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A thread of uncertain length on 2020 election security. 1/
I think that up to now, GOP attacks on an honest voting system have been attenuated: They wanted just enough votes to win without, they hoped, attracting much attention. And I think it's fair to say that that's what they've gotten. 2/
When Jeb Bush and his Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, illegally kicked a bunch of Florida voters off the rolls just before the 2000 election, the attention in the immediate aftermath of the election wasn't on that act. 3/
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Big: the new map the #NCGA just passed is an insurance policy for Dems' House majority. It effectively gifts Dems two additional seats in 2020 (#NC02 & #NC06).

And, a pending Dem lawsuit against it could put one *more* seat in play, giving Dems/Pelosi even more insurance.
So why are Dems suing to invalidate a new map that converts a 10R-3D map to an 8R-5D map? Because they have nothing to lose: a map drawn by a special court-appointed master would only get even better for them vs. the remedial map just drawn by the GOP-led #NCGA.
The key region in dispute? Fayetteville, Robeson Co., & the Sandhills. The new R-drawn map still divides Dem votes there between #NC08 & #NC09 to protect two R incumbents who live in the far-away Charlotte suburbs.
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What happens to that argument if he wins
Pelosi is under the bizarre impression that Republicans will not rally behind a candidate who has obviously benefited from massive corruption but, you know, they did in 2016
As a bellwether for Republican tolerance of institutional misbehavior, consider that the Republican candidate won in #NC09, where a special election was held due to massive evidence of Republican electoral fraud
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Ah, the WashPo! Its headline says GOP “tried” to steal black #VotingRights. No, they succeeded!!!… #NC09 #NorthCarolina #NorthCarolinaSpecialElection #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #StopTheSteal
Of course, the #JeffBezos House Organ cannot bring itself to say that these #JimCrow tricks stole #NC09. So, may this one time statistician and sometime journalist say, “they stole the 9th.”… #NorthCarolina
Hey, @WashingtonPost, we've fixed your headline:

The ‘Smoking Gun’ Proving North Carolina Republicans Disenfranchised Black Voters…

You're welcome!
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Here's why the "let's win without working-class whites" mentality doesn't hold water for Dems. That demog comprises 45% of all eligible U.S. voters, but:

61% in Wisconsin
61% in New Hampshire
56% in Michigan
56% in Minnesota
56% in Pennsylvania
47% in North Carolina

Good luck.
Dems' backslide w/ these voters is the main reason IA (66%) and OH (60%) have already exited stage right off the EC battleground, and why a Dem nominee who performs even worse w/ them could risk losses in ME (66%), NH (61%) or MN (56%).
Dems' path to beating Trump absolutely depends on retaining the gains they made in diverse, college-educated burbs - the kinds we saw in 2018 & #NC09.

But even a slight drop among white non-college voters could negate all of it, given the demog's size & geographic distribution.
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Hey #NC09: no matter how many elections North Carolina Republicans steal and no matter how brazenly they gerrymander maps to suppress the black vote and no matter how many hearings they hold while Democrats are at a 9/11 memorial please never stop voting cultishly for them thanks
PS/ It's important #NC09 keep voting for people they know to be horrible humans, as it allows the rest of us to say you better never complain about bad governance or dishonest politicians or Washington not serving your interests because it was you who begged for this "leadership"
PS2/ As the healthcare system collapses and the economy slips into recession and North Korea and Iran and Russia get more dangerous and trade wars destroy farms make sure you thank avid Republicans for voting for all this and then *immediately* losing the right to *ever* complain
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@maddow NC's vendor is ES&S, which leaked voting machine passwords earlier this year. Why are we blindly accepting the #NC09 outcome when SCIENCE has proven again & again that electronic outcomes can't be trusted w/o comparing them to a hand count of the paper? 1/
@maddow 2/ We already know that the GOP cheated once in this district. Why are we sending nothing more than "hopes and prayers" to our elections? ES&S has had many security lapses & has partisan ties. I wrote about it here. 2/…
@maddow 3/ No one has looked at the paper in Robeson County, NC or anywhere else. I'm sure our kids and grand kids will be proud of our decidedly unscientific approach to protecting democracy at this critical juncture.…
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@dccc @McCreadyForNC I wrote about additional ES&S security lapses--in addition to blatant corruption--here. Please protect our votes. Thank you.…
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In the summer of 2016 a friend of mine who works for a big advertising firm (and is a 9/11 survivor, so maybe this is a good day for this) asked me why the Dems ads suck so much. I said, good question.

I had no idea what kind of Mr Toad's Wild Ride I was signing up for. 1/11
What I found pretty quickly was that the problem was *not* that Dems weren't using enough AI or psychographics or advanced stuff. Those tactics help on the margins and campaigns should absolutely be looking into them, but their absence wasn't the big problem. 2/11
The much bigger problem was this strong, overwhelming tendency to avoid making an effective argument. Basic blocking and tackling stuff, in terms of marketing: defining and positioning your product/worldview and explaining the benefits in a clear, emotionally compelling way. 3/11
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Hey @DNC: Hopes and prayers no longer suffice when it comes to our elections. SCIENCE has proven again and again that we can't trust election outcomes without hand counting the paper. Put your money where your mouth is & demand a manual recount in Robeson County. TY. #NC09
@DNC "What to know if an election has been hacked? Check the paper ballots." By @jhalderm…
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#DanBishop won the #NC09 election. Trump is taking credit for that--as well he should. Trump and Bishop share the same ugly homophobic and transphobic POV and it was support for Bishop's grotesque #HB2 that helped him win.…
We can claim that #DanBishop won because that #NC09 has always been a GOP seat, but really, this is about GOP support for discriminatory anti-LGBTQ, anti-queer and anti-trans bills. Folks like Bishop propose and promote them, as I wrote two years ago.…?
At some point we have to acknowledge that while racism and misogyny are a GOP backdrop, they raise money and thrive on their homophobic and transphobic attacks and those assaults on queer and trans people are behind their "religious freedom" bills.…
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Democrats may be too naive to be saved. I’ve seen too many on Twitter acting as if we should apply a business-as-usual “blind faith” assumption that the GOP’s win in #NC09 is legitimate—even though the GOP cheated last time & no one has looked at the paper. This is suicide.
I am NOT saying the GOP cheated btw. I AM saying that we must check to make sure they didn’t. This must be our modus operandi for every race from now on. NOT checking & assuming “the best” is suicide given the stakes & what we know about voting machine vulnerabilities. 1/
NC's vendor is ES&S. I wrote about ES&S's many security lapses and partisan connections in my latest piece here. Please at least skim through it. Most of the public doesn't understand how bad the situation really is.… 2/
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Last night I congratulated Dan Bishop on his victory. Our refrain on this campaign was Country over Party. I believe that when our country succeeds, we all succeed. For me, that means offering my help to Dan Bishop as he takes over his job representing us. I wish him the best.
To everyone who gave what you could in this campaign, thank you. I am so proud of you, and you should be proud of what we did together! #nc09 has been in Republican hands since 1963. A Democrat was never even supposed to be competitive here, and we came within an inch of winning.
Today is 9/11, and my thoughts are with my Marines. I must tell you that after serving with my platoon in Iraq, I learned not to use the word 'honor' lightly. Serving side by side with my Marines from every part of our country, that was an honor.
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(Thread) A Crown or Prison?

Much of Twitter believes it’s an obvious truth that Trump’s mental instability makes him unfit to govern.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters like his personality over his policies. The article is here:…

This isn’t changing . . .
1/ Through the chaos, Trump approval remains steady at 40+% (as per @538). The RNC raised $105 million in the 2nd quarter

Some believe a Trump dynasty will last generations.

Others wonder if the Trumps will be hauled to prison.
@538 2/ Sociologist Max Weber theory explains this divergence as two different kinds of authority:

💠Charisma: Authority derives from force of personality; the leader evokes emotions and loyalty. Also known as a personality cult.

💠Rational/Legal: rule of law…
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BREAKING: In an absolute stunner, @NCHouseGOP calls surprise vote on morning of #9/11, override @NC_Governor veto to pass budget with barely half of members present. @ABC11_WTVD @ABCPolitics @NCGOP @NCDemParty @JTHVerhovek @rickklein #ncpol #ncga
MORE: Surprise move by @NCHouseGOP & @NCHouseSpeaker brings dramatic - if not chaotic - to budget standoff with @NC_Governor & @NCDemParty who broke supermajorities in 2018 election. @ABC11_WTVD @rickklein @JTHVerhovek @ABCPolitics #ncpol #ncga
EVEN MORE: Latest @NCHouseGOP move caps remarkable week for @NCGOP, including @realDonaldTrump visit to push @jdanbishop to #NC09 win; Republicans also conceded defeat in state court on #gerrymandering & began work on new maps. @ABC11_WTVD @ABCPolitics @JTHVerhovek #ncga #ncpol
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I'm not going to troll tomorrow, out of respect, but here's a little thread for the #NC09 losers tonight:
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If Bishop wins in #NC09, let's all laud Trump's game plan!

1) Being a draft-dodger and calling a marine a coward;
2) being America's least successful businessman and calling a successful entrepreneur a socialist; and
3) being a man with no beliefs who calls a moderate a radical.
1/ I was worried the GOP would again commit systemic election fraud in #NC09, but then Democrat Dan McCready's *best* counties starting reporting their votes en masse and Republican Dan Bishop immediately began pulling away, so now I feel much better that perfidy will be punished
2/ I'm sure it makes sense that Bishop would start to pad his lead as his opponent's best counties report the bulk of their votes—in the same way the last election the GOP won in #NC09 made sense until we found it was stolen

Here's to punishing election fraud with election wins!
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The North Carolina #NC09 race is sooooooooo close!

Dan Bishop *(R) just pulled ahead of the Democrats by a little over 500 votes with about 55% of precincts reporting.
Oh snap, Bishop just pulled ahead even he's ahead by little over 1,000 votes!

Sorry for the sucky screenshot, but it's NYT and I can't actually access the whole page.
But if you can or want to access it, here's the link:…
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NC9 very close
41.46% counted
McCready (D) 50.39%
Bishop (R) 49.05%
NC3 (already called) but lead growing
42.51% counted
Murphy (R) 59.53%
Thomas (D) 39.70%
NC9 coming to almost dead heat😬
43.55% counted
McCready 49.77
Bishop 49.66
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If you’re following the #NC03 and #NC09 special elections for U.S. House, here’s the link to the NC State Board of Elections results page. Refresh the page for the most current tallies.
Only 18 of 210 #NC09 precincts reported so far, but Dan McCready’s on top by 9 points.
A lot of counties not reporting anything yet, so I’ll shut up and watch the results come in for awhile.
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The more Trump sinks, especially on the economy, the more he appeals to the racism of his voters. Today’s special election in North Carolina will give us some indication of the degree to which that still works. @ThePlumLineGS, on why Trump is in trouble.
Republicans would have liked to consider tonight’s North Carolina special election to be an outlier. Then their president went and opened his mouth, giving it the same weight as the Democrats. This analysis @byamberphillips breaks down what all this means.
The man Trump wants to win tonight’s North Carolina special election, by the way, is the legislator with a history of supporting white supremacist and anti-LGBTQ causes. He also wrote the discriminatory “bathroom bill,” HB2. @theobserver, on @jdanbishop.…
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I can't wait to see what happens with #nc09 tomorrow. That story has so many twists and turns. I hope everyone in that district votes.
Okay, here's where I started really paying attention, Nov 27 2018…
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Tomorrow: 1-YR [Delta]
Y’all know what to do.
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #AskTheQ
2/ Nice trip down memory lane here. Q 0 [Delta] with @realDonaldTrump.

Anon: “That's a perfect proof guys, request, heard, delivered, no coincidences, Thanks for doing that Q”

We, thank you.
Shills only shill.
Patriots WIN.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #AskTheQ
3/ We Are With You!

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