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Quelle est l'origine de nos jugements moraux ?

La réponse de David Hume et d'Adam Smith. 🧵 Thread : [1/25]

#adamsmith #morale #ethique #philo #philosophie #liberalisme #hume #davidhume Image
Adam Smith (1723-1790) est un philosophe dont la pensée ne se réduit pas à la théorisation et à la justification du capitalisme ou libéralisme économique. Tout comme David Hume (1711-1776), il fait partie du courant "sentimentaliste", approche philosophique [2/25]
selon laquelle nos états affectifs, notamment les émotions et les désirs, sont au cœur de nos évaluations, notamment morales. Mais Hume et Smith se distinguent de certains autres sentimentalistes en soutenant il n’est pas nécessaire de postuler l’existence d’un [3/25]
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Concerning the historical-structural power relationship between rulers & ruled, #GabrielRockhill ( citing #DavidHume:

#history #globalization #technology #democracy #Zeitgeschichte
“Nothing appears more surprizing to those, who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few;

#history #globalization #technology #democracy #Zeitgeschichte
and the implicit submission, with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers.

#history #globalization #technology #democracy #Zeitgeschichte
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wer sagte einst:

"wie schön, dass wir in Zeiten leben, in denen man denken und sagen darf was man möchte."

Rara temporum felicitas, ubi sentire, quae velis ; & quae sentias, dicere licet.

"Seltenes Glück der Zeiten, wo du denken darfst, was du willst, und sagen, was du denkst!“
Geleitwort 1. Band von
TREATISE OF Human Nature:

BEING An ATTEMPT to introduce the experimental Method of Reasoning INTO MORAL SUBJECTS

Eine Abhandlung über die menschliche Natur: Ein Versuch, die experimentelle Methode des Denkens in menschliche Themen einzuführen.
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#AdamSmith isn’t just interested in educating kids. He knows we need #LifeLongLearning and #AdultEducation.
He doesn't mean university courses for adults, but rather “preparation for a better world to come.” (He means church.) (V.i.g.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
So we need to know how to best fund the clergy who provide this kind of education. Direct payments from their hearers? Tax? Tithe? Salary? (V.i.g.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Just as with other educators, clergy will be more zealous and hard working when they are paid directly by hearers rather than being guaranteed an income. This is why newer religions are so lively. (V.i.g.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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#AdamSmith, #WealthOfNations, and #CornLaws!
What more could you possibly want on a Saturday morning? (IV.v.b) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Yes, it’s the Digression Concerning the Corn Trade and Corn Laws! We can barely contain ourselves long enough to remind you that “corn” doesn’t mean 🌽 It means the principal cereal crop of a nation. (We keep saying so because we keep forgetting.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
#TLDR on #AdamSmith’s thoughts on the Corn Laws:

They’re bad. (IV.v.b.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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