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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The curious case of “disguise, I see thou art a wickedness” [Viola, Twelfth Night]. PART 2/2 <‘the #Emoney shot’>, following on from PART 1 - (). V-Wallet (Europe) Ltd was FCA authorised as an #Emoney op in 11/2018, …
2/ renamed to #Viola Money(Europe) Ltd “VMEL” six months later (05/2019) + purportedly acquired 10 months later (03/2020) by a ‘mysterious’ individual & a Scottish (rumoured to be ex Barclays Bank/Barclaycard/VISA cybersource) purported ‘right hand man’. Noteworthy was that …
3/ shortly before/after the @theFCA authorisation of VMEL, ‘Viola group’ (incl. VMEL) was seemingly ‘re-financed’ with the aid of the notorious now former FCA made men/women at #Alfandari (charges still show as outstanding on some Viola SPV’s).
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Just read your article on optionsxo
I concur with your thoughts on #tomerlevi he was central to these scams
#tomerlevi was named as the owner in court filing against #toromedia #binaryoptions #scam… Image
I came across these thieves while looking at $isx customer Insightgroup OU. #isignthis was (I guess still is) seeking $1.6m damages from @ASX why? apparently #insightgroup was so infuriated by the "false" #ASX claims against #isignthis it terminated its services. @FinTelegram Image
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A bit of history on #NSOGroup
I’m going to start with #TheFoundersGroup, #23Traders, & sadly I’m opening with an article regarding the suicide of Fred Turbide of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada……
From the 01/19/2017 article above…
“According to Israel’s corporate registry, Market Giant’s director is Eran Schindler, whose LinkedIn profile describes him as the founder and owner of *“Schindler CFO Financial Services*.” Also according to Israel’s corporate registry,…
Market Giants is owned by a company called “CFO Outsourcing Services Ltd,” which is owned by Eran Schindler together with a third company called I-TLD Management Ltd. According to the Israeli corporate registry, I-TLD Management Ltd is owned by…
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ Some quite astonishing replies from Graeme Biggar (Head, UK National Economic Crime Centre) to extremely focused + knowledgeable questioning from Dame Eagle on the endemic levels of #Fraud & #MoneyLaundering in the UK + links to ...
2/ organised crime. This Treasury select committee session caught the headlines for the infamous “only 1%-3% positive outcomes from ActionFraud reports” but before being cut off by Dame Eagle was Mr Biggar really going to deny that there are often links between organised crime .. Image
3/ + pensions/investment scams?. Mr Biggar would go on to compund this by poopoo’ing reported comments from front line NCA officers who reportedly stated they “believe that targeting corrupt businessmen with expensive QCs + claims of private wealth is a waste of time”. ImageImage
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@retheauditors @premnsikka 1/ While @TheFCA sleeps at the wheel, the FATF(Financial Action Task Force) published y/day ‘#MoneyLaundering + Terrorist Financing Red Flag Indicators Associated with Virtual Assets’… . The secretive networks that operate ..
2/ both inside and outside of the FCA’s pitifully small porous (A.R.’s) regulatory perimeter traditionally used (to money launder) UK property, fake offshore transactions, payday loan ops, fake businesses, “disappearing gold” which morphed through money transfer ops ...
3/3 (e.g. NCA case in the “Ding Dong” Deal) + in to the secretive networks & dirty world of #cryptocrap, #binaryoptions & Forex ops with fake web stores, payment cards and FCA authorised emoney/payment institution money laundromats. We’ll be hearing more about that soon.
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Some funny goings on in #Liverpool under the stewardship of #JoeAnderson 👀

My current viewpoint might be influenced by some of the TV shows I watched during lockdown #Subura #Gomorrah #GangsOfLondon #LineOfDuty

But, it has a whiff of a Mafia fiefdom🤯…
- Merseyside Police investigating City Council
- Lancashire Police - #OperationSheridan
- Serious Fraud Office, North West Serious Crimes Unit & GMP investigating property scams
- Council finances not being signed off by an auditor for the last 5 years

Something smells fishy🐟👀
Now, I realise it sounds bonkers to link TV shows about the Italian Mafia and how they infiltrate local councils and municipalities - I mean, that wouldn't happen in Lancashire or Merseyside... would it!?

Well, ye. It would...

Have a look 👀…
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@retheauditors @premnsikka 1/2 the now notorious Gianluigi Torzi all over the press - ‘Vatican arrests London Broker’ .. @TheFCA silent as the grave, I wonder why - why because Guanluigi Torzi + chums are ‘one of their own’, FCA authorised via the regulatory catflap (A.R.)… ImageImage
@retheauditors @premnsikka @TheFCA 2/2 Not just a catflap though .. one of the FCA’s “regulatory hotels”, a literal ‘cattery flappery’ in the FCA’s pitifully small porous regulatory perimeter. Then there’s the Farnborough ..cough “Luxembourg family office” cough accountants + much more in yet another FCA fiasco ImageImage
@retheauditors @premnsikka 1/2 Of course we're never too far away from the mega Israeli #BinaryOptions scandals .. Its reported that Raffaele Mincione was a shareholder in the notorious EZTrader… + down the carbon copy route of football sponsorship ..
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@ArmitageJim⁩ In first, Israeli judge rules #BinaryOptions victims were ‘defrauded’ that could set precedent for future lawsuits from overseas victims of years of #fraud - owner Shabtay Yaacobi ordered to repay $600k…
@ArmitageJim 1/3 Someone should break the news to @TheFCA .. it’s not going to be pleasant .. Shabtay Yaacobi Allegedly AKA Zack Peterson, B4Binary etc + as usual secretive networks operating both inside and outside the FCA’s pitiful small regulatory perimeter .. victims report .. ImageImage
@ArmitageJim @TheFCA 2/3 alleged links to Finatex Limited in Yorkshire - Jie Borg (SW), Brett Pinnington (AUS) .. + using allegedly the “Wolf of Sofia’s” weapon of choice - the Tradologic white label platform.… … Ms Borg leads to Joaquim Magro Almeida…
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@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia Not possibly almost certainly. I have been researching #gts #globaltransactionservices since 2015. their services have faciliated the transfer of $billions for ponzi schemes, money launderers #maximtrader #fxunited #binaryoptions #crypto
@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia I too for a while believed that #bitfan2013 was likely to be #ozyosef but I was wrong. I even went as far to identify the 4 banks #bitfan2012 mentioned....ironically quoting various #banks from the #gts stable.
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