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So one thing I've learnt if you are a money launder or scammer stay away from #vatfraud. Ripping off citizen's is low risk but if you tax authorities they will hunt you down. check @nicolaborzi article.…
European #vatfraud appears to be such a small world. reading through the article I recognised the reference to a MTIC VAT fraud scheme.
As it was #vatfraud that brought down #dannybarrs
founder of #globaltransactionservices and his associated #onestopshop favoured by #ponzi promoters for almost a decade.
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PSA: You *CANNOT* use a "bougie" or Eschmann Intubating Stylet to do an endotracheal tube exchange. I have seen this mistake twice in the past 6 months. You will lose the airway. A simple look at the length of the bougie and an #ETT will make this clear.
The length of an adult ETT is about 32 cm and the length of the #eschmannstylete is 70 cm. This leaves no room in the center for you to grab it. When you retract the #ETT to the end of the stylet, its distal tip is still in the patient's mouth & entire stylet is covered
To do a tube exchange, you need 2x the length of the ETT and then some additional length to work with, else you risk retracting the exchange device too far and losing the airway. This is why they make an "airway exchange catheter" and its length is 83cm:…
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💼 Hoy quiero hablaros sobre un tema que me viene indignando desde hace meses: las #ETT. Las máximas culpables de la precariedad laboral en España y uno de los causantes principales de mi desmotivación a la hora de encontrar un empleo estable. #empleo

Dentro hilo 🧵
💼 Para quién no lo sepa, las #ETT o Empresas de Trabajo Temporal, son aquellas que ofrecen a otras empresas la cesión de trabajadores, es decir, la ETT contrata a un trabajador y éste prestará sus servicios a la empresa cliente de la ETT mediante un contrato temporal. #empleo
💼 Aunque el trabajo lo prestes a la empresa cliente (o usuaria), quién te contrata es la #ETT. Ésta es quién te paga, quién te da los horarios y a la que tienes que rendir cuentas, en definitiva. Los contratos pueden ser por meses, días u horas pero siempre temporales. #empleo
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@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia Not possibly almost certainly. I have been researching #gts #globaltransactionservices since 2015. their services have faciliated the transfer of $billions for ponzi schemes, money launderers #maximtrader #fxunited #binaryoptions #crypto
@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia I too for a while believed that #bitfan2013 was likely to be #ozyosef but I was wrong. I even went as far to identify the 4 banks #bitfan2012 mentioned....ironically quoting various #banks from the #gts stable.
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1/ Today's rabbit hole. Another dodgy #ETT #GTS banking site through to the end as there's a couple of interesting twists. I went back and had another look at their dev subdomains and noticed "amercantiledb" Image
2/ I vaguely remember looking at "Allied Marcantile Bank Corporatiion" previously but didn't take much a side note: any site (or person) that tells you they are trustworthy tends to mean the exact opposite. ImageImage
3/ #amercantile while it uses #epsilon SAAS banking software it does not appear to be part of the #cryptocapital stable. Its actually way more interesting. With its own SWIFT code ALMPMPMP its a bonafide bank. In fact its just one of Northern Mariana Islands four banks Image
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There's no such thing as bad publicity....must be their motto #ett #epsilon #gts. what better platforrm than on the back of #cryptocapital arrests and indictments. To reunite the dream team and market your software that was central to #cryptocapital business model Image
Here's a copy of the presentation in case it disappears from linkedin #gts #chasingozandmolina ImageImage
Its also worthwhile noting that #ETT #GTS SAAS backoffice provider to #cryptocapital is looking to the Indian market to peddle their shitbox backend. Im guessing the Indian market has an endless supply of dodgy FX platforms to pitch to. Image
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Dan Barrs Jr abandoned linkedin (long before his stint in the big house with Barrs senior. Their banking software started out in 2006 as Epsilon (Latvia, Panama, Luxemberg) and in 2012 was renamed ETT out of Mauritius Image
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