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Jul 29 8 tweets 13 min read
#SatanicNewMoon 7-28-22
#CommonwealthGames opening #ritual depicted worship of the #ApisBull This is extremely important because the #PriestKings are advertising their control of the masses. #AgeOfTaurus

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Let me explain.
The #PriestKings bloodline date back to antiquity. This sun worshiping pharaonic cult hails from the era of the bull (Taurus) which predated Christianity by 4k+ yrs. This is the era in which God created Adam.
Below is their vassal Bull General #KlausSchwab @WEF
Jul 27 19 tweets 16 min read
🌙#T3OccultAstrology NEW MOON JULY 28 2022
Duration: July 26/31
#KeyVibration of this #PriestKings #NewMoon is a synergistic expression of forced transformation: extremity, brutality, #tyranny, #rebellion, violence, death, energy, #BigMoney - resulting in sudden losses.
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The #StateOfTheNation is a global concern.
Looking back at planetary alignments during the US #CivilWar, this July #NewMoon is very similar.
As life becomes increasingly difficult globally via tyrannical government entities, I think it prudent to exercise survival tactics. ImageImageImageImage
Jul 22 9 tweets 7 min read
#BerkshireHathaway and #Blackstone have BILLIONS IN CASH to buy knowing the crash is near. These predatious inside traders are telling us in their own way what's about to happen. But when?
Let me explain.
zerohedge.com/markets/blacks… +2
On 3/9/22 #JoeBack created Executive Order #EO14067 - Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets -
Jul 21 4 tweets 3 min read
🛡️#T3OccultAstrology JOE BACK COVID+
12:51pm EDT Moon🔴Transiting Mars on House 6 (health) cusp opposition Natal Mars at 12d♏️House 12 cusp(slide 1)
Moon🔴Uranus/N Node (fate/health) 7/22 @ 1:19am (slide 2) Unexpected bad news still to come.
All this opposes House 12 cluster
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There's a lot going on here with the fast moving Moon transiting over this very malefic hotspot. All related to death and health. Thing is, after the moon leaves, Mars, Uranus, NN will still be active on a deeper level as they oppose all natal♏️H12(1) planets in H6(2).
Jul 21 4 tweets 3 min read
I know people so deeply connected to this movement. The longer it takes manifest the more depressed they become. Its very sad to see fellow humans suffer at the hands of grifters. The Nazis really knew what they were doing.
Earth Alliance psyop is promoted by the same acct below. +2
Its always "about to happen".
Jul 21 5 tweets 5 min read
Ok, so we know Putin is a #DovosBoy and that the US #RomanCult et al are included in the #DavosAgenda under #BuildBackBetter. Does this mean Putin and Davos et al are fighting non-Davos National elite factions that endeavor to retain US Constitution?
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If so then why are all Davos nations lined up against RU in the war against UA? Or is this just a faced? Of course it is. Thanks to @FedorovMykhailo we know UA will rebuild w/Bs💰 granted from key Davos Nations to become a New Jerusalem so to speak.
Jul 12 6 tweets 4 min read
Only 33 Nations Score Under 90%
China, Russia, USA have the worst scores at 43.2, 53.9, 58.7 respectively.
#SriLanka, the #BuildBackBetter prototype, is in the top 16 highest scoring on the ESG scale at 98.1
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#LiberalWorldOrder #NWO #DavosAgenda
Here's your ESG score breakdown by country.
worldeconomics.com/Indicator-Data… ImageImage
Jul 9 8 tweets 6 min read
Ray Dalio is betting Billions on FED's typical (planned) overcorrection (stagflation/recession). Of which the resulting effect will see a 40% chance of a US Civil War leading to WW3.
I say Davos already fired 1st shot w/ CV19
Ray won't tell you he knows all this because he's part of the agenda and most of his customers are the conspirators. Ray has access to and has participated in government protected financial war game theory models.
He know what's coming. Image
Jun 25 8 tweets 4 min read
🛡️#T3Perspective KARMA IN THE USA
Blavatsky and Steiner spoke to the coming #NWO as far back as the 19th century. They warned that it would consist of dark occultists using high tech.
Over the yrs w/ social programming these #PriestKings have developed a narcissistic society.
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They created a feel good at all cost, #BraveNewWorld, hedonistic brand of humanity completely void of or w/ a false Christ consciousness - people who know not themselves.
The US has become a boiling kettle of bad karma as we continue to support the deeds of satanic government.
Jun 25 4 tweets 2 min read
🛡️#T3 - Q ALERT
OMFG! You've got to be kidding me. I hope this is a joke.
Back in the day I used to lay into the pathetic #QAnon community pretty hard.

Send Q to me and I'll sweep the floor with him🤣
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Jun 24 40 tweets 18 min read
🛡️#T3OccultAstrology SCOTUS SAYS NO ABORTION 6/24/22
All Planned
Moon sets up chaos throughout the day- peaks tonight
Violent Mars🟥Pluto will ramp up into July 4 during the #SatanicNewMoon 6/27 - 7/2
W/ Saturn🟥Uranus waxing and NO HOPE FOR THE WEARY, this builds into 2023
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The promise made on the June 15 #SuperFullMoon by pro-abortion support group #JanesRevenge spoke of "increasing drastic measures" that might not be "so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti."
📢This happens tonight!
Jun 13 15 tweets 8 min read
Starts 6/12 - Peak 6/14 - End 6-17
The #Priestkings started this cycle off w/ a financial depression sequence on 6/11 when their spiteful #ScorpionMoon opposed the position of Venus🔴Uranus in monetary Taurus.
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Here's my thread describing the projected and subsequent effects on global markets and monetary policy of their Scorpion Moon in Opposition to the Venus🔴Uranus position in Monetary Taurus on June 11.
Jun 12 35 tweets 18 min read
At this very moment Venus is conjunct Uranus while the Scorpion Moon is in direct opposition to their position in Taurus.
This is a tumultuous moment indictive of a sudden reversal in monetary policy effecting the public at large. A decision has been made. ImageImage +2
The effects of this decision will be played out into the coming Full Moon cycle which starts tomorrow and ends Friday the 17th. This cycle peaks on #FlagDay June 14.
May 26 5 tweets 2 min read
The UN, WHO, CDC, FDA etc already use the WTO to force countries to adopt food growing standards set by @FAOWHOCodex that require insecticide, herbicide, GMO, hormone and other damaging human health practices lest they wont benefit from WTO export guarantees and safeguards. +2
May 25 17 tweets 7 min read
🛡️#T3 - TEXAS MASSACRE MAY 24, 2022
In an IG convo just before the incident, Ramos tells a female: before 11am Im going to tell you a secret.
"Ima air out" Urban Dictionary: to bust a cap or send bullets thru a house or cars windows, thus clearing all humans out of the space"
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Police: "first reports came in at about 11:30 a.m., calling it a “mass casualty incident.”
He literally "aired out" starting around 11am with the first kill, his grandmother, then moved to the school.
May 24 6 tweets 6 min read
🛡️#T3OccultAstrology DAVOS 2022
May 22 - 26
If you look at the timing of this chart, there's no denying the position of the malign Moon/Saturn🔴Descendant was their focus.
It's just too perfect.
Davos has declared war on the people.
Meetings Begin: 12pm
Meetings End: 12pm
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#MonkeyPox was delivered to the MSM during the #FullBloodMoon #LunarEclipse to ritualize their continued effort to sanction humanity.
Lets take a look at the astrology for 5/15/22 of the #VirusWarGames played out on 2021 consisting of a perfect opposition of Moon/Uranus.
May 23 11 tweets 6 min read
Pfizer CEO admits "THEY" sold him on #mRNA even though it never produced one product.
World governments would follow suit.
100% experimental gene therapy with no history.
FOIA docs reveal crimes against humanity. +2
Here's your @pfizer board members who make all the decisions.
Apr 30 8 tweets 6 min read
Only the profane, as ignorant as they are, buy into this shit. The fact is, Bill and Klaus are the low hanging fruit scapegoats promoting the will of the #PriestKings
This how you know Jones is nothing but controlled opposition. He's assisting them.
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Let's tale a look at #KlausSchwab
Judging by this picture I'd say he was a member of the sun worshiping pharaonic secret society that dates back to the era of the bull (Taurus) which predated Christianity by 4k+ yrs. This is the era in which God created Adam. ImageImage