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This was the GOP star witness, Melissa Carone.

Giuliani rolled her out to testify with great fanfare.

OMG I’m screaming!!!!!! 🤣

It’s like watching the Republicans with special x-ray vision where we can see them for what they really are.

Thankfully, most of ‘Merica had the good sense to vote for Biden cos phew!

What a 💩 show Trump 2.0 would have been!

Even though Biden will be in the White House in January 2010:

👉 The transition will not be a complete success without the #GASen!

👉 GA: Register by 12/7/20!
Georgia, here are your tools for the #GASen runoff!

✅ This is our last chance to unite and make a big difference, not just for Biden Harris, but for the entire country.

✅ America needs relief.

✅ We can’t do it without you, Georgia!

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Republicans claim to be Christians and serve God, yet they put Trump before all of their so-called beliefs and God Himself.
This is a fundamental flaw that reverberates throughout everything Republicans do.

They are supposed to serve the public.

Instead they serve at the pleasure of Trump & themselves.

This is why we must stay focused.

We must win #GASen via Warnock x Ossoff.

Here are some great tools for Georgia voters for the #GASen 💪

We can do it! 🥳😎

December 7th is the last day to register.

January 5, 2021 is getting down to business day where we do the thang and VOTE! 👊

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Now that I know Donald Trump is leaving the White House soon, every day feels like a beautiful musical.

“Excuse me if I sing
My heart has found its wings
Searchin’ high and low
And now at last I know”

— Al Jarreau

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will take the mantle.

We can enjoy the victory now. The fruits of our labor...

But we can’t turn away from politics.

Those days of ignorant bliss are gone.

Our democracy needs regular nurturing and care.

We have so much work to do.

Let’s work together to take control of the Senate from Mitch McConnell’s cold, monstrous hands.

👉 It’s time to move this country forward.

👉 We can do this with Warnock and Ossoff. 👊

GA residents:

✅ Register by December 7, 2020.

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I started posting facts & truths about @realDonaldTrump the day he came down the escalator.

Went to DC for the Women's March.

Sat in airports for the @ACLU making sure people's rights weren't violated during the Muslim Ban.

That is how 2017 started.
Now we are at the end.
This girl was the first person I saw when I got off the escalator in DC. So fierce. So determined.

You can find my #WomensMarch photos and others at my Instagram.
I found @ParadiseResists part of @IndivisibleTeam & started working on opposing attacks on the vulnerable.

Our founder was a pistol.
She did not make it.
Died of cancer end of last year.
She won't see him voted out.
But she saw us make change.

Minister Stretch is next to her.
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I want you to recall that feeling of going to bed in disbelief on Nov 8, 2016 & then waking up Nov 9, 2016 with that sick feeling in your gut.

Now ask yourselves what you would’ve done differently those days Before 11/8/2016—

What are you doing now?

Remember your worst days of outrage as Trump & his enablers obliterated rule of law & decimated our democracy the past 4 years.

The hashtags #VoteBlue & #VoteThemOut are literally life or death for you & anyone you care about.

What would’ve you done those days before 11/8/2016?
Yesterday, I phonebanked for PA & FL.
This morning for TX & this afternoon for MI.
Tomorrow for NC.

I Hate talking on the phone—but this election is too important.

3 links to sign up to phonebank



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Keep going, Texas (& everywhere else in the country). Trump knows he can’t win this election without cheating, so he’s doing everything he can to discount your vote. So show up no matter what. With enough numbers he can’t succeed. #DemocracyLives #YourVoteMatters #VoteBlue
For those not reading @AlexMohajer’s thread - “The green areas include Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, & the RGV. It’s all the places where we want high turnout. KEEP GOING.” But we still need YOUR vote to retake America. 🙏 #VoteBlue #NoMatterWhat #ShowUpAndVote
“I need everyone looking at this to understand that THIS is why the TX GOP is asking a federal judge to throw out 100K ballots in Harris County. The Texas GOP believes they are about to lose this state narrowly to Democrats who have turned out in numbers they did not expect.”
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No doubt this is bullshit, and spurned on by Trump himself, egging his superfans on to suppress the vote. But that doesn't make these people the typical Trump voters who are all, "I know he's a successful businessman because he played one on a reality TV show!"
In these coming days it is important to distinguish the radicals from the merely uneducated. The uneducated are the reason why Trump can say he has a health care plan in two weeks twenty-seven times over four years. Because most of his supporters might hear it once by chance.
They're the reason why he can say he built part of his wall when he's built none. They're why he can say he hasn't shared his taxes because he's being audited, when he's not. They don't know he's signaling to White Supremacy groups or taking away their pre-existing coverage.
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A revisiting of some notable moments from #Trump's four years as President of the United States of America...

Retweet and vote.

JAN 21, 2017 - WH Press Sec Sean Spicer claims Trump's inauguration to be the "largest audience ever" for such an event.

Presented with contrary evidence Kellyanne Conway said Spicer was offering "alternative facts"

Lying and crowd size become common refrains of Trump's tenure. Overhead photos of Trump 2017 inauguration on left and Obama
FEB 28, 2017 - Trump halts all DOJ investigations of nationwide police forces for indications of brutality or systemic racism.

Police procedures would later be at the center of the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.…
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Polling analysis' are tightening, but holding for Biden
The election could be close (nightmare scenario) or could be a landslide for Biden
PLEASE hand deliver your mail-in ballots BEFORE 11/3
It's not just @ winning, it's about winning in a way Trump can't challenge
2-"President Donald Trump still has a path to a second term. But it would take a polling debacle that would make 2016 look like a banner year. According to a series of battleground state polls conducted and released in the week following the last Trump-Biden debate,
3-" the president’s chances of winning a second term now require winning states where he still trails with only days to go until voting concludes. In most of the core swing states, Joe Biden has maintained a stable — though not overwhelming — lead over Trump in polls
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We hit 9 million #COVID19 cases yesterday
And more than 229K deaths (that we know of..)
And Pence is SO essential ..
But hasn't been seen at a WH C/V task force mtg in more than a month
Go figure
2-"When Vice President Mike Pence first took charge of the White House’s coronavirus task force, among his earliest moves was establishing a standing call with all 50 governors aimed at closely coordinating the nation’s pandemic fight.
3-"Yet as the U.S. confronts its biggest Covid-19 surge to date, Pence hasn’t attended one of those meetings in over a month. Pence – who has been touting the Trump administration’s response effort on the campaign trail for weeks – is not expected to be on the line again Friday,
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This morning Trump cancelled his plans to attend his victory party at TIH
Per WaPo he's also now openly musing about losing
Threatening to State officials for voter fraud & leave the Country
Imagine if he left ..
#VoteBlue #VoteHimOut #VoteEarlyInPerson…
2-"Trailing in the polls and with little time left to change the trajectory or closing themes of the presidential race, President Trump has spent the final days of the campaign complaining that the coronavirus crisis is getting too much coverage — and openly musing about losing.
3-"Trump has publicly lamented about what a loss would mean, spoken longingly of riding off into the sunset and made unsubstantiated claims that voter fraud could cost him the election.
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So Stephen Miller's hard at work with 2nd Term plans:
Salivating over limiting asylum grants
Punishing & outlawing sanctuary cities
Expanding the travel ban with tougher screening for visa applicants
Slapping new limits on work visas
END him!
2-"President Donald Trump's senior adviser Stephen Miller has fleshed out plans to rev up Trump’s restrictive immigration agenda if he wins re-election next week, offering a stark contrast to the platform of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
3-"In a 30-minute phone interview Thursday with NBC News, Miller outlined four major priorities: limiting asylum grants, punishing and outlawing so-called sanctuary cities, expanding the so-called travel ban with tougher screening for visa applicants
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Morning thoughts after the #Debates2020 We have been living in the midst of evil for 4 years. For all of us with tender hearts this has felt intolerable. /1
2/ Last night Donald trump has an opportunity to express empathy for the families of 220,000 dead Americans - many of whom died alone. He was not able to do so
3/ Last night trump was offered an opportunity to express compassion for the children he ripped from parents arms to sleep alone on concrete. He could not offer a single shred of care
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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America #PostcardsforAmerica
Elected Officials;All levels. In-depth Actions & Addresses
FB Postcarding Group…
*Has #GOTV #VoteByMail & 50 States Dem Candidates
Check it out!
All Democratic Candidates for ALL 50 STATES #Congress2020, Govs, AGs, SoS
Postcards & Links to Support!…
Ready-made Tweets & Posts for each Candidate here…
ALL 50 states ALL Info you NEED #VoteByMail
Alternate ways to Request & Return #AbsenteeBallot
LINKS to apply #AbsenteeVoting…
Medium article:
FB Album; Postcards for each State…
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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America
Contacting Elected Officials; All levels
*Focused until Nov 3rd on #Elections2020*
#GOTV postcard opps here:…
FB Group Postcarding…
#PostcardsforAmerica Image
Check it out!
ALL Democratic Candidates for ALL 50 STATES #Congress2020, Govs, AGs, SoS
Postcards & Links to Support!…
Ready-made Tweets & Posts for each Candidate here…
FB:… Image
36 states have ballot drop boxes
THREAD #DropBox locations
States allow #AbsenteeBallot delivery to Election Office
Find here…
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There's a House district here in Oregon that the Republicans have been desperate to flip for years. This year, they're getting really close to making that happen!! 😬

Here's why it's close, and why we can't let them win. #VoteBlue // thread
Our Congressman in #OR04 is Peter DeFazio. He became the Chair of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee when we flipped the House in 2018.

He has 100% scores from the Human Rights Campaign & Planned Parenthood & a 97% rating from the League of Conservation Voters.
Our congressional district is the only competitive one in the state. We're the district in green on the bottom left. (By the way, #Portland is split between the yellow and dark red districts at the top left. This will be important later.)
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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America
Contacting Elected Officials; All levels
*Focused until Nov 3rd on #Elections2020*
#GOTV postcard opps here:…
FB Group Postcarding…
Check it out!
All Democratic Candidates for ALL 50 STATES #Congress2020, Govs, AGs, SoS
Postcards & Links to Support!…
Ready-made Tweets & Posts for each Candidate here…
Make sure to fill out the #AbsenteeBallot correctly so you are not rejected and make sure #YourVoteCounts
No #NakedBallots
Here's a 50 STATE mega-Thread with detailed (usually video) instructions on how to fill out YOUR #VoteByMail ballot.
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Arkansas Democratic Congressional Candidates
@RickyForSenate vs Tom Cotton
@ElectJoyce vs French Hill
@CelesteforAR vs Steve Womack
@WilliamHansonAR vs Bruce Westerman

THREAD #PostcardsforAmerica
Democratic Candidates 50 States:…
Please ditch Tom Cotton & help #FlipTheSenate?
Cotton didn't show up for the Debate, but Ricky did and here's video of his closing words:
Ricky Harrington
AR1 NO Democratic Candidate
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We need to #FlipTheSenate #Elections2020 Boy do we.
There are 23 GOP Senators up #Senate2020
#AK #AR #AZ #CO #GA(x2) #IA #ID #KS #KY #LA #ME #MS #MT #NC #NE #OK #SC #SD #TN #TX #WV #WY
*as Oct 13
THREAD with Info & Links for each Democratic Candidate
#PostcardsforAmerica Image
Hey #ALASKA! Help #FlipTheSenate!
There is a Independent Democratic Challenger
running against Dan Sullivan!
&, seriously, watch this video
Bye to Martha McSally in 2020?
Special Election! VOTE Nov 3, 2020
#Senate2020 #AZ
Mark Kelly
Donate Here:…
Merch here:
All States #23GOP
#FlipTheSenate Image
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Make sure to fill out the #AbsenteeBallot correctly!
No #NakedBallots (thx @sarahsilverman @MarkRuffalo @chrisrock @amyschumer @joshgad @TiffanyHaddish et al; NAKED video)
Here's a 50 STATE mega-Thread with detailed instructions on how to fill out YOUR #VoteByMail ballot
Here's an overall Video Instruction on #VoteByMail

NOTE: More #AbsenteeBallots means more time for election officials to carefully process & count. Voters should not expect results election night. A delay just means counters are being careful.
ALABAMA Video on How to Vote & Return #AbsenteeBallot

3 envelopes
1 plain (secrecy envelope),
1 with affidavit/oath on the outside,
1 plain pre-addressed envelope, (outer envelope)
Check "physically incapacitated" box “ for #COVID-19 concerns
#VoteBlue Image
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💥 BREAKING TERRORIST INFORMATION: Nessel: Other groups across America planning terrorism, more arrests are expected.
#VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare… via @detroitnews
“There remains a number of individuals, a number of groups that are out there and that continue to plan attacks of domestic terrorism, not just in Michigan but in a multi-jurisdictional fashion across many states,” Nessel told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday.
“This is not just a Michigan problem. This is now an American problem."

The governor has been kept informed of the potential threat for a couple months, Nessel said, and authorities at times moved Whitmer and her family as a result of activities investigators learned of.
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That corrupt racist’s #CovidTheater stunt this weekend was meant to make you forget that he:

1) paid $750 in federal taxes
2) refuses to denounce Nazis
3) torpedoed a debate because he’s accomplished NOTHING in 4 years & he fears @JoeBiden

4) held a super-spreader event that has infected 20+ people last count just so he could fill the Supreme Court seat of a GREAT woman who was a lifelong civil servant with a chick who wants to take away YOUR healthcare and every woman’s right to body autonomy.
5) is inept.

6) has a wife who said she doesn’t give a F*CK about christmas OR the kids in cages at the border who the press wouldn’t talk to her about leading to her wearing a jacket that DECLARED she really didn’t give a F*CK about the kids either.
7) went to a debate with symptoms.

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Here are four recent news stories that show just how desperate Trump is, how terrified he is, how certain he is that he will lose.

These stories don't mean what you think they mean. I'll get back to that. Don't listen to the spin. It means we're winning.

The first is a story you've all heard, how the Trump Reich is screwing with the Post Office in an attempt to 1) slow delivery of ballots, and 2) question the legitimacy of vote-by-mail. You all knew this. Keep it in mind.

The second story: The Trump Reich, with the cooperation of the entire Fascist Party, is recruiting an army of
"poll watchers"--thugs, really--whose purpose is to intimidate voters and feloniously interfere directly with attempts to vote.

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