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3 Jul
While social media is overrun by the fallacy of covid, covert groups conspire against Americans in broad daylight. #AlbertPike spoke to the role of Islam in the #WW3 scenario.
🚨Currently: Police standoff w/ Islam in MA
The group above call themselves #MoorishAmericanArms
In a FB conversation a group called The Active Moorish Americans discuss how to create their own government (#sharia) within the US. You can read parts of the conversation here. #T3PoliticalIslam
Its important to understand that every organization is competing w/ likeminded orgs; eg - #Hitler banned #freemasons so they wouldnt have a chance to compete w/ him. There are also factions w/i Islam that practice same. Thing is, they all have the same goal, conquest!
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9 Apr
A recent discovery in Egypt has revealed the 3k+ yo Lost City of Aten, founded by one of the greatest rulers of Egypt, Amenhotep III, 9th king of the 18th dynasty who co-ruled w/ his son, #Akhenaten.
They've made much headway since then.
Excavation reveals a mud seal w/ inscriptions that read: “gm pa Aton” Translated: “The domain of the dazzling Aten”, which is the name of a temple built by alleged creator of monotheism of which Islam, Judaism and Christianity were born, Priest King #Akhenaten, at #Karnak
Call me crazy but I get a sneaking suspicion that King Solomon's Temple is just a rendition of Gem-pa-Aten which was among the first temples created by Akhenaten, to worship the sun disk Aten.
Are you getting the #Masonic connection here?
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12 Mar
🔔#T3PermaThread - RONA VACATION
This thread will spotlight important events in the #ronavacation saga in perpetuity.
First and foremost, lets hear what Sky News Australia has to say about their findings regarding the corruption of the World Health Organization and their role in the amplification of the #Plandemic
#RonaVacation is the mechanism used to capture society into a totally new system of control. The DNA alteration (mRNA) gives them legal precedence over you, just like Monsanto over GMO seeds. The #BirthCertificate system is now replaced by #GMOhumanity
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5 Mar
Papal Caesar visits Iraq/Mesopotamia/Babylon
March 5 thru 8, 2021
I will chronicle events here.
First things first!
Bergoglio attending #Masonic Temple Ceremony
March 5th 2021 ImageImageImageImage
Here's the full live feed from arrival to Masonic Temple Ceremony
#PapalCaesar visits Our Lady of Salvation Syro-Catholic Cathedral for #MasonicCeremony - March 5th, 2021
▶️See pictures above for #Masonic and #Kabbalistic symbolism identified during this ceremony.
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20 Jan
In November 2017 I joined twitter with the sole intent to expose Trump and Q for what they were. 100% fiction.

How it started How it ended
Now that it's over you can hear them question themselves, don's devoted followers. It was right there in front of them the whole time.
Below: don's mentor #RoyCohn
What would cause a person to forgo their moral values and venerate such a man? #QAnon
Below: don with kids hanging out with "uncle Jeff", family friend of 30+ yrs
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20 Jan
This is a great thread highlighting #QAnon response to don's huge fail to follow through with the Q program. According to the BIG Q accts, Biden has always been on Team Q. The saga continues.
What does that hand signal mean, Q?
According to #QAnon Trump would be safe on AF1 as he called #InsurrectionAct
He'll be landing in FLA any minute now.
They said don was the most pro #LGBT #POTUS in history. He just screwed them big time with his last minute policy changes.
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18 Jan
Monsanto won in court the right to sue farmers whos fields were inadvertently infested w/ their patented GMO seeds. #RonaVacation contains patented mRNA, you are converted to GMO = THEY OWN US under US Patent Laws
This is #TheGreatReset
"None of the plaintiffs are customers of Monsanto and none have licensing agreements w/ them. The group argued that they do not want Monsanto’s GMOs and want legal protection in case of inadvertent contact with the company’s products."
Monsanto’s GMO seeds are designed to withstand the company’s own ubiquitous herbicide, Roundup.🤔

Let that sink in👆
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7 Jan
Jake Angeli is a hard core #QAnon co-conspirator who broke into the halls of congress, took some selfies, posed for pictures with other thugs, and accomplished nothing.
1+ ImageImage
Ashli Babbitt was a hard core #QAnon co-conspirator who broke into the halls of congress, got shot in the neck by police and when the ambulance arrived was pronounced DOA. ImageImage
Both of these people, staunch Trump/Q advocates, closely followed Trump attorney #LinWood - recently suspended from twitter. Lin Wood has disavowed the actions of both Jake and Ashli claiming only antifa/BLM thugs could have acted in this manner - storming the capital. ImageImage
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6 Jan
Exclusive: 9/11-Style Threat to Attack DC Broadcast During U.S. Flight Ahead of Trump Rally
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5 Jan
In her latest release she spills the beans on the #Davos plans. She took the words right out of my mouth as a matter of fact. So how is she controlled?
In a nutshell.....
Fitts knows the ins/outs of the corrupt system - US Gov tethered to Wall Street - due to her experience as an investment banker & HUD manager under HW Bush. At some point she was approached by the hierarchy and given an ultimatum lest she suffer malice.
Rule #1 - Cannot name names:
✅During this interview Fitts will call out names like Bill Gates, Trump, the usual suspects. She uses "they" to describe the seed perpetrators. When asked who "they" are she says "Mr Globalist is my nickname for the committee that runs the world"
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4 Jan
🛡️#T3OccultAstrology JANUARY MALICE
January 2021 - Mars is on the warpath
✅Enters Taurus Jan 7 - pops 7x ending 31st🟥Sun
✅New Moon 5 day cycle starts 11th- peaks 13/14 w/ Sun conjunct Pluto & Uranus Direct
✅🌒 pops 6X Jan 21
The month of January is still under the direct influence of the #JupiterSaturnConjunction
#CV19 will not recede until the #FinancialReset is complete.
✅January may peak "window of oppty/reset" discussed at #Davos
money - values - sudden - force - violence - mobs - gov
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2 Jan
Jan 1st 2020 - 117th Congress
In lockstep w/ #WEF, #NancyPelosi announced changes to the House rules that will honor all gender identities. New US House rules for Congress require use of gender neutral language.
The United States is currently operating under the direction of an international elite group whos intent is to destroy the USA from within and impose a socialist technocratic system of control.
"Because microaggressions are often communicated through language, it is very important to pay attention to how we talk, especially in the workplace and other social institutions like classrooms, courtrooms, and so on," ~ Christine Mallinson
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18 Dec 20
Saturn rules lockdowns - restrictions
Jupiter rules expansion - largescale
#JupiterSaturnConjunction = many people locked down
The effects of this alignment have been felt all year
As Dec 21 approaches, its coming to a head
Clue for backside reveal below
Astrologically, these rare alignments are oppty for good or evil ambitions. What concerns me most is the elephant in the room, the malice of the exact #MarsPlutoSquare
and subsequent Mars entering Taurus, popping off with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, in that order.
The graph above describes the best possible timing to change the economy and force #KlausSchwab's #GreatReset
✅They got us with #CV19
They control
🚨Now all they need to do is #FinancialReset in January.
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11 Dec 20
The @wef has just announced their 2.0 plan, Council For Inclusive Capitalism #CIC, partnered w/ #Vatican, w/ Lynn de Rothschild at the wheel. This is a socio-economic plan to socialize the global family under a one world system.
The following are emerging hashtags/buzzwords used by the global elite. I'll list them here for quick reference.
Council for Inclusive Capitalism: #CIC
Guardians for Inclusive Capitalism: #GIC #CICGuardians
Environmental, Social, Governance, practices in business: #ESG
This #CIC group of businesses, investors and other groups represent $2.1T in market cap and 200M employees. The #CICGuardians (#GIC) have announced pledges toward environmental and sustainable-business goals that fit into the #ESG movement, with Francis’ blessing.
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10 Dec 20
Global elites announce a partnership between their Big Corps and Big Religion under the guise of saving humanity.
#CIC Council for Inclusive Capitalism is #WEF 2.0
#UNAgenda21 #UNAgenda2030
#Bergoglio met w/ #CIC members at the #Vatican for the 1st time in 2019.
With the new partnership, the 27 leading members, called “guardians” will continue to meet annually w/ @Pontifex & @CardinalTurkson
Guardians, aye?
🚨BREAKING: Following #CIC guidelines, the #EUCO just announced it's agreement to follow #KlausSchwab into the 4th industrial revolution. The EU is well under the spell of the #CICGuardians
#NextGenerationEU #Davos #WEF
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7 Dec 20
GA Gov voted yes in 2019 on #HB316 awarding $107 million contract to a company that employed a top GA Governor Brian Kemp advisor, #JaredThomas, as a lobbyist.
Lets follow the trail, shall we?🤔
Dominion lobbyists have also included Republicans, namely Jared Thomas, a former campaign manager and elections staffer for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp when he served as secretary of state, overseeing elections.
GA Senate - #ElenaParent discussing problems with electronic voting systems and why not to vote yes on #HB316 - March 2019
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5 Dec 20
Trump's DOJ turns against #RadRight, pro-Trump #ProudBoys
A message from #KyleChapman - founder of the Proud Boys street fighting spin-off group known as the Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights (FOAK) endorsed by Proud Boys' founder Gavin McInnes.
1/4 ImageImage
Who are the Proud Boys?
Let's hear from founder, #GavinMcInnes
Who are the Proud Boys?
Let's hear from Proud Boys International Chairman #EnriqueTarrio
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18 Nov 20
Start here👇
There's no doubt in my mind that this plan has been in the making for some time now. But at what point did it become clear that 2030 would be end of game? I believe it was the result of Sri Lanka's Tsunami and subsequent World Bank bailout of 2004.
Sri Lanka lost 250+K lives. The United Nations and US POTUS Bill Clinton stepped in to implement a plan overseen by World Bank to solve the problems they faced. The #BuildBackBetter slogan was created.
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15 Nov 20
Actor #ArmieHammer great grandson of Soviet #communist #ArmandHammer, is a Russian spy in #Hollywood reporting to #RedMafiya who control a large portion of NorCal- tied to #ArmenianMafia. #JuliusHammer founded the #CommunistParty in New York.
1/5 ImageImageImageImage
Armie's first leading role in film was his portrayal of evangelist #BillyGraham (known #MKUltra Satanic change agent) in Billy: The Early Years, October 2008.
Then lead actor in underage homo predator smut Call Me By Your Name en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_Me_b… ImageImage
Other people tied to Russian / Armenian Mafia: #Kardashian #KanyeWest #Cher #LadyGaga bbc.com/news/magazine-…
and #BlackNobility #Pallavicini family which includes Italian Imam Yaha Sergio Yahe. kaiciid.org/dialogue-knowl… ImageImageImage
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22 Oct 20
🛡️#T3 - #T3OccultAstrology
An Event Like No Other
Welcome to the #AgeOfAquarius
#WinterSolstice December 21 2020 we will witness an astrological event that if the Illuminati have their way, the objectives they accomplish will alter the trajectory of mankind on planet earth.
You've heard by now the words uttered by Klaus Schwab of #Davos "#TheGreatReset"
⚠️Well, T3 has isolated the timing☑️
The global elite introduced #CV19 to accelerate the onset of an astrological alignment coming up. Everything they talk about here👇is written in the stars.
Let me unpack this for you. In the chart below, drawn for 12-21-2020 @ 1:20pm EST Washington DC shows the exact time that a rare Jupiter/Saturn align will take place. Inherently, it isn't all that bad, but if the forces of darkness use it against us, look out world.
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21 Oct 20
🛡️#T3OccultAstrology JOE BIDEN
Ruthless power struggles with family/partners. Jealousy, manipulation, bullying, sexual abuse and domestic violence is involved.
☑️Biden family is a victim of his abusive behavior
☑️Biden has an unhealthy attraction to children
☑️Biden LOSS 2020
Ive never seen Joe Bidens birth chart before today. I am not familiar w/his private life. I only know what I have seen/read in the news. This Astro-investigation positively supports the conspiracy theories behind his behavior but also sheds light on his family values
In Joe's natal chart I focused on the most prominent personal aspect which is his Moon square to Pluto - squared to Mars.
This represents the dark areas of human nature such as bigotry, bullying, fear, domestic and sexual violence, all forms of addiction and sexual problems.
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