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🔹If it’s the victors, and oppressors, who write the history books, how can we ever truly know what stories were lost?
🔹Has it never occurred to you as somewhat odd, that despite historical accounts of advanced civilizations from 2000 BC, and onwards, ...
...that very few of these great cultures are mentioned much in the Bible? Never mind those that came before them❗️
🔹The main trajectory of biblical historical value, appears to be limited to such a small region of the world; namely, Israel, and surrounds. (Including Egypt.)...
That is; I mean, ISis-RA-EL‘s land❗️
(What’s in a name, ja?)
🔹There weren’t many other nations mentioned much; not even many Westerners /Europeans,
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〽I think it was last week that I said #Discernment is more important now than ever before, and I'm certain I saw my sister @SaRaAshcraft said the same thing very recently as well. The question posed in the attached post is a very valid one. Why would @GenFlynn do that?
〽Critical thinking is your very best friend in situations like these, where emotions tend to override logic.That is a fact, and I've been talking about this for months now. It costs nothing to pause and take a deeper look before rushing hastily to judgment; or worse, blindly
〽following with the "popular" crowd out of complacency or fear of rejection or just plain intellectual laziness. I see a disturbing amount of "gang" mentality being driven on this platform, and the ones who do it most often are the loudest of self-proclaimed Q supporters. Just
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Jacob Wohl, Alex Jones and Laura Loomer are ALL MOSSAD CLOWNS. they took down their own accounts for pretense, to create the illusion they are being censored, and subsequently get all of you to b*tech about it and fear you will be silenced too. #HiviteTactics #ByePhoenicia
Define OPTICS. Define PROTECTION. Define controlled opposition. Define AGITATOR. These people use TACTICS FOR MANIPULATION. Truth has no need for tactics. Only deceivers need tactics. Be careful who you follow. #Hivites hide in EVERY IDENTITY ON EARTH. #Discernment #HivitesGetLit
Their aggressive BEHAVIOR, incessant use of PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION TACTICS, and parroting of hivite-approved lesser truth NARRATIVES reveal their CHARACTER because they are ACTORS playing the GAME. Get it!? SEE THEM ALL. #ByePhoenicia #HivitesGetLit #theGreatAwakening #QAnon
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I don't know how many of us realize that the loudest, most anti-Trump celebrities have secondary accounts where they SHOUT #QAnon, truth & how much they LOVE Trump. Their public personas belong to the cult but their MINDS still belong to THEM. We have more support than we realize
There are MANY playing this game who are forced to be a mouthpiece for the dark side, but in their free time they choose to #SayBraveThings as anons just like the rest of us. Appeal to celebrity is a logical fallacy. #QAnon

To all the secret celeb anons: WE LOVE YOU! #WWG1WGA
Yes. Very big names you would definitely know. I won't name them here, I'll let them unmask themselves when they are ready. I look forward to that day very much. It will be a day when much confusion will be dispelled, and the truth will begin to heal all of us.
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I talk a lot about female and male energy, and I also say often that there is a spiritual/metaphysical connection between human physiology and the source energy of our Creator. Whether you choose to call the Creator God or any other name, this is true.
🤗Everything on this planet was designed by our Creator to nurture and compliment everything else. And human bodies were designed to hold energies that compliment each other. Everyone has both male and female energy, and this is true in human physiology as well.
🤗Males have more male hormones than females, so in their being, they tend to be inherently less emotional and more logical. Females are born with the opposite ratio of hormones, inherently more emotional, empathic and nurturing. This is by design. To compliment each other.
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If I am talking about the very real, 3D, physical & psychological phenomenon of dissociation due to trauma, & you choose to bring up drones or entities or possession instead of talking about brain psychology & cannibals, prepare to get muted or blocked. #ByePhoenicia #Distraction
Those promoting unsupported fringe Scifi storylines like clones of famous people making TV appearances w/out 1st addressing what we know to be true are either deliberate deceivers or willfully ignorant, neither of which is acceptable or welcome here. #DeceptionKills #ByePhoenicia
They want to bury the truth. If they can't bury it they try to hide it. If they can't hide it they try to obscure it. If that fails they try to confuse the truth with multiple false narratives so it's hard to discern truth from fiction #HiviteTactics. We need #Discernment
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World Domination Plan...salute to Bill Cooper
1) Convince people cabal has been defeated
2) Report strange anomalies in the sky by several federal agencies
3) New-age movement embracing the philosophy of an "evolved" species
4) Leak black-ops intel to a controlled opposition
When they called you a sinner did you not naturally look up to someone without sin? When they call this alien "evolved" are they not using the same kind of persuasion? We saw a dozen hurricanes on the map yesterday. Simultaneously! If a solar "anomaly" hits, too. It sets a stage.
What a rollout, too. The alien could tell us all how bad we are. How we destroyed the terrarium. How we are not capable to govern ourselves. It will talk of "dissolving the ego" as the key to higher consciousness. Transcending gender. Transcending your need for boundaries. #QAnon
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Let's talk about programming triggers. 🚨SRA/ULTRA WARNING: I WILL BE LISTING ACTUAL TRIGGERS HERE!🚨#SayBraveThings #SurvivorsUnite #Discernment #TruthResonates #ByePhoenicia
* First, I want to make something clear. Seeing/ reading/hearing one or two of these does not automatically mean you're dealing with a bad actor. Use logic, and look at the bigger picture before judging.
* Triggers for mind control protocol can be words, phrases, visual stimuli, sounds, music, touch...they are all employed. Everyone is programmed uniquely, but there are a lot of common triggers out there.
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A little *THREAD* about #Discernment :

1. It is a FACT that bad actors are out there, posing as "friendlies"; to control/shift the narrative, distract/disrupt... and also to lure survivors/victims back to their handlers. How can we tell?
2. We can't tell for certain, unless they openly admit it. So discernment is key. We all have to decide for ourselves what is true for us individually, and what is not. What I look for, personally, are patterns of BEHAVIOR. And this is with all interactions.
3. Does the person claim to stand for one set of principles, yet consistently exhibit behavior that sharply contrasts with what I know to be true of those principles? If I see it once, I can dismiss it. More than that, it's a pattern.
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Did anyone else notice the conversation just blew up in 50 different directions? I sense some #HiviteTactics at play. #Discernment #UseLogic Stay focused on the evidence, which means keeping the topic of discussion on #DECLAS #IGReportUnredacted #TREASON #EnemyCombatants #QAnon
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Meet the #Payseur Family—Bloodline of the French Monarchs. And PRINCIPLE owners of "#1 Type A shares" in hundreds of the largest / oldest corporations in the US.
I'm digging because of #QAnon's previous posts:
3) Also cam across a few weird things in my research... Coincidence?

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
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This will be a common line of argument. Perhaps we ought to step back and not immediately decide how we feel about those who have an extremely unhealthy pathological desire to harm children but work hard not to actually hurt children. This whole mess is just that, messy. #QAnon
I'm not condoning the attraction to minors, but I am acknowledging the reality of pathology survivors of cult abuse are left to deal with in the aftermath. Pathology is ingrained, not chosen, and not always something we can change. That doesn't make him a criminal. #Discernment
The ONLY identity characteristics that truly matter are:

1 do you rape children
2 are you a cannibal

If the answer to both is no, then I'm sure we can work out our differences in a way that honors and respects every one's truth of their experiences. Together we can find health.
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