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Last year @ndrewwhitehead & I were asked to submit this written testimony to the @January6thCmte on the role of white #ChristianNationalism in the #CapitolRiots. We explain how WCN had laid ideological groundwork & was shaping interpretation of events. 1/5…
Because the Jan 6 Committee ultimately decided to leave out all discussion of #ChristianNationalism in their report, we've posted testimony on @socarxiv. The document has not been substantively revised or updated. Others have cited video/photo evidence, but we felt this... 2/5
...written testimony provided a broader view of how white #ChristianNationalism is clearly linked w/many of the factors that facilitated the #CapitolRiots & have since made Americans on the right more inclined to remember the event has harmless or even good. We regret the... 3/5
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A rally in Mo. Capitol to push anti-trans bills is starting with hour-long worship service with contemporary Christian praise songs. #moleg
Main organizing group behind rally last year held event at Mo. Capitol saying God wanted gerrymandering:…
Charlie Kirk's Turning Point also here with materials & someone who will speak along with state lawmakers & Mo Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft
#moleg Sen. Mike Moon, sponsor of key anti-trans bill, speaking at service/rally. He invokes story of Esther as people prayed before she went before king. He adds that they are all here "for such a time as this." (This political use of Esther is common:…)
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Followed by this one Image
Then this one Image
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🧵 Is #ChristianNationalism more threatened by religious or racial diversity? Our new study at @SREJournal uses a new CN index & finds CN predicts viewing both as hindrances to national unity, but its association with racial diversity is much stronger. 1/5…
This figure shows the difference pretty clearly. As #ChristianNationalism increases, Americans are more likely to see both religious and racial diversity as hindrances rather than strengths, but look at how much steeper the slope is for racial diversity. We also measured... 2/5 Image
...this another way by combining outcomes. As #ChristianNationalism increases folks are WAY less likely to see religious & racial diversity as strengths, but become especially more likely to see religious diversity as strength & race diversity as threat. This all suggests...3/5 Image
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#Populism Poses Dangers to Democracy. It Does the Same to Christian Witness. How polarizing narratives corrupt our hearts and redefine our faith.…
"The plot of the populist story is simple, unchanging, and melodramatic: Life consists of a perpetual struggle between “common people” and the elites who exploit them. The former are noble, virtuous, and righteous;
the latter are corrupt, arrogant, and self-serving. The key to eradicating social ills and injustices lies in helping the people recognize their true enemies and mobilize to defeat them." ...What populist rhetoric adds to the mix is fear, outrage, and an all-consuming urgency.
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New research on #ChristianNationalism from us @PRRIpoll! A brief 🧵 of the findings

Roughly 3 in ten Americans adhere to or sympathize with Christian nationalist beliefs
This is based on a new measure we developed to identify people who believe in Christian nationalism by assessing their agreement with these five statements and sorting them into one of the four groups above:
We find that Christian nationalist beliefs are overwhelming among two key groups: white evangelical Protestants, and Republicans:
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New Christian Nationalism Findings!

@PRRIpoll & @BrookingsInst just released the findings from a new survey of over 6,000 Americans. This report helps us know who embraces Christian nationalism, and what those folks believe. #ChristianNationalism…
For instance, around 29% of Americans are at least sympathetic to Christian nationalism. @PRRIpoll labels these folks "Adherents" and "Sympathizers". Image
They asked 5 different questions and created a Christian nationalism scale. This is similar to what we did in Taking America Back for God.

Glad to see a continuation of what questions are asked which help us further specify what Americans really believe and desire. Image
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Join us for the release of @PRRIpoll and @BrookingsGov's joint survey on white Christian nationalism + an expert panel on the results.

Don't forget to tune in! We'll also be live tweeting below. ⬇️… Image
.@robertpjones: Researchers for @prrpoll & @BrookingsGov used 5 questions about the relationship btwn Christianity & America to create a #ChristianNationalism scale. Respondents were assigned into 1 of 4 groups based on the extent to which they agreed/disagreed with statements. Image
.@robertpjones: The survey found that 29% of Americans adhere to or sympathize with Christian nationalism while 68% of Americans are skeptics or rejectors of the ideology. #ChristianNationalism Image
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Desantis projects racist, classist & homophobic fears onto the culture to win votes🧵1/4

#DesantisIsAnAuthoritarian #ChristianNationalism #WhiteNationalism #MAGARepublicans #ABlueView ImageImageImage
Desantis projects racist, classist & homophobic fears onto the culture to win votes🧵2/4

#DesantisIsAnAuthoritarian #ChristianNationalism #WhiteNationalism #MAGARepublicans #ABlueView ImageImage
Desantis projects racist, classist & homophobic fears onto the culture to win votes🧵3/4

#DesantisIsAnAuthoritarian #ChristianNationalism #WhiteNationalism #MAGARepublicans #ABlueView ImageImageImage
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.@njhochman's attempted refutation of @BradleyOnishi's thesis abt #ChristianNationalism conflates 3 things to reach a simplistic conclusion. Hochman aligns 1) Amer Xty's demographic decline, 2) changing terrain in the culture wars, & 3) some Xn leaders' pessimism abt "winning" 1/
Xty is demographically declining in the U.S., but it's not going quietly into that good night. A lot of that decline is among liberal/prog churches. 45% of Americans who say "U.S. should be a Xn nation" is a still a demogr. force to be reckoned with.… 2/
The long-term coalescence of right-wing Christians around the Republican party means that this demographic, even if it's declining, is ever more important to Republican politicians. One need only look at Trump & DeSantis' jockeying for Evang leaders' support today to verify. 3/
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Latest round of ReAwaken America Tour is starting in Nashville. This traveling MAGA variety show of extremism & conspiracies co-opts Christians symbols & rhetoric, as I reported from last event in Branson:… 1/
ReAwaken America events have embraced #ChristianNationalism (…), demonized opponents (…), & pushed for violent view of spiritual warfare politics (…). 2/
This time, ReAwaken America is meeting at church of 1 of the popular, regular speakers (Greg Locke). @liamsadams previewed this round for @Tennessean:… 3/
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Seeing more attention to role of religion & #ChristianNationalism in Jan. 8 violence in #Brazil. Important to understand this (like in Jan. 6 in US). @beauunderwood & I first detailed last week how Christian symbols & leaders showed up in Jan. 8 mob:… 1/
@beauunderwood Also last week, @ardenthistorian wrote about religion & Jan. 8 for @RDispatches (…). And @BradleyOnishi & Dan Miller talked about it on @StraightWhiteJC (…). 2/
Now @RNS has piece by Brazilian reporter Eduardo Campos Lima on pastors arrested during Jan. 8 violence & evangelical support for Bolsonaro & even a coup:… 3/
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I'm not an expert on Brazilian Pentecostalism & defer to those who are, but I know that the recent election there had many similar features to what I discuss in Charismatic Revival Fury & #Jan6: spirit. warfare invocations, Manichean declarations by Evang/ Pentecostal leaders 1/3
against left-wing opponents, & conscious stoking of these forces by #Bolsonaro and his family.… I also know that the apostolic network model discussed in our series (whether you call it #NAR or not) has really taken hold among Evangs/Pentecostals there. 2/3
As we are watching events unfold with rioting and storming of govt buildings in #Brasilia, one of the crucial analytical questions going forward is: what role did relig leaders play in instigating this and what were the theologies they used in doing so? #ChristianNationalism 3/3
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1/8 I’m grateful for the opportunity to testify before the U.S. House Oversight Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties this morning on the threat of #ChristianNationalism. I will discuss how this ideology overlaps with and provides cover for white supremacy.
2/8 This is the seventh and final hearing in the Subcommittee's series on “Confronting White Supremacy,” chaired by @RepRaskin. This hearing will address “The Evolution of Anti-Democratic Extremist Groups and the Ongoing Threat to Democracy.”
@RepRaskin 3/8 I'm excited to hear from fellow witnesses @Esqueer_ of @cyberlawclinic, @BulldogShadow of @WStatesCenter, Mary McCord of @GeorgetownICAP, and @orensegal of @ADL.
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Is he speaking of himself? Michael O’Fallon of the Southern Baptist Convention is largely credited with starting the whole CRT bullsh#t to attack public schools. In Dec 2020, he was Roger Stone’s guest speaker, along w/ David Leatherwood (of Gays Against Groomers & TPUSA). 1/
3/ Michael O’Fallon’s pal, Roger Stone.
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Hey fam, dropping in to share some data. Something we (@jt_davis14 @JoshuaGrubbsPhD) found in PDES data shows up in Pew. Among WHITE adults who think govt should support religion, 70% think voting is a privilege, not a right. BUT, it's a WHITE #ChristianNationalism thing... 1/4 Image
Notice when we look at Black Americans, even among those who think govt should support religion, ~70% still believe voting is a protected right, not a privilege. It's not even close to where white Christian nationalists end on on voting rights. But what about Hispanics? 2/4 Image
Hispanics look more like Black Americans than whites. Notice nearly 60% who think government should support religion still think voting is a right that shouldn't be restricted, not a privilege. What's it mean? 1/4 Image
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In Branson at ReAwaken America Tour. Will be writing about it for @WordandWay. Been covering tour from livestream for a year but this will be different. Image
Wrote about ReAwaken America in @MO_Independent today:
"Missouri leaders should condemn this weekend’s Christian nationalist rally in Branson"…
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Next iteration of ReAwaken America Tour starts today in Pennsylvania with speakers like Michael Flynn, Eric Trump, Roger Stone, Doug Mastriano, Greg Locke, & Mike Lindell. We've been covering RAT for a year in @WordandWay's newsletter A Public Witness (
Our reports on previous ReAwaken America events have covered Flynn's #ChristianNationalist vision (… &…), demonizing of political opponents (…) & use of militant rhetoric (…).
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Imagine being born in a secular #democracy & agitating, organizing, & pursuing establishment of a #theocracy — claiming ‘persecution’ bc a majority want to keep Church & State separate. #USA #religiousliberty #Christian #Christianist #DefendDemocracy @americansunited @RNS
Clearly we don’t all agree on who the ‘us’ is in #USA, who belongs, who matters, who should vote, what I means to be, ‘an American.’…
#FirstAmendment to the #Constitution mandates that the #USA shall have no official religion.

Despite this, about 20% say the federal government should stop enforcing the separation of church and state a that the Constitution was inspired by God. #DefendDemocracy
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Just dropped on Amazon Sept 5th. A “How-To” #ChristianNationalism book written by the right-wing, anti-Semitic founder of Gab. Ranked #15 on Amazon this morning and already has 160 reviews. Blurb on the back cover by Doug Wilson. These people aren’t hiding their goals.
@AndrewLSeidel @ardenthistorian @ndrewwhitehead @JemarTisby @kkdumez @AmandaTylerBJC @anelsona Just a little fan promo. Note the open self-identification as a #ChristianNationalist and dehumanizing language (“take back this country from the demons”). This is headed toward violence.
Think @JeffSharlet @AntheaButler @kathsstewart and @jasonintrator would be interested in this as well.
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This #agape story is taking me down a rabbit hole. I snagged some clips from this interview with a former “student” and a PI. Here, the host explains the overall mission. Sound familiar? #slavery #ChristianNationalism
Oh, this is a THREAD. In the next clip, they theorize the end game. They’re guess is less sinister than mine. This was a yr ago. After seeing the effort to defund public schools and Christofascist takeover attempts, I see a bigger mission. Also discussed: moving state to state.
So Clemenson got in trouble for violating health and safety standards in Washington and moved operations to Missouri, after pleading it down to a misdemeanor, avoiding background check flags
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July '22:

"But at least since January 6th, some MAGA sectors have been dropping much of the pretense of religious freedom, while they appear to openly prepare their audiences for vigilante violence and religious war."

Aug 2022:

"Nothing in my background could have prepared me for the political atmosphere of extremism, militant Christian fundamentalism, intimidation tactics, and threatening behavior currently being employed in the community.”

-Library director in Idaho…
Encyclopedia Britannica: Fascism - Identification w/ Christianity:…

"Most fascist movements portrayed themselves as defenders of Christianity and the traditional Christian family against atheists and amoral humanists."

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The more & more research I do related to #ChristianNationalism (CN) & the Founding Fathers (FFs), the more I'm convinced that "was America founded as a Christian nation or not" is simply a wrongheaded way to approach the issue. It's simply not an either/or binary. It's "both."
Rather, we need to be asking something like: "Where do we see a simultaneous proclamation of religious freedom/pluralism/separation of church & state by the FFs *while* maintaining white Christian Supremacy for the purposes of American Imperialism?"
Its a clear case of cognitive dissonance that's analogous to the fact that the FFs simultaneously advocated human rights "that all men are created equal" AND had little to no problem with enslaving millions of Black people and committing genocide against Native Americans.
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