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1) "Hey! Did you hear that Netanyahu is spying on the White House?????"
2) These people are just so dumb.

3) "Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House

The likely Israeli spying efforts were uncovered during the Trump presidency, several former top U.S. officials said."

By DANIEL LIPPMAN 09/12/2019 @politico…
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If you believe in the One true God of Israel, if you consider the Bible to be true and our guide for life, you need to be learning about what God commanded the Levites to do for the temple/Israel, and how the #Hivites were treated by God's chosen leaders in the past.
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#QAlert 7/22/19 this will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Monday July 22, 2019. [Be Ready] and more!

Let’s Go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy
#QAlert 7/22/19 Q3460…📁
[Be Ready]

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy
Political hit job narrative.
R's v D's.
Not right v wrong.
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@SaRaAshcraft @T1gre9 “Be Best” - “Bee Best” - is this a message to the #Hivites? (Hive)

"San Francisco is a very bad place. An enormous Hive network. Reno, too. 'Broadway' is a favorite street name for them, and it means something related: Bee Road Way. Bee=Hive. This is human trafficking."

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Imagery of Strasburg in the typical nightly #hoax color tones.
ICYMI On 3 nov. 2017 I retweeted the tweet by Peter Sweden, with my comment:
"Typical night #hoax color tones: brown, yellow, blue"
And on 7 May I tweeted this; the Strasburg photo lacks the yellow; would it still fit the pattern?
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➡️ [THE ROC]
Created by making an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE with both hands either infront of yourself or above your head.

Same triangle but made AT THE MIDLINE and Below (Angela Merkel).

Powerful person in the Illuminati Hierarchy.


➡️ Double Meaning:

All 3 sides are equal to 60° therefore, 666

Number of royalty. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity:

- Nimrod, Semiramis, Tamus
- Osiris, Isis, Horus
- Satan, Eve and Cain

Those displaying the powerful INVERTED ROC Illuminati sign.

- Anna Wintour (Vogue)
- Michelle Obama
- Sarah Palin
- Jesse Jackson/ Al Sharpton


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➡️ [OK 666]
Created by making an OK SIGN with one or both hands.

Mistakenly called the "white power" sign. Confusion done on purpose IMHO.

When talking, many people perform this hand sign out of habit & NOT as reference to SATAN (666)


Named Capitol Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful People

BA & Doctor of Law degree from Harvard. MBA in acct from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

And NO..I don't trust her.……
OK 666 HAND SIGN cont...






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➡️ [SHHH]
It's the SHHH or HUSH hand sign.
Index finger placed vertical to the lips.

Shush...We have a secret we don't tell.

The SHHH hand sign used by Illuminati Luciferians is probably the most popular. Its easy to hide


SHHH Illuminati hand sign used by:

- Bill & Hillary Clinton
- Vatican Cardinal
- Barbara Bush
- Barack Obama


SHHH Illuminati hand signs

- Justin Bieber
- Rhianna
- Christie Teigen
- Ben Stiller

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Index & pinky fingers are extended to make the shape of DEVILS HORNS.

Thumb MAYBE extended.

ASL "I Love You".
Created by Hellen Keller, an Occultist.

Ever think maybe they were DUPED into hailing SATAN
Celebrities & Washingtonians (DC) power brokers flashing the DEVILED HORNS...

- Barack Obama
- Dick Cheney
- Katy Perry
- Beyoncé

More DEVILED HORNS of those showing allegiance to the Satanic Pedo cult, the Illuminati.

- Meryl Streep
- Prince William


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@SaRaAshcraft are these #Hivites? (2015 story, LA Times)
—“Masonic Fraternal Police Department”
—“go back 3,000 years.”
—claims “jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico”
—one was aide to Kamala Harris
—photographed w Maxine Waters…
“The exact structure of the purported police department was unclear. But on the website, Henry is referred to as ‘Absolute Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster.’”
“The three were members of a religious philanthropy group that does work in South Los Angeles.”

“Their work put them in contact with various politicians and community leaders.”
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Meet the #Payseur Family—Bloodline of the French Monarchs. And PRINCIPLE owners of "#1 Type A shares" in hundreds of the largest / oldest corporations in the US.
I'm digging because of #QAnon's previous posts:
3) Also cam across a few weird things in my research... Coincidence?

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
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1) Taking a break from my Payseur Trust investigation...

Instead, going to take you all back a bit further in time. Let me introduce to you, two groups of people history forgot...

Or shall I say "purposefully erased."

Buckle up, it's bad guy time...

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
2) The Venetians, and the Khazars...

Gulp... Have to be careful with the latter, as we'll soon see...
3) Both groups were heavily influenced by, and dominated Mediterranean and Black Sea trade in the centuries prior to, and just after 1,000 AD...
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1) @SaRaAshcraft or @FionaBa47662575 maybe someone can give me some insight. I recently was talking to my sister, shes the one who got me studying #SRA and the possibility of it influencing our past
2) she told me about an incident she had recently remembered after moving out of the house at 16 and having gotten a new phone # that nobody had.
3) shortly after getting this new number she started getting strange calls. A man with an evil intonation would call and harass her, call her terrible names. She had only recently remembered this happening, but at the time it was terrifying.
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1) Judaism and —
Zionism, the Mossad, Jeffrey Epstein, AIPAC, Sabbateanism, Frankists, Ashkenazim, the Babylonian Talmud, eugenics and the missing Yemenite children.

It’s coffee time.
July 28, 2018.
2) + the Liberty, 9/11, and Jewish Hollywood pedos.

Let's take a look at everything.
3) Before we begin I want to acknowledge that today is the Jewish Sabbath. Observant Jews don't use the computer on Sabbath; I was raised observant; I do not keep the Sabbath fully anymore.
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If you follow @SaRaAshcraft, no doubt you've heard of the #Hivites. WHO ARE the Hivites & why do they HATE us?

To find the answer, I delved into the Word of God. The answer is fascinating.

Hivites: The Remnants of Satan's Seed.

(ThanQ @TheSpeaker2018 for the beautiful memes!)
To find the answer, we must journey back to the beginning.

Many Biblical scholars believe that the original sin included more than the symbolic eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good & evil.

It included the unholy union of Eve & Satan.

#ThursdayThoughts @POTUS
Eve had 2 sons: Cain & Abel. Many believe that Cain was the seed of Satan & Abel was the seed of Adam.

Out of jealousy over God's favor, Cain killed Abel.

Then Adam & Eve had a 3rd child, Seth.

#HivitesGetLit #BibleStudy #JesusSaves #ThursdayThoughts @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
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1) Pakistan
2) @POTUS @realDonaldTrump says “Pakistan has given us nothing but lies & deceit”
3) Pakistan is a hub for organ trafficking; banning it has only made it more lucrative…
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WTF do we have here, now?
2) First off, let's look at the origin of the word "user" and its actual meaning (since this particular trigger message was USED):
3)The message in there quite clearly is that I am something to be taken advantage of. Controlled. By using this word, they're reminding me of what I am to them.
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The Bible is very clear about the judgement of ppl who sacrifice their children to Molech/Satan.

I agree with God.

#Pizzagate #Pedogate #Pedowood #followthewhiterabbit #Qanon #hivites #saybravethings #thestorm
Connections of Molech to #FollowTheWhiteRabbit 👇
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