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If I am talking about the very real, 3D, physical & psychological phenomenon of dissociation due to trauma, & you choose to bring up drones or entities or possession instead of talking about brain psychology & cannibals, prepare to get muted or blocked. #ByePhoenicia #Distraction
Those promoting unsupported fringe Scifi storylines like clones of famous people making TV appearances w/out 1st addressing what we know to be true are either deliberate deceivers or willfully ignorant, neither of which is acceptable or welcome here. #DeceptionKills #ByePhoenicia
They want to bury the truth. If they can't bury it they try to hide it. If they can't hide it they try to obscure it. If that fails they try to confuse the truth with multiple false narratives so it's hard to discern truth from fiction #HiviteTactics. We need #Discernment
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"Little Girl" implies she is a beta slave. Do not forego the possibility that this young woman may be controlled without her awareness. I easily could have been her when I was 28. She is fervent, and on the wrong side, yes. But this label assigned to her gives me pause. #empathy
"Little Girl" in their world would be an insult, a signal indicating her status as owned/controlled, and instructions to those who know on how to handle her. I am remaining open to receiving this woman with grace if it turns out she's unwitting.
That said, the label little girl may have other meaning. If she is a willful bad actor, calling her a little girl would imply that she's into older men and has certain sexual conditioning that is common and appealing within the cult, like polyamory and bdsm.
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@keeter1234321 What does a colon do? What does it mean, functionally, to have a colon rupture? What happens to the body? Now replace colon with hivites and consider their entire cult to be the body. Does the use of this cover story make a bit more sense with the double meaning? #HiviteTactics
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So, Britney Spears just canceled a 2yr residency in Vegas, which must have cost her a fortune to get out of the contract, simply to focus on "family" after her dad's life threatening illness. A lot of "dads" age 66-76 dying lately. Lots of celebrities canceling performances...
Nevermind the show was called "Britney: Domination" an homage to the domination games #Hivites play with our actual lives. The Spears family is cult, Britney is one of (((THEM))) & they are all in #PAIN. The excuse is cover - she's too stiff & hurting to perform. She can't dance
Get ready to see a lot more stuff like this. Celebrities canceling shows, parents of famous people dying, especially older men. Children dying from weird illnesses, etc. It's CANNIBALISM hiding in plain sight like it has for 6000+ years. #theGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS
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Isaiah 57 - 58
Isaiah 56: 1-2

"Thus says the Lord: Maintain Justice & do what is Right, for soon my Salvation will come & my Deliverance be Revealed. Happy is the mortal who does this, the one who holds it fast, who keeps the Sabbath, not profaning it, and refrains from doing any Evil."
Isaiah 56: 3-5
"Do not let the foreigner joined to the Lord say '[He] will surely separate me from His people'; & do not let the eunuch say, 'I am just a dry tree.' For thus says the Lord: To the eunuchs who keep my sabbaths, who choose the things that please me... "
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Shills want you to believe a government shut down is some HUGE deal and is such a burden and is a big disruption and NEVER happens and Trump is bad and blah blah blah. Government shutdowns are VERY common in our country, and the subject comes up at least twice a year. Don't bite.
When I worked in immigration law, if a shut down was anticipated, we would have to plan accordingly around deadlines and filing dates due to USCIS being shut down. This is regular course of business, national budget setting activities among our governing bodies. It's NORMAL.
The only thing that seems to be ABnormal about it is the fact that the Democrats are unwilling to work with Trump on border security, and are willing to force a shut down to oppose our lawfully elected @POTUS and his mandate from #WeThePeople. That's very odd. That's not normal.
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Imagery of Strasburg in the typical nightly #hoax color tones.
ICYMI On 3 nov. 2017 I retweeted the tweet by Peter Sweden, with my comment:
"Typical night #hoax color tones: brown, yellow, blue"
And on 7 May I tweeted this; the Strasburg photo lacks the yellow; would it still fit the pattern?
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This is how #Hivites rationalize incest. They claim it's "better" for the child, that somehow it's not only justified but GOOD to rape your own children. This is the level of psychological dysfunction we are dealing with on a massive scale right now. #HivitesGetLit #QAnon @POTUS
"In court the man told psychologists he genuinely believed he would be helping the girl by having sex with her, because she was unable to get a steady boyfriend because her previous abuse."

My dad made similar claims - that it's "safer" & "better" to learn about sex at home.
He said that when children learn about sex outside the home, they may be taken advantage of or harmed. But when they learn at home, they are taught what "real love" is & they will know how to be a good lover to their spouse later. It's so completely sick and disgusting. #QAnon
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Notice the timing:

10/28-10/30 (blood, human sacrifice each day)
10/31 Halloween; Prep for Isia (ring of six: Isis/Hathor/Nepthys/Horus/Thoth/Anubis) Resurrection of Osiris; Start Dark 1/2 of yr

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS #TheStorm #MAGA #Hivites
11/1-11/6 Isia: 6day ritual drama search for pieces of Osiris/feast of Netherworld, parting of astral veil/resurrection of Osiris
11/4 Satanic Revels (sexual)
11/5 Guy Fawkes’ Day
11/6 U.S. Election
11/7 Hilaria/Mania (Open of Mundus Cereris) rebirth of Osiris
11/11 Armistice Day
This is a series of public rituals. Keep updating this list. They're not going to stop. There will be something every day, unfortunately. #HiviteTactics Does anyone still question whether this is happening? Because the pattern is the evidence. This is WAR. #QAnon @POTUS @NSAGov
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Yesterday, a #Hivite cannibal attacked the Tree of Life. Understand the deeper significance here.

Tree of Life = Tree of Souls (God's people).

Anti-semetism is really anti-righteous. They want to destroy pious Jews (& Christians) who keep God's commandments & follow God's law.
My dad once claimed #Hivites are required (by God, of course) to persecute Jews & any righteous souls who keep God's law, until EVERYONE, especially Israel (any Jews not yet living according to God's law) learn their "lesson" & reject all evil in favor of living according to God
#Hivites are modern day Nazis who want to destroy ALL of Israel. They are the ones who have been persecuting Jews throughout history. Some call them Erav Rav, Jews who aren't Jews, Synagogue of Satan; They're #Hivite cannibals who sacrifice their children to The "Queen of Heaven"
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Please report & block this cannibal troll account that is using my picture & resume description from LinkedIn. As I said, #HiviteTactics will escalate. Attacks will intensify. But this is totally normal for someone who is not telling dangerous truth to experience, right? #QAnon
The goal of this account seems to be related to the most recent cult attack, timing of account creation fits. It seems they're trying to make me look bad or something. Neat trick guys. #ByePhoenicia Your tactics are transparent and you yourselves are completely impotent.
All these sad, sick people want is to make me (us) upset. Just agitate us. It's so stupid.
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Today is an important ritual date for the cult

"OLD Michaelmas falls on 11 October (10 Oct according to some – the dates are the result of the shift from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar). It is said that the Devil fell out of Heaven on this date"
Michaelmas is typically celebrated on 9/29 & is one of the major festivals of the pagan calendar marking the harvest. In Christianity, it's the celebration of Archangel Michael defeating Satan & of course "Old School" (the cult) celebrates "Old Michaelmas" on 10/11 (ritual @ 3am)
Michael is the greatest of all the Archangels & is honored for defeating Satan in the war in heaven. He's one of the principal angelic warriors, seen as a protector against the dark of night & the administrator of cosmic intelligence. Michaelmas has also delineated time & seasons
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@McV_Awakening My dad claimed the Hivites have been tasked by God to commit as much evil as they can imagine until humans "wake up" and stop falling for it & see them and shut them down. So basically, this is a test. If we pass, "God" returns, which in the story is Enki (EA) from Sumer tablets.
@McV_Awakening He could have just said things like this to confuse me & get me to accept abuse. He's a confirmed liar and a mind control master, so his word should not be taken at face value. The research I've done, however, also points to Anunnaki/Sumer/Temple of Inanna as the root of Hivites.
@McV_Awakening Basically their (Hivites) entire existence essentially serves a function: Inoculation of humanity/consciousness to evil & clear demonstration of why cannibalism & deception should be avoided (because it kills the cannibal's body & harms the deceiver).
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What if the only reason 'benevolent' aliens haven't made their presence known to us is because we're still falling for the divide/conquer, dominate/consume deception game the #Hivites create for us, contrary to nature & logic, which basically means we're living in Hell? #QAnon
Let this sink in: Status quo will continue until #WeThePeople demand an END to the practices of deception, mind control, ritual abuse, child prostitution, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Our great lesson as a species is to mature beyond evil so it can't corrupt earth again.
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➡️ [THE ROC]
Created by making an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE with both hands either infront of yourself or above your head.

Same triangle but made AT THE MIDLINE and Below (Angela Merkel).

Powerful person in the Illuminati Hierarchy.


➡️ Double Meaning:

All 3 sides are equal to 60° therefore, 666

Number of royalty. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity:

- Nimrod, Semiramis, Tamus
- Osiris, Isis, Horus
- Satan, Eve and Cain

Those displaying the powerful INVERTED ROC Illuminati sign.

- Anna Wintour (Vogue)
- Michelle Obama
- Sarah Palin
- Jesse Jackson/ Al Sharpton


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➡️ [OK 666]
Created by making an OK SIGN with one or both hands.

Mistakenly called the "white power" sign. Confusion done on purpose IMHO.

When talking, many people perform this hand sign out of habit & NOT as reference to SATAN (666)


Named Capitol Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful People

BA & Doctor of Law degree from Harvard. MBA in acct from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

And NO..I don't trust her.……
OK 666 HAND SIGN cont...






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➡️ [SHHH]
It's the SHHH or HUSH hand sign.
Index finger placed vertical to the lips.

Shush...We have a secret we don't tell.

The SHHH hand sign used by Illuminati Luciferians is probably the most popular. Its easy to hide


SHHH Illuminati hand sign used by:

- Bill & Hillary Clinton
- Vatican Cardinal
- Barbara Bush
- Barack Obama


SHHH Illuminati hand signs

- Justin Bieber
- Rhianna
- Christie Teigen
- Ben Stiller

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Index & pinky fingers are extended to make the shape of DEVILS HORNS.

Thumb MAYBE extended.

ASL "I Love You".
Created by Hellen Keller, an Occultist.

Ever think maybe they were DUPED into hailing SATAN
Celebrities & Washingtonians (DC) power brokers flashing the DEVILED HORNS...

- Barack Obama
- Dick Cheney
- Katy Perry
- Beyoncé

More DEVILED HORNS of those showing allegiance to the Satanic Pedo cult, the Illuminati.

- Meryl Streep
- Prince William


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@POTUS This graphic is very important. If UK and Australia are NOT supposed to have info on the phoney FISA warrent, but they are currently being observed talking about it, what does that tell us? Welcome to another sting. Bait worked #ByePhoenicia #ItEndsNow #theGreatAwakening #QAnon
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Do NOT underestimate our enemy. #WeThePeople are being regularly engaged by mind controllers, master manipulators, professional con artists, & people whose only goal is to keep us silent/distracted so no one catches on that they are EATING PEOPLE #Cannibals #Hivites #QAnon @POTUS
Post #2178 Sep 15 2018 23:19:00EST


Listen carefully to @GenFlynn's choice of language & who he selected to quote. The obligation to defend Liberty never ends. Our Freedom is only as secure as our willingness/ability to preserve it #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS
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My father explicitly told me in 1994-5 that "The Family" were DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the 1993 WTC bombing. He said "Humans need tragedy in order to unite for good." He said "The Family" will perpetrate terrorism until the world wakes up & sees "It's us" (meaning THEM: #Hivites)
If that's not clear enough for y'all, allow me to spell it out for you:

"The Family" (aka Hivites/Bloodlines) are responsible for ALL "Islamic Terrorism" including BOTH WTC BOMBINGS (because 9/11 was a controlled demo/bombing, not just an accident).

We will never forgive this.
Did I mention that one of the WTC original architect's grandson was a classmate of mine at #Hivite/CIA grooming school, Roeper? This grandson specifically told me in 1999 that the WTC was designed to WITHSTAND IMPACT & BURNING FUEL TANK OF A 747. Now WHY would he know/say that?
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@SaRaAshcraft are these #Hivites? (2015 story, LA Times)
—“Masonic Fraternal Police Department”
—“go back 3,000 years.”
—claims “jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico”
—one was aide to Kamala Harris
—photographed w Maxine Waters…
“The exact structure of the purported police department was unclear. But on the website, Henry is referred to as ‘Absolute Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster.’”
“The three were members of a religious philanthropy group that does work in South Los Angeles.”

“Their work put them in contact with various politicians and community leaders.”
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Did anyone else notice the conversation just blew up in 50 different directions? I sense some #HiviteTactics at play. #Discernment #UseLogic Stay focused on the evidence, which means keeping the topic of discussion on #DECLAS #IGReportUnredacted #TREASON #EnemyCombatants #QAnon
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