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Hi #Rails Friends! I’m thinking of Creating a list for the top Bootstrapped #RubyOnRails companies of 2021. I’d appreciate any replies with links or tags of rails apps/startups/projects, especially bootstrapped ones. #IndieDevs #railsdevs #startups #StartuposOnRails
I'd also appreciate retweets and helping me by tagging rails devs to follow. 🙏
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There will be a time when your Rails development environment started to become very slow due to multiple reasons, but mostly because your codebase is very big and the monolith architecture is just too sweet for you to pass on 🧵

An example of this is you have to wait like 10 seconds (or worse) when you change something in your Rails code and hit that refresh button. Normally, starting Rails console/server also can be affected.
What works for me might not work for you, but it should help you to get started. BTW, I'm optimizing 7 years old codebase.

So here are some tips for speed improvements.
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With 💎 Ruby 3 released, let's have a look at how the language evolved since the version 2.0 was released more than 7 years ago. A history thread about #ruby #ruby3 🧵:
In 2013 @yukihiro_matz announced Ruby 2.0 and he said the core team would release a new minor version every year during Christmas time🎄This was huge news 🎉 for Ruby devs since until then the releases were irregular. It made the future look very bright
Ruby 2.0 brought a bunch of features: keyword arguments, module#prepend and lazy enumerators.
One minor, but verys useful feature was %i literal to create arrays of symbols - I use it so often! 💪🏻
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I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! ⏳

Learn More and Join me! ✨

A long thread ahead for everything I'll going to do in the next 100 days 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #webdeveloper #RubyOnRails #javascript #opensource #hacktoberfest
Day1⃣ of #100DaysOfCode 🌟

✨ Started learning @GoHugoIO from past2⃣weeks and get my hands on #TwitterCards.
✨ Have learned how twitter shows different twitter cards layout from frontmatter we added in each blogpost.
✨ Specified twitter card in frontmatter in sample post ❄️
Day2⃣&3⃣ if #100DaysOfCode 🌟

➡️ Solve multiple Query problem in my current #RubyOnRails #Mongodb project
➡️ Reduced from 500 db queries to < 100 🎯
➡️ Contributed to my personal blog, made using @GoHugoIO
➡️ Moved all assets to Dropbox, so that page load faster 🧬

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Throwback to early days of #ROR ~ circa 2007/08

Ruby's single threading was leading to serious scalability challenges at SlideShare (also Twitter etc). The word on the tech street - "RubyOnRails ain't enterprise-class. These platforms won't scale".

#RubyOnRails #Rails #Ruby /1
ROR was optimized for "developer efficiency & happiness".

That's what endeared it to Web2.0 startups - iterate, build fast & break things, think MVP, Agile, Lean... get to product-market-fit ASAP

Whether it could deliver at enterprise scale like java, dont net was untested /2
I do remember - the cacophony about the supposed "non-scalability of ROR" did give us nervous moments at SlideShare.

AFAIR it was NGINX that played a key role in helping address ROR's scalability issues gradually!

@jboutelle..... is that correct? /3
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Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2020 results are out :… 

Picture for #Ruby doesn't look good. For me, it has several signs of becoming exotic / niche (like COBOL) than being widespread (like Java). This has huge impact on hiring and talent pool (1/n)
1. % of survey respondents working on Ruby is : 7.1 Decreasing over the years :
2020 - 7.1 (Rank 14)
2019 - 8.4 (Rank 12)
2018 - 10.1 (Rank 13)
2017 - 9.1 (Rank 10)
2016 - 8.9 (Rank 11)
This by itself is not significant, but when read with other metrics it is meaningful (2/n)
2. #rubyonrails is also facing a similar decline in popularity. This year it was at 7.0%
This, of course, could be the bias associated with the developers surveyed. It still, however, shows where the #developer #community is concentrating. More on importance of this below. (3/n)
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Our #RubyOnRails apps at GaggleAMP have published content to 3rd Party APIs for almost 10 years. Here are some things we've put in place to reliably perform these API calls from our apps’ background job workers:
We use a state machine to control the process. The diagram below shows a simplified version of our state machine (some states for app-specific functionality are not shown). At the row level, we store the current state along with a timestamp to allow future scheduling. 2/
A recurring job lives in our job queue that enqueues individual API jobs. This recurring job queries the database for all API jobs in the approved or retry state with schedule timestamps in the past and enqueues them. It recurs every 10 seconds. 3/
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Spent some time with a startup struggling with #hiring quality talent in #Bangalore. The story is quite common so thought of putting them in a thread.
The startup shared these (usual) problems: 1. Not finding skilled talent 2. Salary range mis-match 3. Drop offs in hiring process 4. Only 1/5 offers were converting to a joining
#1 skill mismatch: The HR was instructed to look for 2+ "solid" experience on #rubyonrails and would reject anyone else without looking at their growth curve. Moreover, she was non-technical but was also doing the initial technical screening (on ROR).
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Inspired by @levelsio and @AndreyAzimov , I decided to publish the whole process of creating my side project (Stumbs).
You can register to have access to the beta as soon as I finish:…
Recently I posted my first Upcoming Page on Product Hunt. I started learning #RubyOnRails last year and the result of this is Stumbs, a community for sharing restaurants and local brand stores that you stumbled across while travelling or exploring your hometown.
The project is not over yet, I will use this thread to post the current status and all updates until the @ProductHunt release. For now, I have developed the following features:
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