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yesterday I threw out an off the cuff question to @bitfinexed
How much of the redeemed #tether was used to recover and maintain its peg?

The obvious answer is whatever they had to.

I've spent a big chunk of today crunching data to see what answers I could come up with.
Last night I scratched out my hypothesis - to maintain its peg...#tether would need to tap its own cash...can only do that via redemptions and the 'tell' will be burning the tokens like they never existed.
Basis for this thinking is pretty simple. That's what they do when they need cash and lots of it. Remember back in 2018 #novogratz was swooning over the orderly redemption of $700m by #tether.
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@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia Not possibly almost certainly. I have been researching #gts #globaltransactionservices since 2015. their services have faciliated the transfer of $billions for ponzi schemes, money launderers #maximtrader #fxunited #binaryoptions #crypto
@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia I too for a while believed that #bitfan2013 was likely to be #ozyosef but I was wrong. I even went as far to identify the 4 banks #bitfan2012 mentioned....ironically quoting various #banks from the #gts stable.
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Anyone like a front and back office demonstration of the software platform that #cryptocapital plundered hundreds of millions of dollars? ImageImageImageImage
best of all narated by #bitfan2013 aka Danny "GTS" Barrs Jnr.
Front office

Pay special attention to the 'pooling feature'.
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#cryptocapital #gts #RIP . . with much more important things going on. I havent checked my alerts
#globaltradesolutions monitor pulled the pin. Liquidation approved on 26 Feb. The register dates lodgement at 27 Mar. Im a bit rusty on Swiss insolvency law....
but I'd say monitor found no assets, doubt #cryptocapital #panama was revived....pretty hard to recover funds without entities being in good standing let alone being more degrees of seperation than kevin bacon from the $$ ImageImage
Summary of Swiss liquidation process…
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#tcabank #cryptocapital #bitfinex #nesobank
It always amazes me how mistakes proliferate. Not sure where the typo originated from but the polish company is not "NESP" its NESO SP Z.O.O (as in the subsidiary of ImageImage
But I do know where mispelt "Rondell Monroe" originated from #bitfinex filing for discovery in relation to #tcabank. They managed to make 3 mistakes in the one name. Rondell should be Rohndell, Rhon should be Rohn and Clyde is actually Caleb. ImageImage
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1/ Today's rabbit hole. Another dodgy #ETT #GTS banking site through to the end as there's a couple of interesting twists. I went back and had another look at their dev subdomains and noticed "amercantiledb" Image
2/ I vaguely remember looking at "Allied Marcantile Bank Corporatiion" previously but didn't take much a side note: any site (or person) that tells you they are trustworthy tends to mean the exact opposite. ImageImage
3/ #amercantile while it uses #epsilon SAAS banking software it does not appear to be part of the #cryptocapital stable. Its actually way more interesting. With its own SWIFT code ALMPMPMP its a bonafide bank. In fact its just one of Northern Mariana Islands four banks Image
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#tether #gts #cryptocapital my 2bobs worth. No doubt ccc was dissolved by strike off not formal liquidation. (Can’t liquidate while having creditors and can’t assign the debt without an agreement) pay the outstanding fees and revive the Co probably cost 2k.
Seems unusual that the admin of GTS refused to accept service. Find someone owed money buy the debt off them and then go back to the admin and force their hand to liquidate. That should get their attention
Serve notice in Taiwan breach Image
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There's no such thing as bad publicity....must be their motto #ett #epsilon #gts. what better platforrm than on the back of #cryptocapital arrests and indictments. To reunite the dream team and market your software that was central to #cryptocapital business model Image
Here's a copy of the presentation in case it disappears from linkedin #gts #chasingozandmolina ImageImage
Its also worthwhile noting that #ETT #GTS SAAS backoffice provider to #cryptocapital is looking to the Indian market to peddle their shitbox backend. Im guessing the Indian market has an endless supply of dodgy FX platforms to pitch to. Image
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Dan Barrs Jr abandoned linkedin (long before his stint in the big house with Barrs senior. Their banking software started out in 2006 as Epsilon (Latvia, Panama, Luxemberg) and in 2012 was renamed ETT out of Mauritius Image
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Remember when #merlin was telling his shareholders that they would have the funds back safe and sound in a jiffy? As predicted it was total bullshit. Now #bitfinex are thowing a hail mary seeking discovery from #tcabank which of course isn't a bank. Its only a lazy $300m. Image
Underpinning their legal crusade is the attached letter from a fake bank signed by a former minion confirming the funds in a twice removed unrelated company. When I first read the wiz's affidavit - it was almost perfect. I mean perfectly fucked
tbh I was unable to imagine a scenario not only more incompetent and problematic to recover your funds but more red flags than a communist rally. I was so wrong...if this was a book it would be awesome. Image
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@MICKYNewsOz @SharTushy @Bitfinexed @bitfinex @Silver_Watchdog You don't need someone to buy tether. You just need someone willing to lend against it. Here's a lazy 98m doing just that. Image
@MICKYNewsOz @SharTushy @Bitfinexed @bitfinex @Silver_Watchdog When tether first moved to #deltec i mapped out a 'fully backed'hypothesis using security lending docs, at call loan notes (to mimic cash equivalents); #cryptocapital now infamous virtual bank and pretend cash account ledger changes.
@MICKYNewsOz @SharTushy @Bitfinexed @bitfinex @Silver_Watchdog This little round robin allowed Deltec to publish the very wishy washy statement that the 'cash value" of Tether's account was $1.8b.......b for bullshit.
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Chasing oz and molina. Image
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Beware verified traders, Bitfinex is using your personal information to open up bank accounts in your name without your knowledge. Some of you are now involved in a crime.
@prajitn @InstaReMit @Currencycloud
@prajitn @InstaReMit @Currencycloud Is this what Bitfinex really had in mind for its new and improved "distributed banking solution" last October?…
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So was just thinking....I don't remember seeing a Reg Fowler. But then I do a search of the archives....and apparently I do.
#cryptocapital #fowler #yosef Image
Sometimes things are hiding in plain sight

#gts #valoris #magestic #bredersuasso Image
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Feels like a good time to remind everyone about #tcabank and #legacy dodgy shellco's #cryptocapital was peddling for #quadrigacx payouts... ImageImage
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Canadian listed #govermedia caught my eye yesterday having recognised #EXMO from #cryptocapital. Gover is keen to acquire EXMO as per the MOU signed in Nov. It appears most news sites have assumed that its the UK registered company EXMO Financial that Gover signed up. ImageImage
But Gover appears to have occidentally forgotten to state which #EXMO entity the deal is with. To be fair they could be confused themselves as the register has been flooded with new EXMO entities, 2 EXMO LLC companies were recently renamed
belize, seychelles, malta, romania, Lithuania, Russia what a well travelled and colourful group (that may or may not even be a connected group). Two names of interest popped out. Pavrel Lerner and Ivan Petuhovschii.
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