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1) @hedera is going to be the🥇#cryptocurrency 💯. Disagree? Comment w/ 3rd party research to back your claims. Let’s open your 👀 & 🧠 to why $HBAR is the “best kept secret” in #Crypto & an undervalued, sleeping giant that the #blockchain community fears. Let’s dive in…🧐
2) INTRODUCTION - Hedera Hashgraph is going to be the “trust layer” of Web 3.0. It will be the foundation that everything will be built upon. It has solved the #blockchain trilemma, CO2 emissions, & the governance issues that plague other #cryptocurrencies.
3) INTENT- This post aims to educate and refute the FALSE FUD generated by @coinbureau & @IOHK_Charles that the community has incessantly regurgitated w/o understanding or DYOR.
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Tether criminal activity and this week 1 billion in USDT in buys of #Bitcoin to push the price in the exact moment SPX500 was crashing and dragging #Bitcoin into a fall of death and inevitable long liquidations cascading was a "d**k move".

Totally seen and $BTC maxis cheering.
In big picture #BFX run the show.

In a secondary picture #Coinbase is used to propagate their moves at LOW COST by converting #USDT into #USDC. Yes stable coins are the BACKBONE of this industry. Without it they are only few billions in real fiat at maximum.
They use #Coinbase to legitimize the price movement. As Coinbase is.
1. US Based
2. Largest Fiat Volume based exchange.
3. Used in CME and other futures INDEX Weight.
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My thoughts on why the US Dollar will soon loose its status as a reserve currency and just a couple of the huge consequences
#usd #usdollar #economy #trade #china #currency #gold #inflation #HardLessons #LivingWage
I delved into global macro economics in the late 1990's and invested in the 2000-2010 commodity boom in large part based on my belief in China's and India's economy booming and their demand growth taking off. The resource bear market looked to be ending & US tech was overvalued
Today's global marco picture seems very similar but with some distinct differences. The Nasdaq QQQ seems even more grossly overvalued to me than it was in 2000 along with SPX. Interest rates have been cut to nothing already and quantitative easing is now a well established tool
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Formas de ahorrar en #bitcoin:

1. En una cartera donde tu controlas las llaves privadas; ganas soberanía y la apreciación de $BTC en el tiempo

2. Utilizas un servicio como @hodlwithLedn; ganas la apreciación de $BTC + un interés/flujo de caja, pero cedes la custodia
Lo hago en ambos modos

Ahorro #bitcoin en una cartera donde custodio mi dinero, aplico el DCA con $BTC realizando 1 compra mensual por $50 USD y las cosas van muy bien👇

Van: 14 compras
He utilizado: $850 #USD
Acumulando: 0.03704745 #BTC
Hoy valorados en: $1.833 #USD
+ de un X2
En @hodlwithLedn ahorro desde el 2019

Entiendo que cedo la custodia de esos #bitcoin para prestarlos a instituciones/terceros y así obtener un interés que puede variar mes a mes acuerdo el desempeño de la industria

Tienes preguntas ve aquí 👉
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#Bitcoin will eventually be held by nations across the globe.

I took a deep dive look into the reason why countries will start holding #Bitcoin in the future here:
First, let's look at FX reserves:

Foreign Exchange Reserves (or FX reserves) are cash and other assets, such as #gold, held by Central Banks.

One of the main reasons countries hold FX reserves is to instill confidence in their nation's financial markets and economy as a whole.
The largest and most important reserve currency held is the $USD.

Besides the euro, there has been no real competitor to the dollar dominance as a reserve currency.
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Role of #USD & #EUR in Global Monetary System:

[Charts from ECB Paper: 'International Role of Euro']

#Dollar continues to dominate FX Reserves, International Debt, Loans, Deposits, FX Turnover & Global payments

FX Transactions settled in CLS System (Continuous Linked Settlement)

▪️ USD led FX market => involved in ~90% of all settlements in Dec'20
▪️ EUR second most actively settled ccy

FX Share in Global FX RESERVES:

Sub-thread below

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We're delighted to see new developments on the #XRPL and the #XRPCommunity's positive response to the likes of @CasinoCoin, @realSologenic, and of course @XummWallet 👏🎉

Let us explain some basics about the XRPL #DEX and IOUs 📢
IOUs are currencies issued on the XRPL. They can represent value on another chain like GateHub $BTC for example. The actual BTC is held by GateHub.

$CSC is different as it actually “lives” on the XRPL after the swap from Ethereum 🤓…
You need to perform KYC with GateHub in order to redeem any GateHub issued currency on the native chain.
Alternatively, you need a @Bitstamp account to redeem Bitstamp USD and BTC - yes Bitstamp issues USD and BTC on the XRPL!…
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📍Bugünden itibaren istemeseler de
FED ve arkasındakiler ya #dolar 'dan ya da piyasalardan vazgeçmek zorundalar.

1. Olasılık:
Kaçınılmaz Enflasyon yükselişinin geçici olduğunu iddia edip piyasanın fiyatladığı faizi baskılayıp dolar basmaya devam edecekler.

2. Olasılık
Piyasayı rahatlatan söylemlere devam ederek faizlere müdahale etmeyecekler

10 yıllık faizler belli bir seviyeye geldiğinde kredili pozisyonlar taşınamaz hale gelecek, bono/hisse piyasalarında istenmeyen fiyatlamalar oluşacak ve bunun sonucu ayı piyasası hortlayacak.
1. Olasılık'da ısrar edilirse, halihazırdaki balon korkunç boyutlara ulaşacak.

#Bitcoin altı haneli rakamlar,
altcoin'lerde 3-4 haneli kârlar telaffuz edilecek.
Dolar'da büyük bir değer kaybı başlayacak.
#Enflasyon durdurulamaz boyuta gelene kadar bu senaryo sürdürülecek
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#INR Macro check

▪️ #USDINR last 74.35 => ~1.4% off 75.35 highs => RBI's persistent #USD selling above 75.00 => with soft DXY, s/t consolidation in 74.00-75.35?

▪️ Risk Reversals, good gauge of nervousness, off highs (+1.6=>+0.9 vol) => less demand for USD Calls

▪️ Various economists revised India's GDP forecast lower
▪️ Good summary by @latha_venkatesh below
▪️ RBI GDP Projection +10.5% yoy FY 21/22 (Apr MPC)
▪️ Chart below: graphical overview of GDP trajectory - not that bad but whether worse yet to come?

▪️ When GDP collapses =>Trade Deficit tends to improve=>lower imports on poor aggregate demand
▪️ Q2 Apr-Jun'20=>massive reduction in trade deficit as GDP collapsed
▪️ Assuming only mild GDP hit in this COVID wave, associated trade deficit improvement should also be smaller

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Citibank 1/5: Week Ahead – key data/ events:
#USD: Retail Sales – Citi: 6.3%, median: 5.4%, prior: -3.0%; Retail Sales ex Auto – Citi: 4.9%, median: 4.8%, prior: -2.7%; Retail Sales ex Auto, Gas – Citi: 4.9%, median: 6.3%, prior: -3.3%; Retail Sales Control Group – Citi: 4.7%
Citibank 2/5: median: 6.9%, prior: -3.5% - Citi analysts expect a strong rebound in retails in March with upside risks seen for many components in the retail control group. This could also help keep prices for various goods elevated after increases over the last year.
Citibank 3/5: #NZD: RBNZ meeting: Citi cash rate forecast; +25bp, Previous; +25bp – the MPC will likely continue to convey a dovish message given the unexpected negative Q4 2020 GDP result of -1.0% is a reminder that the path to complete recovery is not linear.
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TD Securities 1/5: Details for The Day Ahead: #USD The CPI report is likely to show an m/m as well as y/y pickup, and not just due to energy prices this time. We forecast a 0.6% m/m jump in the headline (consensus: 0.5%).
TD 2/5: We caution against extrapolating, but the core reading will probably be boosted by a bounce in travel prices, most notably for airfares, hotels, & used vehicles (TD: 0.3% m/m; cons: 0.2%). We see some upside risk for rents as well after the pickup in last month's report.
TD Securities 3/5: Changes to the seasonal factors caused by last year's volatility could also be a source of strength, with payback later in the year. Base effects will boost the y/y data in April and May as well, but then contribute to slowing in later months.
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Rabobank 1/9: #CFTC Commitment of Traders Report
Speculators’ net #USD positions held in positive territory for the 4th consecutive week, though overall size dropped moderately along with the softer tone of the greenback in the spot market. Previous to this the market had not had
Rabobank 2/9: a run of net long positions since June 2020. The USD has been one of the best performing G10 currencies this year reflecting reflation optimism and a shift in expectations regarding Fed rates policy.

#EUR net longs dropped to their lowest level since March 2020.
Rabobank 3/9: Concerns about the speed of the vaccine roll-out programme in #Eurozone have been constraining expectations regarding the economic recovery in the region as fears about a third wave spread. ECB has brought forward bond purchases to push down the level of bond yields
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Citibank 1/11: Week Ahead – key data/ events:
#USD: CPI MoM – Citi: 0.6%, median: 0.5%, prior: 0.4%; CPI YoY – Citi: 2.7%, median: 2.5%, prior: 1.7%; PI ex Food, Energy MoM – Citi: 0.2%, median: 0.2%, prior: 0.1%; CPI ex Food, Energy YoY – Citi: 1.6%, median: 1.5%, prior: 1.3%
Citibank 2/11: - Citi analysts expect a solid increase of 0.23%MoM in core CPI in March with upside risk for many components. The team expects March to show the start of price gains for a number of components that have been held down by soft demand.
Citibank 3/11: Retail Sales – Citi: 6.3%, median: 5.4%, prior: -3.0%; Retail Sales ex Auto – Citi: 4.9%, median: 4.8%, prior: -2.7%; Retail Sales ex Auto, Gas – Citi: 4.9%, median: 6.3%, prior: -3.3%; Retail Sales Control Group – Citi: 4.7%, median: 6.9%, prior: -3.5% -
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Good morning Asia! A sea of red for US stock market overnight. Even the outperforming cyclical/value stocks were not spared as traders took on a “sell everything” mindset due to a strong up move in long dated US Treasury yields..
Despite Fed Powell “assurance” that tapering of bond buying is likely not happening in the near to mid term.
SP 500 $SPX -2.45%(3829)
Nasdaq 100 $NDX -3.56%(12828)
Dow Jones $INDU -1.75%(31402)
Russell 2000 $RUT -3.69%(2200)
As per highlighted earlier to watch the 1.38% major resistance on the US 10 year Treasury yield, it broke above 1.38% with a daily close at 1.53%, +15 bps, steepest single day gain since 4 Aug 2020.
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Bir daha, tane tane anlatalım...
Kimsenin “rezervler yok oldu” dediği yok.
“Rezerv yakmak” ya da “buharlaştırmak” piyasada çok kullanılan ifadelerdir. Anlamı da “gereksiz yere harcamak”tır.
Kuru baskılamak için rezerv harcanır ama kur 5’ten 8,50’ye çıkarsa “buharlaşmış” olur.
Merkez Bankası rezerv satmaz mı? Satar elbette. Geçmişte de sattı. Dalgalı kur rejiminde iki amaçla rezerv satılır:
*Piyasadaki aşırı oynaklığı azaltmak
*Döviz likiditesi olağanüstü nedenle (Küresel Kriz gibi) tamamen kurumuşsa sisteme ödemeleri için gerek duyduğu dövizi sağlamak
Birinci durumda doğrudan müdahale, ikinci durumda ihale yöntemi ya da döviz deposu (bankalara döviz mevduatı) tercih edilir.
Ama her ikisinde de işlem piyasaya ve kamuoyuna duyurulur. Miktarı, koşulları şeffaf olur. Herkese eşit davranılır.
Gözetilen makro finansal istikrardır.
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Is Everything a Bubble❓Part 2 Recap 🔥

Most seem to think so... but don't take our word for it.

Have a look for yourself 👇 as we take you into the lions den to hear from the lions themselves.
🔥Adapting to New Market Nuances and the Golden Age of Macro🔥@JulianMI2

Are we in a bubble❓

“Yes, but it's somewhat nuanced. There's unquestionably single assets that are bubbles."

"There's groups of assets which are arguably excessively valued."
Specifically which names are bubbles❓

“There is absolutely no question that if I look at a chart of $TSLA, this is a classic bubble.”
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In 5-15 years at the end of the economic cycle, when $SPY $DIA $QQQ $VTI $VOO is 2-4x higher than it is today, will you even remember all of the people calling this a bubble?

My Oct chart shows the 8 year resistance that I said could become a floor if Dems won... it has. #stocks ImageImageImage
I also see people calling for a bubble in $EEM $VWO #emergingmarkets.

Emerging markets just broke out.





OF 👏

A 👏

14 YEAR 👏

BASE 👏 Image
You're not in a #bubble if #stocks are just starting to break out, or haven't even done so yet.

Are some stocks too expensive? Yeah.

Are you in a global #stockmarket bubble? NO

Find the right places to be.


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1/ The only time during past 10+ years when #realyield was positively correlated with #gold was during #gold's peak in Year2011 where the yield was down together with it initially;

#RealYield then bottomed & #gold continued dropping as it resumed the normal negative relationship
2/ The question is, are we in the same shoes now? (This is #GDX vs. #realyield)
3/ One more important observation, while #realyield was heading down from Sep 2011 to Sep 2012, #gold did not go up for the period as #dxy #usd was on the way up!
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Citibank 1/8: Can US exceptionalism get in the way of the bearish #USD outlook?
US relative growth outperformance versus the rest of the world (US exceptionalism) could see more sustained support for USD. Indeed, Citi analysts find that among their signals,
Citibank 2/8: one of the most reliable indicators to predict USD performance is Citi Data Change Index(DCI) spread between US & weighted average of other #G10 economies that currently favours US economic outperformance. US exceptionalism can get in the way of a dollar sell-off by
Citibank 3/8: (1) weakening the equity side of the argument for a weaker dollar, linked to Value vs Growth outperformance should the global economy stumble to the point where US assets and USD’s role as safe haven kick in again OR (2) from very strong US economic outperformance
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TD Securities 1/4: Details for The Day Ahead:
#USD Oil prices have bounced, and the gasoline component of #CPI likely rose sharply again in January (TD: 0.3% m/m), but we expect another tame reading for the trend-setting core series, even with some tendency for above-trend gains
TD Securities 2/4: in January in recent years. The rise in the core index was probably held down by a fourth consecutive decline in used vehicle prices (after sharp increases) and minimal gains once again in the rental components. Our estimate for the rise in core prices is 0.12%
TD Securities 3/4: before rounding. Our forecast implies 1.4%/1.5% y/y for total/core prices in January, little changed from 1.4%/1.6% y/y in December and down from 2.3%/2.4% y/y in February 2020 (pre-COVID).
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KBC Bank 1/4: The big reflation trade took a moment to catch its breath yesterday. Circumstances were ideal with no important data scheduled to trigger abrupt market moves. Equities finished broadly unchanged after erasing earlier losses, both in the EMU and the US.
KBC Bank 2/4: Core bond yields traded choppy and below recent (recovery) highs. The US kicked off its bond sales with 3yr tenor. The auction went smoothly but didn’t impact markets. US Treasuries edged higher at the long end of the curve, sending rates marginally lower driven by
KBC 3/4: the real yield component. German yields ended a volatile trading day flat. Peripheral yield spreads widened just 1 bps. #USD traded on the back foot even as risk sentiment was fragile. #EURUSD took out intermediate resist around 1.208 to finish session north of 1.21again
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Citibank 1/5: Week Ahead:
#USD: US CPI MoM – Citi: 0.3%, median: 0.3%, prior: 0.4%; CPI YoY – Citi: 1.5%, median: 1.5%, prior: 1.4%; CPI ex Food, Energy MoM – Citi: 0.1%, median: 0.2%, prior: 0.1%; CPI ex Food, Energy YoY – Citi: 1.5%, median: 1.5%, prior: 1.6% -
Citibank 2/5: Citi analysts expect a slightly firmer increase in core CPI, consistent with a slightly stronger rise in core PCE.

#USD: Univ of Michigan Sentiment – Citi: 79.4, median: 80.9, prior: 79.0; University of Michigan 1Yr Inflation Expectations – Citi: 3.0%, prior: 3.0%
Citibank 3/5: - sentiment survey should reflect increased optimism over recently falling virus cases while inflation expectations are likely to remain relatively more-elevated - a key factor the Fed will watch to assess inflationary pressures.
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OCBC Bank 1/5: #EURUSD Downside risks averted? Choppy action left the $EURUSD still anchored on either side of the 1.2050 level. Buoyant early Tue, but the 1.2080/90 resistance still intact. Despite negative lead from
fundamentals (German lockdowns etc),
OCBC Bank 2/5: the technical picture may turn positive if the 1.2000 level is not breached again soon.

#USDJPY Upside momentum eased. $USDJPY pull-back extended towards 105.00 overnight after an initial attempt to move towards 105.80. The stalling of the 10y UST yield at 1.20%
OCBC Bank 3/5: may have contributed to the implicit heaviness. The risk-on environment should provide some, albeit limited, supported. Will not turn negative on this pair unless 104.80/00 is breached.

#AUDUSD Bearish bias erased. Riskon and firm commodity complex spurred $AUDUSD
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Citibank 1/6: Week Ahead:
#USD: #Fed speak includes Fed’s #Mester discussing US economy & Fed Chair #Powell speaking to Economic Club of NY; US CPI MoM – Citi: 0.3%, median: 0.3%, prior: 0.4%; CPI YoY – Citi: 1.5%, median: 1.5%, prior: 1.4%; CPI ex Food, Energy MoM – Citi: 0.1%,
Citibank 2/6: median: 0.2%, prior: 0.1%; CPI ex Food, Energy YoY – Citi: 1.5%, median: 1.5%, prior: 1.6% - Citi analysts expect a slightly firmer increase in core CPI, consistent with a slightly stronger rise in core PCE.

#USD: University of Michigan Sentiment – Citi: 79.4,
Citibank 3/6: median: 80.9, prior: 79.0; University of Michigan 1Yr Inflation Expectations – Citi: 3.0%, prior: 3.0% - sentiment survey should reflect increased optimism over recently falling virus cases while inflation expectations are likely to remain relatively more-elevated -
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