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Dismantling racism in medicine begins long before medical school & residency. The path to representative numbers of currently underrepresented minorities will not be solved with performative activism. Foundational changes, all the way back to K-14 education are needed. Thread 1/
While many are pushing for representative percentages of matriculants to the regions where each medical school is located, this is not sufficient. Schools, rightly, push back that underrepresented minority students do not apply at the same rates. 2/
Additionally, the geography of medical schools is not representative of the country as a whole, using local percentages as the sole standard could unintentionally limit Latinx and Indigenous applicants as their populations are larger in the west where there are fewer schools 3/
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Avant de s'emballer :
🔹Peu de patients évalués.
🔹Pas de A+placebo🆚A+chloriquine (seulement des A🆚A+chloriquine).
🔹Essais menés par un champion de la publi express & du peer-reviewing entre potes, qui a déjà crié "victoire !" sur la base d'1 étude in vitro isolée.

À suivre🙄
Bien sûr, c'est peut-être tout à fait formidable. L'avenir nous le dira. Par contre, il est assez irresponsable de diffuser des infos triomphalistes sur un socle de preuves aussi étroit.

L'effet secondaire de ce genre d'effets d'annonce, c'est la perte de confiance...
(On me demande des précisions sur le "champion de la publi" au peer-reviewing douteux" 👉 )

Cosigner les articles de ses étudiants sans avoir le temps de les relire, c'est déjà limite. Publier dans "mon voisin de paillasse international journal" c'est...
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/1 Thread: With Disruption Theory having now gone mainstream, Bob Iger went to school on the Innovator's Dilemma...

#DisneyPlus $DIS $NFLX $AMZN $T #streamingwars

cc @modestproposal1 @GavinSBaker @bradsling @RichLightShed @benthompson @Rich_Barton @ballmatthew @kidkapital
/2 To gauge expectations, Iger clearly articulated his Disney+ strategic roadmap (and associated tradeoffs) to the Street...

communicating how $DIS's LT franchise opportunity offset its ST financial consequences...
/3 which amounted to an (intrinsically) high probability for Disney to reestablish a moat amidst the (lowercase "disruptive") threat of streaming...

and investors discount that fw such that $DIS (the stock) didn't dive despite sequentially deteriorating financials/guidance...
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Did you make it into the hottest midday session, Seeing Red: Managing Multidrug Resistant Gram-Negative Infections? Easily met room capacity!

@ProCEhealth Richard Lewis introducing @ErinMcCreary and @OncIDPharmd (Sam Aitken)

@ASHPOfficial #ASHP19
Why is this talk titled "seeing red"? Not because you look like this guy ➡️🤬 but because of the micro report!

Man, I love me a witty title! 👏🏻
So many good slides here! Visual simplification of methods of GNR resistance. The boxed ones are most important in GNRs. #ASHP19 #SIDPEC
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"White Feminist" YA author throws a giant tantrum & all her YA author friends attack a college student & calls up their university & complains because her book got passed over for a black authors in favor of a more mature curriculum.…
Sarah Dessen found a 3 year old article where a black woman mildly criticized her book & decided to sic all her white author friends on her, causing the woman to delete all her social media for fear of her safety. i did my best to take screenshots of ppl who participated
Sarah Dessen found a 3 year old article where a black woman mildly criticized her book & decided to sic all her white author friends on her, causing the woman to delete all her social media for fear of her safety. i did my best to take screenshots of ppl who participated
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I was cited in this @npr article today about Donald Trump’s use of Twitter and the various legal issues under the Presidential Records Act of 1978 and the Presidential and Federal Records Records Act Amendments of 2014. Lots to unpack here. LOTS.
If you’ve ever wondered about the laws that govern Donald Trump’s tweets & typos, you’ll enjoy it. #unpresidented #covfefe #honered #popculture #popcultureclass
Roughly two years ago, I wrote about this a lot. Who knew what we'd be in for...…
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1/Why #bitcoin matters now.

Trump wants to look good for 2020. No surprise there. Strong economic numbers--especially GDP--are crucial.

So: trade war! Force a huge economy (China) to buy more of our products. Cranks up GDP. Yay us, right?!

Except China's fighting back.
2/China is devaluing their currency. Sounds bad for them, ya? So counter-intuitive.

A weaker Yuan makes it harder for China to import goods (they can't afford to buy other countries' stuff).

But also makes it cheaper for others to buy Chinese goods (our bucks go further).
3/But China is primarily an export economy. So they're happy to juice the trade flow out and disadvantage the flow in.

The $USD is already expensive relative to everyone else's currency. So what can Trump do? He *needs* to increase our exports... but we're expensive to buy from.
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#Thread on new features and updates announced in release notes of #MSDyn365 Oct'18:…. This is an excellent longread. Thread is just #TLDR for #CE specific/related features

#PowerApps #CDS #Flow #USD #Sales #FieldService #USD #Portals #AzureML
Starting with #MSDyn365 #Sales updates:
1. Playbooks: Think of it as Barney Stinson's playbook. Basically set of "automated repeatable sales activities" that help in winning opportunities. Looks like it'll be a set of activities which could be assigned to users
2. #MSDyn365 #Sales will feature deeper integration with LinkedIn, including capability to send InMail and adding LinkedIn related step in Business Process Flows

3. Out of the box @MicrosoftTeams integration
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#THREAD: We’ve said this before but for the life of us we can’t figure out why #Trump won’t give up this #TradeWar. The May jobs report was incredible and the #economy is booming. Now he’s threatening to torpedo all this work to get the economy humming because he’s pissed off
The smart political thing for #Trump and his #GOP allies facing re-election to do would be to run out the clock on this booming #economy all throughout the #Midterms2018 season and campaign hard on his anti-regulation, tax cutting economic policy and spike the football
In a survey conducted last fall, the Chicago Council on Public Affairs found that 72% of Americans thought trade is good for the U.S. economy, 78% thought it benefits consumers like themselves, and 57% thought it helps create jobs in the United States
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#TLDR - if you're a woman or from a #workingclass or 'minority' background in the UK, your exclusion from #publishing is not by accident it's #ByDesign. Inclusion programmes deal w/ symptoms; for change, we need redesign. (co @BareLit & @rlfwriters)…
"They didn’t stop to consider the picture that includes what we have been taught to euphemistically call “side effects”, “human cost”, “collateral damage”." #ByDesign
"But consciousness is hard work and most of the privileged are unwilling to do the work."

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