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Welcome to the Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending November 10, 2019. With Congress on recess this week, we are going to do things a bit differently this week. We are going to take a dive into #McConnellsGraveyard.
#MoCTrack 1/33
#GOP keeps trotting out their tired talking point about the “do-nothing-Dems” and all we can concentrate on is #Impeachment.


What you’ll find below are 30 bills of the 300+ that #McConnell has stalled in the Senate.

#MoCTrack #DemCast 2/33…
HR 1 - #ForThePeople

A bill that would improve voting rights, fix campaign finance regulations, and mandate ethics and accountability reforms.
💯 over 100 co-sponsors (236)

#MoCTrack #McConnellsGraveyard 3/33…
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GREAT decision by Twitter. Politicians will now have to rely on organic amplification.

#DemCast is just closing out it’s 1st full month post-launch. In Oct, we hit a *quarter of a BILLION* pro-blue organic impressions on Twitter, purely people-powered.

Just getting started. /1
We’re a 501(c)4 non-profit organization (not a PAC). We’re a strong, growing team of people who are intentionally spreading strategic messaging. We publish digital media. We amplify candidates. We boost blue causes.

Please help us get this done!…
To join our amplification team on Twitter or contribute content on our website, click here! On top of getting it done, we’re having a blast.…
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Be A Guardian Of Democracy!
Be A #PollWorker
THREAD with info & links to signup in all 50 States.
Here's the #PostcardsforAmerica website link to this:…
& a GoogleDoc:…
Share! We need 👀 at the Polls!
Wonder what the difference is between Poll Worker & Poll Watcher?
#PollWorker Nonpartisan,Paid
(Clerks, Judges, Inspectors, Checker, Precinct Worker)
#PollWatcher Partisan,Volunteer
(Observers, Monitors, Challengers)
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
Be a #PollWorker or #PollWatcher
And, if you think you're too young to Be A Guardian of Democracy, check out the ages for these states.
Be A #PollWorker
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Welcome to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 10/27/19.

This is where you'll find all the votes and quotes from our PA House members as well as @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey.
#MoCTrack 1/24
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey The awesome folks at @538Politics help us assess the extent to which our MoCs vote along with the Trump Administration agenda. We track that index in each week’s #MoCTrack Report.

#MoCTrack 2/24
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey @538politics This week, the House voted on the #ShieldAct, a measure that provides election security from foreign interference AND incorporates legislation introduced by #PA06’s @RepHoulahan and #PA17’s @RepConorLamb.

#MoCTrack 3/24…
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My interview with ⁦@jennycohn1⁩ on ⁦@DemCastUSA⁩. (TY #DemCast@DemWrite⁩!)

What’s it about?

1. How former lawyer, Jenny Cohn became an Election Security Advocate

2. Georgia’s Corrupted Electronic Elections (How + Why)

3. Solutions!…
1. Jenny Cohn: Election Security Advocate Extraordinaire! How a former lawyer and stay-at-home mom became one of America’s top election security advocates - and how she single-handedly proved:

“Georgia is the epicenter of America’s corrupted electronic elections.”
2. Jenny Cohn: A tenacious, fact-finding bloodhound! “At settlements I loved being the most factually prepared.”

‘We the People’ are incredibly fortunate to have @jennycohn1, discovery bloodhound and Democracy Warrior truth-hunting for US!
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1/8 #Disinformation & #Misinformation can come in many forms.

One of them is #cherrypicking, where only certain pieces of information are chosen to sell your argument.

Sometimes this presentation is done purely for sensationalism.

Take this Dan Scavino post Trump re-tweeted:
2/8 Seizing upon this shocking potential revelation, numerous news outlets are broadcasting it as if it were a lock, a definite thing, but if you look more closely at the articles themselves, it turns out to be anything but.
3/8 The numbers come from Moody's Analytics, a poll alla re swift to note has been accurate for 40 years... except in 2016.

That's a very recent & sizable blunder, & though they insist taking into account surprise turnout patterns resolves the issue, it leaves room for doubt.
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So many are wondering how we get OTHERS to take of our central problem: our POTUS* run amok.

Can we get the ICC involved? The Hague? The Pope? The UN, EU, NATO, SOMEONE, ANYONE to stop him committing war crimes by proxy....

When it's always been up to us.


@moved2italy @B52Malmet @lfkraus @TheLoyalO @TrinityResists @ImmaBlueDot @axidentaliberal @dEMMAcratic @GaladrielResist @CaptainResists Ways to STOP THE MADNESS:

1) Call your Senators and Representative---> Not kidding

Put pressure on them for impeachment, for censure, for reversing course in Syria. Everything.

Senate ☎️(202) 224-3121
Rep ☎️(202) 225-3121
@moved2italy @B52Malmet @lfkraus @TheLoyalO @TrinityResists @ImmaBlueDot @axidentaliberal @dEMMAcratic @GaladrielResist @CaptainResists 2) Visit Senate and Representative offices in person.

Occupy them. Bring some friends. Take it in turns. Bring snacks. Lotsa water. Make it a "round the clock" sit-in until you get some satisfaction. They work for you and it's about time they started acting like it.
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On the anniversary of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, I'm sharing some video & photos I took that day outside #SCOTUS where thousands gathered to protest.
We lost that day. #KavanaughLied.
He has the seat; for now.
#ReclaimTheCourt #ImpeachKavanaugh
This was @SenJeffMerkley in front of #SCOTUS on the day of the Kavanaugh confirmation where thousands had gather to protest.
Do not forget the Senators who voted for him.
#KavanaughLied #ImpeachKavanaugh
.@SenWarren telling us her 30-day plan in front of #SCOTUS on the day of the Kavanaugh confirmation where thousands had gather to protest. You can hear someone shout "Run for President"
Remember Senators who voted for him
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1/16 It has begun. The GOP is spinning that the sole transcript Trump says he will release is more important than the #WhistleblowerComplaint as a tactic to insist everything should ride on this one supposed piece of evidence.

#ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentParty #UkraineTranscript
2/16 All reports indicate this was a months-long conspiracy Trump and Giuliani were engaged in, subverting & bypassing officials who tried to stop them.

A single call does not BEGIN to give an accurate depiction of the events that lead up to this.…
3/16 And Trump already has a shady history with releasing information.

Forget the obvious like his tax returns, school grades, and secret meetings with Putin.

Actually, a reminder of those secret meetings:
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Saudi first: Trump wants to start a war with Iran when MBS gives the order by @mehdirhasan
On the word of a single, likely compromised, U.S. official, CBS says the Saudi oil attack was approved by Iran's supreme leader.

This story deserves our skepticism.…
I gotta say, this doesn't FEEL smart.

Under Trump arms deal, US smart bombs to be built in Saudi Arabia

We should not hand the Saudis valuable weapons tech given the kingdom's conduct in Yemen and its human rights record.…
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Sinclair Media bought local news stations throughout the US & they're broadcasting their pro-Trump agenda to nearly 40% of US households.

That's why @DemCastUSA has joined @dailykos & @civicaction to ask people to #SwitchOffSinclair! Please RT & sign on!…
@DemCastUSA @dailykos @civicaction Here's the list of Sinclair stations throughout the country. Check out your area so you can figure out which channel(s) NOT to watch.…
The decimation of local media was a major reason that we developed #DemCast in the 1st place. We want to support & amplify honest local reporting. If you are a grassroots content creator and want to share perspectives from your community, consider joining!…
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State #AttorneysGeneral are holding the line for democracy in the courts.

3 attorney general seats are up in #Elections2019:

10 in #Elections2020:

THREAD of current Democratic Candidates for #AG #DemCast
There are 26 Democratic & 24 GOP #AttorneysGeneral.
@DemocraticAGs took cue from red states that regularly sued Obama administration & started challenging Trump administration in court the 1st month he took office
There have been 87 multi-state legal actions since then.

One of the very important court cases being fought by @DemocraticAGs was filed by GOP #AttorneysGeneral and jeopardizes the healthcare for over 130 million Americans. #ProtectOurCare
GOP states who are on lawsuit: TX AL AR AZ FL GA IN* KS LA* MO* NE ND SC SD TN UT* WV*

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With @DemCastUSA launching today, we'd like to introduce the leaders who have stepped up to help bring this vision to reality as members of the #DemCast Board of Directors & Advisory Board.

Please RT & flip through this THREAD. It's a VERY impressive group. /1
#DemCast Board of Directors:

Hassan Ahmad

- Immigration lawyer and advocate.
- Fluent or proficient in 8 languages.
- Former candidate for the VA House.
- Has fought for asylum seekers, families, and businesses seeking prosperity for 16 years.
- Follow: @HMAEsq
@HMAesq #DemCast Board of Directors:

Travis Akers

- Veteran Navy Intelligence Officer
- Activist for veterans issues and gun reform
- Co-founder of Left of Bang, a group of veterans creating sensible solutions to end gun violence.
- Follow: @TravisAkers
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🚨 Announcement 🚨

We’re officially launching #Demcast - a new organization designed to turn the tide in the information war and #WinBlue. If you’re a content creator or a social media activist, we need YOU. Join @DemCastUSA: 🇺🇸
#DemCast will be both a publishing platform for grassroots-produced digital content AND a social media distribution network to ensure that this content gets seen. Fact-driven & entirely people-powered.

Grassroots Media: By the People. For the People.
Because @DemCastUSA has incorporated as a 501(c)4 social-purpose non-profit organization, we will be ENTIRELY people-powered. No ads, no special interest influence. To make this community thrive, we need grassroots support. Please donate today!
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Democrats need to flip 2 of 40 Senate seats in #VAElections2019 to #TakeTheMajority
Virginia will be a bellwether for #Elections2020
(House of Delegates need 2 of 100 seats)
Register by October 15:

#FlipVABlue #TakeTheMajority2019
THREAD of Dem Candidates
All 40 Virginia State Senate Seats are up in #Elections2019
(And all 100 House seats)
Want to add to these 15 Incumbent Democrats & help #TakeTheMajority and #FlipVABlue?
Check out @VADems campaign #TakeTheMajority2019 #Fightfor51…
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It legitimizes the falsehoods

They’re out to get me
It a coup
It’s the Deep State

And if he loses in 2020? Will he refuse to relinquish office because the system is “rigged”?

Democracy stands at the edge of a precipice
Think Barr was simply being loose with his language? Consider-he said


That implies he knew EXACTLY what he was saying

He’s not Matt Whitaker

Combine this with

The memo he sent to Trump undermining the Mueller investigation

Giving life to ANOTHER Trump talking point by prejudging Meuller’s conclusions

And you have a man who apparently decided sycophancy was more important than his principles

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1/ My Personal Thank You to Donald J. Trump...

Human beings are tribal.

We define ourselves relative to our affiliations, our social networks, our tribes.

Our nationality. Our religion. Our ethnicity. Our school. Our political affiliation. Our profession. Our sports teams...
2/ The neighborhood we were born in. The city we were born in. All are tribes of one sort or another.

With our tribal behavior comes certain prejudices, certain judgements that we render against those of a different tribe.

I've had them my whole life. ..
3/ We all have them, to one degree or another, whether or not we admit it to ourselves.

It's in recognition of that fact that I have to personally thank Donald J. Trump for freeing me of those prejudices, those judgements...
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