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Keep in mind: the only reason former Congresscritter Robin Hayes is NCGOP Chairman is because Trumpist activists impeached and removed Hasan Harnett, the first black guy elected to the position ever

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Looking at likely #nc09 early vote schedules in the 8 counties: Multiple sites: Robeson 2, Mecklenburg 7. Evenings Scotland, Mecklenburg, Union, Robeson, Richmond. Weekends Mecklenburg, Union, Robeson. No weekends or evenings: Anson, Cumberland. Bladen no plan yet. #ncpol
fun metric in likely #nc09 May 14 GOP primary early voting schedules, eligible voters (R+U) per early voting site hour:
Union 671
Cumberland 247
Mecklenburg 99 (7 sites)
Robeson 98 (2 sites)
Richmond 83
Scotland 57
Anson 48
Bladen TBA

/2 #ncpol
Here’s my spreadsheet for early voting for #nc09 May 14 GOP primary. Schedules aren’t published by @ncsbe — but I badgered coubty election directors and state board staff and read small town weekly papers. #NCPol (eligible voters are R and U) /3
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We all know what we've already seen with our own eyes.
Bill Barr's word salads can't change that.
Focus on 2020. Think about all we've learned; all the sunlight that's been shed on the electoral process. No more blind spots

Don't forget #NC09. Keep your eyes peeled for ballot harvesting & other schemes. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors

Don't forget Georgia & the voter suppression efforts that are still in play. Keep up with what is going on in your state and raise your voices. Pressure works.

We know what's going on & we can't stand for this.

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.@DanCrenshawTX’s claim is completely false. Election fraud -- like what happened in #NC09 -- is illegal today and would still remain illegal after #HR1 is signed into law. (1/3)
Here’s the TRUTH about #HR1, the #ForThePeople Act: It’s overdue, critical legislation to fight back against corruption in Washington, establish clean, fair & transparent elections, end dominance of big money in our politics & guarantee the right to vote for all Americans. (2/3)
But let me end with this: @DanCrenshawTX, your commitment to our country is unquestionable, and I’m grateful for it. This bill is about making sure every vote counts and everyone can cast one. Think we can all agree on that. (3/3)
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You know Stony Rushing? The Boss Hogg dude that Mark Harris endorsed to replace him in the #NC09 special election?

Apparently he had an affair with a GOP city commissioner — and filed a fake suit against her accusing her of MOLESTING HIS DAUGHTER to throw people off the trail.
This story reminds me a lot of the saga of Michigan state Rep. Todd Courser, who tried to throw people off the trail of his affair with Rep. Cindy Gamrat by planting a fake email accusing himself of soliciting gay prostitutes in Lansing.…
In any case, as hilarious as it would be if Rushing is the nominee, I am increasingly confident he won't be.

Harris may have endorsed him, but there are other candidates. Plus there's a chance state courts will find the whole primary invalid and force the GOP to keep Harris.
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The guy the Good Rev. Mark Harris (R-Prison) hired to rig the #nc09 election has been indicted for the same scheme he ran in 2016

No arrests for the 2018 rigging yet
When Rs do election fraud, they go hard

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BREAKING: McCrae Dowless has been indicted on three counts of felonious obstruction of justice, two counts of conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice and two counts of possession of absentee ballot #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
The Dowless indictment stems from the 2016 general election and 2018 primary. The investigation into the 2018 general election continues #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
Wake County DA: An order set pretrial release conditions for Mr. Dowless at $30,000 secured and ordered that he have no contact with anyone named in the indictments. #NC09 #ncpol @wsoctv
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Failing to steal the NC 9th election, Mark Harris wisely opted to skip the new race. Now he's become the Roscoe Coltrane to this Boss Hogg cosplaying dipstick below, endorsing him as the (R) nominee in the race.

NC's GOP - where the swamp is deep, but the gene pool is shallow.
Guy in the pic is Union Co Commissioner Stony Rushing. Cuz why WOULDN'T a guy who was running for county commissioner dress like a fictional corrupt, greedy, inept county commissioner? And of course NC R's vote for him. Now he's all "Imma get them Dem boys in tha House! Hoo wee!"
THIS is from Stony Rushing's Facebook page. Rushing of course suffers from typical #GOPMemoryLoss, wherein he 'forgets' that the NC Board of Elections (NOT @McCreadyForNC ) justifiably threw out the election/ballots as a result of election fraud. Rushing is a real piece of work.
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It’s been national news this week that Mark Harris campaign committed fraud in #NC09 to steal an election. But we had much bigger news today in Wake Co court...
After the gerrymandered NC General Assembly put a voter ID requirement on the ballot last year, the @ncnaacp sued under state constitution, noting that the NCGA is, according to SCOTUS, illegally constituted.
Court ruled in @ncnaacp’s favor today & the amendments the NCGA shoved through in a December special session were voided.
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Day 4 thread of the #NC09 hearing. Watch live here:…
NEW: Last night at 9, NCSBE received more documents from the Mark Harris committee. The documents are being presented to the board now #NC09
One of the documents is a message from Mark Harris to Judge Marion Warren, who is known to be one of the people to vouch for McCrae Dowless.

Harris wrote to Warren about McCrae “The guy whose absentee ballot project for Johnson could have put me in the US House this term.” #NC09
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Mark Harris is expected to take the stand soon in the fourth day of the #nc09 hearing. Should be a long day of testimony.
His wife said last night that they had to drive back to Charlotte for him to receive IV antibiotics, then come back this morning (3 hours each way).
We're underway. The @NCSBE attorney says they received new evidence at 9 p.m. last night from @MarkHarrisNC9 campaign.
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Happening now in #NC09 fraud investigation: GOP candidate Mark Harris's son John talks about his warnings to his father that an operative's ballot-collection method was possibly illegal -- Dad hired him anyways; "Their mind was made up" b/c they saw Dowless get results. 1/2
2/2 Son says he thought his father was making an effort to ensure Dowless's scheme was legal, but is pretty hard to believe Harris did so w/ proper attn given his son's emails: "The key thing that I am m fairly certain they do that is illegal is..." the thing Dowless was doing.
If you hire a campaign operative who has in the past earned 98% of mail-in absentee ballots because you believe he "gets results," and your son warns that it seems illegal, I think the inability to see through the operative's lies is at least partially on you
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Day 3 of the #NC09 hearing starts now. Andy Yates is on the stand @wsoctv
Marc Elias is now asking Andy Yates about McCrae Dowless’ criminal history. Yesterday Yates said he wasn’t aware of Dowless’ fraud and perjury convictions #NC09
Yates says no campaign has ever asked him to do a criminal background check. Dr. Harris did not ask him to do one. Yates says he doesn't know any employee or consultant for the Harris campaign that would have been tasked to do that #NC09
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And we're back for Day 3 of the #NC09 hearing, where @MarkHarrisNC9 is expected to testify.
Andy Yates, founder of Red Dome Group, is still on the stand to start. He's testifying about the skimpy background check of Dowless that he says din't turn up his felony convictions.
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Gonna delete this tweet, because apparently what I was remembering was folks lying on Harris's behalf rather than Harris lying himself


When the NCSBE refused to certify the #NC09 race, the Charlotte Observer, AP, and several other outlets wrote that McRae Dowless was independent of the Harris campaign and worked as an independent contractor of Red Dome

But that was a Yates comment

Then the NCGOP and other Republican pundits picked up the "Mark Harris is an innocent victim" line

But that was a Woodhouse comment

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Oh dear, the Rev. Mark Harris (R) hired a guy to rig elections before Harris hired the consultant he's been hiding behind
Time to break out the silver bracelets for the Rev. Mark Harris (R) #NC09

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Day 2 thread of the #NC09 hearing starts now @wsoctv
NCSBE's first witness of the day is Michele Maultsby #NC09
Maultsby is a poll worker in Bladen County. She was the chief judge at her precinct #NC09
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Yesterday was a little bonkers in day one of the North Carolina State Board of Elections hearing on #NC09. You can read what happened here. I’ll be in the hearing room for @nprpolitics and tweeting testimony here…
Yesterday, Dowless’ former step daughter gave dramatic testimony about how she was paid to collect ballots and how she never thought her father figure would lead her astray. Also said Dowless tried to obstruct the investigation, even trying to tell her what to say at the hearing
Dowless was called to testify but he did not. He was in attendance in accordance to a subpoena, but to compel him to testify would mean giving him immunity from being prosecuted for that testimony in the future — something the state board didn’t want to give
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This woman, Lisa Britt, is giving testimony right now about an explosive absentee ballot theft ring in North Carolina. She admitted taking absentee ballots for money and discarding them. She was urged to plead the 5th and not testify. This is madness— democracy is up for sale.
You can watch the NC State Board of Elections hearing here-->

-Officials must order a new election.
-Those who stole ballots must be held accountable.
-The Trump administration must stop pushing false vote fraud claims given criminal schemes like this.…
Attorney for Mark Harris, the candidate who benefitted from this scheme, is now cross examining Lisa Britt. The attorney trying to suggest this is no big deal b/c the ballots that Britt took belonged to Republicans. This is FALSE. Black & Native American voters were most impacted
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.@NCSBE Director Kim Strach identifying three key issues in investigation: Absentee “irregularities”, disclosure of early voting results, & “Office Security” in Bladen County. @ABC11_WTVD #nc09 #nc09
BREAKING: @NCSBE investigation says evidence shows @MarkHarrisNC9 hired firm #RedDome, which hired #McCraeDowless to pay workers cash to collect absentee ballots requests forms & absentee ballots. @ABC11_WTVD #nc09 #NCPOL
MORE from @NCSBE: Investigation finds #RedDome, firm hired by @MarkHarrisNC9 campaign, paid McCrae Dowless more than $200K between July 2018 & November Election; investigators also says efforts made to “obstruct” investigation. @ABC11_WTVD #nc09 #NCPOL @JTHVerhovek @ABCPolitics
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The North Carolina board of elections is beginning a public hearing to investigate allegations of illegal election activity in the state's congressional district. You can watch the hearing here:…
News: The director of the North Carolina board of elections said they believe they have evidence showing a "coordinated" and "substantial" unlawful absentee ballot scheme
Strach opens by detailing what @BowTiePolitics highlighted when the #nc09 controversy first started -- why did so many absentee ballots go unreturned in Bladen and Robeson Counties?
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The #NC09 evidentiary hearing has started @wsoctv
Before the hearing starts, Republican NCSBE members Ken Raymond and David Black disclose they have known Andy Yates for a number of years #NC09 @wsoctv
Dan McCready is represented by Marc Elias. Mark Harris is represented by David Freedman #NC09
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McCrae Dowless has arrived for the #NC09 hearing. No comment as he walks in.
There's a protest underway before the hearing of #NC09 residents and Democrats who want a new election.
And Andy Yates, owner of Red Dome Consulting (firm that hired Dowless) has arrived as well. #NC09
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Hearing under way in Wake County superior court. Mark Harris (R) is seeking to have the court order the state board to certify him the winner of the election in the state's 9th congressional district. Watch here:
Judge Ridgeway questions Harris attorney whether there is anyone the court can order to certify an election because the state board dissolved. Attorney says the board's executive director still has authority.
Judge Ridgeway is suggesting Harris can wait until Jan 31 to take up their arguments about certification with new North Carolina state board of elections
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