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Today's #DavesCarIDService begins with an appreciative hat tip to Harry Bergeron for solving yesterday's mystery car
I'm gonna say a circa 1910 Cadillac touring, or a circa 1912 E-M-F touring. Accessory headlight gas tank on the running board.
E-M-F was for Everitt-Metzger-Flanders; Metzger was one of the founders of Cadillac, so there's a lot of resemblance between them. E-M-F was bought by Studebaker and name disappeared a few years later. Everitt went on to make cars under his own name.
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Hate to start out today's #DavesCarIDService with uncertainty, but wild guess is 1925-ish Dodge Brothers sedan, with 33% confidence level. Radiator badges & visor are off though, might be a Paige or some rarer make that's escaping me rn

Diamond badge may be from a car club. I welcome a definitive ID; distinguishing characteristics are 1922-28 7 passenger sedan, steel wheels, can shaped lights, marker lights on cowl, split windshield, angled visor, fender shape
ahhhhh, much easier. Two 1918-ish Ford Model T Touring cars.
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1952 Ford Customline driver's side rear quarter panel #DavesCarIDService
Okay, so it's not flying or X-ray vision, but I'll take whatever super powers I can get
And yes, it's a driver's side rear door, not quarter panel, I thought it was a cutout piece of body panel at first. Jeez you people are even more autistic than me
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Both are 1937 Ford Deluxe 4 door sedans, the lighter colored one with the handsome optional "artillery" wheels (ht @RepRepublic) #DavesCarIDService
@RepRepublic Due to 6 bolt hub and 4 bolt rim steel wheels, I'm saying 1926 Chevy Superior landau, but visor seems a bit off
@RepRepublic Also that lady looks exasperated after a long day babysitting the Little Rascals
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1931 or 32 Packard Eight roadster, captured in two boy's ingenious Packard trap #DavesCarIDService
sporting one of my favorite hood ornaments, the Packard Donut Chaser
Some other ginchy hood ornaments:
Ford/Lincoln greyhound
Pontiac amber Indian head
DeSoto De Soto
Lalique crystal eagle (used on Duesenberg, Delahaye & other cars)
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@MattWelch I stand corrected (by @Bill_Abely). It is a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Cartier Edition, the only model available in the exclusive fleshtone & disco lipstick color scheme
@MattWelch @Bill_Abely in my own defense, I was focused on the vinyl top's window edging, which distracted me from the vertical taillights
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Commencin' to do another #DavesCarIDService thread, so mute if it annoys you. <cracks knuckles>
1960-ish Bedford or Commer commercial van, front end a narrowed 1958 Plymouth, quarter panel trim 1955 Mercury, taillights hints of 1959 Ford
1957 Ford station wagon, 1957 Florida postcard cheesecake model, don't know about the snake, I'm not a herpetologist
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The "Di Dia," a completely custom car built for crooner Bobby Darin by Detroit customizer Andrew Di Dia. At $150,000 it held the Guinness Book title of World's Most Expensive Car in 1960. #DavesCarIDService
Fun Fact: Bobby Darin drove Sandra Dee to the 1961 Academy Awards in this car
Bobby Darin was a freaking style icon, I tell you whut
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1932 Ford 5 window coupe, chopped ~4", early 331/354 Chrysler Hemi, Halibrand-style kidney beans on Firestone wide whitewall radial cheater slicks, Ford 9" differential, Aldan coil-over shocks #DavesCarIDService
Color me well and truly stumped here, perhaps a microcar expert can ID. Closest I can come up with is a King Midget, but I know that's incorrect. "M" on the hubcap, if that helps.
Oh my word. 1946-48 Buick Sedanette radical custom. Looks like a 4"-5" chop, plus maybe a 6" full body section job, plus channeled. '38 DeSoto rear bumper. The amount of work that had to go into this is mind boggling.
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1937-39 "coffin nose" Cord 812 convertible, looks like some previous owner got frustrated with the hideaway headlight and replaced them
1966 Pontiac Ventura 4 dr hardtop with the 8-lug aluminum wheel option, plus a couple of hairhoppin' 60s moms rocking their beehives
1930 or 31 Ford Model A coupe (all A coupes are 5 window), and by the looks of the 16" Ford steels I think General Yeager may have mildly hot rodded it. Behind it is a '32 Ford roadster.
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A whole swarm of Blower Bentleys (well, 4.5 liter Bentleys, some blown and some unblown). Bentley just announced they will be producing some brand new "continuation" 1929 Blower Bentleys. #DavesCarIDService
This is pretty damn cool. Jaguar's Classic Works has also built continuation D-Types, E-Types, and XKSS. I wish US laws would allow American car companies to build new versions of their classics.…
What is the one single brand new perfect factory reproduction American classic you'd want to have? (Me, a 1932 Ford Model 18 roadster or 3-window coupe)
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1959 Plymouth Fury sedan, Toots. A close relative to Christine! #davesCarIDservice
Circa 1966 Austin Healey Mk 3, and that isn't a pickup in the background, it's a 1963 Dodge Polara
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L-R: 1960 Pontiac, 1959 Buick in front of a 1960 Mercury, 1957 Oldsmobile, 1960 Pontiac Tempest #DavesCarIDService
1973-79 Brubaker Box, funky kit car for VW chassis. My buddy Dave Shuten has one
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1957 Dodge Sweptside D-100, with fiberglass tailfins based on Dodge Lancer. It was Mopar's glamor truck answer to the '55-'59 Chevy Cameo pickup and its twin, the GMC Suburban #DavesCarIDService
90% sure it's a circa-1960 MG A, on the way or just back from the paint booth
for reference, here's a 1960 MG A with steel (Rudge?) wheels. Happy to be corrected on this ID though
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circa 1960 rear engine Renault Caravelle. Kind of a rare find you have there. #DavesCarIDService
All 4 cars are Ford Model As; pic 1, 1930-31 Fordor and 1930-31 Sport Coupe, pics 2 and 3 are both 1928-29 Tudors
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1940-ish Chevy or GMC pickup cab on homebuilt square tube frame with Chev or GMC 6 banger and 1 ton dually wheels. Also: Mamas don't let your babies grow up to build rat rods #DavesCarIDService
I've seen rat rods you people wouldn't believe. Exhaust on fire under the bumper of a 53 Nash. I watched spider web grilles glitter on a stick welded chassis. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

If you will allow me a little history lecture: about 25 years ago a bunch of younger hot rod guys got sick of the ever-more high tech hot rod trend (billet aluminum, digital dashes etc) and began a back-to-tradition movement to resurrect 30s-60s style hot rods & customs
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1962 Ford Seattle-Ite XXI, concept car produced for the Seattle World's Fair #DavesCarIDService
A safety-conscious car of the future with quad rocket thrusters, 6 wheels, and ant-under-a-magnifying-glass bubble top
Another artifact of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair: Aloha travel trailers, made in Beaverton OR. Hundreds were sold to fair attendees because of lack of hotel rooms. I saw this one at the Palm Springs vintage trailer show. #DavesTrailerIDService
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Close, but it's a 1935 Ford 3-window coupe, and if the owner was in Indiana, could be the very same car I bought yesterday
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1925-27 Nash Ajax, District of Columbia or British Columbia license plate #DavesCarIDService
I stand (semi-) corrected; grille appears to be Moon, but it ain't no cabriolet roadster, it's a sedan
Speaking of Moon (made in St Louis btw) cars: my buddy Bobby owns Walt Disney's 1927 Moon roadster that Walt sold to finance "Steamboat Willie," the first Mickey Mouse cartoon. Moons came with a great cat-jumping-over-the-moon hood ornament.
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1960 Kelso Auto Dynamics Special "laydown roadster." First sidewinder car at Indy, engine tilted 90 degrees and driver placed to the side for weight distribution
Rust free California car, custom sunroof, ran when parked
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Fun fact: The engine, dash, steering wheel, and roof insert on my '31 Model A coupe came from a '59 Star Chief I bought from a scrapyard for $200
'59 Pontiac is easily in the Top Ten All-Time Dashboards
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