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The first business meeting for the new #CLTCC starts at 5 p.m. this evening. On the agenda: updates from CMPD/SAFE Charlotte, an overview of the @CLTgov disparity study, $1M for Alternatives to Violence, turning Peppertree Apartments into city-funded affordable housing and more.
The meeting is beginning now. You can watch live on YouTube or the @CLTGov Facebook page.
Re: Alternatives to Violence, the Cure Violence Global team has asked that the local program not provide a full annual analysis of pilot program on the Beatties Ford corridor because of drastic changes that have occurred (changes in leadership, staff) but have provided this data.
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Jam-packed agenda for tonight's #CLTCC meeting, and it's the last one of the term, meaning tonight will be the last meeting for @JulieEiselt, Greg Phipps (ostensibly), @Larken Egleston and Matt Newton. Watch live here:
We begin with a public forum. Linda Lockhart, Charlotte's first Black woman firefighter, begins by speaking about what she calls a sexist culture at CFD. She says it begins with the hiring process. "Things have not changed ... It's terrible over there, and nobody seems to care."
David Hans says he's been fighting the city's efforts to build a volunteer fire station on Woody Point Road in Steele Creek and has been ignored by council members and city staff, which he claims is a violation of their code of ethics. It looks like that's a wrap on the forum.
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Vocal Charlotte city council Republican @FinTechInnov8r spent over a year recruiting this GOP slate, all of them have gotten crushed. Bokhari's race for the D6 seat is itself razor-thin: he's behind @hand4CLTdist6 by just 87 votes. #cltcc
That's it! @FinTechInnov8r has hung on (barely) to his District 6 seat on the #cltcc, by just 377 votes.

Truly a remarkable feat of political survivorship. Bokhari won his 2019 race by ~3300 votes.

The rest of the Charlotte GOP slate crashes and burns.
Between Durham and now Charlotte, this year has not been great for organized GOP candidate slates.
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Vendors from Central Market, formerly located on the old Eastland Mall site, will speak during tonight's #CLTCC public forum to provide updates and bring forth additional demands to the city. Our story from February:…
Tonight's meeting is about to begin with an action review session featuring an arts & culture update from @priyasircar and an Americans with Disabilities update from the Community Relations Committee. Watch live here:
A look at arts funding this year, coming from the Infusion Fund and allocated by the newly formed Arts & Culture Advisory Board.
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Charlotte City Council is about to start. Watch live here #CLTCC:…
Greg Phipps and Larken Egleston are the only two councilmembers in person. Everyone else is virtual. Councilmember Victoria Watlington is absent due to the loss of a close friend #CLTCC
City employees have until tomorrow to upload their vaccination status. As of today, 90% of employees have responded and the vaccination rate is 66%. The final number is expected to be available on Friday. #CLTCC
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The first #CLTCC Business Meeting in two months is now underway. You can watch live here:
On the agenda tonight, a vote on the new nondiscrimination ordinance. Also, the Charlotte Equitable Development Commission, emergency rental and utility relief, federal HOME Program funding, Alternatives to Violence, and more. Agenda is here:…
.@DimpleAjmera is back for the first time since the birth of her new baby, whom she just introduced virtually to her colleagues on council. #CLTCC
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Tonight's Charlotte City Council meeting will be a doozy. Pour a glass of wine and get ready for more than 100 speakers on the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Tweets in the thread. Watch live, starting at 5, here #CLTCC:
East Charlotte residents: you are about to get your second lane on Central Avenue back.

City Manager Marcus Jones says the bus-only lane pilot will conclude at the end of the month. CATS will analyze data from the 6 month pilot and apply it to Phase 3 of the Gold Line #CLTCC
We have reached the monthly portion of Public Forum where east Charlotte residents tell #CLTCC how much they dislike the bus only lane on Central Ave. This time, the first speaker started off saying "thank you" since the city manager announced it is going away
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The agenda for tonight's #CLTCC Strategy Session looks short, but includes some big topics sure to inspire lots of discussion. We'll be live-tweeting and you can watch the meeting here: . The meeting should be starting any second. Image
City manager Marcus Jones giving an update on SAFE Charlotte plan, discussing framework for work with nonprofits. Says SAFE Charlotte will become largest grant program for local nonprofits working in violence interruption/prevention. Will aim to give $50,000 to 20 organizations
These 20 organizations have yet to be selected. The $1 million will be allocated by United Way. A panel made up of grassroots anti-violence organizers and advocates will select the orgs based on a rubric created by the city that follows SAFE Charlotte priorities.
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Plans for light rail expansion haven't been derailed because of COVID. The Charlotte Moves Taskforce is set to present funding recommendations next week for a "Transformational Mobility Network." Council presentation in December. Possible $4-6 billion local cost. At 11 @wsoctv
Council's goal has been to expand the light rail to Belmont (with a stop at the airport), Matthews and Ballantyne at the same time. The Transformational Mobility Network deals with more than just light rail expansion-- like road and bike path improvements.
Voters in Austin just approved a $7.1 billion package that will raise property taxes by 8.75 cents (4%). Austin's plan calls for light and commuter rail, a downtown train tunnel and expanded bus service. Overall it was a good year for transit at the polls…
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NEW: After months of waiting, I finally got my hand on the city of Charlotte's RNC security purchases. Going through them now #CLTCC @wsoctv Image
Included: Meal deliveries, hotels, relief facility rentals, CFD equipment, vehicle rentals and purchases, video management, first aid supplies, bomb detection equipment, civil emergency unit equipment, camera installation and replacement, protective gear and uniform equipment.
The city says the original approved federal grant amount was $50 million and since the convention changes occurred so close to the convention itself approximately $17 million was already committed and/or spent.
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THREAD: Taking a closer look at the #ElectionDay arrest of Justin Dunn. Police arrested him for trespassing, not intimidation, despite reports he was possibly intimidating voters. He showed up to vote at a #Clt polling site with a handgun on his hip, which is legal. #Defenders
First, let's rewind. Justin Dunn is no stranger to #ELECTIONDAY He previously ran unsuccessfully for #CLTCC and #ncpol as a republican several years ago. Now, let's fast forward. Yesterday, he called himself a @realDonaldTrump supporter. #Defenders
Before we even get to why police showed up to the voting site on Doug Mayes Place yesterday, there's something else. I found this right after his arrest broke yesterday, but wanted to be sure before reporting anything. He's registered with @NCSBE as a black democrat. #Defenders
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CACG recommends #CLTCC switch to four-year-terms. If Council agrees, CACG recommends a referendum, term limits and staggered elections. By a 6-5 vote, CACG also recommends nonpartisan elections @wsoctv
This presentation is happening now:…
CACG also recommends adding an 8th district representative and eliminating an At-Large seat. Salary should match #MeckBOCC #CLTCC @wsoctv
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It's Monday night. Fresh off a major approval of a Ballantyne transformation, Charlotte City Council will vote on projects tonight that will dramatically change Dilworth and east Charlotte if approved #CLTCC
It looks like an episode of Hollywood Squares tonight #CLTCC
Council will take a formal vote on Ballantyne ReImagined but they already approved the project last week #CLTCC…
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1. The #RNC2020 saga in Charlotte has been a doozy. I've covered it from the start. Here's a recap of some key moments.
2. When the presentation was made to Charlotte City Council about whether to submit a bid for #RNC2020, only one City Councilmember opposed- @lawanamayfield. This was around January 2018. The city then submitted a bid.
3. Things stayed quiet until March 2018. Sources told @AllisonWSOC9 and me the RNC was paying a visit to CLT. We got our hands of the RFP which said the RNC "will only travel to those cities that are designated as finalists."…
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It’s worth noting President Donald Trump is not a party in the #RNC2020 contract. It’s an agreement between the city of Charlotte and RNC Host Committee.
Last month, Charlotte City Council voted to accept $50 million from the DOJ to cover security costs. The city has already spent millions to prepare for the RNC #CLTCC
Last July, some Charlotte City Councilmembers inquired about canceling #RNC2020 after a “send her back” chant broke out during one of the president’s rallies in Greenville. Council was told the only way RNC doesn’t happen in CLT is if either party breaches the contract.
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Day 4 thread of the #NC09 hearing. Watch live here:…
NEW: Last night at 9, NCSBE received more documents from the Mark Harris committee. The documents are being presented to the board now #NC09
One of the documents is a message from Mark Harris to Judge Marion Warren, who is known to be one of the people to vouch for McCrae Dowless.

Harris wrote to Warren about McCrae “The guy whose absentee ballot project for Johnson could have put me in the US House this term.” #NC09
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Interesting night: As reporters try to ask questions, Mark Harris uses emergency exit #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv…
In other news tonight: Source tells me: CIAA tournament to leave Charlotte for Baltimore after 2020 #CLTCC…
Scooters are staying, rules likely to come: Charlotte City Council looks to add rules limiting scooter usage #CLTCC…
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BREAKING: CIAA is leaving Charlotte for Baltimore, per source. CIAA will hold the tournament in Baltimore from 2021- 2023. Press conference tomorrow at 10 @wsoctv
In 2018, CIAA had a $50.5 million economic impact in Charlotte #CLTCC…
Last year Councilman James Mitchell told me Baltimore was Charlotte's biggest threat to steal CIAA. Baltimore committed to $2 million in scholarships. Charlotte was at $1.2 million and was trying to get to $1.7 million #CLTCC @wsoctv…
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BREAKING: We have obtained a photo of Mark Harris and McCrae Dowless together. The picture was taken in March at a political event in Bladen County. The person who took the photo has asked us to not identify them. #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
Reminder: Former #CLTCC candidate Pete Givens told @wsoctv that Harris introduced him to McCrae Dowless in 2017. Harris was Givens pastor

"Mark told me about this guy's process of, you know, that he had a process..."

The photo of Harris and Dowless was taken in March 2018
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"Two women intimately involved with the McCrae Dowless’s absentee ballot machine have revealed...its grim and chaotic workings, in which Dowless tracked votes on yellow paper and paid his workers... from stacks of cash, which some used to keep themselves high on opioids" #NC09
DA Lorrin Freeman told @AllisonWSOC9 her office has an open criminal investigation that's zeroed in on absentee ballots in Bladen County in three separate election cycles; last month's general election, the May 2018 primary and in 2016’s election.…
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AP: North Carolina board delays finalizing congressional result #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
NCBSE #NC09 results were not certified citing G.S. 163A-1180

That statute gives the Board to “take any other action necessary to assure that an election is determined without taint of fraud or corruption and without irregularities that may have changed the result of an election”
Campaign managers for Harris and McCready were unaware of this development when I contacted them
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