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I was talking with a student yesterday about current AAA character technical budgets, so here's a quick thread for those of you struggling to yank your instructors out of 2007 and into the modern world.


#gamedev #gameart
On #SpiderManPS4, spider suits had anywhere from 80,000 to over 150,000 triangles, and a minimum of 4 materials at anywhere from 1024 to 4096 res textures.

Additionally, almost every material would have tiling detail maps in the shader for things like cloth and leather.
For civilians, head models had about 6000 triangles and a set of 2048 textures for the head.

On top of that, there were materials for the eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, teeth/tongue, and a material each for the different clothing pieces.

Most textures were authored at 2048.
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1) Okay, lemme just fucking bury this #3dart #gameArt myth right here and right the fuck now.

Quads are just two triangles with a hidden edge. In a game engine they are... wait for it... two triangles.

Lets talk modelling in quads...

For the very sake of fuck
2) that hidden edge is still the fuck there in your 3d app.

Make a quad, move two opposite verts up. Voila, it folds, one way or another. That hidden edge is there... and it is determined by THE SHORTEST DISTANCE between the verts.
3) whatever the fuck orientation that edge is when you export it to your engine is where the triangles lay.

You either control that fucking bastard edge or let the exporter pick backed on distance.
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Thread 1/?

#Texture #gameart breakdown of #BreathoftheWild
Some cool things like why their normal maps look weird

These are the source files ripped from the WiiU version (I dont condone such actions) but it is cool to see behind the scenes ;)

#gamedev #polycount #unity #ue4

So why do the normals look weird? Normals look green because they removed all normal info from the blue channel and instead store their glossiness map there. So normal maps need just R & G channels? No.

(second pic is smoothness stored in B channel of normal)
So this trick is not really new, examples can be found in valve games and things like quake. So it is possible to calculate the blue channel of a normal map when you only have R & G. So there are many games that calculate B in the shader.
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Hey I’m Kiana, a freelance concept artist available for work. I love mythology, monsters, and badass ladies πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ


#PortfolioDay #conceptart #gameart #characterdesign #VisibleWomen
A few more examples of my work! My main focus is concept art for video games, but I would love to branch out into other fields too.

#conceptart #illustration #gameart #gamedev #fantasyart
And if you like Instagram, I’ve got that too!
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For some reason i keep seeing #gameart students thinking triangles in their meshes are bad. Here is a screenshot of some work from the DICE pros work on BFV. And they are some of the best artists out there. β€˜Nuff said πŸ˜‰
Taken from this awesome presentation, go watch it!…
Keep in mind i am talking about this from an environment artists perspective, there is some πŸ”₯ character advice down below too from industry pros.
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