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Ich habe mit mir gehadert, aber um die Wut und Ohnmacht zu verarbeiten, die mich nach gewissen tweets und posts in sozialen Medien heute erfasst haben, muss ich mal etwas zum Thema Triage und COVID-19 loswerden:
Weltweit haben Mediziner gerade Angst wie selten zuvor. Angst vor dem Mangel an Ressourcen, der auf sie zukommt und Angst vor den Entscheidungen, die sie dann treffen müssen. Niemand freut sich darauf. Aber ihr Anspruch ist es, möglichst vielen möglichst gut zu helfen.
Das kann aber bedeuten, nicht mehr zu versuchen, jedem alles zu bieten, was sonst üblich wäre, weil dann niemand genug abbekommt. Eine so einfache, wie unschöne Rechnung. Wir kennen das schon lange aus der Kriegs- oder Katastrophenmedizin.
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Santa Claus of The United States.... Pain.... #SCOTUS via @YouTube
Who did this?👇
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My dad is hilarious. He lives in a retirement village since my mum died

It's convenient for him because he can lock up & go travelling

He is also probably the wildest resident they've had

Anyway, today I phone him to chat & he can't talk because he's on a tree walk
Organised by resident enthusiasts pointing out the large number of indigenous trees & shrubs.

My dad writes...
Cycads. Originally eaten by Stegosaurus & Triceratops

Fortunately not too common now in Merrowdown although some of the residents may have seen them in the past!
He has taken a glorious photo of the cycads.

Please observe the magnificent way my father has captured the photos of the older residents in his retirement home
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THREAD: I crunched some numbers on last nights elections. I included states where Donald Trump was on the ballot and I could grab data. Some were odd. Also, all data is not in yet but shouldn't change a ton This is all primary vs. primary 2016/2020
D turnout up 13%. In a year where there is an incumbent, and R's are merely coming out in a show of force, R turnout was down 13%.

Biden 2020: 286,630
Clinton 2016: 309,928
Sanders 2016/2020: 76,399/75,326

Trump 2016/2020: 371,735/708,883

Trump beats Biden by 422K

D turnout up less than 1%, R turnout -40%

Biden 2020: 92,584
Clinton 2016: 144,580
Sanders 2016/2020: 64,868/51,117

Trump 2016/2020: 133,144/237,826

Trump beats Biden by 145K votes, and beats the entire top 4 in the field combined (Warren, Biden, Bloomberg, Sanders
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Title: The BMF (Big Motherfucker)
Pairings: DkTd / DkBk / TdBk / DkTdBk
Involves: Aged-up, domination, M/M

Chapter 5, Part 2

Todoroki plays...well, /something/ like a fiddle in this chapter, and it's not a fiddle.

Izuku turned the key in the lock of his front door, then opened it.

“Welcome home!” Shouto’s voice sang from the kitchen.
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1/12 Meet @19thNews, the nation’s first newsroom committed to making the news — and our democracy — more representative for America’s women. @eramshaw @amzam @emarvelous @andreamvaldez @joderlega
2/12 A century ago, the 19th Amendment made voting a right regardless of gender. But this watershed moment excluded millions of women, including women of color, from the ballot box for generations.
3/12 Today, women are the majority. We’re more civically engaged than ever — marching on statehouses, voting at higher rates than men, seeking office in record numbers.
But we’re still marginalized, in gov’t and beyond.
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digging into Fiona Hill

The Santa Fe New Mexican
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)
25 Aug 2004, Wed
Page 3
Green Bay Press-Gazette
(Green Bay, Wisconsin)
20 Sep 2014, Sat
Page B2
5 o'clock shadow


Hill talked abt 5 Central Asian nations - Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakstan, & Kyrgyzstan, focusing on the history of the nations & the advantages and disadvantages of working with them to fight terrorism.…
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It's that time again... watch this thread for your monthly @CityofLdnOnt Cycling Advisory Committee Update! 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲 🧵👇
@CityofLdnOnt OK here we go, meeting wrap time. Hope this won't take too long. 11th meeting of the #LdnOnt Cycling Advisory Committee for 2019. Are you ready?
@CityofLdnOnt 1. First on agenda was a report on the London Road Safety Strategy. The LRSS was a city program from 2014-19 designed to decrease traffic deaths and injuries, which is indeed a noble goal. The results we saw tonight didn't give me any confidence that streets are any safer.
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I'm really trying to understand this. Where are all the women and feminists who would be raging through the streets if this story was about a man and a tabloid abusing survivors’ trust?…
I understand supporting friends when they’ve made mistakes. I understand we should never support mob attacks and pile-ons, particularly if someone is not doing well.
I also understand (all too well) how difficult it can be to be the recipient of survivor stories and what it’s like to be unable to respond at times.
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Controversial Friday opinion: I have completely avoided Pumpkin Spice Lattes for years and have ZERO regrets. NONE! #sorrynotsorry
Some are pointing out this could be held against me in the future. Sometimes you have to stand by your convictions, people. Pumpkin pie = YES. Pumpkin spice latte = No. I would establish an entire federal party on that platform. High risk but I live by my values dang it.
I have been emboldened and I blame social media... I am going out on a limb with another fall "no"... Parsnips. The worst vegetable. Don't get me wrong, I love veggies, but parsnips are not invited to my dinner party. Change my mind.
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Time for a brief thread on Hillary, who's back in the news BIGLY (as Donnie would say).

First, she's been sort-of cleared in an internal DoS look into the mishandling of classified information in EmailGate, which I published a lot about in 2015-16.

BLUF: DoS investigators found “no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.”

This is now spun as vindication by Team Hillary, which it really isn't. Efforts to dismiss EmailGate as FAKE NEWS (Donnie again, #sorrynotsorry) still fail. /2
Neither is DoS's conclusion surprising to anyone in earth orbit. Nobody sane ever suggested that HRC & Co put classified in "UNCLAS" emails by design. That was the inevitable outcome of her decision to skirt Federal record-mgmt laws & regs by conducting official DoS business.../3
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I'll use this thread to keep a "tally" of the required county contribution under the Kirwan Formula Workgroup Plan today. It stands at $1.35B under the draft thus far. We all expect the details to change today, but unclear on ripple effects. DLS doc:…
On page 5 of that document, see the $8,051m column for current law mandated spending, and then the $8,995m column. That's NOW versus (draft) FULL KIRWAN in FY2030. However, it's understated significantly...
The $8,995m column includes the effect of counties *reducing* their contribution below current MOE requirements - they can't do that. So, a clearer look would be to compare the *greater* of the two numbers versus the current law.... #Kirwan #Blueprint4MD
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Tonight I’m at @LIVREpt closing rally. This ecosocialist, pro-EU party is the first in Portuguese history to be lead by a black woman, Joacine Katar Moreira, a historian and academic from Lisbon #Legislativas2019
According to @LIVREpt number 1 in Porto, Jorge Pinto, their #legislativas2019 campaign was done on €10,000 alone. Before the posters below showed up, white sheets of paper with the words “Being Livre (free) means...” were plastered around Porto and passers by could fill them in
Can’t fault their taste in music 👌
#legislativas2019 #portugueseelections
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Anonymous ID:grTMpzrL Wed 01 Nov 2017 01:11:52 No.147446992
Quoted By: >>147447383 >>147447756 >>147448067 >>147449439 >>147461495
Note MI has the same SAPs as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11.
Why is this relevant?
Who can be held hostage and controlled?
CIA thinks its foreign offshore assets are strong enough to defend against the US executive (not accounting for military use on domestic soil).
Why does the Constitution explicitly grant this authority to the President and what is it to prevent?
They knew our agencies would grow in power so much so they could/can hold the executive hostage or engage with bad actors.
Trump nominated someone new to direct every agency but one. He controls the top.
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Das komplette Video zur gestrigen Anhörung ist online: Die Eindrücke sortieren sich noch bei mir. Aber ich muss zugeben: ich bin ein Stück weit enttäuscht. Kritik und ehrliche Nachfragen sind das eine. (Thread: 1/9)
Aber ein Teil der Abgeordneten hat sich gestern schlicht respektlos gegenüber mehr als 70.000 Menschen verhalten, die ihr dringendes Anliegen - ein Paris konformes #Klimaschutzgesetz - an Sie herangetragen haben. Von ehrlichem Interesse keine Spur. (2/9)
Stattdessen: Verschwörungstheorien, Klimawandelleugner und persönliche Angriffe. Ganz ehrlich: der Weg über den #Petitionsausschuss ist der einzige direkte Weg demokratischer Mitbestimmung auf Bundesebene. Ich kann jetzt jede*n verstehen, der diesen Weg nicht geht. (3/9)
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Q team is not Christian. #SorryNotSorry.

Belief in God -- Affirmative!

Confused AFites


God is fair & just or it's not God—it's bunk.

Those tripcode books are something else, 'eh?
If we're going to have a contest, the Mormons will kick your ass. They have the most creative doctrine by far.

💕❤️ Trey Parker & Matt Stone. 😂😂
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Hang on!

If memory serves, right before Hubby and I went exploring, I was gonna bitchsl...


Deconstruct... Alyssa's tweet...


For those not familiar with #Globalese, here's a crash course.


So, let's see how Alyssa's statement hold up.

Step One ... ✔️

Everything that comes out of @Alyssa_Milano's mouth is, ultimately, about Alyssa.

She went from witch to bitch. Trust and believe, she's gone all-in on this role. She needs #sorrynotsorry to be a hit.
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Just perusing the Facebook pages of the guy in the Daily Beast piece. It's not like he was just posting political memes on his personal Facebook wall, these pages are larping as "news sources" and posting right wing agitprop. They've got 53K fans combined, it's a sizable reach.
I keep thinking about how just a few years ago everyone was all about empowering citizen media (me too, still am a fan). Well citizens can easily "be the media now" but this is probably not what anyone had in mind.
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I'd like to give some advice about presentation slides. I'm not as experienced as some of us on #EconTwitter in the conference and seminar circuits, but I've been doing this for more than a decade now, so I've been around.
I'm at the Canadian Economic Association (@CanEconomics) annual conference in @banffcentre hosted by @EconCalgary. The beauty of this national park (@BanffNP) is marred by some of the slides I've seen thus far. Sorry! ✌️🏽 But I'd like to help. #CEA2019 #ACEA2019 #CEA19 #ACEA19
Here are some random suggestions (in no particular order). Most relate to the Beamer document class in LaTeX. So far, I only saw one person who didn't use Beamer, anyway.
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Happy 492nd birthday to my main man, Philip II. 🎉

(Prepare yourselves for a *long* thread, all...)

Leone Leoni, medal of Philip II & Hercules, Virtue, & Pleasure, 1548-49, @gardnermuseum. #Habsburgs4life #earlymoderntwitter #earlymodernart #numismatics4life #numismatics
Portraits & copies of portraits & multiples of portraits, all of Philip II.
Get excited.

After a lost 1549 original by Titian: studio of Titian, 1549-50, @museodelprado & unrecorded artist, ca. 1560-1699 (a real specific period for that one), @RCT. #earlymodernart #portraiture
Portraits of Philip II were made by some of the best of the best of the 16th century.

Like this full-length portrait in armor by Titian (1551) in the @museodelprado. #earlymodernart #portraiture #legsfordays
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My face after last night's GoT ;) Yes I know it's "just a show." No, I wouldn't "be upset no matter how it ended." For (my) fun, here's an abbreviated list of the countless dumb things from last night's Season Finale.


1. How did Tyrion know what Danerys said in her speech? They just established last Ep he barely spoke the language.
2. Really nice for Brianne to write nice things about Jamie, then CLOSE THE BOOK ON WET INK.
3. The Dothrakis must have one hell of a mass re-breeding program, from zero to thousands since they were just wiped out by the White Walkers.
4. Jon Snow excusing genocide because he'd briefly had an incestuous relationship w/Danerys? And I thought Jamie was morally bankrupt.
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The #SexStrike tweet has reminded people of the Republican war against women.


These oppressive, regressive, forced-pregnancy bills are now being discussed in a serious manner on our national news cycle.


Please read on and share if it resonates.

2)GA will be the 4th state to pass a 6 week ban. 15 states have introduced legislation.

Alabama is set to pass a 2 week ban.

Elections matter. Think about this moment in time when you’re trying to figure out if it’s worth making the effort to vote. Please vote.

3)Texas had hearings on a bill to execute women who have had an abortion.

The Ohio bill suggests that an ectopic pregnancy should not be terminated but instead, re-implanted into the uterus, a procedure that doesn’t even exist.

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“All warfare is based on deception.” ― Sun tzu, The Art of War

When did we learn RR was our guy? Q doubled down on RR🎩 right before Mueller Report released.

Will Comey Report reveal St. James is our guy too?

When you take things at face value, you're missing the genius of Trump, Q and Team. The Sting is glorious.

I've run all the dates on Comey. Trust me, he's our guy. He's on CNN delivering more Barium Meals, ridiculous lies to keep them chewing their cud.

Vince Foster Special, unless he keeps up the act. OF COURSE we've infiltrated the Resistance. Don't be simplistic.

"All Rise" - Amy Coney Barrett's nomination put on hold. We could out RGB fake any time. Too costly right now.
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@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus So, apparently this is happening, whether it's a good idea or not (it's not), whether or not it violates refugees rights (it does), and whether or not it's a good use of DHS resources (it isn't.)

CBP Agents have no business doing Credible Fear Interviews.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus Starting next week, 10 CBP Agents will start receiving training to conduct CFIs in Los Angeles. They're gonna gets weeks of training, says the Director of USCIS, whose agency *should* be performing these CFIs.

And why aren't they? Why don't they just hire more Asylum Officers?
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus Ohhh, it's Stephen Miller's brainchild. It all makes sense now.

Even one of the Senior Border Patrol Officials rightfully protested, "I don't want to be Judge Dredd."…
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