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Q Again confirming Trump is part of the Q Team- Q=17
Trump tweets under 60 secs of Q Drop
Excellent graphic - seconds matter!
Mathematically impossible.

@Potus @Flynn #QAnon
Dead cat bounce is a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock before falling

☑️McCabe is going down, down, down
☑️Dead cat bounce.
☑️Nothing can stop this.

@Potus @Flynn #QAnon #MondayMorning
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I was pinned to the ground. I watched them take turns on me. 4 of them. My pubic region hurt badly. I closed my eyes awaiting death to lay its icy hands on me. But life was keen to show me a side I never wanted to experience.

Issa thread.
Mary walked into the house sobbing. "Mum, I'm tired of men. infact men are scum."
"Why dear?" Lizzy asked.
"Tunde broke up with me."
"And you generalise men as scum because of that?"
"Yes mum. I've heard many bad stories about men."
"What can you say of your dad?"
"He is nice. You are lucky to have him."
"Seat down, young woman. Let me tell you a story of my life."
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A friend of mine was raped.

By four boys.

She was only 14.

Her mother had locked her out. Having no place to pass the night, a friend offered his place.

While sleeping he began touching her, telling her how that he loves her and would marry her someday.
She knew where this was going and asked him to let her go

He got physical, threw her on the bed and began undressing her

He said if she made a sound he was going to kill her

He tied her to the bed

She started to cry and plead

Her cries only seemed to urge him on
It was her first time.

When he had his fill, he left...

...and came back with three other boys

She began begging them to kill her instead

They took their time in taking turns

The next morning she went home.

She didn't report to anyone, not even her family
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I am a single father of this 5 year old. On June 6th my son woke up screaming from a nightmare, I ran to the room where my son was sleeping at 3:30 in the morning and ask him what is wrong, crying profusely he told me that his butt hurts, I looked at his butt and I thought that..
..there may have been something abnormal. I then asked my son what happened he said am I in trouble daddy, I said no what is wrong, what happened did someone touch you, he said yes mr. Robert. mr. Robert is someone who works in the after school department through YMCA...
At this point I started recording the conversation between me and my son as he told me in details every horrific thing that this man did to him and possibly other children from inserting his finger in his rectum to showing him his penis and asking my son to touch his penis...
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