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#DaveChappelle on @nbcsnl
Lorne Michaels allowed this shit?
Why do we live rent free in all your heads?
Can you just talk about somebody else for a second.
Jews should get the F out of America.
That's it, it's over for us here.
F you America, Nation full of idiots.
I'm over you.
Farrakhan loving, idiot.
I'm turning off SNL FOREVER.
Gone too far tonight.
He literally said Jews control Hollywood.
ISraeli Jew. NOBODY ever said hey Jew girl, come, you're special here in movie TV land.
I'm so ANGRY I want to BREAK my TV right now.
Chappelle is DISGUSTING.
Anybody who likes him is DISGUSTING.
He hates everybody but his own.
Racist against whites, Jews, LGBTQ and anyone who is not in his special club of haters.
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1/ Cryptocurrencies are not currencies.

The Fed doesn't print $$$

Deflation is actually a good thing

These are a few of the many topics @lamLewisU discuss in our new podcast. Here's a TL;DR thread
2/ You can find us wherever you get your podcasts. You can find this episode on Youtube here:

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Here is a video of the aftermath. #DaveChappelle handled this like a champ! #HollywoodBowl
For everyone asking here is a brief synopsis of what happened.

#DaveChappelle was just finishing his show. He was doing his final commentary as he usually does asking for the OG comedians to come back on stage so he can have the crowd give them a round of applause…

Part 1
Suddenly a random person sitting in the front row jumped on stage and ran straight at him. He tackled Dave and they both went to the floor and began wrestling when everyone ran onstage to help, including Dave’s security…

Part 2
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Dave Chapelle was rushed & attacked on stage by a man at the Hollywood Bowl. Chapelle tussled w/ the man, who ran behind the screen on stage & was surrounded by security. Chris Rock, who performed earlier, came on stage w/ him & joked: “Was that Will Smith?” #netflixisajokefest
LAPD confirm to KABC they responded to an incident at the Hollywood Bowl around 10:45 p.m., and a man who was reportedly armed with a gun and a knife was taken into custody. #netflixisajokefest #DaveChappelle
Police sources tell ABC News the suspect in the #davechapelle attack had a gun-shaped knife when arrested. It was not a functional gun as first believed.

Security-wise: There were metal detectors (my IPhone actually set one off), bags were checked going in, food was allowed in.
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Who else is watching #HaloTheSeries ?

I legit started watching it yesterday after being told that I was missing out on something great, didn't believe it. Till I binged it.

Are you watching it? if not you are missing out and here is why:

1. Great action and story! CGI is legit and the battle scenes are amazing! Loving this show and learning these characters via the missions and things they have going on.
Wished it took longer to reveal his face but still no complaints as much as it connects audience to the cast
2. #Cortana is dope. Sad, how she is able to shut down #MasterChief like that. Hopefully he understands that she is fully living thinking AI😂

Interesting how she wants to fully wants control, makes me really scared of #AI
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Hi all! I’m Robin Shumays, co-host (along with @theurbanvanguard) of the webinar series The O+> Paradigm. Today I’m breaking down the post-Valentines Day appropriate Art Official Age track “Breakfast Can Wait” for the #AOAThread.
Thanks to the amazing folks behind the #PrinceTwitterThread and @deejayumb and @EdgarKruize for letting to participate once again this year! And kudos to all the threaders who have gone before me. Now let’s chat about one of my favorite tunes, Breakfast Can Wait.
#BreakfastCanWait is the 6th track on Prince’s 2014 album #ArtOfficialAge. The song was actually first released as a downloadable mp3 with the launch of the “" website on February 3rd 2013.
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Dave Chappelle lied in #TheCloser about Daphne Dorman being Twitter-bullied: #Speedrun Edition!

tw // suicide

Contemporary screenshots posted in tweets from separate users 2 days after Daphne’s death show there were only 9 replies to her “punching down” tweet when she died. 🧵 Screenshot of Daphne Dorman's "punching down" tweeScreenshot of Daphne Dorman's "punching down" twee
Thanks to the @internetarchive we can jump back in time to 3 weeks before Daphne’s death…

And she had 9 replies then, too. 🤔 September 19, 2019, Internet Archive Wayback Machine capture
Jump back in time another week to 4 weeks before Daphne died?

Still only 9 replies to Daphne’s “punching down” tweet! September 13, 2019, Internet Archive Wayback Machine captureSeptember 12, 2019, Internet Archive Wayback Machine captureSeptember 12, 2019, Internet Archive Wayback Machine captureSeptember 12, 2019, Internet Archive Wayback Machine capture
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Dave Chappelle and I live in the same village: Yellow Springs, Ohio. I don’t know him. We’re merely co-residents among 3,900 or so others in that same small town. (Though typically Dave’s the only one new acquaintances ask me about when I mention where I’m from.) 🧵
By the way, this is going to be a ridiculously long thread and I’m warning you about that right now. So if you decide to read it, don’t act like you didn’t know what you were getting into.

[insert iaintreadingallthat.jpg here]
When I was younger, I saw a handful of movies Dave appeared in. Villagers would sometimes say things like, “I went to a party with that guy from Men in Tights when he was in YS for the summer one time.” Which I guess seemed like a vaguely interesting piece of local trivia. 🤷
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Netflix is strongly contesting the insistence today of a now fired staffer that they did not leak confidential financial information about #DaveChappelle and others to the press — very strongly…
“While we would never normally talk about an investigation like this, these claims are not supported by the facts,” a spokesperson for the streamer told Deadline (Cont.)…
“This employee admitted sharing confidential information externally from their Netflix email on several occasions,” the Netflix spokesperson went on (Cont.)…
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Reasons to be cheerful Part II.

I am well aware that Twitter is not ‘real life’ but a social media platform that seems to encourage the worst in humanity in terms of abnegation of critical thought and knee jerk reactions to insult and abuse. But it’s still interesting.
In my decade on this platform this has been my most popular tweet ever. The response to it, at a rough estimate were 80:20 in favour. Even more interesting, the nature and extent of the abuse was fairly mild. I was mostly stupid or needed to relax.
I only had to block one person who kept insisting I ‘hated’ little boys in dresses. This was a deliberately dishonest statement. Of course this lack of abuse could simply be because over the years I have blocked the worst offenders. But could it be that the tide is turning?
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Chapelle has also:
1) morphed into the obnoxious comedian, Reggie Warrington, from The Nutty Professor.
2) made leaving his show, for fear that racists & bigots were laughing at him, a moot point. #DaveChappelle #SticksandStones (s/o @VerySmartBros)
There's nothing funny about being an asshole, just for the sake of being an asshole. He's a brilliant comedian. We've seen him be way better than this, which makes it frustrating & confusing. #DaveChapelle #SticksAndStones
If your comedy routine is comprised of degrading & offensive jokes, that's lazy just writing. Chapelle wasn't always like this. "Killing Them Softly" & "For What It's Worth" are fantastic & definitely in my top 10. #SticksAndStones #DaveChapelle
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