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I’ve been communicating with a postmaster from the Midwest.

A week ago, he had no concerns about USPS’ ability to handle #VoteByMail volume this fall.

After the Trump/DeJoy sabotage at the agency, he’s not so sure anymore.

Here is what he said verbatim today:
“Sadly, I am growing concerned. Our plant here in [City A] has fallen behind by about 3 days. I am told [City B] plant is doing better, but is also behind. I spent 5 years in [City B], delays NEVER happened there. [Two other cities] are behind as well.
”We are not given that information, but based on tracking parcels for our customers, we can see when parcels arrive at the plant. The only time we aren’t surprised to see that is the second week of December, when all facilities are overwhelmed.
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This 🧵 is about the @DNC's platform vote on cannabis and why I will not back down in my support of legalization even though my Party did not vote in favor of legalization.

#Marijuana #MarijuanaJustice #cannabis #NCpol #CannabisCommunity #Cannabisnews #USpolitics #DNC #DemCast
On July 27, the @DNC voted against an amendment to its official 2020 policy platform. This amendment would've supported the legalization of medicinal & recreational cannabis across the country; however, it was sharply rejected with a sweeping 50-106 vote.
Now that the @DNC Convention is set to begin next week, on August 17, I felt it pertinent to speak out against this vote which I feel is not reflective of many members of the Democratic Party, nor of many candidates who are running on the Democratic ticket this fall. #Cannabis
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Here’s a thread on trump’s executive orders -
I owned an accounting , tax & payroll business for 30 years, so I do have some expertise in these matters. What trump calls “payroll taxes” is the $ used to fund Social Security & Medicare.

Almost all of us have been paying into this fund our entire working lives. It exists to insure that we will have money and medical care when we are too old or disabled to work. When this “tax” gets cut it means there is less money for each of us when we need it.
The payroll tax “holiday” only affects people who are working. It does nothing to help the millions who are unemployed. The $400/wk. in additional federal unemployment benefits is dependent on already struggling states being able to fund 25% of the payments.
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Get to know your state laws on ABBM ballots:

🔹️ who may turn in a 'marked ballot'
🔹️ where the 'marked ballot' can be received
🔹️ how the the 'marked ballot' must be received

Each state is different
#DemCast #DemCastTX…
Alabama is a hard core voter supression state.

🔥 Ala. Code § 17-11-9

No one other than the absentee voter may return their own ballot by mail or hand delivery.

#DemCast #DemCastAL

Alaska Stat. § 15.20.081(a)

A friend, relative or associate may transfer the absentee ballot to the USPS or a private commercial delivery service for delivery to the division of elections.

#DemCast #DemCastAK
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Dear friends and #Resisters. As you might know, I am a #COVID19 survivor. It took 91 days the first round, and 27 the second to get on my feet. Many of my tweets in the next few days will be about the impact on my town (1/x) #NorthCarolina
Due to the poor planning of @unc to account for the fact that having students return to a community in which cases were already rising, @KevinGuskiewicz and other #UNC personnel are endangering the lives of those living here #ChapelHill #Hillsborough #carrboro (2/n)
This is also endangering the lives of our lowest paid workers at the university. @unc4cola , @workersunionunc , including graduate students, black and brown staff members and of course, the housekeepers. (3/n) Listen to staff and students and community
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⭐️News Flash!⭐️


👉First time in History that a Texas Congressional Candidate Lays it on the Line via Social Media!💗

👉Adrienne Bell @AdrBell will discuss the issues facing our 🇺🇸Nation, and #TX14 this Saturday, August 8th 2020, on Twitter.

Follow below👇
✅True Leadership in #TX14.

✅President Obama @BarackObama recognized it.

✅So do we.

👉We will interview Adrienne here on Twitter! Live!

🔖Bookmark the following Tweet to make sure you know where to start.👇
✅👉 You Found the Place!!!

The Twitter Interview of #TX14 Congressional Candidate @AdrBell Adrienne Bell will follow this tweet when it starts.

Please 🔖Bookmark this tweet and return soon to see how it went.

Tweet you soon!

#DemCast #DemCastTX

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Lest we forget. In #TX14, we have a useless KKK denier as our Congressman. But we see him. We need help to rid ourselves of his ilk.

Please consider your support for our future.
Vote @AdrBell for #T14 sake.

"Right matters here", but not that right.
No more misleading COVID statements.

No more Hitler speeches.

No more public displays of racism.

No more broken promises.

No more empty thoughts and prayers.

No more bullshit.

No more.

Rocket Randy, We ARE talking to you.
"It was not my intention to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler."

"I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate," he said.
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@DHS_Wolf @DHSgov First DC, now Portland being Pinochet’ed as a trial balloon.🎈

Bill Barr’s secret army isn’t here to play. They are preparing for 11/4. The GOP will not relinquish power.
@DHS_Wolf @DHSgov Bill Barr and loser Chad’s Gestapo was forced to retreat by naked Athena last night. They may have underestimated American women. Via @DonovanFarley; on our TikTok:
@DHS_Wolf @DHSgov @DonovanFarley And tonight, “Feds stay clear, moms are here!” Via @PDocumentarians

Yup, it’s the women who’ll save America. #GoodTrouble #DemCast
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1/9 I got a small chortle out of this headline, but there's a darker story behind it:

China announces retaliatory sanctions against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

#GeeksResist #OneVoice1 #DemCast…
2/9 You may recall that in June, John Bolton's book was leaked and it was revealed that Donald Trump not only didn't care about human rights in China, but actually SUPPORTED Chinese concentration camps for millions of Uighur Muslims.

Four articles:…
3/9 Trump Says He Avoided Punishing China Over Uighur Camps to Protect Trade Talks

“Well, we were in the middle of a major trade deal,” the president said, supporting an account by his former national security adviser John R. Bolton.

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1/13 COVID-19 is not "going away."

In fact, the more we learn about COVID-19, the worse it is.

A slew of studies are showing the coronavirus damages us & lingers in ways we did not expect.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1 #StayAtHome #WearADamnMask
2/13 Brain damage is a major worry.

Experts have confirmed that Covid-19 can cause neurological complications including stroke, nerve damage, & potentially fatal brain inflammation – even if the patients don’t show severe respiratory symptoms.…
3/13 New studies are also showing that many patients have persistent symptoms as much as 60 days after being declared "over" COVID-19, leading to beliefs it may be a chronic illness.

Persistent Symptoms in Patients After Acute COVID-19…
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Please contact editor of a Georgia news publication from this list… & ask to publish application below for absentee #HandMarkedPaperBallots which any Georgia voter may request for any reason. #DemCast #DemCastGA Image
Most Georgians do not know they can request for any reason absentee #HandMarkedPaperBallots to #VoteByMail in November. @GaSecofState will not send. 2 million Georgians do not have internet access and many counties do not have high speed internet. #DemCast #DemCastGA Image
Please help Swing State Georgia and Georgians and share they may for any reason request absentee #HandMarkedPaperBallots using the application below to #VoteByMail in November. Stop #GAVoterSuppression #GAJune9PrimaryFail #DemCast #DemCastGA #GAPol #FlipTheSenate #Election2020 Image
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1/43 This is a new thread following #TalibanGate / #BountyGate

Put simply, all evidence shows #TrumpKnewAndDidNothing about Russia placing bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan for over a year.

#OneVoiceVets #GeeksResist #DemCast #TRE45ON #TrumpKnew
2/43 This began late Friday, with the NYT report that Russia secretly offered Afghan militants, including the Taliban, bounties to kill U.S. troops, according to Intelligence sources.…
3/43 By Saturday, the story had exploded.

Trump has NEVER supported our troops except as convenient pawns and props, but THIS was treason on a whole new level never before suspected.

#TraitorTrump #TraitorInChief

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Here goes the Kid in an act of shameless self-promotion 😏 but since sharing is caring.. unless we're talking about #COVID19 😷😱 and we are!

On this thread I will post, in order, both the "Emails to Friends & Family" from the #DemCast newsletter
...and also the relative threads I was writing to you, my faithful Twitter followers at the same time. Thanks again to @rena_korb for her fine job of editing. RT if ya want, for me this is just a way to keep it all in one place. 😎🌴
As you can see if you dig into both, dates and content relatively the same if not exactly the same. I hope you all consider yourselves "Friends and Family". 🙂 You are!
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“Don’t boo, vote.” 
In that spirt, here are some resources to check, register, and update your voter's registration!
#ObamaDay @votedotorg

Information on COVID-19 rules, registration, absentee voting, and vote by mail. @RockTheVote

Voting information geared toward empowering "the political power of young people." Useful information for all age groups though 😉.
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1/5 Steven Carrillo ambushed & killed Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, critically injured another deputy, & threw pipe bombs at police June 6th.

He also scrawled extremist mottos "Boog", "I became unreasonable", & "stop the duopoly" in BLOOD on the hood of a car.…
2/5 Carrillo, a former Air Force sergeant, is also linked to a federal officer killing in Oakland & charged with 19 felonies.

"Boog" refers to a growing far right white supremacist "boogaloo" movement to start a civil war based on race.… via @mercnews
3/5 "I became unreasonable" & "stop the duopoly" are common boogaloo mottos, the first based on a quote from Marvin Heemeyer, an anti-government extremist who bulldozed 13 buildings in Granby, Colorado, called "Killdozer" by extremists.…
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1/ Truth and reconciliation are sequential. This is something that white people must come to grips with, too many white folks are inclined to want to just skip over the uncomfortable truth part to get to reconciliation.

#DemCast #DemCastAZ #OneVoice1 #BlackLivesMattter
2/ That's not how it works. It is why we have these recurring cycles of violence going back generations, because white people can and do opt out of really wanting to know.
3/ Until something happens where they can't, but even then instead of confronting the uncomfortable truth of our shared past they choose to opt out by making it about themselves, and thus we have "All Lives Matter" intended to invalidate the lived experiences of black people.
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1/19 Medical experts agree that a major requirement to contain the coronavirus pandemic is inceased testing & contact tracing.

The Trump regime is not only doing the exact opposite of that, it's actively hindering that effort.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1 #WhereAreTheTests
2/19 Early on in March, while the numbers in some countries were under-reported due to them being overwhelmed, U.S. intelligence accused China of intentionally under-reporting its total coronavirus cases and deaths.

What country would do such a thing?…
3/19 It turns out we would.

Even as we accused China of doing so, the coronavirus was spreading through U.S. military overseas, and the Pentagon ordered installations to stop reporting coronavirus cases.…
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There are ~320 million people in the US.

Every day, we consume ~320 million X 3 meals.

Many meals USED be at restaurants, schools, sporting events, food carts, etc.

Even if these venues are closed, people STILL NEED THOSE MEALS.

How can farmers have "EXCESS" food? #DemCast
Farmers have been dumping tons and tons of food and milk, plowing crops under, even as America goes hungry. Even while thousands line up for hours--and even overnight--for a box of groceries at one of the nation's thousands of food banks.

Why not donate?…
The main reason? It's not worth their while, financially, to do so. Sure, there're questions of storage and logistics, but it basically comes down to the fact that the food being plowed under--ordinarily destined for restaurants and cafeterias, etc., who would've paid for it--
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I live in a state that has all mail voting. And, guys?

We LOVE it.

Colorado has proven that mail-in voting is, not only extremely safe and effective, but well liked and popular too!
#DemCast #DemCastCO @TheDemCoalition

Thread 1/
I have a confession to start off with:

Until I saw the fiasco in Wisconsin (where the GOP forced people to choose between risking everyone's safety or not voting), I didn't realize just how hard it is for most people to vote.

Because here... it's EASY.
@JenaGriswold @GovofCO
In Colorado, you are automatically registered to vote when you get a state driver's license, or you may register online or in person.

All registered voters receive a mail-in ballot unless they choose to opt out.
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My sister has been badly sick with #COVIDー19 symptoms for almost 4 weeks. She’s “presumptive positive” because there aren’t enough tests.

I began displaying symptoms yesterday. Waiting to find out if I “qualify for testing”, because there aren’t enough tests. #WhereAreTheTests
I should have been tested weeks ago after known contact with an infected person (my sister).

But the #COVIDIOT was scared of how a pandemic would hurt his image, so he squandered our lead, refused WHO tests, and called it all a hoax.

So there aren’t enough tests.
I have compromised lungs.

I have a compromised immune system.

So, it’s possible that these symptoms are just “Thursday” for me.

It’s possible I have the garden variety bronchitis I get most years around this time.

If there were tests, I could know for sure. #MyCovidStory
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Ohio Governor and Secretary of State were successful in cancelling today’s #OhioPrimary mere hours before in-person voting was to start. Here’s what you can do. <thread>
#DemCast #DemCastOH
Get an absentee ballot application.
Yes... you have to fill out an application before you can get an absentee ballot.
You will need to have printer.
Does your grandma have a printer?
Download and print from…
Then mail it to your county Board of Elections.
Side note: They don’t have the authority to reset the election, so they don’t have the authority to extend absentee voting either. But... let’s just go with it.
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Every single person needs to read this:

1/. I work for a small restaurant in Denver. When news broke this morning about the closures, everyone began to cry. We shook with fear.

How will bills get paid? What about rent? What if I have to afford having this virus? #DemCast
2/. These were not tears of selfishness. This was not whiny anger at cancelled plans. This wasn't any of those things that people keep accusing restaurants of in trying to remain open here.

This was sheer terror and panic, because we live with no social safety programs.
3/. In this country, the impact of these closures is just as great as the contagion impact of #coronavirus.

Thousands of people lost their job today. More thousands will as the week goes on. And NO ONE is trying to lessen that impact.
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40 Republicans voted NO on the #FamiliesFirst #coronavirus relief bill.

17 of them have lone challengers ready to take them on in November. We at #DemCast have compiled that list for you.

🚨 Please share this thread and follow/support the Democratic challengers listed!
(Note - we are only listing races in which either there is an established Democratic nominee or there is only a single declared Democratic candidate.)
TEXAS has a lot of Republicans who voted NO on #FamiliesFirst.

Chip Roy in #TX21 voted NO.
His opponent: Wendy Davis @WendyDavis.

Randy Weber in #TX14 voted NO.
His opponent: Adrienne Bell @AdrBell

Louie Gohmert in #TX01 voted NO.
His opponent: Hank Gilbert @Hank4Texas
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