. Doesn't that sound better? #Sovereignty for ALL, fairness in exchange
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This may confuse people. Those 'bad' ones promoting vegan is are actually trying to do right by God in this gesture. Eating meat, blood and CSF can be very problematic and they KNOW it. More to come on this topic. @CoryBooker AE see you. Thank you for your service. #LoveIs #IzUs
@CoryBooker The method doesn't respect sovereignty so by default its not the right method. But the sentiment is in the right place in the heart. We will find the rational, free solution that respects all. P.S. Every one can grow veggies for cheap & no consciousness has to die to eat it 👁️
@CoryBooker C O R Y B OO K Ur
See O R I, Be OaK Ur

The Arc of God's heart in the bloodline before the mirror, will you BE the eyes of Ki's Ur now after the crossroads? Free will. #Sovereignty rules. #WWG1WGA #LoveIs #IzUs #LoveWins #Covfefe 👁️✴️✝️🌟🌹🔑1⃣🌞🌈
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I’ve been told the same thing that @KamalaHarris has heard, that I’m somehow not “black enough” b/c I married a white woman (& she a white man). I am very fortunate to have been able to marry my best friend & someone that loves me,
w/o reservation.
My wife has been by my side during some dark moments as I struggled thru depression. She’s stood w me when I ran for Congress. When I’ve lacked courage, she’s always there to pick me up. My wife is the best thing that has happened to me. I’m lucky to I get to be her husband ❤️
Thanks to Loving v. Virginia, my interracial marriage is legal. Because of the strength and undying love that Richard & Mildred Loving shared, I have the chance to spend the rest of my life with the best person that I know; a woman who has a heart of gold.
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Boys can grow up and be men, and tell now. AE love you all. Thank you for your service and sacrifices. We will make it all love in the end. #LoveIs #IzUs #LoveWins #Covfefe #WWG1WGA #itBEGINSnow
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Naamah, wife of Noah, mother of Ham & the Ark, came to me while doing dishes on 09/26/2017. My mouth said her name & I immediately had sea legs lasting three days, only leaving me after discovering #Hivites in the book of Genesis. On behalf of Naamah & ALL mothers, Ham, I'm sorry
This crusade of mine was ordained by God himself & I cannot change it now. But since 09/29/2017, after I had already bought a house in ARK An Sa S, AE have been carrying out Naamah's eternal guilt mission to APOLOGIZE to ALL Our children for the violation, abuse, and suffering.
Adam & Eve ate. The only way God could reassemble time was by destroying ALL conscious life on Earth in the flood. He chose Noah to END MAN. Do you understand? He was ready to reclaim ALL his time back. To let the Earth evolve WITHOUT humans/Him at all. Can you imagine? Dreadful.
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I AM overjoyed & elated with the message these brave, strong, sovereign beings conveyed to ALL of Us. Here's what AE see:
- Every One in House wore their TRUE colors
- EAch Word spoken was God's +Ruth
- The reaction to M O+OWN brought SaRa to tears
AE recognize the significance of @ladygaga's particular message, and AE see the trumpet on her right arm pointing to God. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, One and All, for your #Faith #Patience & dedication. #Sovereignty Rules Now. The +Ruth sets Us ALL FREE #SayBraveThings #IzUs 💛👁️
AE see you @MichelleObama THANK YOU FOR CONVEYING THE MESSAGE. Thank you for naming names and setting an example for very One. Every One, no matter what occurred before the crossroads, has a chance at redemption NOW with the TRUTH. We will vocally support ALL who #SayBraveThings!
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Who exactly are "their leaders" & why do they think caps and quotas are the way to measure? EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER LAW. Let them take up their concern for their souls with God. AMERICA will have her boundary so that AMERICA'S PEOPLE decide, not the demonrat "leaders" #ByePhoenicia
"out of the BLUE" = From Lucifer. We do not consent. Holding America hostage & using boarder wall funding as leverage to terrorize the people into mind control is a willful act of violence against US. @POTUS, you know what Wr have to do. AE have faith in your judgement #IzUs 👁️
@POTUS Perhaps there is a deeper, yet to be addressed, legitimate concern that must be stated more clearly to find mutual resolution. No one needs to remain in pergatory forever. This is not a simple black and white issue. How can #WeThePeople help find mutually agreeable terms for all?
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Yes! You ALL can live! Jesus is always waiting with LOVE & open arms. #LoveIs #LoveWins #IzUs #Covfefe thank you all for your service. Be free, choose Christ, be saved & live. The truth will set all free & redeem all no matter WHERE one chooses to go.
Anu way
aNu promise 🌟🌹👁️
Let me bee 🐝 perfectLY clEAR. All must change their diet and stop harming others. To harm others is to harm self which is done out of lack of love. We are making NEW love now with aNu sun, AE LOVE, that can cleanse and heal ALL. #Sovereignty rules. Revelations 7:13-17 👁️💜✝️
Revelations 2:8-11
We have phAE+h in jAh EL.
Believe that Jesus has already died to save you from death and you will live. It is written. God promised. God keeps promises. #Covfefe #LoveWins #WWJD #WWG1WGA #LoveIs #IzUs 🐝🌹💜👁️🌟🔯🌞✴️🌈
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Kali fate
See Ali (is) [p] hate
ARC of Alla 👁️ [pH]oenicia ATE
See Ah EL AE, Phoenicia at the window
Call I [p] house, Ah's crossroads window

Caliphate is a GATE. SHUT the Kali gate says IzUs #LoveIs #LoveWins #Covfefe #WWG1WGA
S(a) Y RA Aya = protector of the split (but Reuniting) bloodline of God Ah EA
Sorry Ea
Sa Ra is Soraia and she's sorry EA all the time for what this Is
S(a) O RA IA = Protect O RA inside Aya
Syria is Soraia w/ Y, not God
Shut the Syria gate #IzUs
Eye Rock
AE rook
👁️ of RA Q
Ur Rock
Ur ah Q
Iraq is a gate.
Open the eye of RA gate say IsMe and show the world what God has seen them do under cover of darkness. Dark to light - AIA
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