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It's happening!

As #SKALE V2 goes live, we're also pleased to confirm that the Europa Initiative is also launching - ensuring that every SKALE #dApp will have access to compatible versions of bridged tokens.…

A big "thank you" goes out to @bootfinance, @impossiblefi, @01node, and @StakinOfficial for signing up as Europa co-founders alongside #Ruby, as well as our frens at @SkaleNetwork for their tireless work to launch V2, which is rolling out now!…

Super-quick recap.

#SKALE V2 is a massively performant, flexible ecosystem of Ethereum-compatible chains with unlimited scalability.

As an open, permissionless network, SKALE doesn't impose any token standards on its bridges.

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Hace 20 años cuando empece a programar me inventaba mis propios proyectos para practicar y mejorar.

✨ Tú no tienes que hacer eso ✨

Te dejo 10 #sitiosweb para practicar y mejorar tus skills como programador.

❤️ ¿Me ayudas con un RT?
Empecemos con el más conocido, HackerRank.

No solo tiene ejercicios de algoritmos, sino también una sección para prepararte para una entrevista.

Además, tener un buen puntaje en HR te puede sumar puntos cuando estés buscando empleo.
Code Wars tiene "kata" que son pequeños ejercicios de código para afianzar tus conocimientos.

Soporta desde #JavaScript hasta #Ruby o #Go o #PHP, lo que quieras.

Los ejercicios comienzan fácil, pero se van poniendo más complicados.
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@sidekiq can easily process, not just millions, but billions of background jobs, without any sweat.

- Company processing (few of many)
- Insights on how to scale
- Few handy Gem/Tools (eg. for concurrency and threshold throttling)

A thread 🧵👇

#Ruby #Rails #rubyonrails
"2.8 billion Sidekiq jobs were processed over the past month" @ConvertKit
"...we have implemented many changes that allow us to process billions of jobs that interact with our databases hosting more than 60 TB of data in more than 90 billion documents"
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Yay, I got a @euruko ticket for the conf in October. Totally looking forward to attend a #Ruby conference again in person *and* to finally have a really good reason to visit #Helsinki. 😎😍🤩 #EURUKO
Open question: Will there be other folks, who'd like to go swimming? In the Baltic Sea? In October? 🌊🏊‍♂️🌊
Is is even possible or will it already be frozen? (Yes, I'm a little bit ignorant of the climate there. 😳)
Wow, Google says, it would be just shy of 1500km (via Kolding, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, the Baltic Sea) by car.
German railway knows some stations in Helsinki, but won't find a connection to get there (to even from Hamburg…)
Maybe I will take a plane again… We'll see.
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The Ruby language is much intuitive, yesterday I've been doing a @codewars 7kyu-Kata in JavaScript, and I just did it again in Ruby, and I have decided to show everyone in here how I proceeded, starting to talk about this lovely programming language! a thread🧵

I have not practised Ruby for a while, my rank for Ruby on @codewars is 5kyu, it's fine... the lowest level is 8kyu, then, the lower is that n-kyu number, the higher is the level, after level 1kyu, there are four mastery levels: 1dan, 2dan...etc.
I'll link to the Kata at the end of this thread, inside this box (see photo), you find a method definition, this method is called: high_and_low, it takes a string of space-separated numbers, the string is called: numbers, something like: "1 2 3 4 5" (including the quotes!) Caption from
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Ruby gems worth checking and considering

A thread 🧵👇

#Ruby #Rails #rubyonrails
💎 scientist 💎
A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths…
💎 strong_migrations 💎
Catch unsafe migrations in development…

by @andrewkane
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0⃣ Clean Code Series: Variables📒🧑‍💻

It's a guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in #php #ruby #javascript #python #java, etc. - Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin's book "Clean Code"


Thread (9)🧵👇 Image
1⃣ Clean Code Series: Variables📒 🧑‍💻

☑️ Use meaningful and pronounceable variable names Image
2⃣ Clean Code Series: Variables📒 🧑‍💻

☑️ Use the same vocabulary for the same type of variable Image
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🚆I see the #webassembly train quickly gaining momentum. Here is a summary of all the action in this space over the last week. Exciting times! 🧵
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100 things I learned as a blogger and online course maker by reading 100 things @viebel learned from writing his book. (Thread)…
#blogging #BloggingTips
"Writing a technical book is much harder than writing blog posts."

Definitely agree. A much larger part of content needs to be extremely coherent and well-linked.
"Writing a blog post is like running a sprint while writing a book is like running a marathon."
@viebel true, but I think you should compare writing a book to writing a successful blog. This also feels like a marathon. We don't compare a class to a startup.
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Using Internet archives in #OSINT and #SOCMINT

Services, tools, tricks.

Thread 🧵🧵⤵️⤵️
When searching for an old version of any site or page is not to limit to one, but to try different archives. Here is a link checker for all (26+search engines) archives I know at once:…
Internet-archives #osint thread🧵⤵️⤴️
To see a list of all pages of a particular site stored in the archive, put an asterisk at the end of its URL (view pic).
This trick works for, Troove, and many other archives.

Internet-archives #osint thread🧵⤵️⤴️
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início de um sonho // deu tudo certo #rails #ruby

estamos pra escrever um blogpost sobre, não só ao update em si, mas como um processo de melhoria contínua permite que esses tipos de updates possam ser feitos sem muitas dores numa codebase *enorme* + ImageImage
quem esteve a frente disso foi a @anakbns, q fez um ótimo trabalho levantando o impacto que teria na codebase.

iniciou-se um trabalho em etapas, onde a primeira era resolver deprecation warnings. isto feito, facilitou mto o upgrade meses depois, onde fizemos poucas alterações +
um fator que facilitou tbm é que já estávamos na versão 5, então fizemos bump para o último minor +
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Sigue estos pasos para ganarte $100 dólares en 1hora o menos siendo #junior #Dev #backend #AutomationAnywhere

#DevCommunity #programador #python #ruby
Pre-requisito (1vez)
1- Aprende lo básico de #python o cualquier lenguaje de #scripting
2- Crea un script (pequeño programa) que lea datos de varios archivos de excel (ej. enero, febrero, marzo)

3. Ofrece tu script por $100 dólares a contadores, y pequeños negocios, enfocándote en la cantidad de horas que vas a ahorrarles Ej. 20 horas cada mes
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A petición de @ramloarc vamos a empezar a compartir más contenido #backend

Empezando con lo que trabajo en GitLab.

¿Cómo aprendí #rails #ruby ?

La vieja confiable documentación.

Pásenle que hay mucho trabajo remoto…
@ramloarc Si de verdad quieren entender el funcionamiento del MVC de Rails,

hagan una prueba creando una mountable app, que en #rails serian #railsengines

@ramloarc Hace 3 años, hice una prueba técnica básica,

Crear una API con #ruby #Rails y luego mostrar esos datos en un grafico de lineas.

Por acá pueden echarle un ojito

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An interesting summary of an interview with Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of #Ruby programming language about ‘What’s a Perfect Programming Language ‘

🧵 A Thread for 🧵

#CodeNewbies #100DaysOfCode
(Yukihiro Matsumoto):

Language designers want to design the perfect language. They want to be able to say, "My language is perfect. It can do everything."

But it's just plain impossible to design a perfect language, Why ?
Because, there are two ways to look at a language.

One way is by looking at what can be done with that language.

The other is by looking at how we feel using that language—how we feel while programming.
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#Ruby endless method definitionについては以下の


ちなみに #Ruby のように end を多用する #Julia言語 では endless method definition が

f(x) = x^2 - x - 1


やはり end 多用系の言語では函数定義のシンプルな文法があった方が便利ということなのかも。
リンク先の #Ruby の例を #Julia言語 で書いてみた。

In[1] シンプルにべた書きせずにforと@ evalを使った。左右からスカラーをかけたり割ったりできるようにもしてある。

Out[3] 3vと書ける。Vec{Int64}型を3で割るとVec{Float64}型になる。

In[4:5] v•w、v×wと書ける。… Image
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②中心極限定理には、モーメント母函数や特性函数を使わずに、Taylorの定理のみを使う初等的な証明があります(概略は添付画像2)。この証明法はもっと普及するべき。 ImageImage
#統計 学部レベルの統計学入門の教科書の多くが、なぜか、(Fourier解析の知識を要求する)モーメント母函数や特性函数を経由する中心極限定理の証明またはその概略をコピー&ペーストのごとく載せているのは不思議なことです。

#数楽 Taylorの定理の証明も数十年以上コピペが蔓延している疑いが強い。


g(x) = g(a) + ∫_a^x g'(t)dt をn回使う。

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Era il 14 novembre del 1960 a New Orleans e #LucilleBridges disse a sua figlia che sarebbe andata in una nuova scuola; amicizie nuove, vita nuova, insomma, comportarsi bene. La piccola #Ruby aveva 6 anni, elegante e tenera nel suo vestitino. Quella mattina arrivò scortata, Image
in prima elementare - alla William Frantz Public School, scuola per soli “bianchi” - dagli agenti federali.

Fuori c’era un mare di cartelli ingiuriosi, grida “two, four, six, eight, we don’t want to integrate” e persino una bara con dentro una bambola. ImageImage
#Ruby credeva a una parata per il Mardi Gras – il carnevale, racconterà anni dopo.

La classe era vuota, bambini e insegnanti assenti in segno di protesta. Solo un'insegnante, #BarbaraHenry di Boston, dal secondo giorno decise di essere la sua maestra. Unica allieva per Image
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With 💎 Ruby 3 released, let's have a look at how the language evolved since the version 2.0 was released more than 7 years ago. A history thread about #ruby #ruby3 🧵:
In 2013 @yukihiro_matz announced Ruby 2.0 and he said the core team would release a new minor version every year during Christmas time🎄This was huge news 🎉 for Ruby devs since until then the releases were irregular. It made the future look very bright
Ruby 2.0 brought a bunch of features: keyword arguments, module#prepend and lazy enumerators.
One minor, but verys useful feature was %i literal to create arrays of symbols - I use it so often! 💪🏻
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I'm about to buy a new MacBook Pro 13" with the famous Apple M1 SoC.

Let's see how ready it is for developers.

A thread ⤵️

Legend: 🔴 = not working, 🟢 = working

🟢 Rust is working!

`aarch64-apple-darwin` is part of the Tier 2 platforms,….

See the PR,….

#AppleSiliconM1 #rustlang
🟢 Python is working!

It is part of macOS Big Sur.

#AppleSiliconM1 #python
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Throwback to early days of #ROR ~ circa 2007/08

Ruby's single threading was leading to serious scalability challenges at SlideShare (also Twitter etc). The word on the tech street - "RubyOnRails ain't enterprise-class. These platforms won't scale".

#RubyOnRails #Rails #Ruby /1
ROR was optimized for "developer efficiency & happiness".

That's what endeared it to Web2.0 startups - iterate, build fast & break things, think MVP, Agile, Lean... get to product-market-fit ASAP

Whether it could deliver at enterprise scale like java, dont net was untested /2
I do remember - the cacophony about the supposed "non-scalability of ROR" did give us nervous moments at SlideShare.

AFAIR it was NGINX that played a key role in helping address ROR's scalability issues gradually!

@jboutelle..... is that correct? /3
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Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2020 results are out :… 

Picture for #Ruby doesn't look good. For me, it has several signs of becoming exotic / niche (like COBOL) than being widespread (like Java). This has huge impact on hiring and talent pool (1/n)
1. % of survey respondents working on Ruby is : 7.1 Decreasing over the years :
2020 - 7.1 (Rank 14)
2019 - 8.4 (Rank 12)
2018 - 10.1 (Rank 13)
2017 - 9.1 (Rank 10)
2016 - 8.9 (Rank 11)
This by itself is not significant, but when read with other metrics it is meaningful (2/n)
2. #rubyonrails is also facing a similar decline in popularity. This year it was at 7.0%
This, of course, could be the bias associated with the developers surveyed. It still, however, shows where the #developer #community is concentrating. More on importance of this below. (3/n)
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In the past 60 days, in the overwhelming backdrop of #COVID19 there may have been a tendency to forget that standard medical emergencies are still a part our daily lives, there are hundreds who are undergoing surgeries and require blood transfusions. (1/N)
The lock-down protocols combined with the risk & fear of virus transmissions, volunteer blood donations have been at an all time low. Blood banks had been struggling. I was deeply concerned about it's ramifications until I visited #BloodDonation Camp organised at Ruby Hall. (2/5)
I was pleasantly surprised & heartened to see volunteer citizens respond to the Govt's call and #donateblood in large numbers at camps organised by "Dr. Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan" at Ruby Hall Clinic, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Sassoon General Hospital. (3/5)
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Es un orgullo para la Comunidad de Desarrolladores de Argentina poder acompãnar iniciativas como el #ConnectDay junto a estas empresas @plataforma5la, @distillerylatam, @revistasg y @clarikagroup 💪
¡Hoy es el #ConnectDay! Desde CoDeAr estamos felices de poder acompañar a @wtmriodelaplata, @GDGCordobaARG, @gdgriodelaplata en este día de charlas y de compartir conocimiento en comunidad. Podés sumarte a la transmisión en vivo desde acá:
Comienza la primer charla sobre #DataScience y #Economía, en el contexto de las #transdisciplinas.
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building a long-life (10yrs+) graph-backed web service for @pariyatti (a non-profit). we're planning to use #neo4j

i have some questions.
#python + #django support seems... weak, at best? (latest commits to `neomodel` and the django plugin are 2019/2018 with no support for neo4j 4.x)

is this a misconception on my part? i'd love a shout out from people happily building webapps with #neo4j on #python out there
#ruby and #rails support seems okay. #activegraph is a thing and there was a commit this week. the design seems sane.

i have 10-year-old rails apps, though. they... don't work. the ruby & rails ecosystem isn't really geared toward "boring things that will work in 10-20 years"
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