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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology JANUARY MALICE
January 2021 - Mars is on the warpath
✅Enters Taurus Jan 7 - pops 7x ending 31st🟥Sun
✅New Moon 5 day cycle starts 11th- peaks 13/14 w/ Sun conjunct Pluto & Uranus Direct
✅🌒 pops 6X Jan 21
The month of January is still under the direct influence of the #JupiterSaturnConjunction
#CV19 will not recede until the #FinancialReset is complete.
✅January may peak "window of oppty/reset" discussed at #Davos
money - values - sudden - force - violence - mobs - gov
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Saturn rules lockdowns - restrictions
Jupiter rules expansion - largescale
#JupiterSaturnConjunction = many people locked down
The effects of this alignment have been felt all year
As Dec 21 approaches, its coming to a head
Clue for backside reveal below
Astrologically, these rare alignments are oppty for good or evil ambitions. What concerns me most is the elephant in the room, the malice of the exact #MarsPlutoSquare
and subsequent Mars entering Taurus, popping off with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, in that order.
The graph above describes the best possible timing to change the economy and force #KlausSchwab's #GreatReset
✅They got us with #CV19
They control
🚨Now all they need to do is #FinancialReset in January.
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🛡️#T3 - #T3OccultAstrology
An Event Like No Other
Welcome to the #AgeOfAquarius
#WinterSolstice December 21 2020 we will witness an astrological event that if the Illuminati have their way, the objectives they accomplish will alter the trajectory of mankind on planet earth.
You've heard by now the words uttered by Klaus Schwab of #Davos "#TheGreatReset"
⚠️Well, T3 has isolated the timing☑️
The global elite introduced #CV19 to accelerate the onset of an astrological alignment coming up. Everything they talk about here👇is written in the stars.
Let me unpack this for you. In the chart below, drawn for 12-21-2020 @ 1:20pm EST Washington DC shows the exact time that a rare Jupiter/Saturn align will take place. Inherently, it isn't all that bad, but if the forces of darkness use it against us, look out world.
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology JOE BIDEN
Ruthless power struggles with family/partners. Jealousy, manipulation, bullying, sexual abuse and domestic violence is involved.
☑️Biden family is a victim of his abusive behavior
☑️Biden has an unhealthy attraction to children
☑️Biden LOSS 2020
Ive never seen Joe Bidens birth chart before today. I am not familiar w/his private life. I only know what I have seen/read in the news. This Astro-investigation positively supports the conspiracy theories behind his behavior but also sheds light on his family values
In Joe's natal chart I focused on the most prominent personal aspect which is his Moon square to Pluto - squared to Mars.
This represents the dark areas of human nature such as bigotry, bullying, fear, domestic and sexual violence, all forms of addiction and sexual problems.
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