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The cancelled #Carmageddon TDR 2000 for #GameBoyColor was among the recent #Nintendo #GigaLeak. Here are a few screenshots of the title. It seems to me like it is substantially better than the previous GBC instalment.

#NintendoLeaks #gameboy #gamehistory #retrogaming ImageImageImageImage
More screenshots there:…
And yes, the game has zombies/aliens/something instead of humans. ImageImageImageImage
I would have swapped that intro FMV for more car sprites at angles. ImageImageImageImage
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Done with this. Kept it as just a driveable brushwork, and as much texture details as poss. Also enabled shading to help define the geometry. And swap wheel textures upon acceleration. Might be surpising, it's not easy with #Carmageddon.
#DOSgaming #retrogaming #modding #IonFury Image
To make things easier; I translated the gradients from the Ion Fury palette to arbitrarily selected ranges in the C1 palette (ouch my eyes). Then used a custom #BRender shadetable to assign new gradients (i.e. red, grey, yellow) to these ranges (and enable shading). Image
Had to resort to a complicated setup of intersecting planes moving along the rear suspension to try and fake the wheel texture swap as the car accelerates. Image
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Default #Carmageddon 2 24bit to 16bit (#BRender RGB565 pixelmap) texture conversion VS dithered RGB565. While it's ok in original 640x480, the dithering pattern becomes too annoying in hires. Should give it another try with noise rather than pattern diffusion. ImageImageImageImage
The impact is most noticeable on the door and the rear bumper. IMO the textures are too small anyway to take advantage of the effect.
Also tried enabling #BRender dynamic dithering on those material (while disabling map interpolation) but as expected it didn't work in Glide mode.
Installed good old Photoshop 7 to be able to use Graphest DepthDither, great plugin! Image
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Did quick ports of Crashers models to #Carmageddon 2. Not sure I'll do them properly as there's a lot of work to split the textures and their uvw maps.
Here's what they look like in software mode (256 colors, no texture size limit).
#modding ImageImageImage
And here's what they look like in Glide mode 😆 (16-bit high color, 256x256 texture size limit)
This is why I'd have to split the textures/uvw maps... ImageImageImage
Some Crashers models exported and rendered by @AlexTsekot : Image
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#Carmageddon 1 concept #gameart spam thread. Been meaning to post this for a while now. Art mainly by Terry "Tez" Lane and Neil @nobby_SG Barnden. #retrogaming #dosgaming #gamehistory

Starting with Industrial zone docks. ImageImage
Ah yeah, it's sadly mostly all low quality 🤷‍♂️

Industrial zone: acid baths, crane, powerups. These are very close to what we got ingame. ImageImageImageImage
Now the City environment. That first painting was also used as the menu backdrop. (also blue complete Tanka in the bottom right corner)

Tez made concepts with a similar atmosphere 15 years later for Carmageddon:Reincarnation. ImageImage
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For this #screenshotsaturday, some environments from other games put into #Carmageddon 2 along with the Clio from Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) ImageImageImage
Two more and a Strider ped as a bonus. ImageImageImage
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Today's #screenshotsaturday, three custom effects with @samlittlewood's #BRender blendtables in #Carmageddon: inverting colors, a flame, and b/w filter. It can also work with car materials but then it's kinda buggy.

#gamedev #gamehistory #dosgaming #retrogaming
Zooming in a little.
Using a custom blendtable for the flame makes it translucent alright but respects its colors (instead of simply blending 50% or so with the colors behind). ImageImageImage
Illustrating just a little further. Image
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Some more early shots of #Carmageddon 1. From Next Generation #25 (jan 1997) (pg 125-126)…

More early shots from scans. Featuring the Twister and Lead Pumper original textures. (that radiation symbol disappeared with the texture shrinking). Also the original #Carmageddon logo which can still be found in the game (Coastal map).
#gamehistory #dosgaming ImageImageImageImage
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#carmageddon #gamehistory n420: Sodburbs is an early version of the Frosty Pass Ski Resort. Topology is very similar and many landmarks are already there. But it's a green suburb! Files are still present in some versions of C1.
#retrogaming #DOSgaming ImageImageImageImage
It is based off this old concept #gameart, by Terry 'Tez' Lane I think. A red version of what would become the Fearari F666 also appears. ImageImage
And here's a comparison of both versions, it came a long way 🤠

#carmageddon #dosgaming #gamedev #gamehistory ImageImage
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And it lives again. Look at that and tell me macs had no games 🙄Coffeycup's own C2 copy running there. #legend ImageImageImage
+Fallout1/2, NOLF, and ScummVM on the OSX side. Should have kept 10.3 installed instead of 10.4 though Image
Obligatory #Carmageddon 1 shot. Image
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Earliest alpha #Carmageddon screenshots known to man. '96, SCi. Before textures were downscaled... 😡 #Retrogaming #DOSgaming #GameArcheology ImageImageImageImage
More textures in their original size:
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