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#favicons are #SVG with #XML payloads easily injected by malicious programs. #KHTML has been around for a very long time and this methodology of obfuscation has been in development since #NetscapeNavigator
whats a #favicon?
😉😄😆😅😌🥰😀😅😌🥰 lol dunno, sry bruh
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@dorkingbeauty1⁩ this is the CA included when PS gets run in admin. wipe, install, no internet
If you wanna come say hi!
It makes sense now when I did get it to boot in 64 bit mode, it couldn’t find [uint8].… because #js doesnt support it?…
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Let's talk about Git.⚡

Git is the only thing that's it's common in our field. 99% of developers use it.

So you should learn it. At least the basics. And use it. On all your projects.

Let's start the thread.🧵

#100DaysOfCode #git #github #javascript #CodeNewbie #js What is Git? Let's learn th...
⭐ What is Git?

Git is a version-control system for tracking changes.

This allows you to save different versions of your projects and come back to them when necessary.

This also allows you to work in a team in a much better, organized way. ⬇
⭐ First steps.

On your project, your first command should be:

git init

This will initialize a new repository, this repository is a hidden folder called .git that tracks the changes made to files in your project and builds a history over time. ⬇
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Como me esta costando encontrar gente para este rol, voy a contar una historia de #XMEN.
cc @genoshans #trabajoar
TL;DR > #JS que quieras experimentar con el futuro de la web.
En los capitulos 4x01 y 4x02 de #xmenanmiated hay una serie de viajeros del tiempo que vuelven para evitar la muerte de #ProfX.
Estos viajeros son #Bishop y #Shard que son hermanos. Ambos se encuentran con otros personajes de XMEN en la travesia y los ayudan a ver el futuro y corregir el curso de la historia.
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Alexei Shirov vs Georg Meier

Latest from @Agadmator's YouTube channel

#Spoilers ahead

@MagnusCarlsen @AlexeiShirov @GMGeorgMeier
16 move miniature. Georg Meier has been a Grandmaster for 13 years. How is this possible?

(1) check his cycles

Georg Meier (August 26, 1987-)…

Cycle on Dec 20, 2020: 8 + 26 + 2020 + 1 = 3 yr (the oops year), and the latter, testy half.
Cycle cont'd

8-2 mth -- 2 has poorest concentration

1-9 day -- 9 can be losses, endings

- - - - -

Other factors needed --> names

Georg = 2-x-7 -- poor concentration (2) and a super sensitive combo

Meier = 1-x-5 --the 1 narrows the focus, 5 can be too quick for its own good
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توی پروژه ای الان چند وقتی هست مشغلوشیم بکند کارمونو یکی از بچه ها نوشته و بسیار خشن هرچی دم دستش بوده رو گذاشته توی جیسون و میفرسته سمت #فرانت من و توجیح جالبی هم براش میارن که معماری mvc توی برنامه نویسی قدیمی شده و دیگه هرچی توی بکه توی فرانتم باید باشه :) گذشت تا اینکه دیشب/۱
دیدم جیسونی که برای ادمین میفرسته ۹۹۰۶۴ تا کارکتر داره (مدارکش موجوده) و با اینکه میدونید #مانگو چقدر کنده (توی پیدا کرد از چندتا کالکشنو...) این ریکوست رسیدنش به من ۷ ثانیه طول میکشید دیگه تصمیم گرفتم خودم برای بکش یه کش بنویسم و با استفاده از #redis یه میدل ویر گذاشتم وسط هر/۲
روت که دیتا رو اگر توی دیتابیس ردیس نباشه به مدت یک ساعت کش کنه و از اونجایی که ردیس کی ولوعه سرعتمو رو ۷ برار بیشتر کرد که عالی شد که البته دفعه اولی که یوزر لاگین میکنه حدودا همون ۶ ثانیه بالاخره باید صبر کنه 😕،اما مسئله بعدی ای که هست اینه که وقتی دیتا کش میشه موقتا دسترسی/۳
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Serbian foreign policy can be described in one sentence: “WRITE IT IN GOLD, STAMP IT WITH SHIT.” (When you work hard on something for a long time, and then you ruin everything in the end) @RudyGiuliani @avucic @sns_srbija @georgesoros @HillaryClinton @EagleHillsUAE @BG_Waterfront
Serbian foreign policy can be described in one sentence: “WRITE IT IN GOLD, STAMP IT WITH SHIT.” 1.proof @RudyGiuliani @avucic @sns_srbija @georgesoros @HillaryClinton #BeogradNaVodi #BGH2O @EagleHillsUAE @BG_Waterfront…
Serbian foreign policy can be described in one sentence: “WRITE IT IN GOLD, STAMP IT WITH SHIT.” 1.proof @RudyGiuliani @avucic @sns_srbija @georgesoros @HillaryClinton #BeogradNaVodi #BGH2O @EagleHillsUAE @BG_Waterfront…
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Cool #JS algorithm problem that came up in my #WebAlmanac code:

You have an array of unordered DOM nodes. You want to put them in a JSON object that follows their relative containment relationships:

[{element: Node, inside: [{element, inside: […]}, …]}, …]

How do you do it?
Will post my solution tomorrow (unless someone else posts the same one)!
Clarifications: the array with the "inside" key is the descendants of the element on the object it's on, not the ancestors. I.e. obj.inside[0] is a descendant of obj.element.
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#Ember.js #Emberjs

"Until routable components are introduced somewhere in Ember ?, it is impossible to pass a closure action from a route. For now, you can only pass closure actions from a controller and on to child components."…
Is that true? In this case, if the action in the route controls the redirection, I need to create that login inside the component? #Ember.js #Emberjs #JS #javascript

I ask this because a consultant suggest to use closure actions to control redirect in components.
I don't want to use controller in Ember. But they cited the example of use a component as Modal in child forms to create the a new father without leave the child form.

In that case the component can be called from the father or child template.
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I don't understand yet the closure actions. I need to pass a route action to the component via template without controller.

The idea is pass a different action for each router.

Help me. #Ember.js #EmberJS #javascript #js ...
Nice article, but don't helped me, the article using controllers:…

I need to work with routes. The example:
The route have "redirectTo" action, the component call de action based in current route(From template). How to do that?
I can't understand yet how to pass a action from some route to the component dynamically.
In template "A" I want to pass the action "x" from a "A" route to the component. In "B" template a want to pass "x" action from "B" route too.…
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🇩🇪 Achtung! 🇬🇧 Warning! 🇪🇸 ¡Al loro! 😊

⚠️📣 #Oferta de #empleo en @ITEISA:

Desarrollador Full Stack en #Cantabria 🚀:…

#git #php #javascript #horariolibre #remotefriendly

En los próximos días más ofertas de empleo en @ITEISA

🙏 Difusión ❤️ Image
@ITEISA @RedDempleos @quieroempleo @empleacantabria @CodersCantabria @CantabriaJob @Ceoecant @CamaraTorrelave @CamaraCantabria @cantabriajs ¿Harto de intentar aparcar en el @PctcanOficial? Nosotros en @ITEISA aparcamos en la puerta misma de la empresa. O en nuestro garaje privado. O metemos dentro las bicicletas y monopatines.

Otra razón más para venirte a trabajar con nosotros:… Image
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(1/21) Do you work with digitized manuscripts? I have 350 pages to help you out with that! "Among Digitized Manuscripts", published with @BrillPublishing. It’s out now! Download the book in open access here… More information:
(2/21) Manuscripts have been digitized in large numbers. Technology has become easy to learn. It is time to capitalize on these opportunities and accept ‘digital manuscript studies’ as a normal, yes necessary, part of our work. This book is a great start for that!
(3/21) It introduces a conceptual and practical toolbox for working with digitized manuscripts, starting with establishing a vocabulary to talk about the (quality of the) digital materiality of them and ending with explaining Python and OpenCV to do automated image analysis.
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Today I Learned I love tinker with tech a week ago I gave a try to @Android. It is a breath of fresh air after closed system of @Apple phone. It's very easy to run @reactjs app on PHONE it's sick. #TodayILearned #100dayofcode #mobile #JS #JavaScript #coding @nodejs @termux
After downloading node_modeules it just works. Go to http://localhost:3000 et voila.
On modern phone dealing with node_modules it's quite fast. I'm a bit surprised.
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Aujourd’hui, les #WCAG ont 20 ans ! 🎉🎂
Pour fêter ça, voici un p’tit zrèd #accessibilité web où je vais donner une recommandation par jour, en espérant que ça serve à qlq personnes.
Il sera question ici d’accessibilité et pas nécessairement de conformité.
On commence par UX-UI.
👀 Visibilité du texte
Un ratio de contraste d’au moins 4,5 avec la couleur qui l’entoure est nécessaire.
Tolérance d’au moins 3 pour du “grand” texte (rendu équiv. à au moins 24 px ou 18,5 px pour du texte en gras) et les graphs / pictos non décoratifs.
Une échelle graduée de 1 à 21 avec le curseur sur 4,5. En dessous c'est pas bon, au dessus c'est bon.
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This year for #merryCSSmas I'll be covering some of the most requested styling features and how they can be used with CSS. This will be a month-long series showing ways that simple, valid CSS, and simple JavaScript functions can work together to style anything you can imagine!
Dec 1: Parent Selector 🎄🎁 Though CSS doesn't have a :parent selector, you can create your own with a small JavaScript function and use a selector like [--parent] in your CSS stylesheets today!


#css #javascript Supporting your own parent selector in CSS with [--parent]
Dec 2: The :has() Selector ⭐️✨ Even though this selector has been specced in CSS for years, no browsers support it yet. Thankfully it's easy for us to support with a selector like [--has] in our CSS


#rwd #webdesign
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Here is my lovely website! #madewithbulma
My needs are simple while choosing #CSS framework:
No #JavaSript because I don't mind writing in #JS for the things I need.
I came across Skeleton ( when I was looking for CSS #Framework, which was not included JS.
I used to like #Skeleton by @dhg, it's true that it is dead simple #responsive #boilerplate. Skeleton is truly #mobile-first. Not only in terms of mobile web experience but also the code is written in CSS.
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R3D001: Statrted @udacity Front End NanoDegree (FEND) yesterday. #100DaysOfCode #GrowWithGoogle #udacity
R3D002: Cruising through HTML and CSS, filling in gaps. #100DaysOfCode #GrowWithGoogle
R3D003: Re-doing Animal Trading Card (HTML/CSS) in @udacity Front End Nanodegree #100DaysofCode #GrowWithGoogle
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Working on

🔥 Web app to convert Markdown to Slideshow.

#webApp #webdev #php #js #markdown
You can live edit your markdown.
Any markdown slide file can be imported like this…
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1/20 [Tweet Storm] Recursos que voy a seguir para aprender JavaScript

Se que aprender de verdad, en profundidad y bien cuesta y requiere mucho tiempo (meses o años), pero soy perseverante, cabezón y con fuerza de voluntad

¡Dentro hilo! 😋

#JS #JavaScript #frontend #learntocode
2/20 A re-introduction to JavaScript by @MozDevNet…
3/20 Quick Start to JavaScript: Volume 1 by @susanmsimkins…
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