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#EnoughIsEnough #TrickleDown
don't be fooled by #TuftonSt "think tanks" - it's all an effort to concentrate power & wealth in the hands of the 1% and there's real world evidence:
Tax cuts for the rich…
#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich JRM's father is the root of all evil in the pursuit of where we are today with tory policies: this is the place to start to understand!…
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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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Man kann noch so oft die Hauptschuldigen der Heutigen Krisen nennen
Spekulanten mit ihrern #FCKSPEKULATIONEN
Reiche mit ihrer ungebremsten Gier
Oder der Wirtschaft hörige Politiker
Es ändert nichts
INFLATION und ARBEITSLOSIGKEIT wird die Karten neu mischen
Und dann werden auch in Deutschland unvorstellbare Bewegungen entstehen
Sieht Politik das nicht?
Wollen es gewisse Herren wie #Lindner und #Merz und all die anderen reichen Säcke nicht sehen, was da auf uns zu rollt
Sind die BLIND?
Oder denken Sie
REICHTUM schützt immer

Auch die #Klimakatastrophe und die Weltweiten massiven Veränderungen sind ein Player, den man vor einigen Hahrzehnten noch nicht auf dem Schirm hatte

Die Welt verändert sich in einer Atemberaubenden Geschwindigkeit
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Do you know who the rich are?

I spent a lot of time at university resenting my classmates and even friends for not having to work and being able to do afford unpaid internships.

It took ten years for me to learn that they're not even close to being rich.


The rich see a £250K a year job as "chickenfeed".

If you don't need it, babes, give it back.


The rich don't earn their money, they hide it -- in assets, in companies, and offshore.

They then pass these assets, companies, offshore accounts on to their children.

Spoiler: Follow the money and you'll find it came from enslaving people.


#TaxTheRich #ReparationsNow
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Waikato Hospital ED apologises after stroke victim claims 6-hour wait - NZ Herald -… via @nzherald
...#Emergency departments are the place you go when the GP is too full to see you, or you lack the $, or when you can no longer manage at home alone, or when the rest home can no longer manage your care, or when the police bring you in, or when you are poor, vulnerable, abused,..
...are depressed or suicidal, are dying, in pain, or you don't you just don't know where else to turn.
It's an amazing privilege to work in such a place, but if society doesn't address health needs in the community, your EDs become saturated, and unable to provide timely care.
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Miau. @RicardoBSalinas no sabe hacer cuentas de impuestos a pagar, su cálculo está equivocado.

Seguramente por eso le debe al SAT (y a toda la nación) 40 mil millones de pesos.🤡

Lo que él debe al SAT equivale a los impuestos que pagarían en un año 4.2 millones de trabajadores Image
... que ganan los 10 mil pesos al mes que él menciona.

De igual forma, su deuda al SAT es tan alta, que un trabajador que gana los 10 mil pesos que menciona, tendría que trabajar 350 mil años para llegar a acumular SÓLO LO QUE EL MULTIMILLONARIO LE DEBE AL SAT.
¿Por qué permitimos que los multimillonarios dejen de pagar los impuestos que les corresponden, aunque esto sea un delito? ¿Por qué aunque pagan muy pocos impuestos, quieren pagar menos?

Les explicamos algunas cosas sobre estos temas de impuestos y Salinas Pliego:
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Frieren für die Freiheit? Global ist gerade eher Hungern für die Milliardäre angesagt. Heute ist @Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz beim #Weltwirtschaftsforum #WEF in #Davos – dem Lobbytreffen derjenigen, die sich an globaler #Ungleichheit ne goldene Nase verdienen. Ein paar Zahlen: 1/6 Globale Lebensmittelpreise 2020-2022: +64,3%  Vermögenszuwa
Die weltweiten #Lebensmittelpreise sind 2021 um 33,6% gestiegen. Für 2022 wird Anstieg um weitere 23% erwartet. Die Milliardärinnen & #Milliardäre, die ihr Vermögen hauptsächlich mit Lebensmitteln machen, sind in den letzten zwei Jahren um 383 Milliarden USD reicher geworden. 2/6
Das ist ein krasser Vermögenszuwachs von 45 Prozent bei diesen Superreichen, während wir in eine #Ernährungskrise schlittern, klagt @Oxfam in ihrem neuen Bericht. Krisen sorgen halt für Goldgräberstimmung bei denen, die vom Leid anderer profitieren. 3/6
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Yes governments are supposed to end poverty, so people should hold them accountable.

Well, sounds right, but which people?

The ones stuck in a consumerist loop getting overworked just to pay bills, taxes & for universal rights like education & healthcare?

Those who are either
spending hours rushing to work, or trapped in endless work hours under the illusion of flexible work hours as they work from home?

Those who are burning out & aren't able to fill that void in the absence of a personal life & fulfillment by buying things they don't need only to
end up working extra hours to pay for all that, & ending up even more dissatisfied?

Those who are rationing everything from hanging out with friends, family time & recreation, hence failing to find fulfilment in them because they are stuck in a race where they work for a better
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When 26 ultra rich hold as much money as 3.8 billion poorest in the world,

When the few enjoy too much at the expense of the many struggling for basics,

That is exploitation.

Billionaires don't do everything from procuring raw material to finishing the product to managing
operations single handedly. Even a single statement they make is checked by entire marketing & PR teams.

Unlike salaried class they can pick up massive loans on assets as collateral. They get subsidies on power, resources which small businesses don't.

Every massive corporation
is built on the collapse of thousands of small-scale ventures.

They foster corruption in governments in developed as well as third world countries, to make them sell out resources of the people.

Nothing wrong with the rich enjoying excess, but it is when it comes at the cost
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In Britain & America, increasingly deregulated free-market capitalism has now had FOUR DECADES to solve the problems of affordable housing, secure work, grotesque inequality of wealth & opportunity, divisive populism, & climate change. The truth is, it's made them all MUCH worse. ImageImageImageImage
There is compelling evidence to show that the global network of right-Libertarian free-traders who gave us Brexit & have taken over our country & Govt, want to remove ALL remaining barriers to profit, such as worker, consumer, & environmental protections.

The incomes of 99% of the world’s population REDUCED from March 2020 to October 2021, while the TEN richest individuals on earth had been collectively growing wealthier by £1BILLION/day, with their collective wealth now being more than £1TRILLION! 🧐… Image
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Societies with a larger gap between rich and poor are bad for EVERYONE - including the well-off

A society’s well-being is not determined by its overall wealth but by the equality of the population

💰 💰 💰

#Inequality a 🧵
@ProfKEPickett @ProfRGWilkinson ‘Spirit Level’ showed across 11 different health and social areas that outcomes are significantly worse in more unequal rich countries
Whilst global inequality was falling - mainly due to China’s 🇨🇳 rise ⬆️ Inequality is expected to have increased due to covid

Globally the richest 1% of people own 46% of all wealth

8 men own the same wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people

👨 👨 👨 👨 👨 👨 👨 👨 = 🌍
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Miau. Vimos los cientos de comentarios que causó el tema del impuesto a las herencias y el fallecimiento del también heredero Alberto Bailleres.

Para responderlos publicamos el siguiente blog ( con nuestros colegas de @Pajaropolitico.
Tiene tanto texto que no llenamos con más info aquí😬, vean las imágenes, lean el blog, escuchen el podcast y compartan y apoyen!
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Miau. Salinas Pliego está muy activo con su campaña a "favor de la desigualdad" y diciendo que "está en nosotros buscar salir adelante".

¿Salinas Pliego "se hizo a sí mismo"? ¿A qué debe su riqueza? ¿Talento y trabajo duro?

¡Claro que no! Van los 5 puntos que lo muestran:
1- Ricardo Salinas Pliego es heredero de familia millonaria:

En 1906, el bisabuelo de Ricardo Salinas Pliego, llamado Benjamín Ricardo Salinas Westrup, fundó junto con Joel Rocha la empresa Salinas y Rocha, que se basaba en vender endeudando a consumidores.
Además, el abuelo de Ricardo, Hugo Salinas, creó en 1950 la tienda Elektra.


¡Por eso proponemos impuestos a las herencias!
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Our soja at the gate is a 40-ish something year old. That or life has/hasn't been so kind to him. I've barely ever seen him. In fact, I've never seen him outside his tiny hut at the gate.

He's always veiled up in his Maasai shuka. It's criminally chilly in Nanyuki at night.
One day I came back from town and the Boda guy wanted more than it usually costs. I'm quite averse to sending money on Mpesa to strangers these days and I had exact cash (had to eat smokie pasua on my way home).

Nduthi guy thought I wanted to steal his 50 Bob (extra)
So I asked soja if he had 50 on him. He handed it to me. I went upstairs and came back with 100 Bob. That's a 100% ROI. He got surprised. It hit me that he'd just given me the 50 Bob without expecting me to pay it back. He probably thought I genuinely had no cash. I felt touched.
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NEW: Wage inequality continued to soar in 2020. Wages for the top 0.1% skyrocketed 389% since 1979, while wages for the bottom 90% grew just 28%.

Learn more:…
Over the past four decades, wages for the bottom 90% have been redistributed upwards.

The top 1.0% earned 13.8% of all wages in 2020.

The bottom 90% received just 60.2% of all wages in 2020, the lowest share since data began in 1937.
Let's be clear: skyrocketing wage growth for the top is a policy choice. And it starts with the erosion of collective bargaining.

Workers need Congress to pass the PRO Act to eliminate the barriers to organize a union and increase worker power.… Image
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Senator Bernard Sanders is very much alive — and so is the progressive movement.

All the publicity stunts in the world won’t stop us from coming to tax you.
Elon has all this time to taunt a sitting US Senator on twitter. But sure, I’m guess he’s rich because he ‘just works harder’ than everyone else. 🙄

Elon is worth $318 billion— becoming $294 billion richer since the pandemic started.

@elonmusk - your very public tantrums only give us more proof for why we need to tax the ultra wealthy.

Billionaires shouldn’t only have to pay taxes when they “feel like it.”
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I appreciate @CityAttyPeteH & his team's work to find more effective ways to increase public safety & reduce prosecution & incarceration. The "lock 'em up" model doesn't work well for any of us.

Vote Nicole Thomas-Kennedy on Nov 2 to continue this work.…
More than 200 attorneys have signed a letter of support for Thomas-Kennedy, urging voters to pay more attention to the civil-law side of the city attorney’s office.
@Summer_Stinson, executive director of the Economic Opportunity Institute, a progressive Seattle think tank, is among the signers. She worries Davison would not as enthusiastically defend laws such as the recently approved “Jump Start” payroll tax on larger businesses.
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"But it’s not just foreigners who are moving money to the “little tax haven on the prairie”: High-net-worth Americans also are shifting billions to South Dakota... shortchanging federal and home state tax collectors in the process."

"With the 1983 law, South Dakota became the first state to allow trusts to exist free of state income tax forever...

Perpetual trusts — rare before the 1980s — have now become a standard tool in the high-end estate planning kit."

"Soon, other states — often encouraged by high-end estate planners — started to pass statutes that facilitated additional creative tax avoidance strategies."

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The #PandoraPapers make it clear that tax evasion is a systemic issue, which means govts need to act. Here are 5 things we should demand from the Canadian govt. THREAD 🧵
👉 Increase funding for the CRA to investigate international tax schemes.
Since the #PanamaPapers were revealed 5 yrs ago, the CRA hasn't charged a single person. It needs more resources & we need to ensure that @JustinTrudeau increases funding by $2.5bn over 4 yrs as promised.
👉 Introduce a public registry of beneficial ownership, promised in the last budget.
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The Guardian's #PandoraPapers 'revelations' aren't revelations at all, they're part of how tax avoidance is enabled, i.e. creating an appearance of outrage to assuage genuine outrage, & tacitly suggest there'll be consequences. See thread for periodic airing of the same story...
Let’s focus on a fraction of the last 10 years of ‘reporting’ in The Guardian alone, which peppers its latest coverage of this long-known practice with adjectives like ‘exposes’ & ‘secret’ & ‘revelation’ – its none of that. They’ve known all along this is happening, as do we…
2011 – We’ll begin with a useful explanation of what a tax ‘haven’ actually is (the clue is in the word ‘haven’):…
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A tale of two headlines.

What’s mentioned in the second headline (people) doesn’t even come up in the first story.

So what’s driving the demand that is pushing up housing prices?

#ableg #yyc #yycre #yycbiz
Article sources:

The #yycre market remains hot!…

But probably not because people are moving here?…

So what is driving up the demand and prices?

Without knowing exactly who is buying homes, we can’t be certain…
“A pair of [2020] reports say Canada is undergoing a "K-shaped recovery," with working-class Canadians going deeper into debt while those at the top prosper.”

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I am OUT. THIS IS STUPID! Biden is a disaster! Americans have died, are trapped and most likely will die, border is being invaded by who knows who and nobody seems to care, gas and groceries costs through roof, people being forced to make to many one the most important decisions
of their life under ridiculous pressure of losing all that they have worked for over "science" that is VERY DEBATABLE, BUT it is not...for what? I ask you for what? To prove you're better, you're smarter, you deserve more than you actually work for to achieve..
See how THAT works out for you!
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🧵 Very important election in November #Pennsylvania 11/2

We must show up VOTE & support our local/state Dems for School Boards, Judges & Row Offices


Help by following, amplifying & $ if you can

@ConOHanlon is running for #Doylestown Township Tax Collector

Connor's chair @DoylestownDems and is ready to serve

We MUST support young Dems who have stepped up to run! He needs to buy signs please donate couple 💵 if you can


Colleen Mullin is running for Doylestown Township Supervisor

Colleen currently on Ways and Means Committee & can hit the ground running

Visit ⤵️

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