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A thread of Australian people who don't have the interests of women & children (especially) in mind.
Telfer loves helping "trans kids".

“We’ve had parents call us for three-year-olds”…
@TamePunk has refused to acknowledge the grooming & safeguarding issues involved with trans ideology as she & others currently support. She has misunderstood (deliberately?) then amplified false info re. those who question the ideology.
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Bomba💣🧨💣: Os e-mails do Laptop Biden. 128.775 deles. O link esta no meu Canal do Telegram. Eles nunca haviam sido lançados na íntegra. Estao organizados por tipo de arquivo: PDFs, DOCXs, PPTs e .mp3s Divirtam-se! E, outros canais que publicarem, deem credito de que 👇👇
encontraram estas informacoes la no meu Telegram, please.…
O conteúdo esta de cair o queixo! Tem muitas informações sobre os negócios e todos aqueles "problemas" pessoais e preferencias dos quais eu sempre falo. E o FBI e o Senado estao em posse de tudo isto!
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(1/x) Sheesh, ngl it’s been a hot second since we’ve gotten to work on PXN. Now that we minted out, think it’s time for a little story about my own journey in both Nano and PXN. Buckle up, this is gonna be a long 🧵
(2/x) To start off, for those of y’all that don’t know, I started off in @nanoverseHQ back in late October, but didn’t start popping off till Early November when I came back home from a family vacation.
@nanoverseHQ (3/x) Due to the jetlag, I was out here crashing at 7 pm and waking up at 3-4 am, so what did I do? Hop on Discord ofc and chat it up with da boiz. I still remember those late nights at demon hrs with @GT3NFT and recounting some fun stories with @veezyvangogh and @Yuri_ramen.
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Kicking off the morning with lots of misinformation about COVID-19 in a total disrespect for the almost million people that have died from it in United States. Your #NeLeg! You can watch it here…
Really pretty impressive to try to claim unvaccinated discrimination when you don’t supports other protections against discrimination like natural hair or LGBTQ+ identity
If there’s gonna be time on the mic this AM on this bill, I think we should read the name of every Nebraskan who has died from COVID-19. We wouldn’t get thru all of them in the amount of time we have, but if we did, we could then read the name of all the HCW who’ve given so much
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1 - Get ready, I'm ringing in a last-minute #threadtalk all about #TheRingsOfPower pictures that just dropped today.

Oh my precious, precious nerd heart.

This Galadriel fangirl is having a moment, so now that I'm fortified with lembas, let us peer into the future. 💍🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️🌿 Galadriel (played by Morfydd Clark) -- in Elven armor, with
2 - Galadriel is front and center, and the @VanityFair article heralding her tale puts the elf in full armor with Victorian lines & High Gothic design.
The tiered chain mail, that snatched waist & that gorgeous sword! The look is familiar to fans of the films, but w/a new twist. Gray-blue visiting dress, labeled “Worth / 7. Rue de la Pa
3 - An elf upstaged by a dwarf?

You bet your pointy wizard hat.

This Klimt-like stunner has won me over forever and ever until the Balrog rises.

Dwarven PRINCESS. Her hair, those golden triangles and bangles. I have a lot to say about this outfit. The dwarven princess Disa, played by Sophia Nomvete, standin
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Tonight I got t-boned by a guy running a stop sign in a residential area going 80-100 mph. The seatbelt broke my collar bone and the airbags broke my front teeth. The dashboard trapped my feet and knees in the car for 20 minutes while they ripped the top of the car off to get me. Kent in a hospital bed with broken teeth and a broken collar
I have surgery in the morning to repair my collar bone. I'm in pain, but not as much as I would expect.

The guy who hit me flipped over and fled the scene. I was told he later came back and was arrested. I guess that means he was physically ok.
There's a very good possibility that had I not been driving a @Tesla with the heavy battery pack in the floor of the car and their safety features, I would have flipped and possibly died. (I'm now even more of a Tesla fanboy #SorryNotSorry).
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#MusicTherapy 2022 - A Thread 🧵

I used Shazam to discover Can't Rely On You by Paloma Faith. ☕️…
I used Shazam to discover Temptation by New Order. ❤️☕️…
I used Shazam to discover In The Air Tonight (Sons Of Maria Remix) by Nora En Pure & Lika Morgan. 🎶 ☕️…
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⚠️ 86 of you have me on public lists. Kindly remove me, or make the list private

Even well-meaning lists can be (and often are) co-opted by troll farms to harass

I'll circle back in a 36-46 hrs, to run a script that auto-blocks anyone that has me on a public list #SorryNotSorry
For the well-meaning folks that use lists: the problem isn’t the list itself, it’s *public* lists that are problematic. If you tend to tweet about a specific topic a lot, *your* trolls co-opt *your* public lists on that topic to antagonize anyone on that list
The other thing that happens is that troll farms use public lists to openly coordinate their attacks with one-another and/or to automate responses from bots under their control.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are murdoch editor James Campbell, former murdoch columnist and ex-Costello staffer now 9fax columnist Niki Savva and 9fax government correspondent Phil Coorey.
The interview is with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.
opening spiel: Labor has decided it does want an election on climate change.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, the “government immediately pounced” [insert tax lie, repeated obediently by Speers] but business is “siding with Labor”. #Insiders
the montage soundtrack is Stevie Nicks. It is about rampant sexual violence (called “culture”) and bullying in the parliament. Hollie Hughes gets lots of sympathy. A reckoning, apparently. Despite strong tory resistance to change. #Insiders
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FUCK. South Africa is seeing "increased admissions in children, especially under 4 years" for #Omicron
#Omicron is sending more kids to the hospital than #Delta in South Africa
Source: Live press conference from South Africa's health ministry
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My favorites from #XPN2021 on 📻 - A Thread 🧵🪡

I'll Be You by The Replacements Image
Laid by James on #XPN2021 📻 Image
11 O'Clock Tick Tock by U2 on XPN
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GA4 is an on-coming disaster.

@googleanalytics I say this with a heavy heart from a place of love.

Let's dive into:

Part I
Who the heck am I and my history

Part II
Why #GA4 has a problem

Part III
If not rectified, what I expect is going to happen
Before I begin, for clarity, I'm generally reticent to critique on Twitter, mostly because I find it unproductive (for myself) to complain about small stuff.

So, long threads when warranted (and time away from gaming) broken into parts so one can quickly jump to interesting bits

Most folks that follow me are aware that I'm an SEO, what I don't highlight is a finely detailed path of how my work in web analytics followed along.

It's not my thing to push myself, but for this thread, I will to establish credentials and seriousness. Just using Star Trek imagery to highlight when the new secti
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Data visualizations are not ‘seen’ in a glance – they require active exploration, across a series of visual filtering operations.

With @talboger + @SBMost, we show that these powerful filters can cause 93% of people to miss a *dinosaur* within the ignored data values. #ieeevis A scatterplot containing blue and green dots, but the green
We gave people a tough visual task within the pattern of blue values, causing them to ignore the green values. 93% missed these ‘Jurassic Marks’ at 1s, and 61% still missed them at 2.5s.

Try the experiment, watch the 8-min talk, or read the paper here:
What does this mean for you?
When your visualization needs to communicate a data pattern, use ‘storytelling’ (annotate + highlight key values/comparisons), and ask sample viewers what they see.

Otherwise, your audience may not see what you see in your visualization.
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You’re not gonna like this… but I’m about to make some pasta with shiitake mushrooms.
I put a whole tin of anchovies into the pot too because I don’t like measuring and saving opened ingredients.

#SorryNotSorry Cast iron pot with sliced shiitake mushrooms and a whole tin
Red pepper flakes too, of course.

Meanwhile the pasta water is boiling. Gonna subtract 2 minutes from the pasta’s cool time because I’ll add the cooked pasta to this pot at some point.

Btw I had a couple glasses of wine already. Wish me luck.
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Lilo: A pipeline to stitch together tiled amplicons from Nanopore sequencing data.
But Amanda, that pipeline already exists.

Yes, I know that, me, but the genomes I spend my days arguing with have specific features that make them incompatible with the @NetworkArtic pipeline.
The artic pipeline is based on aligning reads to a reference and polishing the reference to look like the reads. That works great, but...
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That Matthew 25 injunction to welcome the stranger is literally just one humane clause couched in two chapters of apocalyptic fear-mongering.

Nothing contextually suggests Jesus meant it collectively.

Why do I bring this up as someone who strongly supports accepting refugees?
I bring it up because I'm sick and tired of people using liberal Christian "gotchas" as policy debate in major news and commentary outlets, when policy debate shouldn't hinge on one's interpretation of the Bible.

All Christians--liberationist and authoritarian--pick and choose
Internecine theological debate has its place, but that place should not be arguments about policy in a supposedly secular country.

When we insist, in that context, that "the Bible is clear," even from a progressive perspective, we reinforce Christian supremacism. It's annoying
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Hello academic twitterverse! It’s about time I drop the news that my book is coming out this December! Look at this amazing cover. How can you not want to read it?!… Image
I mean, if you don't want to read the book based just on the cover (it's awesome, isn't it?) and who blurbed it (I idolize those scholars and you should too), then I don't know how to help you.
But seriously, if you think Dolly* is overrated, then you’ll love my new book! Cloning techniques have been around since the '50s and were important decades before 1990s. Seriously!

*The sheep, not the Parton one. The latter is definitely not overrated. She’s amazing.
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But this is again looking at comms as a purely media and digital focused job, which also only a small part of what’s often described as “communication”. I’ll just walk y’all through a few other things comms teams do, and it’s not an exhaustive list, just a list.
Engagement with communities about what’s important to them? Esp in relation to projects in which they have an interest? That’s comms.
Talking to funders about the impact of their funding for people in Aotearoa? Comms.
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Attention Arbitrage

Or as I like to call it:

"How Kardashians became Billionaires w/ Glorified White Label Makeup"

And how influencers monetize, a 🧵 Image
@KylieJenner became the youngest billionaire.

Sold her biz for $600M, Worth $1.2B.

With her Instagram posts.

She maximized your attention… into her bank account. Image
Then @KimKardashian copied her.

Then the rest of them whose names I can't remember joined in.
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Part 4: Now we know Gates is the embodiment of Davos man, ICLEI circumvented our elected officials to push "sustainability", Agenda 21 is NOT conspiracy theory & UN references were limited to prevent people from thinking their liberties were being stripped let's move on to 2000!
1/ Rockefeller's gave $10's of millions during the '00's to green activist groups:
* Energy Fdtn
* Tides
* New America Fdtn
* Wildlife Conservation Society
* National Resources Defence Council
* Alliance for Climate Protection
* Center for International Environmental Law
2/ & the World Health Organization

The philanthropic leanings of the wealthy created a shadow govt that is stronger than our elected leadership.

If you notice? You're a conspiracy theorists…
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Just read the news that Haffkine Institute, in Mumbai, has been given permission to produce Covaxin. Here's a long thread on something interesting I had read up a while back. We'll start with a gentleman born in Odessa, Ukaraine, in 1860.
Under the influence of his professor, Elie Metchnikoff, he developed an interest in unicellular organisms. Debarred from a professorship because he was Jewish, he left Russia and followed his mentor to the newly opened Pasteur Institute. Yep, started by Louis Pasteur.
Same guy we all read about in school when we studied pasteurisation. Fun fact: he was quite the dude, and created the first vaccine for rabies, and also, anthrax. Anyway, back to our original gent, who had landed up here from Russia.
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I only discovered a couple of hours ago, vids that had been popping up since yesterday! I'm so frikken late to the party! But not too late to enjoy it🎉

Have you guys been seeing the "patriots" getting booted off of planes?!


#NoFlyList y'all!!!
I love every single one of you! But this is what they do to us! They kicked me off the plane! They called me a fuckin' terrorist, and they want yo fuckin' ruin my life!

Sir, please calm down. I was kicked off of Delta earlier.
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To tax or not to tax... that is not the question.

Thread 1/x
The issue is not whether the rich should be taxed more... of course they should... for a host of reasons from income and wealth inequality to access to scarce real resources that should serve the public and to mitigate their influence within the public sphere.
But the real question is why do folks attach tax wars to programs that save lives? Like #M4All or #CancelStudentDebt. It is allowing people to die fighting a tax war to pay for life saving progs when taxes dont fund those progs at all. I call those who do that murderers by proxy.
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Thanks to @kimbiddulph it’s #Archaeology31 time again! - Starting with prompt number one: #new.

Which in this case is: New year, new journal. Empty pages waiting to be filled with thoughts, notes, sketches ... opportunities. Image
#Archaeology31 day 2, #future, offers a great chance to highlight a topic I found particularly interesting as of late:

How will an #ArchaeologyOfTheFuture look like - What do *we* leave behind for future colleagues?

(Weekend reading recommendations included. 😉) Image
Starting with the question what actually constitutes #CulturalHeritage, #sites, and #monuments of our age ...

(#Archaeology31, 2. #future)
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