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I **LOATHE** Apple software.


It's all penguin-cutesy "Look At Me I'm so FRIENDLY and USABLE"

But I'm trying to backup my wife's iPhone vid/pic to my PC drive, and it's miserable.

Of course Appleites will say "just back up to iCloud!"

I've spent hours, on and off, trying various combinations of Microsoft's Photo app vs using iCloud app (which when it "syncs", creates local cloud links)

etc etc

Quickest way turns out to be:
Go to her ICloud, select a couple hundred at a time, and download the ZIP file....
TLDR that's been the most reliable way.

Her iCloud "sync" directory on my PC is difficult to copy, so I'm using a .NET Robocopy clone I wrote ages ago to brute-force it.

The ZIP download strategy is winning.

Get photos off her phone directly, you say?

MBIC, I have stories.
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This is unfortunate & looks like very poor judgement / an error by Andy Buck.

Of course everyone is entitled to their own personal political views…..

[thread start]
But Andy is also (pretty well known) as Chair of the Board of Voluntary Action Sheffield, a charitable company (with an annual income of £2.3m), and the umbrella organisation/voice of, the voluntary and community sector in the city.

To help maintain public trust / confidence and avoid reputational damage, there is much govt and charity commission regulation & guidance on ethical behaviour, conflicts of interest, and good governance for charities and their Trustees 👇👇

cont/ ImageImage
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1/ Dude. I went with ethical factors involved in butchering a boy to death for fun (his illusory goal) and profit (or ambition) for others. #SorryNotSorry if that bothers you. The complication rate for such surgery is FAR higher than usual, but I may write on that soon in detail.
2/ And, @sunbro100, you ignorant nut, NO, so-called "cis women" *shouldn't* get THIS surgery; a handful of girls got *proper* transplants from their mothers; 4 more with MRKH syndrome had new, half-functional vaginas constructed from their vulva cells.
3/ I realize you're most likely medically illiterate, @sunbro100, but the particular surgery done in this case is highly dangerous, is liable to a very high complication rate, has bad side-effects, AND isn't going to lead to eventual satisfaction anyway despite all agitprop
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If you do any kind of shop work--woodwork, metal, etc--GET ONE!

There are add-ons to an existing shop-vac. Dirt collects in a bucket under the cyclone, leaving the shop-vac filter almost completely clean. I haven't replaced mine in almost a year.

Saves time and filter $$
Mine's fairly cheap, but works well on stale horse feed, sawdust, metal grindings from welding projects and more.
It even separates fine agricultural lime dust.
No idea how energy efficient it is; I have the usual 'FIVE PEAK HP!!1!" Rigid shop-vac…
Motor HP ratings, especially stuff like shop-vacs, drive me batshit.

It. Does. Not. Make. Five. Horsepower. #SorryNotSorry

Unless you have (5 * 750)/120 = 31 amp outlets, standard 15 amp outlet produces just over 2HP (assuming 100% efficient motor)
(1HP ~ 750W)
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I am reminded of the story I heard about Karna and his beginnings. Story of Karna: a 🧵… before the Dvapara Yuga of the MB and in the Treta Yuga, there was a king called Dambhodbhava. He was brave and battled many other he kept winning, he started getting arrogant. 👇🏼
2/n: he just wanted to keep winning. So he knew he needed help. He sought the help of Surya and meditated for years and years until Surya was pleased and offered him a boon. Of course, he couldn’t be immortal.
3/n: Dambhodbhava pondered a bit and asked for protection. A Kavacham. Not just any armour but an armour that had 1000 layers! It must be impenetrable and if anyone breaches it and removes it, then his opponent should die immediately..but that wasn’t all..
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Name your layers to make collaboration with engineers smoother. #sorrynotsorry A figma layer panel with layers named in the syntax of tailw
This is definitely the most work I've put into a silly joke in a while. I'm glad no one is coming out of the woodwork and telling me how awful my tailwind usage is :D
This tweet is doing some numbers: Sadly, I don't have any sweet sweet galaxy lamps to sell, but I do publish a newsletter about design, leadership and tech at every week for free :)

It's a lot less sarcastic than this the original tweet, promise.
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- He's Right!
#2 US Biological Labs in Ukraine (FlowChart). Image
#3 Written timeline and list of players in the Ukraine Biolabs venture. ImageImage
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Fun Intellectual Exercises:

A) debating Flat-Earthers; take them seriously, and prove to yourself the Earth's a sphere (this one's easy)

B) debunk the Flood and all young-Earth theory (this one's harder than you might think)

Point is: who knows how much we've been lied to?
1450-1550, the lead-up to Renaissance, overturned a lot of orthodoxies when the sclerotic systems of authority were questioned and overthrown.

We're entering a new Renaissance.

Faith in the Established Narrative is waning, knowledge has been suppressed or distorted.
I just LOOK at the ancient, fossilized "leadership" of the world, and it's a nursing home of senile people desperately clinging to power.

Schwab, Soros, Pelosi, Rothschild...
Geriatric Nazgûl.

They're selecting frivolous little puppets like fuckboi Trudeau, or Jacinda Ardern
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I have to say, so much for your @ExpertWitness_ but #SorryNotSorry I would shut up shop if I were you.

You understand my #FRUSTRATION you say.

So how much do I need to take before you see me as a murderer because I have been pushed over the edge when I see yet
another #blackmansolo getting the #WealthManagement on the back end of turning you back.


Have you got your #BAFTA2023 award yet @DrHorsford .
Can you beleive this @elonmusk #ElonMusk #ElonMuskTwitter @mayemusk @ToscaMusk 😭😭😭

I have talked with man approx. 6 years ago.
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Timeline cleanse. There’s too much H on a day we should be celebrating Kate, so I’m going to spam your feed with Kate gifs. #SorryNotSorry Also, you’re welcome? #StillA10 #HappyBirthdayCatherine 1/25
She’s a 10, but she can’t speed wrap. #StillA10 #HappyBirthdayCatherine 2/25
She’s a 10, but her radio DJ skills are so bad. #StillA10 #HappyBirthdayCatherine 3/25
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'Practice how you “look”' is one of the sub-headings in my forthcoming book #wineveryargument. That Summers didn't think about his backdrop & posture as he insisted other folks lose their jobs is kinda mad.

He should pre-order my book. So should you 😉…
My new book 'Win Every Argument: The Art of Debating, Persuading, and Public Speaking' comes out next month, Feb 28th, so there'll be lots of shameless plugs for it on this Twitter account in the coming days and weeks. #sorrynotsorry
If you're in the UK, btw, you can pre-order #wineveryargument here:…
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My not-so-dirty not-a-secret: I am just about *entirely* without sympathy for everybody whose holiday travel plans recently got buttfucked by "the airlines". I'm not just unsympathetic, I'm like "you fucked around, you found out, what the hell did you expect? " #SorryNotSorry
1) Y'all had 3 years of pandemic to learn this: Airline travel is FUCKED on holidays now. They are understaffed. Their people all got laid off or died or quit or are presently out sick. Their new hires have no training. They can barely operate at normal capacity in good weather!
2) This year we had -- are still having in many places -- an absolutely historic winter storm/blizzard over Christmas. It was popping up in forecasts by mid-December. Y'all had plenty of time to change to sensible plans. If you decided to just YOLO it and hope for the best? Ha!
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ehi ciao buongiorno sperando di fare cosa gradita qua sotto trovate una lista con un po' di film di Natale o sul Natale o in tema Natale che magari potete (ri)guardare sotto le feste sentitevi liberi di aggiungerne altri insomma buon Natale!

THREAD 🧵🎄🎅🏼 Image
"Incontriamoci a Saint Louis" (1944)

assurdo riuscire a fare qualcosa di tanto stupendo come questo film. La scena in cui Judy Garland canta Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas per la prima volta nella storia per me sarà sempre il momento in cui nasce la magia del Natale!
“Tangerine” (2015)

il viaggio di Sin-Dee, prostituta a Los Angeles, attraverso una vigilia di Natale ruvida e senza amore. (un film che può avvicinarvi al culto di Sean Baker, imho il migliore oggi a catturare le ferite profonde degli USA) Image
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#FreedomConvoy2023 #FreedomPlanet2 @freeexpress @BROTHERTOFOSCUK I as one of the #freedomfighters has all every single #Intensivstationen to have every single member of @UKParliament #msmenemyofthepeople #MSMLies who have been involved in the the past decade of #abuseofpower
Committed by @Conservatives @UKLabour @LibDems @Greenpeace and even the #LooneyTunes #looneyparty

Official Monster Raving Loony
Who like all are asking for donations #ffstatus.

Hi. Please don't skip this 1 minute read. This Friday December 23rd, we request your support.
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JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. Maybe a perfect storm in a tea cup ☕️ ?… Image
JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. 15 Nov might be 5 April 2.0. DYOR 🚨⚠️〽️… Image
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“They said no one cared about democracy. They said the abortion issue had faded away, that the only thing voters care about is the economy. They were all wrong.”

My first post-midterms @MehdiHasanShow monologue, detailing what the pundits missed. Watch:
In my monologue tonight, I also listed some of the wins for Democrats, democrats, progressives, & workers, from the 4 state governments the Dems took control of, to the minimum wage increases, to the diverse people elected to Congress & state legislatures:
Oh, and tonight, I also played tape of Ted Cruz and Joe Rogan and Jesse Waters predicting a red wave.
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1. Wednesdays 🧵thanks for your patience. Had a busy day 😐. Hope this is worth the wait. Today, we are going to talk about the Burrishoole population of Salmo salar, the mighty Atlantic salmon
📽️Ger Rogan
2. From the outset, we are talking about Atlantic salmon today (Salmo salar) and not any of the Pacific salmon species (various Oncorhynchus sp.). 1 of these species is making in-roads into this side of the Atlantic (the PINK salmon), but that’s a whole other story A pink salmon
3. Why do salmon receive so much attention, in comparison to other fish species? @SteveOrmerod put it very well:
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Disney Live Action, Pixar Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Animation Studios panel (which is to say all big movies that are NOT Lucasfilm/Marvel Studios/20th, which is tomorrow) about to begin. Only Murders in the Building theme playing, because Disney owns everything. #D23Expo
I should say all big movies and series from those divisions, since Disney+ stuff will likely be part of these panels too. #D23Expo
"Almost There" plays and goes into big ending as lights dim and everyone cheers, because Disney knows about SHOWMANSHIP! #D23Expo
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Not to pile it on (I know the queen just died) but here’s a bummer of a Friday thread for you:

I’m about to problematize your namaste.

@Harvard_Press @HarvardUPLondon
1/Let’s start with the word: “Namaste.” It is a Sanskrit word deriving from the verb namaha, meaning “to bend.” The te at the end means “to you.”
In the Vedas namaste was used to show respect
to a divinity. But the word evolved over time….
2/In everyday use namaste evolved to mean “salutations to you” or “greetings to you,” a sign of respect, but without necessarily referencing divinity. This is how namaste, and its other regional forms, such namaskar and namaskaram, are commonly used in South Asia today.
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Da ich genau die Zielgruppe bin, die hier indirekt als faul und verwöhnt dargestellt wird:

Ein 🧵, warum ich nur noch Teilzeit arbeite und nicht (ständig) auf Dienstreisen gehe. (1/15)
Die Pandemie sollte eindrücklich gezeigt haben, wie unnötig viele Dienstreisen sind. Ich wage zu behaupten, dass der Großteil der Meetings genauso gut online stattfinden kann und dabei praktischerweise auch nicht die Klimakrise massiv verschlimmert wird. (2/15)
Die Verfasserin kommt aus der Reisebranche und spricht wahrscheinlich touristische Pressereisen an, bei denen das anders aussehen könnte. Aber auch hier, nach 30+ Pressereisen an denen ich teilgenommen oder die ich selbst veranstaltet habe: in vielen Fällen unnötig. (3/15)
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#YoungGCWomenUnite 🧵
Hey everyone, I’m a mom. I work in an allied healthcare profession. I’m a so called #terf. I don’t have a singular #peaktrans experience, but rather a culmination of experiences. So here we go!
Almost a decade ago, I learned that terms #genderdysphoria and #transgender. There were some people who had extreme distress about their sex and they felt happier looking and presenting like the opposite sex. They worked closely with doctors and therapists.
I didn’t care. None of my business. But when hospital coworkers and staff started saying #TransWomenAreWomen , I started to question it. How could they literally be women? #whatisawoman ?
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¿Sabías que la ecología, el medioambiente y el cambio climático no son temas actuales de la ciencia ficción? De hecho, son tan viejos como el propio género.

¿Me acompañáis en este hilo sobre CF climática? 🧵 Vista aérea del río Amazonas.
En primer lugar, aclararé que no voy a utilizar en ningún caso el término Cli-Fi, porque se acuñó en 2007 fuera del ámbito de la CF con intención elitista, para distanciarse de ella y quedar por encima, así que... #SorryNotSorry: NO.

(Ese tema da para hilo aparte).
Muchos piensan que este tipo de CF habla de distopías, catástrofes y el fin del mundo, pero eso solo es una pequeña parte. También nos enseña a soñar con otros mundos y sus ecosistemas, y nos plantea utopías en las que los seres humanos viven en equilibrio con la Tierra. Dos manos sosteniendo la Tierra.
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Alamin mo muna ang buong budget process ha? Para alam mo kung saang phase pwede ang reallocation
During BUDGET PREPARATION, the budget can be reallocated by an incoming administration.

During BUDGET LEGISLATION, legislators can reallocate the Executive-proposed version.
During BUDGET EXECUTION, the constitutional heads of the different branches of gov’t can reallocate the budget via use of savings and augmentation and/or modification of allotment

Here are the legal bases:

Section 25 (5), Article VI of the 1987 Constitution
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