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Haven't done a #gamedev #gameart tip in a while, so here is a quickie:

You can create compelling skies using custom geometry which can have multiple cuts to allow for a second UV channel. This allows you to sample and blend multiple aspects of your sky in the shader.

For example, your moons can be crystal sharp high res, but the rest low.
You can blend several layers in your shader together to make a sky that has one draw call, but features things such as rolling clouds, sun movement and so forth.

One thing I tend to do is slice the sky sphere into a dome, so it isn't included when you look down...
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¿Estás haciendo un juego de estilo retro y necesitas algo que acabe de darle el toque?

¡El paquete de shaders GodotRetro te echará una mano a tu estilo visual!

Link, pequeña explicación uso y ejemplos en los siguientes tweets🧵👇
#gamedev #gameart #godot #madewithgodot #shaders
Antes de nada, todos los shaders del paquete GodotRetro tienen licencia Creative Commons 0 (CC0) por lo que puedes utilizarlos en cualquier tipo de proyecto (sea comercial o no).

Estos shaders están en su versión 3.0 y funcionan sobre la rama 3.X de godot (incluida la 3.5). Icono de GodotRetro 3.0
¿Qué es un shaders? Simplificando, es código que se ejecuta "directamente" sobre la tarjeta gráfica (GPU), a diferencia del código de programación tradicional que se ejecuta en el procesador (CPU). Nos permiten modificar colores, texturas, modificar vértices, generar efectos... Shader que genera hierba corriendo en tiempo real en Godot.
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¿Quieres hacer un prototipo? ¿items para tu juego? ¿SFX?


OpenGameArt es un repositorio de arte 2D/3D, SFX y música Libres, Open Source, Creative Commons y de dominio publico.

Te doy trucos para una mejor búsqueda🧵👇
#gamedev #gameart #gameassets Logo de OpenGameArt
OpenGameArt por defecto realiza la búsqueda en todas sus categorías.

Obviamente si quieres una TEXTURA, no o necesitas sonidos o música, pero te recomiendo que marques 2D Art, 3D Art y Texture. Muchas veces no encuentras directamente lo que quieres pero sí dentro de otras cosas. Filtro de búsqueda por tipo...
Las licencias son muy importantes. Estas te indican lo que puedes hacer y lo que no.

¡Pero no te agobies! No cuesta tanto acostumbrarse a ellas.

La Creative Commons 0 (CC0) te permite hacer lo que quieras, comercial o no, cerrado o abierto, sin citar a quién lo creó. Image
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Wanna learn how I did these ripples and foam using "fake" decals? Might be a long thread but gunna go through it step by steps. There's a few things to cover first before we get to the COOL bits though! #gamedev #unrealengine #gameart

The first thing to figure out is how to take an actor's position/rotation/scale and hook it up to a material. Then we can use that data to compute properly aligned uvs, and sample a texture, like this cute squirtle. This happens all in the material!
So lets first look at the material. We can compute transformed uvs pretty easily! Just subtract the decal pos from wp, run it through a rotator (no idea about why it needs 8*pi though!), and divide it by the scaling...and we got some nice uvs! Running through a frac to visualize!
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I'm researching how "Gestalt Laws" can affect and enhance #leveldesign and #gameart design thinking.

This time it is the "Law of Proximity"

Everything is pretty basic when dissecting it, but knowing the rules before breaking them is what matters here 🥳

A thread! 🧵1/9 Image
Close proximity creates unity and readability. Pushing objects apart creates groupings. But it is a greyzone.

When is unity broken..? Image
🧵3/9 Image
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Today's #gamedev #gameart lesson is about setting up your base import/export workflow.
The first thing you need to do before you do anything else is set up a working environment between your applications that allow you yo import and export back and forth as smoothly and easily as possible.

For most new artists that starts with scale.
Each 3D application, file format and game engine vary in a few basic foundational things- scale, orientation, axis and (more complicated but also Uv and normal tangent space).

You would think we would have unified all this a long time ago, but one thing I can tell you...
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Quick #gamedev #gameart lesson.

Interpenetration is when you stick an element of an object through another. In some cases it can be handy, but it isn't always the best idea. Image
In the early days of 3D, interpenetrating geo saved us a lot of polygons. But engines worked differently then... polygons where expensive.
In this example, if I welded the beam into the block, it would increase the polycount by whopping... wait for it... 6 whole triangles. Image
But the rules are different now, 3d cards use a whole new set of rules.

The texture takes up more memory than the mesh you save, so if you bake like this, some of the texture will be wasted.

Either way, the saving isn't as big as it used to be.
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Quick #gamedev #gameart trick.
When you use the alpha clip method of transparency it is binary- on/off. You either render the pixel, or you skip it.

However, your alpha channel is not binary. It is a float from 0.0 to 1.0.

This gives you a nifty trick...
See, to convert the alpha channel to on/off you set a mask clipping value. A value of 0.5 basically says only draw a pixel if the alpha is 0.5 or higher.
What that means is you can assign different values for different parts of your texture, and use the mask clipping value to reveal them bit by bit, or randomise them.

Say, a short moustache, a long moustache, a goatee and a full beard, all using the same texture.
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#gamedev #gameart advice. I see a lot of students making levels as one big mesh in 3d apps.
Environments are usually made up from what are usually called "kits" of modular pieces.
Here is some of the kits for Hitman taken from their talk (link shortly).
Learning to plan out and make modular kits is super important part of your skill set. Designing modules that are reusable and reskinnable makes a huge difference to your workflow.

You can buy various kits on asset stores that you can look at to get ideas.
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Quick #gameart tip- you can mirror and share (overlap) UVs for parts of baked textures.
However, to stop baking issues, make a copy of your model and take any mirrored or shared uv islands, scale them down and move them to a bit of unused space. That way, the...
Bake renders those parts to a junk spot, rather than writing over the bit you want baked.

Then you just reload the model with the uvs in the right place and paint away.
Otherwise you are just rendering a bunch of triangles over each other with different data in each.
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A continuation on my Gestalt research & how it can help World Building. Rearranging objects to create different feelings.
Building Worlds is a team effort as always! ❤️
But this mainly focused on #leveldesign & #gameart

1st up is designing for speed!
This is a thread 🧵1/9
This thread focus on the Gestalt principle of "Prägnanz" or "Good Gestalt". Meaning that individual object should be arranged so that they together become ordered and create meaning.

Here we arrange objects to try to create the emotion of Caution!
And now we rearrange the objects to try to spark curiosity!

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The art of #gameart asset making is selling an illusion of something to a player using as little resources as possible.

The important part here is selling an illusion. We don't make trees... we arrange some polys and pixels and code into something that conjures a tree mentally
As game artists we aren't making real things, we are just communicating gameplay elements to players.

This is a bush.
This, is also a bush.
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Let's have an open and honest chat about the level your art needs to be to get your first job as a 3D artist in the video game industry.
First thing to know, you need to be able to do the job. Studios are not schools, you need to already have a good understanding of...
...clean modelling techniques, optimal UV layouts, texel density, LODs, material IDs, accurate materials.
I say this because there are an alarming amount of graduates that don't understand why they aren't getting a job straight out of uni, and the simple answer is... aren't ready yet. That doesn't mean you won't be, it just means you have to push more. You should by graduation already have the base understanding of the technical skills required, now you need to push your artistic eye for composition, materials, lighting & presentation.
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Whooooo wants that giant thread of starships made and updated for the new @trekonlinegame REFLECTIONS release? 1/??? #startrek #gameart #gamedev
@trekonlinegame First up: the Andromeda Exploration Cruiser
The Bozeman-class Heavy Frigate is the Soyuz for today's modern sensibilities.
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Blender foliage tips! (1/3)

Use a curve modifier for nice organic curves + extra depth

#b3d #gameart
Make sure your leaves never disappear from a certain angle. Besides rotating you can use a Simple Deform or Displacement modifier (2/3)
And last but not least you can use an Array modifier w/ object offset to quickly distribute leaves!
More details on this here:

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Okay #gameart folks, I was donated these two tweezers from a VR project to demonstrate some cleanup and good topo.
Big thanks to the contributor, who gets the model back cleaned up as a thanks. :)

Are ya ready for this?
Okay, so here is the topology, and, as you can see, this is far from ideal. Both artists here are from film, so they are just learning the ropes for games- and again, they donated these so give your thanks
Okay, so lets start with the brief. These are for VR.

Now VR means you can get the tool very, very close to your face. It also means normal maps are not going to create much of an illusion of detail.

So we are aiming for a decent finish in VR.
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#gamesdev #gameart

Looking for a 3d artists to get some zbrush props and scenic details retopologised. Paid gig, remote, per asset quote.

Post folio links in comments below- must show wireframes. Unwrap a bonus!
Extra, extra bonus if you are awesome at sculpting props too! May lead to a bigger gig.
Any software you use is cool, just need .obj or .fbx back.
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So here is the solve I was talking about for jaggies when baking a rounded model to a chonky one. (A tutorial thread)...

#gamdev #gameart #techart
Here is the problem. You have to bake the left mesh to the middle mesh. As you can see, they dont overlap well.

I got ya fam.
Step one. Unwrap your low. Then add some guiding edges to the model- DO NOT smooth your uv out- leave it as is.
Step two, move the guide edges so that they wrap around the model snugly.
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Okay, so here is a small chunk of a normal map texture. this is a classic mistake new artists make. The fine textures you see are baked in.

#gameart #techart
This kind of detail is better added in shader.

You can tile a smaller noise map over and over, and blend it onto your baked normals. If you need to control where, you can use a mask.
This has many advantages.

1: your textures do not need to be anywhere near as big to get fine details.

2: As you are tiling the detail noise, those fine details can be even finer.

3: Your textures will compress better.
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#gamedev #gameart Just because something needs a lot of edges to make it have a round silhouette, doesn't mean you have to use the same number in each sucessive edge loop. As they get smaller, they need less to pull off the illusion of roundness.
That is 1/3 of the tris. With a normal map, you can't even tell it has no lip or thickness in most games.
One of my bigbears is jagged looking wheels when they could have been smoother than my chat up lines, because there are loops and loops worth of waste
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A thread 🧵
Avoiding bad tangents in composition.
Important for #gameart and our Environment Artists.

But also important for us #leveldesign:ers to understand and to avoid!
1/7 Image
Obviously really hard (impossible!) to avoid tangents in all situations. But sometimes we know exactly where the player stands! Image
Tangents is an unfortunate wording.. 🙁
Often confused with the math counterpart... Image
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#gamedev #gameart quick trick.
If you are working on super low poly models, like those in the wonderful #valheim, you can get weird shading effects due to extreme normals averaging- which gets the lighting from vastly different directions.
Here, the tip of the ponytail is getting its shading from diagonally down infront of the character. On the edited version, I pointed it to the direction that the front polys would be facing- at right angles to her chest.
This is what is happening. Here a blue light is above and a red one below. The first shape has a hard edge- the vertex normals point up or down. The middle is averaged (smooth edge) and the third is edited so they all point up.
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Signed distance fields are really cool
I know twitter compression is gonna destroy it but I promise it has proper antialiasing on the black outline + a nice little glow around the outside
Carrie drew these vines and I'm trying to recreate them procedurally with bezier curves and signed distance fields, seems nicer than trying to tile them. Wish me luck Image
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🥳To say thank you for my 200 followers I uploaded another #freebie🎁. I also want to thank @Sketchfab for the great support. It's great that artists are supported like this.💙

#3D #3DArt #GameArt #IndeGameDev #Mech #Tank #Cinema4D #Octane #Substance
Here are more renderings, rendered with Octane in Cinema4D, of the mech.
It is rigged, but not the hydraulic stamps. You have to do that manually with constrains in your favorite 3D tool.
#3D #3DArt #GameArt #IndeGameDev #Mech #Tank #Cinema4D #Octane #Substance
I am absolutely no animation artist (As you can see) and animate only very rarely, so have mercy on me.
But I don't want to withhold the rendering from you. If someone can animate the freebie better, I would be happy to get a version of it. #3DArt #GameArt #IndeGameDev #Mech
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