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THREAD: I generally like @drantbradley's stuff. And I see his point that progressive Christians also want their civic outlook to be informed by Christian principles (Christian nationalists claim that too), BUT it's wrong to say progressive Christians are "just as Christian... 1/7
...Nationalistic as many on the right," or that they want "to make America a 'Christian Nation.'" I agree that the political Left can be just as tribalistic as the Right & I agree progressive Christians can buy into that tribalism. But it's a misunderstanding of the term... 2/7
...#ChristianNationalism to say that progressive Christians are as guilty of that sort of ideology as the Christian Right. At bottom, #ChristianNationalism seeks to sacralize an ethno-religious conception of American citizenship that defends those who have historically... 3/7
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1/ I am currently reading Steven K. Green's book: "Inventing A Christian America. The Myth of the Religious Founding" (2015). I won't be writing a systematic review of he book, but will quoting, from time to time, portions that stand out for me.
2/ One thing to note is that "myth" means "an explanation of events that assists in the development of a cultural and national identity... myths legitimize the past while they provide a unifying narrative for a distinct people" (viii). It's the same thing in my field of research.
3/ This explains why the Christian Right is pushing their Christian Nationalist agenda through initiatives like Project Blitz: "According to a 2008 study by the First Amendement Center, over 50 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution created a Christian nation...
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@drvox We need to be talking about the clear authoritarianism, supremacist thinking and dangerous narratives of Evangelical Christians.…
@drvox Here's what's being preached on Capitol Hill to law and policymakers by a 'ministry' sponsored by a large number top Trump cabinet/former cabinet members: #ScienceMatters #ThisIsNoJoke…
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Curious about the invocation of Providence in Pruitt’s resignation letter? This thread may help you grasp the politics of Providentialism that conservative Christian ideology entails.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #ScottPruitt #ThursdayThoughts #Resist
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The recent resurgence of #ChristianNationalism made me dig out my "95 Theses On the Nationalistic Idolatry of Churches in the United States" written in the wake of 9/11. (Thx @UnionSeminary for your thread and @rachelheldevans for sharing)
Here they are: #thread
1. When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ said, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand," he called us to become citizens of His Kingdom.
2. This Kingdom to which we are called cannot properly be understood as equivalent to any worldly kingdom (nation or empire) -- cf., Jn 18:36, Lk 17:20-21.
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141) "It is worth noting that Dominionism has also long-resonated with, and helped to develop contemporary White nationalism, neo-confederate ideology and White supremacism."…
142) The 'Religious Right' was built on opposition to the Civil Rights Movement.…
143} ''There's a growing divide in 'Evangelical' Christianity and it has a lot to do with race.''…
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