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As Mother Nature rains havoc upon us today #OTD in 1857 was The Fort Tejon Earthquake. It was the last time "The Big One" occurred on the central-southern San Andreas Fault with a M7.9 rupturing from Parkfield to couple dozen miles (or so) northwest of The Cajon Pass.
The earthquake would have continued rupturing southeast towards Imperial County, but the 1812 event, commonly known as The Wrightwood Earthquake, occurred, which "stopped" and "prevented" The San Andreas Fault from further rupturing.
The 1857 event is known as The Fort Tejon Earthquake, because that is where the most notable destruction occurred in sparsely populated Southern California.
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology SCOTUS SAYS NO ABORTION 6/24/22
All Planned
Moon sets up chaos throughout the day- peaks tonight
Violent Mars🟥Pluto will ramp up into July 4 during the #SatanicNewMoon 6/27 - 7/2
W/ Saturn🟥Uranus waxing and NO HOPE FOR THE WEARY, this builds into 2023
+1 Image
The promise made on the June 15 #SuperFullMoon by pro-abortion support group #JanesRevenge spoke of "increasing drastic measures" that might not be "so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti."
📢This happens tonight!…
This may be the pivotal moment that sends what's left of our country into the planned chaos we all know is coming. The timing and configuration is just to perfect to be discounted as coincidence. #PriestKingsInControl
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We're looking back on all the Los Angeles history, preservation and offbeat lore we blogged in 2021. It's been a wild ride, and we couldn't have done it without you! What does 2022 hold? Count on us to get the scoop and fight for places that matter!
When City Hall decided to screw the Los Angeles Conservancy and shut off all public comment on the Chili Bowl landmark hearing (they sued!), we helped fans of the offbeat 1930s diner petition Mike Bonin to help history and not just rich developers.
After a band of brazen thieves stole priceless bronze streetlamps from the Glendale Hyperion Bridge, we got the skinny from witnesses while managing NOT to get electrocuted.
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There was a big shindig at the Barclay today, celebrating a new direction for the oldest continuously operated hotel in LA. Healthy Housing Foundation thinks SRO #DTLA hotels should be affordable housing, not boutiques. We do, too!
We were giddy to see this new addition to the Barclay's lobby furniture: a chess set, in honor of Raymond Chandler's detective Philip Marlowe, who found a man with an ice pick in his neck, upstairs in room 332, in "The Little Sister." One day we'll sit and play a game.
How else to welcome a Victorian residency hotel back into service than with Christmas songs from a troupe of time travelers? Beneath the "VN" stained glass window bearing first owner Isaac Newton Van Nuys' seahorse crest, they warbled sweetly.
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People dancing, cheering and honking their cars in downtown LA just outside of the @latimes building. #bidenharis2020
They chant “Lock him up”
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Asian Americans being unapologetically Asian American in America is my favorite mode in the face of all the xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment of 2020.

We mobilize. We vote. We say fuck you in ways our parents could not when faced with hate. #AAPI
18 to 29-year-old #AAPI voters cast 84,000 early votes in 2016.

So far this year, young Asian American voters have cast 330,000 early ballots. An almost 400% increase! 🙌🏼

Let’s keep it up. Text a friend!…
“...polls show that Indian Americans are turning decisively to the left, alienated by the @GOP’s divisive rhetoric toward immigrants and minority groups.

72% of registered Indian American voters plan to support Biden, compared with 22% for Trump.” #AAPI…
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#cometNEOWISE, viewed from @Angeles_NF this morning. Image
Was hoping my fast 10” f/3.9 Newtonian would pull out more faint detail in the tail, but it was swamped by pre-dawn light. #cometNEOWISE is getting very close to the sun now. Hope this thing lights up on its way out next week. I’ll go wide field next time. 🔭💫
Was treated to this spectacular pre-dawn view of #DTLA and the LA basin on my way back down Angeles Crest Image
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The cop raised his weapon shouting, “Forty millimeter up! Curfew! YOU WILL BE FIRED UPON.” A .40 is the standard caliber bullet used by the Los Angeles police; it was specially designed for human kill.… #FloydGeorge #FloydGeorgeProtests #BlackLivesMatter
This was the day LA was scheduled to open up, with folks allowed back in the streets. They certainly filled the streets; and now their masks had a second purpose: to screw up police surveillance.… #FloydProtests #DTLA #DTLAProtests #BlackLivesMatter
Officers in Los Angeles "have also fired 40-millimeter rounds with rubber texture in the protests. Those rounds are less lethal than regular bullets, according to LAPD Public Information Director Josh Rubenstein."…
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What sounds like 100 police cars have raced past me toward Pershing Square #dtla in the last 15 minutes. They go by in huge waves. Windows rattle every time. Helicopters. Stay safe out there friends, these forces are heading your way.
The protesters are now throwing firecrackers at the riot cops in front of the Whole Foods. Yikes.
Almost 2 hours later, and the sirens just keep on coming. I didn’t even know there were this many cops in Los Angeles.
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Documentarian @remixmanifesto continues his run of outstanding short documentaries on the perils of the Internet of Things for @CBC. Last week, it was his short film on climate change and machine learning.…

Now he's back with a smart, riveting 8 minutes on how smart doorbells and predictive policing reinforces gentrification, basically creating a mesh of fully automated karens that call the cops on anyone who "looks wrong."

Gaylor tells his story on LA's Skid Row, a no-man's-land where, for decades, homeless people were herded into and left alone with little support -- but also with little official attempts to remove them.

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FREE @johnlegend concert tonight at @unionstationla! Just announced!

Doors open at 4pm concert is at 7:30pm. So far NO ONE is in line! Get down here now to get front row. Hey @chrissyteigen, are you on your way?! ImageImage
Here’s a peek at the set up for @johnlegend’s FREE concert at Union Station! Still no one in line... 😱🎄🎅🏽
First 500 people get in — so there is a limit!! They will get to hear his Christmas Album. Again — it’s FREE! Image
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(1/3) Check out this great #CaseworkSpotlight, courtesy of my casework team!

Marcel from #DTLA was worried he would have to leave the project he was leading at work because his Optional Practical Training was set to expire. Image
(2/3) My office reached out to @USCIS on his behalf to expedite his EAD card application.

Thankfully, his request was approved and he was able to continue designing and building 3D-printed super cars.
(3/3) If you need help with a federal agency, my #CA34 office is here to help!

Call my #LA office at (213) 481-1425 or visit the casework section on my website:… Image
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(1/3) #CaseworkSpotlight

Outstanding job to my casework team!

Shamir from #DTLA couldn't work for several months because he needed a work permit. During this time, his dog needed emergency surgery, leaving him in serious debt.

Shamir needed help to get a work permit quickly. Image
(2/3) My casework team in #CA34 reached out to USCIS and submitted an expedited request for Shamir’s work permit.

He received his work permit one month later and is ready to work!

I’m also very happy to report that Tug is happy and healthy! Image
(3/3) If you need help with a federal agency, my office is here to help!

Call my #CA34 office at (213) 481-1425 or visit the casework section on my website:… Image
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(1/3) Check out this #CaseworkSpotlight thread. BIG shout out to my casework team in #CA34!

#DTLA resident Aslihon contacted my office because she wanted to know why her mother Muradiye – who she hasn’t seen in 7 years – was ruled ineligible for a nonimmigrant visitor visa. Image
(2/3) My office got more information for Aslihon so Muradiye could be better prepared for her next interview with the Consulate General in Istanbul.

Muradiye passed her interview, was granted a visa, and was able to come to the United States and spend the holidays with Aslihon! Image
(3/3) If you need help with a federal agency, my office is here to help! Call my #CA34 office at (213) 481-1425 or visit the casework section on my website:… Image
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LAPD NE OFFICER Requesting backup... #pursuit
Eagle Rock @ York
Wrong side of the road Ave 42 @ York
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🔥 THREAD ⚠️ Spread the word. 👏👏👏
Massive #WoolseyFire Began On Contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Close to Site of Partial Meltdown
Statement by Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles (@PSRLA)
#SimiValley #SSFL
🚨 Electric Substation at #SSFL Tripped 2 Minutes Before Fire Reported
The tremendously destructive #WoolseyFire has been widely reported as beginning “near” Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL or Rocketdyne), but it appears that the fire began on the #Rocketdyne property itself.
"Cal Fire identifies the fire location as E Street and Alfa Road, a location that is in fact on Santa Susana Field Laboratory." -@PSRLA
#CalFire #SSFL #SimiValley #WoolseyFire
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Two weeks ago new @latimes owner @drpatsoonshiong said he will move the newsroom to El Segundo.

The next day I led an off-the-cuff @Twitter tour of the historic #DTLA HQ being left behind. More than 650,000 people followed along.

Here it is, in one post…
Reposting the material to my personal blog allows me to better archive the material. And clean up the many typos I littered on the tour via my smartphone keyboard.

I continue to be blown away by the response. I did not expect anyone to care when I started.
Since then I've continued to document as much of the @latimes building as I can before we go.

This thread catalogs the eccentric fixtures, knobs, lights and buttons around the building.
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The new @latimes owner is moving the newsroom from its historic HQ to El Segundo.

I've been lucky enough to inhabit and explore the interlocking buildings at 1st and Spring for over a decade.

I'd like to share it with you. It's a beautiful day in #DTLA. Shall we take a wander?
The buildings wer constructed and built by the Chandler Family.

The different sections of the block have different cornerstones set by succeeding generations.
The lobby at 2nd and Spring with it's beautiful fixtures, including -30-, the traditional newspaper code for a story's end, hung over the exit.
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