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Usually in Shiva #Temple ..Nandi will be seen facing the Shiva Lingam.

But at Sri Vilvanatheswarar Temple,Thiruvalam,Near Vellore,TN

Nandi is seen facing away from Shiva linga &looking towards nearby hill -Kanjangiri.There is legend #story which tells the significance of same
#Legend #story in #sculpture
when temple pujari used to bring water for Abishek,he was troubled by a asura named Kanjan. Pujari complained to Shiva Bhagwan about his troubles & on hearing his plea,Shiva instructed Nandhi to kill the demon.Nandhi tore the demon into 8 pieces.
These 8 parts fell in 8different places.Later, in all these places Shiva temples were constructed.
Asura Kanjan pleaded to Shiva for mukti,Shiva blessed by saying that wherever his blood had fallen, a Shiva linga would appear. Even today one can see Shiva lingams on nearby hill.
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1/n. Touring #Lebanon's #hiking and #nature scene in under 36 hours.

Here are the places on the radar for day 1 of the journey.…

#adventure #roadtrip
@Husseintkjk Image
2/ Day 1:#chouwen river.

The drive is amazing through the mountains. The 45 min #Hike through forest to get to the river is rewarding.

The whole area is the birthplace of the #legend of Adonis & Astarte.

@Jabal_Moussa thank you for taking care of this piece of heaven. ImageImage
3/ Day 1: @EhdenHorsh

The beautiful mountainous city of Ehden offered wonderful scenic views and elaborate trails through pine trees.

Super diverse ecosystem of fauna and flora.
#ehdenhorsh #hiking #lebanon ImageImage
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We need to demand the removal of #Petertatchell from any role in advising the Irish Government regarding LGBT+ RSE Education, he is absolutely unfit! How much more evidence of his warped mind do we need to see?

#RodericOGorman has NEVER disavowed PT. Pictured here together at the Pride Parade in Dublin 2018. They still follow each other on Twitter. The #MinisterforChildren thinks PT is a #Legend for his LGBT+ activism having a history of activism himself. 2/6
PT is Patron of Educate & Celebrate. An LGBT advisory group working with the Government. He was invited to participate in the Annual Pride Debate 2018 where he described ways to nullify parents choosing to "opt out" of sexual education for their children.…
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#sculpture #story - pillar carving
cow with two heads does milk abhishek on shivalinga -Vaidyanatheswara
#Temple,Talakadu, Karnataka

There are many stories regarding this one of the Local #Legend

Local chief had a cow which never yielded any milk after grazing in forest.

1/n Image
Chief sent two of his hunter assistants,Tala and Kada to check on the cow.They found cow feeding an anthill in the forest. The hunters struck a blow on the anthill with an axe.The shivalinga which was inside split into 5 lingams &shiva emerged with a bleeding cut on his body.
Hunters pleaded to Shiva to forgiveness.Shiva pardoned them asked to bring some herbs from nearby plants & healed himself. Since he healed himself,here he is known as Vaidyanatheswara. Other 4 Shiva temples nearby are - Pathaleswara, Maruleswara , Arkeswara and Mallikarjuna
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Tirumala #Brahmotsavam -
spectacular utsavam of vahanams is a 9 day annual festival which is celebrated with utmost pomp.
But this year it is happening in 'Ekantham' within temple premises without allowing any devotees(Sep19-Sept27)
This ustav called as Salakatla Brahmotsavam. ImageImage
#Brahmotsavam #Legend-Brahma is believed to have 1st conducted this festival at Tirupati. Brahma worshiped Sri Balaji on the banks of Pushkarini in Tirupati as a way to give thanks for protecting worlds. So this Utsav is known as Brahmotsavam(means Brahma’s Utsavam)
Ankurarpanam ImageImage
Day 1 -Morning -Dhwajarohanam- flag with a Garuda pic is hoisted in the dwajastambam as mark of start of festival in the temple.
Evening - Venkateswara in Pedda Shesha vahanam ImageImage
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Yalguresh Hanuman Temple,
Yalagur,Bijapur dist,Karnataka

Shri Yalguresh stands on order
of Sri Rama protecting for 7 villages.
History of this place dates back to Ramayana.It is believed that Ram with Sita &Lakshman lived here for few days during Vanvas period.
1/3 ImageImage
#Legend -Hanuman was found as a huge stone in Gondi Lake.Pujari was performing rituals on stone but it broke into pieces.In dream, he was told to lock pieces within temple for 7days.After 7days, pieces had miraculously turned into Hanuman’s idol,standing 7feet.

2/3 ImageImage
Situated on the banks of Krishna River - #Temple is surrounded by greenery &scenic beauty..near Alamatti Dam.

All 📸 - respective owners
Source text - based on details in
shriyalguresh website
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Nunca ha sido uno de mis jugadores favoritos, pero si uno de los que más he defendido debido al injusto trato por la prensa y parte de la afición.

Números y palmares de leyenda para un mito indiscutible de la historia del Real Madrid. #GraciasBale ImageImageImageImage
Música del vídeo: "Experience" de Ludovico Einaudi.
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Darshan of Ranganatha in one of the oldest temples -Adhirangam -Sri Ranganatha Perumal #Temple, Devadanam,Near Villupuram,TN

Believed to be existing from Thretha yugam.This ancient temple's presiding deity is longer & larger than Ranganatha of SriRangam-abt 18 ft long

#Thread ImageImage
Reference to abt this temple is in Skantha Purana –301-306 athyayam under Uthara Ranga Mahatmiyam.Deity is facing east has the measuring vessel (Padi) as his pillow with his righthand placed over it, reclining on the Aadhi seshan with his 5 heads as umbrella. ImageImage
#Legend #stories -Ranganatha is resting after getting tired after giving away grains in the measuring vessel to feed the world in the harvest season.

1)Ranganathar retrieved Vedas from Asura Somuga who hid himself in sea.Vishnu incarnated as Matsya & retrieved the vedas.
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जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்🙏🙏🙏
@Swamy39 - Need more from you Sir!!

#subramanianswamy #Legend #hbdswamy39 #katterhindu #swamy39 #swamy

Readers of this post - attached Image is just a fan collage - please don't penalize if any inadvertent copyright issue !! Image
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Each and every square feet of
Kedareshwara temple,Halebidu, Karnataka is carved illustrating #Legend #stories from Puranas, Ramayan & Mahabharat.

Just see the #sculpture depicting Bheeshma on the bed made out of arrows & waiting for Uttarayana Punya Kaala to attain mukti.
1/2 ImageImage
Kedareshwara temple is Trikuta temple,dedicated to Shiva- Kedareshwara.This temple is a twin to Hoysaleshwar temple,but without Nandi
Main shrine has a Shiv Linga,but rest of 2 has no deities.

Take some time to see outer walls,as even smallest sculpture will portray stories.
2/2 ImageImage
📸 - credit to resp.owners
Source text - based on details about this place in templesofkarnataka website
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#Thread on the Legend of Hun-t’ien (Kaundinya) and Liu-yeh (Nagi Soma) who founded the first Hindu Kingdom of Khmer in Funan (present day Cambodia).#Hindu #Hinduism #Cambodia #History #india #bharat #indic #civilisation #IndoChina #khmer #asia #legend #indian
As per the extracts from the works of French Sinologist Paul Pelliot who researched on Indo China history, there exists a strong historical link between India and the Hindu Kingdom of Khmer in Funan (present day Cambodia).
The research says about Hun-t’ien (Indian name Kaundinya) whom Indian legend regard was a great Brahmin who received his spear from Asvatthaman (Aswathama), son of Drona, teacher of the Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata.
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Today is the Jayanti of Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, also called as Andhra Kesari for his fearless attitude. And the first CM of the newly created Andhra State. A man of true honor and integrity. #AndhraKesari
Tanguturi Prakasam was born in a small village, Vinodarayanipalem, in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh,to a pious Niyogi Brahmin couple, Subamma and Gopala Krishnayya on August 23, 1872.
His father was a Karanam of the village, and since his ancestors hailed from Tanguturu, a small town in Prakasam district, that became their surname. His father however passed away when Prakasam was just 11, leaving the family burden on his mother’s shoulders.
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Darshan of Mukkuruni Vinayagar -Madurai #meenakshi Amman #temple today in Silver kavach.

On #ganeshchathurthi ,1huge Kozhukkattai(modak) made out of 3 kuruni of rice(equals 18padi,1 padi =38000 rice grains)is offered to Ganesh.Hence this Ganesha is called Mukkuruni Vinayagar
1/n ImageImageImageImage
#Legend - Thirumalai Nayakkar found this #ganapathi idol in Vandiyur while he was digging a tank &placed in path between lay between Meenakshi Sannidhi & Shiva Sannidhi in #meenakshi
#temple .The tank is known as Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam (tank).

2/n Image
#storytime -Everyone teased Ganesh for sitting idle with his pot belly. So,he decided to find some work.Took a form of a young boy,approached a devotee of his who was working on fields to assist him.Completed work n asked for 3 Kurranai grains.Hence name MukkuruniVinayagar
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🚨Someone said #breaking? Follow the water... and keep your eyes on the road!
Part 1/3 #carwars #starwars #faceoff #rushmore #legend #titans #6underground #madmax #fureyroad
🏳️‍🌈🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪⬛️🏁 ImageImage
Part 2/3
Number #28 / Group Index
#carwars #starwars #faceoff #rushmore #legend #titans #6underground #madmax #fureyroad
🏁 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪 🏳️‍🌈 ImageImageImage
🚨Part 3/3
Number #28 / Group Index
#carwars #starwars #faceoff #rushmore #legend #titans #6underground #madmax #fureyroad
🏁🟥🟨🟨🟩🟦🟪⬛️🏳️‍🌈 ImageImageImage
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@GovParsonMO As detailed by the gov after Greitens
sheer stupidity that truly frightens.
Show me incompetence:
Parson’s claims make no sense. His
feigned ignorance surely enlightens.

@BluebirdsofMO @classEireland
@EnglishTeach07 @jzikah
@LottaFightLeft @PhyllisMarion7
@GovParsonMO @BluebirdsofMO @classEireland @EnglishTeach07 @jzikah @LottaFightLeft @PhyllisMarion7 Parson’s tweet makes it patently clear
Donald’s virus won’t soon disappear.
As Mike plays it both ways
many eyebrows we raise.
His mixed messages ring insincere.
We can vote #LIBERTY,
or vote death — we must #VOTE
like it impacts our breath. 😷

🗽 @nicolergalloway
⚰️ @mikeparson ImageImageImageImage
@GovParsonMO @BluebirdsofMO @classEireland @EnglishTeach07 @jzikah @LottaFightLeft @PhyllisMarion7 @nicolergalloway @mikeparson County Hickory’s dithering dork to
instruct sex ed would draw a stork.
Science ain’t his forte;
later victims will pay,
but at least he’s an expert on pork.

So to no one’s amazement or shock every county went red on Mike’s clock.

#mogov 🔥 #GovernorArson
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Horanadu Aadishaktiyatmaka Annapoorneshwari #temple

Route to this temple traverses through ghats,dense forests& vegetation,located on banks of River Bhadra-Chikmagalur district,Karnataka

Dedicated to Anna(food/grains) poorani(complete/perfect) -incarnation of Parvathi Devi
1/n Image
Goddess Annapoorneshwari can been seen here in a standing pose on a peetha -holding Shanku, Chakra, Sri Chakra and Devi Gayatri in her 4 hands -gold plated from head to toe,& it is believed that Rishi Agasthya in 8th century established(prana parthista) in this place.
2/n ImageImage
#Legend #storytimethread -
Once Shiva & Parvati had an argument.Shiva declared everything in world including food to be Maya or illusion.To prove food is not illusion Parvati disappeared resulting in the nature to become still causing draught in the world.
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Veer Kunwar Singh, one of the heroes of the 1857 Revolt, who at 80 years, led the rebellion in Bihar and Eastern UP. And gave one of the toughest fights ever to the British, constantly harassing them till his end.
Kunwar Singh belonged to the Ujjainiya Rajput clan, who are primarily found in Bihar- Eastern UP. They claim descent from Raja Bhoj, and in fact Bhojpur region gets it's name from this. Most of the Purbiya soldiers known for their martial skills were from this clan.
What is currently regarded as the Bhojpuri region is primarily Purvanchal or Eastern UP, and the Western part of Bihar, bordering Mithila and Magadha. This region of Bihar was primarily one single district Shahabad, that was bifurcated in 1972 into Bhojpur and Rohtas( Sasaram).
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Story time.
I was in 10th grade, we had a special speaker come in for “political correctness training”... for high schoolers... this went about as well as you’d think it could. Anyway, we were on the topic of “mentally challenged” people.
We were instructed to henceforth refer to them as “cognitively impaired”, to which someone yelled out “THAT SOUNDS RETARDED”. Now I don’t know if this lady has ever worked with remorseless highschoolers before, but let me tell you, this lady was SHOOK.
Her face went as red as a dying star and started her “how dare you” speech. She demanded whoever said it stand up, to which another student shouted “if you think he gonna tattle on himself you might be cOGnITiVeLy IMpaiReD” this ladies soul left her body right then and there.
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#thread #BlackPower #BlackRevolution #BlackYouth History was made today in Ldn: Militant independent black working class youth-led history, in the face of an formidable array of forces railed against them from the govt, to the fascist,from left /#BLMUK to wellknown celebrities.
This is an account from the direct experiences of MXM members today, and also our close unified approach with @LondonBlackRevs and several other radical black formations.
The background today is nearly 10yrs of a general absence of radical grassroots resistance, the last time was Aug2011 when we rose up for 3 days after the police murder of #MarkDuggan #BroadwaterFarm crew.
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Before I Used To Jump Down REALLY REALLY REALLY (BIG) Shiff , The Prayer I ALWAYS Said In My Before Hand;

"Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned, Forgive All Others Who Have Sinned Before Me, And Who Will Sin After Me"
- Continued.
I Knew I Was Looking Death In The Eyes EVERY
Why Am I Showing You Any Of This ..?
I_DK, Maybe To Ease Your Minds, To Maybe Allow You #PEACE Of Mind That YOU Are NOT Alone And MANY Have Been Here Before MANY Times ..

#TRUST Yourself,Know That #GOD Wins !
1 GOLD_N Rule, #JustDoIt !

In Memory Of Shane CROSS *+*


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Today is also the death anniversary of another great freedom fighter from South, Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, also called as Andhra Kesari for his fearless attitude. And the first CM of the newly created Andhra State.
Tanguturi Prakasam was born in a small village, Vinodarayanipalem, in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh,to a pious Niyogi Brahmin couple, Subamma and Gopala Krishnayya on August 23, 1872.
His father was a Karanam of the village, and since his ancestors hailed from Tanguturu, a small town in Prakasam district, that became their surname. His father however passed away when Prakasam was just 11, leaving the family burden on his mother’s shoulders.
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After hundreds, maybe thousands, of Twitter interactions today, the valiant poetry host of #TopTweetTuesday Dominic Weston @Limescale has been carried away from the @blackboughpoems arena with all digital access removed #hero #wheresthecape #legend #digitaldetox
@Limescale - did you keep a count of how many poems there were 😮
a 💯 poems easily!
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Stayed up way too late, but got legend at #Hearthstone tonight. Played an aggro demon hunter to get there, went 29-17 tonight to get it. Broke even against other DHs, beat hunter, mage, rogue pretty soundly. Image
I didn't even know they made 20,000 legends...
#Hearthstone #legend

Broke 20k. Now for the 18000s! Image
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The amount of coincidences on #Friends to #SteveBing #Pellicano’s #Hollywood trials prove #RachelChandler is a pseudonym

Too many markers in the TV show that work as symbols to lead you

#Madonna’s #QuarantineLife video #6: jazz album to her left called ‘#PARKER With Friends’
#EllenDeGeneres picks up where #Madonna left off during #QuaratineLife. Her guests =1/2 the #Friends cast + favorite cameos

▪️#JenniferAniston ▪️#CourtneyCox ▪️#ReeseWitherspoon
+ other loud voices/guests frm #EpsteinIsland (#Legend #Teigen #Spade #ChelseaHandler #Pratt etc)
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