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auf der Tanzfläche ganz gerne konkatteniert mit Douglas Adams:


hier gesprochen u.a. von Helmut Kohl:

Play Loud and Listen Carefully !

@giaaa1987 @Klang_Ruinen Play Loud and Listen Carefully ?

Challange accepted! .... Loading, please wait.

Front 242
Work 242 N.Off Is N.Off [Never Stop! EP '89]

Mission accomplished 3 years later:

@giaaa1987 @Klang_Ruinen "Geschichte wird gemacht, es geht voran"

#JoyDivision - Atmosphere

#NightmaresInWax #Liverpool #BirthOfANation:

#FreddyMercury & #Queen: One Vision

@Laibach: Geburt einer Nation
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Today, we're announcing a $6.67M capital fundraising round to support the charitable mission of @endaomentdotorg, the administration of our nonprofit protocol, and the furtherance of our smart-contract financial services!

📰 Press release →…

🧵 (1/7) Image
(2/7) A huge thank you to these firms, as well as many notable angels, including:
@tferriss @pplpleasr1 @ArtOnBlockchain @NoahZinsmeister @adamnash @gregoireljda @NathanVDH0x
(3/7) These funds enable @endaomentdotorg to continue providing world-class cryptocurrency donation options, and empower Endaoment∙Tech to push the functionality and capability of our protocol and its assets.
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Eiszeit: 5 Jahre und rund 660 Seiten später konnte ich endlich meine Dissertation zum Phänomen #KältePop einreichen! Mehr dazu ⬇️
Was ist #KältePop?
Ein kurzer Thread über ‚kalte‘ Musik, das Stereotyp des emotionsbefreiten, ‚kalten Deutschen‘, die linke ‚Gegengegenkultur‘ der ‚#78er‘, neue Forschungsansätze der #Popgeschichte/#pophistory sowie den weltweit erfolg- und einflussreichsten deutschen Pop-Export
In den Jahren 1978-1983 kam es aus dem Um- und Vorfeld der deutschsprachigen New Wave (#NDW) heraus zu einer regelrechten ‚Kälte-Welle‘ in der deutschen Pop-Musik, d. h. zu einem inflationären Einsatz ‚kalter‘ Strategien und Motive.
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The Abecedarians, the first band alphabetically in my collection. I’m not sure I have listened to this since I bought it. Fac 117, is a 12” 45, just two tracks, electronic with nods to other Factory bands. No idea what happened to them.
#abecedarians #factory #factoryrecords ImageImage
Backstory: In an effort to listen to a wider variety of the music I own for the first half of this year I’m dedicating a week to each letter. I thought I’d start with the disc that has sat leftmost on the shelves since some time in the eighties!
A Certain Ratio. A couple from them today, between the two marking a huge change from fucked to funky.

#factory #factoryrecords #acr #acertainratio
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66.01/ Week sixty-six, Oct. 16-22, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 65 below.
66.02/ The #NFL games have not gone my team's way so far, but we have a Scorigami, and that's ALWAYS good. LAR 38 - 11 NYG
66.03/ I plan to save these pictures of a Talmud class being held in the London Underground during the Blitz to remind myself that I've had it pretty good in my life. Pretty good. (h.t. @DBashIdeas)

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1/ #ReshetKeshet

I had intended to write a lot more this week, especially about #DafYomi because some of my favorite topics are being covered, so I want to at least say something quick today about Sukkah 14b & "emergency halakhah":…
2/ During the height of the pandemic, especially before Pesach, many rabbis needed to issue extreme leniencies. I've been asked why we don't allow these lenient positions all the time.

If it's permitted once, why not all the time? If it's fundamentally wrong, why allow it now?
3/ Today's daf has the rabbis saying to Rebbe Yehudah: "How can you bring proof from emergency times?" meaning that this type of ruling is automatically presumed to be contingent & conditional to specific, desperate circumstances.…
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46.01/ Week Forty-six, May 29-June 4 2021, begins here.

Week 45 below:
46.02/ Attempting the "Not starting every email/tweet with the word 'so' challenge." This is comes after "Not starting every etc with 'well'"

I understand this is common for academics. In my observation: "well" is to state your hypothesis, "so" the next step in analysis.
46.03/ I just spent hours writing a thread and for some reason the screen skipped and I lost everything. It's hard to explain how destructive this is. First time it's happened and now I will know to continuously back up writing in a side document. But I'm mildly perturbed.
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#Thread Aujourd'hui, #Simplon fête ses 7 ans et demi 🎉 ! Pour l'occasion, on a invité nos partenaires et soutiens pour discuter de tous les sujets qui font Simplon 🚀 Retrouvez-nous toute la journée en live sur Twitter pour vivre l'événement avec nous #lagederaison #weareSimplon
Et comme on n'a pas pu faire intervenir tout le monde, on voulait profiter de cette journée pour remercier les partenaires qui nous soutiennent, depuis le début ou depuis quelques mois, parce que c'est grâce à elles et eux qu'on en est là aujourd'hui 🙏#lagederaison #weareSimplon
On profitera aussi de cette journée pour vous partager des témoignages d'apprenant.e.s Simplon, parce que c'est pour elles et eux que toute l'équipe se lève tous les matins depuis 7 ans et demi. Bravo à nos 10 000 Simplonien.nes à travers le monde 🤩 #lagederaison #weareSimplon
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CA's #nonprofits⁠—our clinics, shelters, food banks, senior centers & more⁠—are on the #COVID19 frontlines. Their services are needed now more than ever.

But they're struggling to raise what they need to serve.

Thread on why #DAFs must step up to help —…
What's a donor-advised fund (#DAF)?

As @hasanminhaj explains—they're one of the fastest growing vehicles for charitable giving in the US.

They're appealing bc when you give to a DAF, you take the tax break now—w/out any legal requirement of $ to go to nonprofits. Indefinitely.
DAFs are exploding in popularity—almost *tripling* in total assets since 07.

A *huge* sum of donations go to DAFs. But unlike donations to private foundations, DAFs are *not* legally required to donate a min amount to charities—they get a tax break, w/out having to spend a dime.
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#caleg nerds who appreciate a thorough & thought-provoking cmte analysis that breaks down a wonky issue into why it really matters: I recommend Asm Judiciary's analysis of #AB1712 by @BuffyWicks for your Sun reading pleasure:… cc @AnandWrites #DAFs👇👇
Selected excerpts from #AB1712 @BuffyWicks analysis: #DAFs: "a donor-advised fund is a form of charitable giving whereby a donor makes a charitable contribution to a fund that is managed by a fund sponsor." /1
"While the assets in the fund are technically no longer controlled by the donor, typically, the fund sponsor permits the donor to direct the sponsor’s charitable giving activities originating with the assets in the fund." #AB1712 /2
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