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Global Moment of Prayer, Meditation, Silent
4 April 2020
9:44:46PM EDT for 20+Minutes

Brothers & Sisters globally are gathering together tonight, in prayer, for humanity!

How do we overcome darkness?
With Light!

How do we overcome a virus?
With Love!

#Qanon #VictoryOfLight #Q

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation, prayer, silence as a tool to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and as a tool to completely remove the coronavirus.
3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our ...
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just keep going yr awesome @econbrkfst
get us all killed

yr not my cult leader.
yr not my cover story.
yr not my vladimir putin, not my chinese communist party.
you are one human being, with no humility

trying to bully people to death
and please do not target ayaan hirsi ali

for more death threats.

she has been living under death threat since 2004. this is not funny. show some respect and go educate yourself, b4 you make so many gross assumptions.…
do not incite your Violent Mob
against me.
Cease your Misogyny
your Transmisogyny against me.

This is an intervention, for nonviolence. and yes i will de-escalate Farley.
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I began my career as an @HCPSS educator 15 years ago. I’ll never forget our principal asking, “what is your most important job as an educator?” At that first staff meeting. In my mind, it was educating kids to be critical thinkers (among many other things).
I was surprised (along with my colleagues) when he said, “your most important role as an educator, is to keep these kids safe.” Now more than ever, those words ring true. I don’t think that there’s an educator out there that isn’t concerned about the welfare of their students.
So, while school is on “hold” for now... there’s plenty of time to reach out and make make meaningful connections with kids. The teachers that I love and remember the most, weren’t the ones that were the smartest or the strictest.
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They attack those who threaten them the most. Public awakening is their greatest fear. #TruthisEvolution #LoveWins #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheStorm


Can't hold us down

And now I'm back
Like I never left
I never left

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This was the day an indigenous elder found me, he said he followed the whisper of the winds, the call of the birds... he is the Elder appointed by his people for economic and banking futures wellness.

I invited him in, he sat cross legged in the middle of the large oriental...
I didn't know who we was, nor why he was visiting. So I sat next to him, in silence, in reverent space with one another.

A friend over, quietly made tea & a plate of fruit & gracefully laid it before us. In silence we shared tea, ate, as I waited for him to speak. He began...
With a prayer of thanks, a song in his native tongue, he began to reveal his mission as a steward of Mother Earth. Restoring Her grace & elegance, as it should/could be, if we as her children cared more about her being honored (not plundered). This elder represents new $exchange!
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So, now they know they're about to be publicly exposed for having child porn on their computers, so they're trying to get ahead of the narrative. He would have been less suspicious if he'd blamed it on Iran instead of saying someone is trying to "Qanon" him

Define PANIC

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When "they" say "Impeach the MFer" they mean marriage in the biblical sense. The "blushing bride"

That's why they're happy, believe it or not. That's why a vote to impeach, which is legally irrelevant, is such a huge win. It's about the marriage supper of the lamb. Seriously.
The nation of Israel (the people, not the state) are the "bride" of God. Nothing is what it seems. Expand your thinking. Multiple meanings exist. This will be biblical. Get it?
Consider this as the underlying motivation/meaning and recognize that ALL of their actions are SYMBOLIC as a 'sign to the nation of Israel' and things might start to make more sense.
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The orthodox, mainstream understanding of federal spending is that the Federal Government has to tax and borrow to raise funds to use as cash to spend. Just like a household has to ‘earn’ what it spends and the rest has to go on a credit card. 1/
#MMT #SinglePayer #SSI
This is just another way of saying “you’re still the one that pays, you’re just putting off that payment, with interest”, most people believe the Federal Government acts in the same way; that is has, and must obey, the same financial rules and restrictions as the rest of us. 2/
This would mean that every Government program has to be paid for by you and me. We have to give up our hard earned dollars to allow the Government to pay for the military, education, healthcare, corporate subsidies, and Donald Trumps endless golf trips. 3/
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So I finally lost it today and questioned the Plan over something that greatly concerned me.
I did not trust the Plan in its entirety. Mainly because I’m not privy to said Plan
and also because the Plan doesn’t ask us to stop questioning things that seem illogical
I noticed..1
when engaging Patriots about said topic
It was suggested repeatedly to “trust the plan”
I now know how annoying that is when you have a true concern

I have said it myself to many Patriots, and I apologize #Growth
We got to this place in the world precisely because we stopped...2
asking questions when told to do so ✅I can’t and won’t do that
If something is not adding up for you and people tell you
not to worry about it
or shush about it
or to just “trust the plan”
ignore that BS and do you!
Ask your questions and don’t stop until you find a...3
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Central Bank Issues Stunning Warning: "If The Entire System Collapses, Gold Will Be Needed To Start Over" via @zerohedge…

FACT: Central Banks & global criminal elite DON'T own the gold in the World Trust, they DO NOT even know where it all is #WeHaveItAll
This is the core root, hidden from humanity: Every person born on Earth, child of Creator, unique, worthy, pure at birth. The Earth gifts everything free, a few monetized it/withheld it against treaty directive. #Checkmate is, a Redeemer #Lives to ensure Providence! #TheLifeOfQ
Over 70 yrs ago the World Trust was to be redistributed to humanity, ending war/poverty etal. It was kept secret instead, alphabets established to hide it, nation's turned into farms, etc harvesting everything to benefit a few.

JFK knew...
@realDonaldTrump knows...
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PROOF Kanye West is a Born Again Jesus Person! His choir performs gospel versions of Tupac, Aaliyah, Drake etc!

I declare freedom in the LORD over artists in Hollywood!
Destroying Darkness! 👊


Kanye West Sunday Worship Service
"Flashing Lights" new title:


You don't understand how pumped I am!
Prayers coming to pass!
Fellow artists getting saved by JESUS!
#GreatAwakening #EnjoytheShow
Kanye West POWER Sunday Worship Service! Thank you Jesus!

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My method of breaking ALL bindings within mind control based on naming convention and legal birth certificates. It's extremely simple but difficult to express its sophisticated value w/in their system. #TheGreatAwakening #ByePhoenicia #BurnDownBabylon #LoveWins
Thank you @SignorinaLora for inspiring this writing! 🙏💚🙏
The best part about this method is that I really never had a name. I have had given names I've always rejected since birth. I chose to be I even then. Not Lunar, not Christopher. Just whatever this name is I have that is beyond spoken/written language. Man I was a smart kid. 💚🙏
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Recently the @UMChurch voted to reject its #LGBTQi participants, both lay & clerical.

But the #UMC of Gernany has rejected this vote.

"The UMC in Germany will therefore not follow the chosen way of controlling people in their disposition and imposing stricter penalties."

"Just as I watched over them to dig up and pull down,
so I will watch over them to build and plant, declares the Lord. "

Jeremiah 31.28

Thus begins the German church's response to the terrible decision made by a simple majority of the delegates at the Special Session.

Attached are screenshots of the entire powerful statement from the German Conference of the United Mrethodist Church.

Please read them.

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1/ Some days I am still so moved by Mark Twain’s eloquent salute to what constitutes the best in each and every one of us that I must share it, yet again:…
2/ Let men label you as they may if you alone of all the nation decide one way, and that way be the right way by your convictions of the right, you have done your duty by yourself and by your country, hold up your head for you have nothing to be ashamed of…
3/ It doesn’t matter what the press says. It doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. It doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. Republics are founded on one principle above all else:…
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I’ve been told the same thing that @KamalaHarris has heard, that I’m somehow not “black enough” b/c I married a white woman (& she a white man). I am very fortunate to have been able to marry my best friend & someone that loves me,
w/o reservation.
My wife has been by my side during some dark moments as I struggled thru depression. She’s stood w me when I ran for Congress. When I’ve lacked courage, she’s always there to pick me up. My wife is the best thing that has happened to me. I’m lucky to I get to be her husband ❤️
Thanks to Loving v. Virginia, my interracial marriage is legal. Because of the strength and undying love that Richard & Mildred Loving shared, I have the chance to spend the rest of my life with the best person that I know; a woman who has a heart of gold.
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This month a Special Session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church will meet to consider the church's way forward on what level of #LGBTQ inclusion the global Church will officially adopt into it's Book of Discipline. @UMChurch

This decision will have social and political ramifications that extend beyond Methodism and Methodists and will rightly be seen as either a validation or a repudiation of Trumpian exclusionary policy and values.

The @UMChurch must get this right.

Last year The Commission on the Way Forward, a 32 member body appointed to study the issue on behalf of the larger Church, concluded its year long investigation with the release of its final report.

That report was then considered by the church's Council of Bishops.

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I LOVE that #Section377Verdict starts with a quote from Goethe (also Schopenhauer and Stuart Mills but GOETHE):…

#loveislove #lovewins
"...the sustenance of identity is filament of life. It is equivalent to authoring one's own life script where freedom broadens everyday. Identity is equivalent to divinity."

"Denial of self-expression is inviting death."

This!!!! This.
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#Section377: Judgment by Supreme Court of India today post 11 am. Second pronouncement in less than five years. #GaySex
#Section377: Full court reference in honour of Justice Bharucha and Justice VA Mohta still in progress.

Judgment will be delivered after that.
#Section377: Full court reference concludes.

Court will re-assemble at 11.30 when the judgment will be pronounced.
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FACT: Suicide is the number one cause of death of all #Utah youth; this is not the case nationally. More alarming, the teen suicide rate in Utah has doubled since 2011. #LGBT #UTpol #LDS #Mormon #BYU
Another Fact: Teen suicide is lower when there is an #LGBTQ supportive environment. #Utah is notorious for its lack of support for and acceptance of the #LGBT community. #LDS #Mormon #UTpol #BYU
Relatedly, studies show that in areas where homosexuality is tolerated, mental health outcomes for #LGBTQ are the same as non-LGBTQ people. Elevated risk of suicide correlates w/ elevated risk of mental illness that is prevalent among LGBTs living in areas hostile to them.
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After reading and mediating on the word today, I keep getting the message thats we’re leaving the eye of the storm. So whatever role He has given us, Make sure your armor is buckled tight. #WWG1WGA #NoFear #LoveWins
Ok maybe not eye. “calm before the storm” is more appropriate.

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A look into the C@ng@. How could this place and the atrocities happening there not be front and center? Mind boggling. Let’s take a look.
Children are put out on the street because they are w!tche$??? How is this possible??@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @therealroseanne @BriEaves1168 @LisaMei62 @IWillRedPillU
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1. THREAD: My brilliant friend Maribel from law school asked me to share her personal story about how Trump’s heartless decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Hondurans will affect her husband and her family.
2. Maribel wants people to understand the human consequences of this administration's immigration policy decisions. This horrific decision barely registered given all the other noise. PLEASE help their story break thru so people pay attention. The following are Maribel’s words:
3. “Under Trump, 9,000 Nepalese, 200,000 Salvadorans, 57,000 Hondurans, 45,000 Haitians, and 2,500 Nicaraguans have lost TPS and have been told to get ready to leave the country. And nearly 690,000 DACA holders remain in limbo as their status is decided by the courts.”
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THREAD - there are days I really struggle with my faith. I wonder sometimes if I should even call myself a Christian any more.
The pain that has been caused in the name of God, by the people of God is unthinkable. Harmful. Toxic. Just awful.
Many days, I am humiliated to be lumped in with Evangelicals and others who cause such trauma on behalf of our religion.
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